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*hen nothing goes right go left

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She keeps calling me by her ex's name.

Q.   My girlfriend has called me her ex boyfriends name four times now....why??? She was with him for a few years but was cheating with me almost the entire time. She meant me first but i wasnt ready to date yet and she chased me the entire time. SOMEONE ...

A.   3 March 2013: Its probably just out of habit but if it bothers you that much then you should bring it up. Because it seems like she wanted you all along and with the trust issue that is quite often what happens in these situations but in your case it seeems like ... (read in full...)

I love two guys, what should I do?

Q.   Ok so, hey there :) Well... I have a boyfriend, and he's two years older than me and i really love him. The thing is, i love another guy too. I really love my bf but then when i'm with him, i think of the other guy that's not my bf. I kn...

A.   3 March 2013: Its a choice that you are going to have to make because dating both of them isn't going to work. So if they care deeply for you too then you need to think about who you care most about and which one makes you feel really good about yourself... (read in full...)

Why is my husband playing games? I feel like crying when he does these things to me.

Q.   My husband is very manipulative. If I'm listening to my music, and I walk out of the room to do something (like the washing). I'll come back in and find my music has been turned off. The lights are off. I ask him, what are you doing? His repl...

A.   3 March 2013: He's either being selfish and not really thinking about how you feel or he knows how you feel and is doing it for control or he is just doing it to irritate you. So you need to tell him how you feel about and he will either realise and try and stop... (read in full...)

He left me standing mid date, with no explaination.

Q.   Me and my 30yo boyfriend were hanging out with friends at a coffee shop. He got a phone call (didn't see who it was), went outside to answer it. He never came back. We got there at 9:40pm, he got the call around 10:20. I waited, but my friends w...

A.   3 March 2013: It understandable that your mad because you could have waited for him and he should have at least sent you a text. So you should tell him how you feel whilst the feelings are still raw otherwise you might be more likely to let him get away with ... (read in full...)

Should I just leave him alone or tell him the truth? Because I do like him, even though I would not let him kiss me earlier.

Q.   Recently a man at work and I have been flirting, he bought me flowers and we went out for lunch with another work colleague. He went in for a kiss and I pulled away as we work together, but ever since I can't get him out of my head. But since I said...

A.   3 March 2013: He probably feels rejected and maybe that you don't like it so you just need to explain your feelings to him and tell him why you pulled back and then he should understand.... (read in full...)

In love with my ex's little brother

Q.   I lived with my ex for 3 years, during those years 2 of them his younger brother lived with us... I was very close to his brother we spent way more time together, way more then with my boyfriend... Over the years I fell in love with him, but noth...

A.   1 March 2013: You should go for it because for you too to still to have such strong feelings for eachother then you must really have something there and if you and your ex are over eachother then it shouldn't be a problem and even if he is weird about it at f... (read in full...)

Is it normal to have fantasies about being anally raped?

Q.   I'm just your normal, every day 17 year old girl. Sometimes I like to read erotic stories online. About two months ago, I stumbled upon this story where a teenage boy forced himself onto his sister, anally. I don't know why, but this turned me on ...

A.   1 March 2013:  you should think more about what you are actually fantasizing about because incest rape are both sick and the fact that you are yourself getting raped as a way to sexually turn you on is really worrying . And i doub't that your boyfriend will want ... (read in full...)

I've recently come out and I'm attracted to my friend. Do I tell her?

Q.   I am quite tom boyish and have become very attracted to my close girl mate. She is very much into men but I can't help my feelings for her. This is very new to me as my relationships have always been with men and recently I have come out to some ...

A.   27 February 2013: Do you really think that anything can come out of it because she is straight and sometimes when only one person has these feelings then it can effect their friendship. So if you don't think that there is a chance of her feeling the same and you ... (read in full...)

She gives me butterflies. is it normal when we think of a particular person for quite some time without even making an effort to think of them?

Q.   Hi friends. is it normal when we think of a particular person for quite some time without even making an effort to think of them? I occasionally seem to think of this particular girl I met a couple of times before and she STILL seems to cross my ...

A.   26 February 2013: I doubt its telepathy but it does seem like you like her and it is normal to get that butterfly feeling and think about her especially if you used to get that feeling when you used to see her. So if you are willing to wait for her then go for it ... (read in full...)

Is it wrong for me to have fallen for him? He's 17!

Q.   Hi this is a tough one, Im a 27 year old woman and i recently started back at college in september last year, I became close friends with a 17 year old boy we have become really close we get along so well and have same interests and hobbies our ...

A.   26 February 2013: Although some relationships with an age gap can work he's only 17 he is very young and although you are both interested now the fact that you are probably both at different stages of your life and he is likely to want to play the fields and is ... (read in full...)

I've never taken a guy on a date, what should I plan to do in London when he comes to visit?

Q.   Hello aunts and uncles, I'm 20 years old and I live in London, and there's a guy that I'm talking to who's 21 and he lives in Leicester, just over 100 miles away from me. I met him when I was in Leicester visiting my friends at their uni...

A.   26 February 2013: It will be hard for him to get bored because its london and there is so much to do. I agree with cindycares that it depends on whats his interests are and go from there. And you should also find out what kind of the food he likes because it is his ... (read in full...)

Why won't my amazing, lovely wife have sex with me with the lights on?

Q.   My wife is amazing in bed,even after 20+ years together,3 kids I still think she has a fantastic figure,the only problem is she still won't have sex with light on,let me me see her naked or have sex in daytime,I keep telling she's got a lovely ...

A.   25 February 2013: Its less of what you can do and more of what she could do because its obviously down to her being embarrased about her body so if she wants to change the way she feels about her body then she should try seeing a confudence coach and tginking about 5 ... (read in full...)

Should I forget about my wife's past with my friend?

Q.   When my wife and I got together she just come out a brief relationship with a friend of mine,he was known as a bit of a player i was relatively inexperienced at sex where my wife was very experienced and very good at sex,when I asked my wife about ...

A.   25 February 2013: I can understand why you would struggle with this but at the same time she is with you and you shouldn't suspect her if she hasn't given you a reason for you to suspeect her. And as she as told you that it was just sex. You should move on and put ... (read in full...)

What can I do about my fiance who continues to lie to me? Money is tight yet he still spends on things we can't afford.

Q.   my fiance keeps lying about stupid things and its driving me up the wall. He's not working at the moment so money is tight, I have spoken to him about how much he keeps spending several times now. He has two kids from a previous relationshi...

A.   25 February 2013: Its understandable that you feel angry and resentful because although he hasn't directly lied to your face he isn't being honest or open with you and he is going against what you have both talked about and its your money too. And as you have talk to ... (read in full...)

52 year old male with 3 late teen daughters seeing a 20 year old woman?

Q.   I'm 52 and divorced with three daughters ages 21, 18, 17. I have been seeing a 20 year old woman. My daughters think this is very bad. The 20 year old wants me to choose her over my daughters. I broke it off with the 20 year old because of my ...

A.   24 February 2013: If she made you choose between her and your daughters then you did the right thing in ending it but did they have good reasons to dislike her and if you don't know why they did then you need to talk to them about why they diddn't want you to be with ... (read in full...)

I think I am left out of my group of friends. How can I get them to include me?

Q.   I've been hanging around with friendship group of about 5/6 girls at school now for about a year. I feel as though they leave me out and that I'm always the one who has to make the effort. They never invite me to go out with them. I'll be on ...

A.   22 February 2013: They aren't your friends. I have met people like them before and they know exactly what they are doing and if you hang around with them when you all are then the thought of you comes up and they purposely chose to exclude you. This is a form of bu... (read in full...)

My boyfriend goes hours without contacting me but has time to play on xbox?

Q.   Should I be pissed off that my boyfriend, of 2.5 years, goes hours on end without contacting me - yet within those hours will play on facebook and xbox? Example: he may text me at noon and then I won't hear back from him until like 10pm but he makes ...

A.   20 February 2013: Its fair enough to not want to be with your girlfriend/boyfriend all the time but that is a long time to go without contacting you and i can understand why you are not happy with it. It may be that he has become addicted to these games if he is p... (read in full...)

Why did her friend keep telling me this girl was very forgiving? Forgiving for what?

Q.   I was hanging out with these two girls jessica and britney. I happen to like the girl jessica and we were just driving around in my car and britney randomly says to me "you know jessica is very forgiving." I was confused by this and felt alittle ...

A.   20 February 2013: If you haven't done anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about and its probably wrote about jessica liking you and maybe you not making the move that she wanted you to make and that would explain why she kept quiet and her friend was ... (read in full...)

Should leave my boyfriend for this guy I like? Trouble is that the guy I like only wants sex, and I'm a virgin.

Q.   I’ve been in a relationship for about 2 and a half months with an amazing guy but the problem/ question I have is: if I should leave my boyfriend for this guy I like? This same guy that I texted almost every day and he said he liked me and I met ...

A.   16 February 2013: It must be tempting if you really fancy this guy but is it really worth risking your relationship for and if he does just want sex then he will not have sex with you whilst caring or respecting you and he is just sucking up until he gets what he w... (read in full...)

Should I go back to the social club where I met my ex?

Q.   Hope you guys can help. I recently moved to a new city and joined a social club to meet and make new friends. Within weeks I started dating a guy who was a regular at the club. We were together for 6 weeks when I broke it off. I then took a b...

A.   15 February 2013: It depends on whether you are over him or not because if you're not then this would be a bad idea because it might well bring up feelings. Although if it has been a while and you know that you are over him then go back aslong as your not going to... (read in full...)

What makes a good relationship good?

Q.   I need tips on what makes a good relationship good... And I need to know how can you prove to someone that your trustworthy. I know actions speaks louder than words I have tried both but is there any other ways? Help? Please!...

A.   15 February 2013: The obvious ones are loving having a strong connection and also good communication so listening to eachother and talking through problems and also having good communication when it comes to sex so telling and showing eachother what turns you on, ... (read in full...)

I miss him when he is not at work with me, how do I stop this?

Q.   Hi folks, There is this guy I'm friends with at work. (I don't see or chat to him outside of work for various reasons) we both get on really well, but when he's not at work I feel really fed up, like there's no point if he's not here. We flirt o...

A.   15 February 2013: It seem' s like you may be developing feelings for him and when you start developing feelings for someone then its not just something that you can shake off. And whats the problem anyway because he might like you too. And yeah working together... (read in full...)

The girl I like said her crush asked her to be his valentine. Should I continue to pursue her?

Q.   My girlfriend and i were dating for 2 years. we broke up 2 weeks ago. we are both okay with the break up and are doing fine. I've developed feelings for a girl that she used to be friends with, her name is Ashley. Ashley has been really flirty with ...

A.   15 February 2013: I would leave it if she is talking about her crush hope this helps.... (read in full...)

How do I tell my ex that the baby I'm carrying isn't his?

Q.   Hi, I'm 22 and my boyfriend is 25. His ex is four months pregnant with his baby and I'm one month pregnant with his too. My problem is, he doesn't seem to be happy for our baby but promise that he will take care of the baby once born. Now, the thing ...

A.   15 February 2013: You definitely need to tell him because he deserves to know the truth and the longer that you leave then the worse he will feel when he finds out. So you need to tell him as soon as possible and although you should of put him straight right ther... (read in full...)

Will things end badly because of a terrible kiss?

Q.   Hi im really stressing about a kiss I had last week. I met up with this guy ive been seeing for a while and its kinda an unspoken couple. Anyway Ive just gone away for a while and the day I left he said goodbye to me and we kissed for the first ...

A.   15 February 2013: Your overthinking and worrying about nothing and so what if it wasn't perfect he obviously likes you otherwise he wouldn't ask to meet up. So you should move on from that kiss because it seems like there is a chance that things could go further ... (read in full...)

Will my promiscuous past put off decent men?

Q.   So I am 21, slept with 25ish guys (never counted properly because I am too scared to. I just know its less than 30 more than 15) Anyway. I started talking to boys in a more than friends type of way when I was 15 and since then I have spoken to about ...

A.   14 February 2013: Yeah its true that this puts guys off but that is your past and if you have changed now then why don't you deserve someone who is going to love and respect you. See nobody's perfect and you were probably just immature back then but now that you have ... (read in full...)

I want to be more than his booty call!

Q.   i met a guy 4 months ago started texting wich quickly moved on to sexting and naked pictures met him 8 days after meeting him and had sex with him 10 minutes later ive met up with him a further 2 times but always on his terms. i really really like ...

A.   14 February 2013: Im afraid that this is something that you probably wont be able to change it because when a guy is getting to know you then he is deciding what kind of relationship that he wants to have with you and when you sleep with him straight away you put ... (read in full...)

I had a fantasy about another girl and now I feel so guilty

Q.   Bit embarrased about this, but i just need to tell this little thing somehow. I'm together with a girl wich i love with all my heart. We're together since a year now and things go well. Now, this is a long distance relationship so we only see each...

A.   13 February 2013: This is pocd and not you and i know its really hard but you can get positive and become relaxed about these thoughts and i know because i have been through it too it came on when i was 16 and i am now 22 and am free of pocd. The main thing to ... (read in full...)

My married ex sings songs to me is he trying to get a message through to me?

Q.   My ex of many years talks to me reguarly on the phone. He has married a few years ago. Just the other day a song came on the radio "I'm hooked on a feeling" An old song. Anyway, he starts singing it while I'm on the phone with him. It was on the ...

A.   13 February 2013: I wouldn't read too much into it because he's married and if nothing can cone of it then there's no point in driving yourself mad by going over it in your head i would leave it as unless he actually says it to you then i would just move on. Hop... (read in full...)

Troubles. All I seem to do is work and sleep. So why is she so distrustful? why does she think I'm cheating?

Q.   My gf has been thinking I've been cheating on her. I work hard and once and a while I have to work late. She thinks I should have bankers hours. I have a kid and I scream at her in front of him and it really upsets me. All I do is work and s...

A.   13 February 2013: Its down to her own insecurities and when people are insecure then it doesn't take much for them to suspect the worse. So you should talk to her about it when the child is not around and tell her how you feel and also encourage her to go and talk to ... (read in full...)

Was my Bf out of line for objecting to the discussions I had with my best girlfriend who is newly married?

Q.   My best friend got married recently. I had a text chat with her regarding her sexual life and she told me about the things that happened between her and her husband. My boyfriend saw those chats and started fighting with me that how can I talk l...

A.   12 February 2013: No there's nothing wrong with talking one of your girlfriends about sex it's normal. And he is definitely overeacting because it wasn't even about you and him. So if I was you then I would ask him why it bothers him so much, it could just be that he ... (read in full...)

The personality is there. What are the positives and negatives of not having a big physical attraction to the person?

Q.   Please consider if someone has the personality, but their looks aren't all the way to what you'd like and you're considering them for a serious relationship, possibly marriage. What are the positives and negatives of not having a big physical attr...

A.   12 February 2013: Personality definitely beats looks but it i allso. Good to fancy them but the most important thing is your connection with them and if you can have good sex with them because of your connection then go for it. But if you really don't feel anything ... (read in full...)

Since our break-up have I made a mistake by ignoring him?

Q.   My boyfriend and I split up a while ago due to arguments. I really love him and want him back. My friends have said to ignore him which I have done for the entire week. And through out week he has sent me a few messages asking me out to movies an...

A.   12 February 2013: I think that you both need to sit down and have a good talk about what you both want. Because there are obviously issues that csused you to split up so you need to decide together if its worth having a relationship. And if you both want to then... (read in full...)

Gf says she'd date her ex if we broke up. How would you react if a partner said this? Unsettled? Insecure?

Q.   If you were having general conversation, and your boyfriend or girlfriend admitted that they'd consider dating some of their ex's again, hypothetically, if you two broke up, would that alarm you or bother you? My gf admitted that if we broke up...

A.   12 February 2013: Yeah your definitely not overreacting because the option of ex shouldn't be crossing her mind if she's happy with you. It may be just her feflecting but you should definitely talk to her about how you feel about it. And find out where her head... (read in full...)

I wouldn't send my love interest an intimate photo so he broke up. Should we stay friends, as he is suggesting?

Q.   I met a man on facebook about 5 months ago. We have never met in real life. But we are very close to each other. We have shared everything about our past--his ex's and my ex. I told him about my ex, who blackmails me with pics that he had taken of ...

A.   12 February 2013: He definitely doesn't deserve anything from you because he is a creep with bad intentions who has tried to emotionally blackmail so you should end everything with him. Hope this helps.... (read in full...)

I can't stand his personal hygiene! Am I shallow?

Q.   I have this great friend and we have gotten really close this year. I feel like our friendship is effortless and we could work as a couple but there are a few issues. I feel so shallow saying this but i can't stand the smell of his breath. I have ...

A.   12 February 2013: No you are definitely not shallow by not liking this and if you like him and feel that it could go further if it wasn't for this you need to get your point across to him and just explain how you about him and the problem. Because you have done... (read in full...)

I have a phobia of being left behind or abandoned. Nothing I've tried is helping, and I'm afraid it is going to tear my relationship apart.

Q.   I have a phobia of being left behind or abandoned, and it immensely effects many of my relationship. My current girlfriend, was originally my best friend for three years and on the fourth year she asked me out. When she goes out with her family, ...

A.   12 February 2013: I know that it must feel really hard right now but there other ways that could help you. The first one is finding out about the late dr claire weeks because she is thought to have been one of the best experts when it came to phobias and alth... (read in full...)

Afraid she didn't enjoy her first time -- how can I be better?

Q.   How To Sexually Connect with my girlfriend? Hey everyone, I've been going out with my girlfriend for 4 months now, and recently she's started hinting that she might want to have sex. She is a virgin. However, I've never had sex with a vir...

A.   11 February 2013: Leave it to her tell you when she next wants it and let her know that you could do it again when she feels ready, if she says about it then get eachother maybe share a relaxing and imtimate experience such as a bath or shower together or massage ... (read in full...)

Both 17. Trip to Movies, just the 2 of us. Is that a date? How to make it special?

Q.   Both 17. A trip to the cinema alone. Is it a date? If it isn't how can I make it more of a date, or find out if she's interested in dating/being with me? ...

A.   10 February 2013: Yeah it is a date, its a chance to get to know her better and see if you get on and like each other and if you feel that something could develop then you should ask her out again and see where it goes. Hope this helps.... (read in full...)

He never calls when he's travelling

Q.   my bf hardly call me when i travel, he keep saying he dosent have money.that he is missing me but he dint call me.pls do you think another girl is taking my place back home? ...

A.   10 February 2013: Im sorry to say that it seems likely that he is seeing someone else or that his feelings have changed. But he needs to tell you either way and then leave him because he will only cause you to be unhappy otherwise and although it might be hard at ... (read in full...)

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