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I thought my luck had changed! Now what?

Q.   Hi, I have just come out of relationship with a wonderful guy, i was never treated as good in my life before by any guy, he brought me everywhere, family functions and so on, he was always very affectionate towards me, forehead kisses which are ...

A.   15 January 2018: when he broke up with you is this break up final and did he make it clear that he does not want you as a girlfriend, Did he brake up for to give you your freedom or to have his, it is hard to work for them now but it is hard to get jobs now and... (read in full...)

My girlfriend wants to do a boudoir photo shoot, help?

Q.   First of all, this is the first time I'm posting stuff like this on the internet, so excuse whatever mistakes I make, but I have literally nobody else to give me a single different perspective on this matter. Here goes: I've been with this girl o...

A.   15 January 2018: Even if he is not a full-time guy at this type work if she can trust him it is the most important part of this, she could find many professional that would be happy to do this type photo shoot for her but she has to feel comfortable and ... (read in full...)

A thank you to your advice!! I am now engaged. You are all the best!! Just a Thank you Post =)

Q.   Hi Everyone!! Thanks for your advice. I am engaged and getting married!! I came to your site because I am more of a private person and my mother passed away and don't have a sister. I love my friends but I'm not one to talk about gossip on my rel...

A.   20 September 2017: Congratulations and not many come back like you thank you ... (read in full...)

Advice please on handling these locals glaring at me!

Q.   Hello, this might seem like a silly problem. I am 44 years old and while i can be fiery i have calmed down a lot as i have got older. When i was younger i was very different as a person, fiery and i thought nothing of having casual partners. I ha...

A.   9 September 2017: why was Despret housewife's a big take? because it cast the people that acted in it in the way we are, We can all fit into one of the story lines somewhere, these two people the Watches you get in every area, ok they don't just sit in the loca... (read in full...)

Job not how I thought, girlfriend dumping me

Q.   I'm having problem at work and I'm not enjoying it currently, ive had time off because of the stress it's caused and my assistant boss doesn't seem to want to leave me alone and he's up my backside every five minutes. I work for a sports company and ...

A.   8 September 2017: I don't know if your drinking is affecting your work but it looks like your boss is seeing something is up it might be just that you look a bit beat up after a fight or your just in a bad humor and feeling let down by the world, many people ar... (read in full...)

My boyfriend doesn't hug me as often as I'd like

Q.   I've been living with my bf for 4 months now, only got 2 hugs from him cause I had to sneak them but he said I'm too needy. He says he loves me but I'm too embarrassed to ask to cuddle with him. sometimes a girl needs to be held to feel better. ...

A.   3 September 2017: I am so with what "Been there Now over it" said I need hugs my wife needs hugs we even need to give others hugs at times in life when words don't say it for us, AS WiseOwlE said that guy What does he need a girlfriend for? Get a blow-up doll... (read in full...)

I'm made to feel like a social pariah because I've chosen not to have children

Q.   Dear all, I am a 37 year old woman with a great job and an even greater husband. I have my own house, I travel a lot and I love my life. I live and work in a ver small and narrow-minded community which makes me feel like a pariah because I don't ...

A.   3 September 2017:  you even asked us a bunch of strangers Am I weird? Is there something wrong with it? Are they right? Will I regret it when I'm older? ANSWER to your first question WEIRD for not wanting kids NO YOU might be for asking us if you have your m... (read in full...)

Is it ladylike to show cleavage?

Q.   Do you think its ladylike to show cleavage?!? i have never showed my cleavage. Do u thinks its fine to show cleavage? ...

A.   31 August 2017: DO what you are happy with if you give your life trying to fit into a box made by other people you will never be happy, How ever what is ok in your part of the world might not in other parts of the world, It also comes down to style some ca... (read in full...)

Why would a man still hang onto his girlfriend even if he is cheating with other women?

Q.   If a guy is cheating on his girlfriend, why would he not leave her? He obviously is not the right man for her. So, why not just leave her, let her find a better man for her, instead of hang onto her knowing he is hurting her? Clearly a rel...

A.   31 August 2017: This IS LIKE THE question Why do rich people steal! and I can go on with many other examples of people that don't need but take like some people that seem to be born cleptomaniacs, It is a mix of thinking they can get away with it and some in... (read in full...)

Do I tell potential dates from the start that I have acne on my butt and thighs?

Q.   I just got out of a 11 year relationship. I have body acne bad like on my butt and inner thighs. I feel no one will ever be with me because of the acne down there....would you be with someone who had acne there? Do I tell people about ...

A.   30 August 2017: i would think it is more in grown hair, try to look it up on the net, you might get tips on it ... (read in full...)

Married 11 years and my husband is now wanting details of my sexual life before him.

Q.   Hello i'm a 37 yo woman and me and my husbant are together now for 11 years. Everything started when i met him 18 years ago and i fell in love with his misterious eyes. We became friends and eventually a few years later i got my nerves together and ...

A.   30 August 2017: I found your post very interesting last night and had to go through it a second time before going to bed now it is morning and after sleeping on it I find myself asking questions, THERE are many things that I would love to be able to ask you over... (read in full...)

Is my wife sleeping elsewhere?

Q.   I am a married man who was in a monogamous relationship with my wife for seven years. I was a virgin before marriage. My wife was the first and only sexual partner. I went to a massage parlour in an inebriated condition while on a business trip to a ...

A.   30 August 2017: I don't think she is or ever has cheated on you, I think she feels let down and has not forgiven you yet and might never, and if she does forgive you she will never forget, You did wrong, can I ask why did you tell her was it out of a want to ... (read in full...)

Why 2 days later does my husband go off on me about something I said while drunk?

Q.   I got too drunk on Saturday night - it happens only occasionally. I said something embarassing about my husband to his friend (who was also too drunk to remember). My husband brought it up - but told me it is ok - his friend probably didn't hear and ...

A.   30 August 2017: he has had time to think and some mate of his told him than people speak the truth when drunk, you would not have the courage to tell someone what you think of them without the drink, ... (read in full...)

I feel angry because my boyfriend liked his ex's pic on facebook

Q.   Should I be bothered that I've noticed my boyfriend has liked a picture of his ex on Facebook. She is 30 years old so 13 years younger than me and when I saw he had liked her with a 30th birthday balloon in feel angry and upset...

A.   28 August 2017: I AM SORRY IT HAS GONE THIS FAR. and he is now sulking but I think it is never too late to back down, you're not having a boxing match and the winner takes all. if she is the one that got away she is gone and not coming back into his life, an... (read in full...)

My boyfriend says my friends took advantage of me.

Q.   Hello Everyone! Just wanted some insight on this situation. Last night, my boyfriend and I had friends over (my friend and his girlfriend) to watch the Game of Thrones season finale. I cooked a lot more than my boyfriend thought I should have but ...

A.   28 August 2017: I think your BF might be over the top here if you were happy I can't see the problem ... (read in full...)

He finally admitted he didn't have an ex-girlfriend, he has and ex-BOYfriend!

Q.   When we first started going out, my boyfriend told me that he had an ex-girlfriend and that they broke up because she was horrible to him. I believed him and chalked up his refusal of talk about his past relationship to it being too painful. We have ...

A.   28 August 2017:  what is the question here, is it should you trust him that he is not gay or bi, or that it was as he said a little kiss and nothing more, I don't know if he is gay or bi or if this was a young mixed up guy that when exploring his sexuality kissed ... (read in full...)

Am I meant to be alone? I just don't understand why

Q.   I am a 47 r old female. Divorced since 2012 and I have not one friend in this world... honest to GOD! I have been on a dating site and have found 2 guys that I have dated. One was a jackass and his free time was always consumed but never with me. ...

A.   28 August 2017: YOU HAVE GOT VERY GOOD ADVICE from Wise he puts a lot of effort into helping people on here, and we see this question often, and some times the poster does not even be fully aware of what is hidden within their post, even though you were onl... (read in full...)

I feel angry because my boyfriend liked his ex's pic on facebook

Q.   Should I be bothered that I've noticed my boyfriend has liked a picture of his ex on Facebook. She is 30 years old so 13 years younger than me and when I saw he had liked her with a 30th birthday balloon in feel angry and upset...

A.   26 August 2017: you don't trust what he says and you don't want to be with someone like him. is what you said in your follow up and looks like you have more trust issues than him just liking a photo on Facebook, if you have lost trust in him it is just a matter... (read in full...)

My ex is contacting me again, what should I do?

Q.   My ex and I had a messy break up. I got drunk, was upset and got into some trouble and ended up in hospital. I called my ex and left a message to say I was in hospital. She never came and I never heard from her. I ended up needing surgery. Year...

A.   26 August 2017: OFTEN THINGS LOOK BETTER WHEN WE LOOK BACK, I would say let the past in the past, people should just take with them from old relationships their experience they have learned and move on to be better the next time, going back is not often a good... (read in full...)

What is your interpretation when a guy says that you are what he needs in a relationship, but he is scared that he is not what you need?

Q.   What is your interpretation when a guy says that you are what he needs in a relationship, but he is scared that he is not what you need? His interpretation of need is that the girl is stable, respectable and knows what she wants in life and how to ...

A.   26 August 2017: Let us get the Facebook part out of the way first, MANY PEOPLE HAVE 1000 FRIENDS ON Facebook, but if they are friends why can we not ask them about stuff that worries us, because MOST INTERNET friends are worth nothing in real life, this guy soun... (read in full...)

I'm shocked at being ghosted by him! How did you get over a situation like this? Advice?

Q.   Hello everyone After 3.5 years of a LTR, my ex dumped me over the phone because he said it would be easier and that his mind was made up. He said he didn't want to see me upset or risk going back on his decision. The only thing he kept saying w...

A.   26 August 2017: I go along totally with what A female reader, anonymous, writes (26 August 2017): this guy is an eegit ( as we say) and a real asshole, you're going through the rejection and will take time to get over it, and I hope you can use the experien... (read in full...)

I feel angry because my boyfriend liked his ex's pic on facebook

Q.   Should I be bothered that I've noticed my boyfriend has liked a picture of his ex on Facebook. She is 30 years old so 13 years younger than me and when I saw he had liked her with a 30th birthday balloon in feel angry and upset...

A.   26 August 2017: he liking her photo on Facebook is nothing more than if he met her in a doorway and said hello, I don't have exes and don't have Facebook but think most likes on facebook are just out of minimum courtesies and people receiving them should not ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend dumped me but when I date someone new he wants me back again

Q.   So I've been dating this guy for a month but I've been starting to have dreams about my ex who I dated for a year and a half, he was a guy i could never forget but he dumped me but he keeps trying to get back together all the time and when I'm with ...

A.   26 August 2017: He is manipulating you,... (read in full...)

Boyfriend's friend comes over when I'm not there, now they slept in the same bed. What is going on?

Q.   when I first met my bf he had this girl that was his friend but they also hooked up a lot. And she wanted to have a relationship with him. But he didn't want to be in a relationship. She found a bf. And after a few months me and my bf started ...

A.   24 August 2017: first of all the night, you went over to your friend's house to stay with her, your BF gave this girl the cost is clear call, she knows about you and she knows what he thinks about you better than you do. In my experience, you just cannot win ... (read in full...)

I'm grateful for the advice, but I feel I will be single forever. How do I come to terms with this?

Q.   First off, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has advised me so far on this forum. I've gotten some great responses from some of you (WiseOwlE, BrownWolf, thanks for being so active in my posts and listening to me complain as much as I did). ...

A.   24 August 2017: there is nothing more rewarding than taking up charity work, It works in many ways as you get the good feeling of doing some good and you get to feel lucky to be in the place you are, It keeps your mind off the simple things that we think are big ... (read in full...)

My friend's son seems to have a crush on me

Q.   Hi there, so I have a problem that I myself don't have a solution to. I recently went to live with my friend who's older then me. She's nearly 50 and I'm 21. She was really close friends with my mum when I was little and we recently reconnected when ...

A.   19 August 2017: you have to draw the line and keep drawing the line, he interfered with your relationship once and brought the end to that, the only one that can nip this in the bud is you if you don't he will get worse.... (read in full...)

This relationship is draining me

Q.   I've been dating "N" (29)for the past two years. Of course, everything was great at first. We moved in together and though he has many great qualities, I feel myself falling quickly out of love. I am stressed, depressed and there's a lot going on...

A.   19 August 2017: YOU LIVE TOGETHER, did you work out who pays for what or does he let you pay for most things while he thinks he is ok paying half the rent, you need to look at where your money is going, it looks as if you're just sharing a bed and he is not p... (read in full...)

He spent 5 years in prison for crippling a child in a drunken car accident

Q.   Would you date someone with a criminal record ? I met this guy at a party of a mutual friend. We spent the whole night talking and exchanged numbers. After spending hours a day texting / talking we went on an amazing first date. At the end of ...

A.   19 August 2017: YES do date this man, I would have no problem with you dating him, If you were my child and came to me telling me the same thing as you have posted here I would tell you this, I would as tell you to take your time and get to know him, This m... (read in full...)

His ex randomly pops up!

Q.   My .... ex? current bf?... I don't know what we are... we dated for a year,he cheated several times, I broke up with him and 6 months later we are seeing each other and acting like a couple. To him and his friends and immediate family, he introduces ...

A.   18 August 2017: It is only you can work out if he is worth fighting for, and it has nothing to do with your friends, they only know part of the story, I think why he does not give any response to his ex is because he knows her well and knows if he sends her the ... (read in full...)

How do I curb his frantic sex?

Q.   I currently started dating this new guy and everything is going great only problem is that he is insatiable. We have only been on two dates and we have spent both nights together however the first night we just made out and I spent the night th...

A.   17 August 2017: You don't have a relationship with this guy, all you have is 2 nights of butty call, where he and you had sex, on the second night you found out that the two of you are sexually incompatible. what exactly did he apologize for, as I get he is more... (read in full...)

What is the point of this relationship? Unbiased advice requested!

Q.   I am so angry and upset. I am honestly considering if the better option is to just walk away from my five year relationship. I am really sorry but this is going to be quite long. I need some advice, or just pointed in the right direction. I wis...

A.   17 August 2017: In THE OLD DAYS people dated before they married, and they did not know if they had sexual compatibility or not, IN TODAY's relationships people do things differently and that is what happened with you 2, You had the sexual side that worked... (read in full...)

Have I done the right thing in leaving this relationship?

Q.   I've been in a relationship for 7 years. The relationship transpired from my girlfriend having an affair. She promised when separated that we would spend more time together. 7 yeas on and she hasn't told her children about me and her ex is around ...

A.   17 August 2017: Yes you did the right thing to split up, when the relationship was not moving together much more in the early day you should have seen the light, I don't think you got used, I think she is putting her kids first and you did not put the extra ef... (read in full...)

Is my husband pretending?

Q.   Sorry in advance if too much information! My husband and myself were having sex last night, usually he closes his eyes during sex, which used to bother me but he said it was just concentration on the pleasurable sensations, so it doesnt bother me...

A.   16 August 2017: he might be trying to keep himself from shouting his load too early, close his eyes to help think about something less sexy,... (read in full...)

Any advice on reconciliation?

Q.   Hello, my ex' and I have been chatting for the last couple months again and getting closer. We talk to each other all day and even make time to spend with each other a couple days a week. I'm taking her to lunch tomorrow and am going to ask to ...

A.   14 August 2017: taking you back is one thing but keeping the promises you make over a dinner for ever and a day is another, She must be expecting and partly wanting to get back together if she is spending a lot of time with you, the most important thing ... (read in full...)

I'm OK with just sex. Should that be a problem?

Q.   Commitment issues with no commitment? I met this great guy, neither of us are looking for a long-term commitment and we have great chemistry and amazing sex and we have had open talks about it not being a serious thing. BUT he seems to always freak ...

A.   14 August 2017: YOU THINK OF HIM AS A SEX FRIEND he thinks of you as more, feels as if he can't let his feelings get too strong, I often find sex friends ends with one getting hurt no matter how people say they can do it and not want more ... (read in full...)

My best friend's boyfriend tells me he loves me.

Q.   So my best friend's boyfriend likes me and her and I like him as well. I feel horrible for liking him even though I liked him before they started going out. He says we should just wait even though he keeps telling me he loves me. I don't know what ...

A.   14 August 2017: he is a waste of time, he is with your best friend and he is warming you up at the same time, if he was with you how happy would you be if he was telling other girls that he likes them too, at best he can't be trusted and is the type that gives guys ... (read in full...)

Things were perfect then he began to change. Should I break up with him?

Q.   My relationship was perfect with my boyfriend.and then things began to change..he doesnt go down on me when we have sex and making excuses saying the odour coming from my vagina smells terible when we have sex and thats the reason he cant.and ...

A.   14 August 2017: My dear woman, there is no law saying that he has to give you oral, he might not like it, he might not like the taste and smell, you don't have to give him oral if you don't want to, it is wrong for people to think one has to do this if they love ... (read in full...)

I'm still friends with an ex and my new girlfriend gets jealous!

Q.   I've been with my new girlfriend for six month's, my ex am still friends with,she babysits my granddaughter, if she needs help I help her like today, I have a pickup, she bought a big snowblower, so I pick it up for her, I help other friends too, my ...

A.   14 August 2017: This has nothing to do with ex's but has all to do with feeling loved, YOU need to make her feel loved and I am keeping it in mind that your only together six months, If she is the jealous type and thinks she has the right to tell you who yo... (read in full...)

I cant break up with her because she threatens self harm.

Q.   Hi, So I've been dating my girlfriend for about 3 years total now with some time in between here and there. I've been on the fence about breaking up with her for the entirety of this summer but I haven't been able to act on it because she is s...

A.   14 August 2017: As the others said she is blackmailing you, YOU NEED TO TELL HER FAMILY and the police might need to be informed, then block her from everything and live your own life. On a side note, she asked you "If your family was talking badly about me, ... (read in full...)

Should I continue with plans to visit family?

Q.   Hi there Happy Sunday everyone and thank you in advance for any forthcoming advice. This is a family matter and I am just not sure how to handle it. I am a little older, divorced, no kids and have lost both my parents. I have siblings wh...

A.   14 August 2017: Hi there, I will give you my 2c worth, as you are not clear on how much real contact you have with your family and extended family I think you should keep your booking and get a room somewhere near them as your uncle and aunt are not young anymore ... (read in full...)

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