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#1 with 123 people reading it:

How do I move on and am I to blame?

This question has 8 answers - newest was posted 2 days ago

16 July 2018 (F age 22-25 - I'm just in despair right now. I absolutely love this site and it's helped me in times of need for so long now, so here goes. I've recently broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years. We lived together for two years in his family house (his famil...

#2 with 122 people reading it:

Everyone tells us moving in together after 2 months of dating is too soon!

This question has 13 answers - newest was posted yesterday

16 July 2018 (F age 22-25 - What's the consensus for knowing when you're ready to move in with someone? My boyfriend and I have only been dating for a little over 2 months, but we see each other every day (we work at the same company), spend hours/weekends at a time togeth...

#3 with 92 people reading it:

Her depression is getting in the way of our love!

This question has 3 answers - newest was posted 2 days ago

15 July 2018 (M age 30-35 - I've been with my girlfriend for 9 years, and we are both in love with each others. We shared alot of great times together and i can't imagine my life without her. I was her first boyfriend, and she never dated anyone because she doesn't trust men, ...

#4 with 88 people reading it:

Why did my married ex boyfriend snap just like that? I desperately want him back in my life!

This question has 11 answers - newest was posted today

17 July 2018 (F age 41-50 - I met a guy at work 9 years ago. We flirted and had fun but he was married. We worked together and once we kissed in his office and ended up having sex. I have never done anything like this before. I was madly in love with him from this first kiss. ...

#5 with 80 people reading it:

How do I close out this sad chapter in my life and start anew?

This question has 2 answers - newest was posted yesterday

17 July 2018 (F age 22-25 - Hi all I am from conservative indian family. I am 24 and financially independent. I met my ex 6 years back on school. We fell in love . The relationship was intense and serious. All my school and college friends knew we were together. His pa...

#6 with 68 people reading it:

I don’t know how to move on! Advice?

This question has 6 answers - newest was posted today

17 July 2018 (F age 18-21 - I still love him and can’t move on.? We broke up after almost 2 years because I tolerated his abusive behaviour, emotionally and verbally. I broke up because I couldn’t take the nasty words and he said he wished I died. A week later he texts me...

#7 with 67 people reading it:

I decided that I wouldn’t text him again but he keeps checking out my social media posts! Any advice?

This question has 2 answers - newest was posted yesterday

15 July 2018 (F age 18-21 - It's like a one sided love at 1st sight, but idk , am into someone , am obsessed with him as hell .. we were chatting for more than a year then we met , well he kissed me it was soft coz I didn't want to especially that was our 1st meeting then we ...

#8 with 67 people reading it:

I don't see this relationship lasting. How should I tell my boyfriend that I'm extremely annoyed with him?

This question has 3 answers - newest was posted today

16 July 2018 (F age 41-50 - How should I tell my bf that I was upset? I have been seeing my bf for 6 mths, I didn’t not want to seem like I’m nit picking or anything but a few things are bothering me. He rarely iniates intimacy. His excuse is he’s shy. Surly not after 6 m...

#9 with 60 people reading it:

My in-laws are very interfering!

This question has 3 answers - newest was posted yesterday

17 July 2018 (F age 26-29 - Hello, I’m looking for some advice me and my husband have 3 children 8, 6 and 7 months and his parents and grandparents are very interfering, we live 5 mins away from them both, they constantly come around unannounced, which is frustrating as we ...

#10 with 56 people reading it:

I'm sitting here alone and pregnant, can I get any advice?

This question has 8 answers - newest was posted today

17 July 2018 (F age 26-29 - I dated this guy for almost six months during the time I got pregnant.Issues between me and his mom became apparent when she and her daughter begin writting shady comments on my fb page I finally confront both of them and his mom end up call me a ...

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