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Hi everybody. I am an Italian woman currently living in Italy but I spent many years in England and USA. I hope my English is still decent but in case it got a little rusty, please be lenient.

My age ? Let say that I am way past the stage when you cry if the boy you like takes your best friend to the prom, and young enough to remember how awful that feels.

What qualifies me to help people- well, let me show off just a bit and mention that I studied Psychology 4 years in college, and, even if then I graduated in a different subject, I never lost my interest in psychology and kept reading a lot about this subject. Yet that does not really qualify me for anything because intellectual knowledge is not the same as real life experience. So let's say I feel I can advice people because I have lived a lot, travelled a lot, met a lot of people from all backgrounds , races and religions- I have loved a lot, and I have also been dumped a lot :)

Plus, I am really fascinated with people and their stories. Not in a gossipy way. I just find that every person is a whole new world that I am excited to discover.

Right now I am single- and happily so. I realized- better late than never - that rather than waiting for Prince Charming I should first become a Princess myself. You can't love anybody unconditionally, if first you don't love yourself unconditionally, and this is what I am learning to do.

Looking forward to hear from all of you..



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19 August 2014: Yeah I know : ultimately love is a mystery, not an exact science. There's always an element of sheer luck, of serendipity, of magic in it. Some times you do everything right, by the book, you are the perfect gf / wife / lover .. and you still get ...

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Is she seeing other guys? Hate the uncertainty. Could I have competition?

Q.   For the first time ever I feel I might have made a connection with someone I met online, but I can't help but think she's seeing other guys whilst she's texting/chatting with me. I noticed she's registered on multiple dating sites as well. ...

A.   20 October 2015:  Aren't you taking this a bit too seriously ? Too intensely ? The acquaintance with this girl is recent- and you haven't even met yet. I get what you mean, in a way, and yes, I think too that if this girl was in love with you, or very smit... (read in full...)

Do new couples usually have so many fall outs?

Q.   Is it normal for a new couple to split up and get back together on a regular basis? My ex can be quite controlling and self centred. He also can have a short fuse from time to time. I notice (from comments on social media and friends etc) tha...

A.   7 October 2015: No, clearly if two people break up 3 times in one year they can't be too compatible and the relationship can't be very fulfilling, so at some point they'll get tired of on and off- and either one or both will decide to stay off. Even so- what... (read in full...)

He's married now, we met up and he stroked my face and commented on my skin! I'm completely confused!

Q.   Hi. I came across this site and am hoping for some advice because i feel completely lost. I had a "casual" relationship with a guy around 4 years ago. I lost my virginity to him, it was a big deal to me and i fell for him even though i knew th...

A.   7 October 2015: ...And you seem to think that what you did was OK too. You went on a date with a married man. I suppose this is OK in your book. " Oh no, it was not a date ! It was just having coffee with an old friend !! " Indeed... And, does his wife know th... (read in full...)

My boyfriend lost it when I told him I wanted to look in on my brother as I'd promised my parents!

Q.   Am I in the wrong? My parents are away on holiday and my brother has been left home alone (he's just turned 18, can't cook but he can heat up soup and do beans on toast) and my parents have asked if I can go out each day to cook supper and make ...

A.   7 October 2015: If your bf actually called you a b.... over a disagreement, then he is wrong on principle. But if he means that you are over protective and hyperfussy, then he is right. First, unless he is a special needs kid , I can't believe that an 18 y.o.... (read in full...)

He doesn't want to hurt the feelings of his ex?? Is that a poor excuse to give to the new Gf?

Q.   This is the scenario: Guy breaks up with his girlfriend of a few years. They remain friends. They start hanging out and talking on the phone as soon as a few weeks after break up. A few months later, he dates someone new. A new girl he appears ...

A.   6 October 2015:  It's not a poor " excuse " in the sense that he may be telling absolutely the truth, just what he thinks and feels , but it's a bad, not acceptable reason ! It means that he KNOWS that his ex would be jealous and have a conniption knowing that... (read in full...)

How do I educate people about my thyroid disorder?

Q.   I am suffering from hashimotos thyroid I'm only 20 years old if you dont know what hashimotos thyroid is its when your auto immune system attacks your thyroid in your neck and slows it down causing you to have hypothyroidism its a cronic disease ...

A.   6 October 2015: I am not an endocrinologist, just a patient :) but FWIW I think it's all normal. Thyroid meds act slowly and gradually, it may take you 2 , maybe 3 months to feel sensibly better. I am sure anyway that your doctor will have told you that after 2/ 3 ... (read in full...)

He stopped texting me. Why? We did break up, recently, but we did keep on texting each other.

Q.   He hasn't texted me :( So my ex boyfriend and I recently began talking. We talked great and had basic conversations. Before we broke up we would tell each other "i love you" but since we broke up I don't feel comfortable telling him that again. ...

A.   5 October 2015:  It would help to know why you broke up ( over what ) and who dumped whom. Because what you are doing now is sort of bizarre and pointless and ineffective either way, i.e. whether you can patch up things, or you can't. It's like you haven't ... (read in full...)

Why do people say a couple is being ''selfish'' if the couple make a conscious decision to have one child only?

Q.   Why do people consider you selfish for making the choice to only have one child? My boyfriend and I have thought hard about this. We have decided to have only the one child when we marry. It's a thought out decision. We are both self employed a...

A.   5 October 2015:  What " people " say this , and where ?... They don't say it here ( Italy ), where the natality rate is only 1.3 . This means that there are scores of only children around so it does not elicit any particular comment, either positive or nega... (read in full...)

Question for men: is it really difficult to leave your wife if you've been having an affair? Or am I right - is he just offering me excuses?

Q.   I have done the unthinkable for the last 8 years of my life. Please don't hammer me. I have been dating married man. No kids. He's much older than me and at first I was just having fun but it turned into love. He's taken me on many trips an...

A.   5 October 2015:  Of course his are excuses ! Even if his wife decides to leave him,- she surely would not be leaving him because he is the perfect husband ! She would be leaving because she could not cope anymore with the heartbreak, the humiliation and just plain ... (read in full...)

My Bf is always checking out other women. Do all men do this, as if they can't help doing it, even if they are in a relationship?

Q.   Hi everyone I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years we have a 10 month old daughter we are happy but lately I have noticed he always wants attention from other women and he is always looking at women if someone walks past he stares at them. I...

A.   4 October 2015:  Yes, men look. And women look too. The impulse to look at something visually attractive is normal and natural- again , it's not because you are in a relationship or because you love someone that you also become blind and insensitive to ... (read in full...)

I think my boyfriend is bi, should he have told me?

Q.   Somebody told me that they think that my boyfriend is bi and i found from a face book profile saying that he was in to woman and men and now my sister said that he should have told me is she right....

A.   4 October 2015:  Maybe. But, since he is in a relationship with you now, he is supposed to be faithful and to approach neither other females nor other males . So I don't quite see what difference does it make for you in practice even if he is bisexual.... (read in full...)

How do I educate people about my thyroid disorder?

Q.   I am suffering from hashimotos thyroid I'm only 20 years old if you dont know what hashimotos thyroid is its when your auto immune system attacks your thyroid in your neck and slows it down causing you to have hypothyroidism its a cronic disease ...

A.   4 October 2015: Anon male : sorry, I used the wrong abbreviation.( Btw we can't purchase synthroid here , but I suppose the other stuff we use will be similar ). I meant 150 micron-grams . Don't have the right symbol on my keyboard ( greek letter ) so - slapdash ... (read in full...)

Does breast lump surgery take this long to heal?

Q.   Hi, I'm so worried. Had a breast lump surgery 3 weeks ago. It's getting to 4 weeks now and it hasn't healed up yet. Still have steri-strips on it. Though I have been getting regular dressing on it. I feel so uncomfortable . I'm not feeling any pains ...

A.   4 October 2015:  Should not you ask that to your doctor , and urgently too if you are worried ? Possibly the one who performed your surgery ? This is a medical issue. Even if you find a couple of ladies from Dear Cupid telling you " yes it is normal " or " no it i... (read in full...)

He took in homeless people and I'm the bad guy for wanting them out?

Q.   Hello all. I really need some advice. Forgive me if this takes too long. My boyfriend and I have been together for 9 years and we just recently moved in a one bedroom apartment together August 1st, 2015. Things have been good until this past wee...

A.   2 October 2015: That's one of the weirdest stories I have read on Dear Cupid. Pardon my bluntness, but I think your bf is just- crazy. Loony- bin quality out of his mind. Yeah well I guess you got to know him well in 9 years and if so far he had not given any ... (read in full...)

I thought the date went well but he just wants to be friends?

Q.   Just another sad love song So I met this guy, Pete, through mutual friend and then we stayed in touch via social media and texting for maybe a month I was at a town a little while. Good connections, nothing sexual, lots in common. Finally we mee...

A.   2 October 2015: ...But chemistry, I think, is a bit more and a bit different than raw physical attraction. I mean, you are a very pretty,on shape girl, ... and the mood was mellow and convivial... and he had had a bit too much to drink... of course he enjo... (read in full...)

Found out that my b/f has done drugs

Q.   Recently I found out my boyfriend did drugs (ecstasy) before he met me. We have been together for a year and we plan to get married in two years. He told me he did it 7 times over a span of 2 years, of which 4 times was with his ex. The most recent ...

A.   1 October 2015:  Ah well.... if he's got the guy to go to for ecstasy- then it's all right then ! Maybe this guy is the President of the British Association of Ecstasy Pushers ; he knows that if he gives your bf some tainted crap which will make your bf have a ... (read in full...)

My son dislikes his sister-in-law and her family and won't go on family vacations with them! How do I handle this?

Q.   I have two sons. The oldest is 32 years old and the youngest is 30 years. The oldest, Rob, is married with two kids and my youngest, Justin, is single with no kids. About ten years ago, we all went on a family vacation (My husband and I, m...

A.   1 October 2015:  I'd be curious to see how you could "force " a 30 y.o. grown up man to take a trip that he does not want to take ..... Anyway, oh no Gosh, please do not get involved. Did Justin ASK you to say something to his sister in law ? No ? Then , don'... (read in full...)

Confused by one night stand. Was I too harsh on him?

Q.   Dear all. Please can you throw some light on this. Thanks. I have recently come out of a long abusive relationship and feel happier than ever. I've been out partying and dating and having a great time. Anyway, last weekend I met a guy I was stro...

A.   30 September 2015: If you are really done with him it's a moot point, but....I think you have missed completely the whole point of his interaction with you, ( or, the interaction of the widest majority of 20something guys with an appreciation for much older women ) ... (read in full...)

Is Using A Dildo If You're A Virgin Safe?

Q.   I'm saving it for the right guy. Anyway, I want something "up there" but I'm pretty sure I haven't lost my hymen as I've barely even fingered myself and I feel really tight because I am petite. I can get myself to orgasm without penetration ...

A.   29 September 2015: Of course you can tear your hymen using a dildo, the hymen is not hidden somewhere all the way up, it's just behind your vaginal orifice;and it is thin and fragile . Unless you are born with what is called a " complacent " hymen, a very elastic ... (read in full...)

How do I educate people about my thyroid disorder?

Q.   I am suffering from hashimotos thyroid I'm only 20 years old if you dont know what hashimotos thyroid is its when your auto immune system attacks your thyroid in your neck and slows it down causing you to have hypothyroidism its a cronic disease ...

A.   29 September 2015:  Whoa OP hold your horses :). No need to panic like that ! I take it that you have been just diagnosed and have just started taking your meds maybe ?, so they have not quite kicked in yet ( also , it may take a while to find the dosage which is ... (read in full...)

How am I supposed to continue into the future with someone as spiteful as she has been towards me?

Q.   I've been dating this girl on and off for a little over three years and I just recently found out that whilst we weren't together for a short period of time, she had sex with a guy that was clearly my enemy, but she didn't come clean about it until ...

A.   25 September 2015:  No, you are not supposed to continue into the future etc. But not for the reason you quote, her " betrayal ". Simplu because of the " on and off " thing. I have never ever seen anything that started and continued " on and off " all of a sud... (read in full...)

How can I learn to really stand up for myself?

Q.   I often let people run over me and talk to me any kind of way. Especially ones that are not my family. It's like my mind goes blank and I don't know what to say. It's like my mind runs scared. But I get disrespected to the point to where I want ...

A.   25 September 2015:  Actuallu, there are assertivity training classes. Commminicating in a way that's firm, ,clear and powerful without involving conflict, emotional meltdowns or fistfights: ) is a skill and like any other skill some people needs to none it a bit ... (read in full...)

Been divorced for ten years and happy now. But now my emotionally abusive ex wants to come back and live with me since the death of her partner. How do I refuse my ex-wife's request?

Q.   I have an ex wife who was continuously unfaithful to me and was abusive, she divorced me about 10 years ago. I have been much happier since our divorce. We have a daughter together who is now 17. She moved in with me about a year ago after confid...

A.   25 September 2015:  Your ex 's request is absurd and I hope you haven't ever entertained seriously for a sec the possibility of saying yes ? Of course you feel bad for her- because you are a human being, and she is too. Heck , I feel bad too for the woman and I have... (read in full...)

I tricked my boyfriend because I wanted to know if I could trust him and he failed!

Q.   i made a fake profile to test if i can trust my boyfriend, i added and chat with him and ask if he had a girlfriend and he says yes, but the next day i ask him to meet up at a private place and he agrees. after i confronted him he said he's sorry ...

A.   25 September 2015:  No it is not kinda true. At all. He was not " forced " ar gun point. I suppose that you mean that the trap was very persistent or very convincing in her approach . That just means that he was tempted and he is very weak in front of temp... (read in full...)

Why might a guy take a long time to orgasm?

Q.   Hi aunts and uncles. This question feels quite weird because I've never really heard it before. I'm used to hearing about men who come too quickly, but not those who take a very very long time. I slept with a new guy for the first time last night. H...

A.   22 September 2015:  Probably inveterate wanker. With or without porn. There's nothing wrong with masturbation of course, but- apparently there is something like : too much of a good thing. Many young ( or not so young ) men who overindulge, train themselv... (read in full...)

When did dating become so confusing? Do I cut him off or give him a chance?

Q.   I have known this man for 2 yrs, we were friends first. We dating a bit last year and were physical when were seeing each other. All was going well and then he disappeared on me. We kept in touch but it looked like he was dating other peop...

A.   22 September 2015:  I would not waste any more time on him. If you want an exclusive relationship, he is not the one you can have it with. This situation sounds confusing to you only because you are very invested emotionally- from the outside it's rather clear cut ... (read in full...)

I don't know what this guy is thinking or what game he might be playing, can anyone shed any light?

Q.   Dear Agony Aunts/Uncles, I'm really confused about this guy I have been dating. We met a few months ago on a night out, my friend and his friend ended up getting it on that night and we went back to his friends too, but nothing happened between...

A.   21 September 2015:  No parricular games- it sounds like you two are just giving different readings to your story. He reads it as he is dating you casually, you read it as if it is something more. Unluckily, " Hanging out with you is great and I had an amazing ... (read in full...)

I'm wondering if it's too early to invite him to upcoming holiday, like Thanksgiving?

Q.   Hi all! I've been with my boyfriend for two months and already, I very much care for him! He's met my close friends and little sister and brother. Made great impressions! Anyway, with upcoming holidays I'm wondering if it's too early to invite h...

A.   21 September 2015:  I'd say , invite him - but leave him an out, so to speak. I mean, the idea is more about not leaving your bf all alone and bored ( and turkeyless ? ) on a big national holiday, right ?, than to make this a chance for a formal, official " meet... (read in full...)

His past (failed) relationship is making him very cautious about getting into a relationship with me. What should I do?

Q.   I met this guy a bit less than a month ago and things have been good between us. But something sparked the conversation about what he wants and he said he likes me, i tick all the right boxes but he needs to know that he is 100% okay because ...

A.   21 September 2015: Broken hearted anon male, I think you are missing an important point . And if you bear with me, maybe you'll see how the suggestion to " grow a pair " may sound too harsh- but it's only harsh because logic can be very harsh at times . Facts are ... (read in full...)

Is she seeing other guys? Hate the uncertainty. Could I have competition?

Q.   For the first time ever I feel I might have made a connection with someone I met online, but I can't help but think she's seeing other guys whilst she's texting/chatting with me. I noticed she's registered on multiple dating sites as well. ...

A.   20 September 2015: Of course you have competition ! How could you not have competition ? She is registered on numerous dating sites, so I guess the idea is to get to know several possible candidates and then make her final selection from a number of possibilities. ... (read in full...)

He's told me that I'm cute during the many times we chatted online. But was he just more interested in sex?

Q.   Hey everyone so im so confused about a guy that I've been talking to. We talked everyday for a week mostly snspchatting and messaging. We hung out last Friday and he was super nice, we talked about really deep stuff. And then we hugged for like 10 ...

A.   20 September 2015:  Much probably yes, but maybe it's early for a final verdict. Tbh, yeah, at first reading " kisses and cuddles , and to love on him "- it induced a big eyeroll in me . That sounds like a cheesy way just to make it sound a bit better than... (read in full...)

Why do some men turn really nasty when they dump you?

Q.   Why do some men turn really nasty when they dump you? I had a bad fall out with my ex. We had only been seeing each other a short time but after a few months we fell out over a misunderstanding and he dropped me - just like that - no warning, noth...

A.   20 September 2015:  Since you mentioned a bad fall out, well, maybe the bad fall out WAS the warning. I mean, it happens some times that people start an argument and it escalates and things get said or written in the heat of the moment , and when something is said... (read in full...)

Its frustrating that my ex can't see his new girlfriend for what she is

Q.   My ex blamed me for stirring up trouble and talking behind his back when his current girlfriend (who he chose over me) does just as much stirring and gossiping. It really frustrates me how he blames me for everything and not her. She even div...

A.   20 September 2015:  It does not sound like such a brilliant move to me . So, your ex can't stand you anymore because he thinks you stir up trouble and are a gossipmonger, and, to smooth things over and change his mind, what would you do : you stir up more trou... (read in full...)

He evaded answering my question. Should I confront him or ignore him?

Q.   Hiya I have been seeing a guy for a few months and all has been going really well, and always tells me how much he likes me and how much fun he has with me. We haven't yet been physical and I want to wait until I am sure of him. We only se...

A.   20 September 2015: Well, I am not sure we can say it was a lie of omission. For sure, he has been not polite and not considerate, because if somebody asks you a question, Jeez, just answer already, it's not a military secret ! Then again, perhaps there's a shift, t... (read in full...)

Is falling for/crushing on other people really inevitable in long term relationships?

Q.   I am a 20 year old girl. I have had a few past relationships, and have been in my current relationship for a year. My boyfriend is 23. Just to be clear before I start: When I talk about "crushes", I mean the whole "can't stop thinking about he...

A.   18 September 2015:  Nothing is inevitable but death. So there will be couples which never have to face this hurdle . Nevetheless, this is a hurdle which is pretty frequent; you know it because it happened to you too, after all. Your explanation is that it happened ... (read in full...)

Was he just frustrated sexually and I was just there?

Q.   Hello, I really need some help. I'm 16 and I recently made a terrible mistake. I needed help with a college project so asked a guy I knew (my dads friends son) to help as he had already done a similar thing. He's 18 and has a girlfriend of 14 ...

A.   17 September 2015: Well, yes and not. I mean, basically yes, he was horny ad you where there and non verbal signals have gone back and forth and then ... stuff happens. But of course he must have thought you attractive, probably personable too, to send or receive ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend admitted that he's attracted to another woman but says it ends there and has no feelings for her. Do I believe him?

Q.   My boyfriend (not sure what to call him right now) have been dating for over a year now. We have had our ups and downs but have a lot of love for each other. I just broke up with him last week because I found out that 8 months ago he had a crush o...

A.   17 September 2015:  Eight, nothing is all black or all white, but some times you have to make it so- either black or white - on purpose. Otherwise you get stuck in gray , unfulfilling even painful situations, always waiting that things get reeeeaaally so bad that ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend admitted that he's attracted to another woman but says it ends there and has no feelings for her. Do I believe him?

Q.   My boyfriend (not sure what to call him right now) have been dating for over a year now. We have had our ups and downs but have a lot of love for each other. I just broke up with him last week because I found out that 8 months ago he had a crush o...

A.   16 September 2015:  " He admits being attracted to another woman but he says he has no feelings for her. Do I believe hm ? " My take is that you could believe him, because the situation is believable- only, I am not sure that believing will make things more mana... (read in full...)

My boyfriend used to be so appreciative and now nothing seems to matter to him

Q.   This afternoon, my boyfriend texted me a video of his sister and nieces and nephews singing Happy Birthday to his mom. I love his mom and she is super nice to me. Once I saw that video, I went online to order his mom a $80 USD fruit basket to be de...

A.   16 September 2015:  I think you are overreacting. I don't think he meant to say that your gift is not a big deal and means nothing, and I don't think that he meant that he does not appreciate you being so nice to think of his Mom's birthday and spending all that... (read in full...)

Why is my ex still friends with this guy after he hit on me but yet can't be friends with me?

Q.   I work at a local pharmacy as a cashier and my ex and his friend go there from time to time. It makes me uncomfortable that they are there. My ex doesn't go in because he is banned from the store (because he stole something before we started ...

A.   16 September 2015:  It must be some kind of " bros before hoes " thing. It is not even totally devoid of sense. When the friend hit on you, you were still with your ex and your ex still cared about you, so, bro or no bro, he got mad. But, you are broken up now,... (read in full...)

Why is my ex-friend even trying with me?

Q.   My female friend treated me badly - she had an affair with my boyfriend behind my back, lied to me and basically treated me like dirt. We fell out obviously - but now she wants to make up and says she feels bad about everything she's done. ...

A.   16 September 2015: Maybe we can take her at face value and assume that the reason for her contacting you is precisely the reason she gave you : guilt. She feels bad about what happened and about sneaking behind your back etc. Probably she has realized that her ... (read in full...)

Was this girl a virgin?

Q.   Was this girl a virgin? This may seem like an odd question, but I assure you that the answer is important to me (I won’t get into the reasons why it is important). I have my opinion of the answer, but I’m “just a guy”. I would be very grateful fo...

A.   15 September 2015:  I'd be curious too to know why you want to know if this woman was a virgin , and what difference does it make after 7-12 years , but... I suppose I can survive if you won't tell us :) Anyway, FWIW, no I don't think it's likely she was a virg... (read in full...)

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Nime agony auntNime
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