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How do I deal with this? I'm hurt that a second man is asking about who is the prettiest of my friends?

Q.   Hi all, So I dated this guy for a short while who really messed it up for me. He has a narsissistic personality disorder and well I bore the brunt of of it. One thing in particular which he did and I found very insulting was- he wouldn't stop ta...

A.   25 May 2017: I agree with chigirl (as usual!) it's rude and disrespectful behaviour on his part and not something you should have to put up with. You should either cut ties, or tell him straight that such behaviour is unacceptable and gauge his reaction.... (read in full...)

I'm worried about my son moving in with a girl after only 4 months

Q.   My son is 22 and even though he is an adult I still worry about him. Over the weekend we got to met his new girlfriend, she is a sweet girl and someone I'm actually glad he is dating (his past few girl friends weren't my favorite) BUT I worry that ...

A.   16 May 2017: Yes, he is young, and the situation is not entirely ideal, but if they are happy together then I think you should support them as much as possible, whilst also speaking privately to your son about the long term implications. This sort of ... (read in full...)

Jealous of my girlfriend's sexual experiences

Q.   I feel a bit silly really. I've been in a great relationship with a woman for several years now. She's fun, kind, understanding, we share a lot of common activities like music, cycling, swimming, travel, and she has really helped me develop - and ...

A.   15 May 2017: It's all a long time ago and she has moved on! Look on it as a positive, all that fun she had has developed her skills that you are now enjoying! As for your own past, there's no point in worrying about what might have been, just enjoy your future ... (read in full...)

How do I know if my coach likes me and what do I do?

Q.   I think my coach likes me but i dont know? So basically ive known the lad for half a year its got to the point where i think he likes me.I was training and he turned up.when it came to a couple of months later,i started to notice he was ...

A.   15 May 2017: This is a very serious situation. All coaches of sports teams involving children are placed in a position of trust and have to go through police checks to be able to coach children. You must not encourage him at all, and you must speak to a parent ... (read in full...)

I'm torn between boyfriend and a new guy. Do I stay with my Bf or go with the new guy?

Q.   I am currently in a relationship with my boyfriend for a little over a year now. We have a huge age gap 11years??. We met at work and fell hard for each other. We've obviously had our ups and downs but grew stronger throughout the year. My boyfri...

A.   10 May 2017: I agree with the other posters. The initial task is to decide on your existing relationship, and I get the impression you have a number of doubts for very valid reasons. The FB man seems enticing, but you don't really know him, so be careful there ... (read in full...)

Wife had an affair with a man bigger than me. Will she always be sexually frustrated with me?

Q.   My wife has had a affair with a man with a large penis. Mine is small. Will i continue to sexually frustrate her?...

A.   8 May 2017: I think your wife's infidelity is a much bigger issue than the size of her lover's cock.... (read in full...)

What, if anything, should I tell my future husband about my dating history?

Q.   After dating few men and some random hook ups, i eventually had to agree upon an arranged marriage by my parents. While my parents are seriously looking out for a groom, I am confused if i have to change my contact number and also delete my faceb...

A.   8 May 2017: Firstly, it depends on whether he asks about your dating history or not. If he does, then without going into precise detail about every ex,it is probably best to be honest and say you have had past lovers. Otherwise, you run the risk of it all ... (read in full...)

Will it bother this man that I'm dating that I have personal problems?

Q.   So I guess I'll start from the beginning in September my dad became very unwell I was originally born in London but live in Ireland in Dublin as my parents split up when I was younger. Since I found out my dad was sick I've been travelling to Londo...

A.   5 May 2017: I'm really sorry to hear about your dad. It's such a good thing that you have moved back to be close to him in his final days. I hope you and your dad spend some precious time together. As for your date, just be honest and explain the situatio... (read in full...)

What can I do to prevent falling for other men while I'm in this relationship? And what do I do about the guy that I kissed recently?

Q.   I've been in a relationship for 6 years. I love my man with every once of me. I cannot imagine my life without him. I care for him more than I care for myself. I constantly worry about his well being, whether he's happy, whether he's eaten, tired ...

A.   4 May 2017: "My hand got a little frisky with some body parts of his also". I think you have a problem stopping yourself acting impulsively around men, and I think you probably enjoy giving them pleasure. Short of staying indoors for the rest of your life it ... (read in full...)

What can I do to prevent falling for other men while I'm in this relationship? And what do I do about the guy that I kissed recently?

Q.   I've been in a relationship for 6 years. I love my man with every once of me. I cannot imagine my life without him. I care for him more than I care for myself. I constantly worry about his well being, whether he's happy, whether he's eaten, tired ...

A.   3 May 2017: You have to do what we all have to do, fight those urges!... (read in full...)

We would love to have a child but I worry I am too old!

Q.   Hello, My partner and I have been together for two years now and we have both been married before. We would like to have a child together but I am worried about my age. I have just turned 39 and I worry that is too old. My partner is 42 and he is ...

A.   3 May 2017: It sounds a lovely thing to be planning to me, and many women in their late 30s/early 40s have trouble free pregnancies. I would make an appointment with your GP, get a health check, and if all OK, get practicing!!... (read in full...)

Confusedabout my feelings

Q.   I apologise this is very long! Around 4 years ago i met this man online. We eventually met up and went for a meal, (i need to mention i was in a bad place back then and very insecure) he was a bit of a d***. He said i had bad table manners, asked if ...

A.   2 May 2017: He seems to me a man that sensed your vulnerability and has exploited it to get you to have sex with him! What a cad!... (read in full...)

My husband wants to move to another country. I don't

Q.   My husband wants to move overseas to expand his business. He already has a team abroad but wants to be there in person. Long story short it makes sense for the business I, however, want to stay here. I'm not fond of the country he wants to move to...

A.   28 April 2017: This is a tough one, and some sort of initial compromise solution seems the only way forward, as others have suggested. Did you discuss this possibility at all before you got married?... (read in full...)

I don't have alot of experience with dating but not sure if what is going on in our relationship is normal

Q.   I've met this girl and we've been seeing each other for a little over a month. Both of us have never been in a relationship before so it's all new to each other. Whenever I'm around her I feel as if everything is so easy, talking and life in gene...

A.   27 April 2017: I think you just need to give it time. It was her first time ever and your first time together so it would be unlikely to be an earth shattering moment. You need more time to get to know each other, both as people and sexually. Relax and enjoy the ... (read in full...)

Is it too late to change careers?

Q.   Not sure if this is the usual question on here but I would love advice. I work in finance, managing retirement funds. I have been in the industry for over 10 years and have been good at it. Lately I have felt incapable of making decisions follow...

A.   27 April 2017: My advice is don't change careers just to get away from a tricky patch you have been through. Only change career if there is something else you really want to do.... (read in full...)

My partner versus my children. Am I over-reacting about it all ?

Q.   I've had a big argument with my partner and I'm wondering if I'm in the wrong about it all. I have two children from a previous relationship who are 13 and 11 and I think they are well behaved. They do extremely well in school, at parents evening ...

A.   26 April 2017: He seems to be completely unreasonable. I agree with Aunty Bim Bim!... (read in full...)

I don't want to cheat but how can I recover from my infatuation?

Q.   I'm a married woman with 2 children in my mid thirties, I've been in a long term relationship with my husband before we eventually got married (been together over 10 years). What I'm about to say is something I had never dared to share, please be...

A.   21 April 2017: Reading between the lines, I think that you love your husband, but you are not in love with him. He doesn't drive you wild with desire or make you giddy with excitement every time you see him. However, you have a marriage that is so strong in many ... (read in full...)

I stumbled across hidden videos in my girlfriends computer of her having sex with her ex

Q.   I am engaged to my dream girl and our relationship is perfect. We've been together for 2 years now and We are the perfect couple... or so I thought.. Things changed when I found some things on her lap top. I needed to finish up a report but forgo...

A.   19 April 2017: "There is such a range of emotions on going though. I feel insecure, inadequate but excited and turned on at he same time". This to me is the interesting part of your post. There is a real mixed bag of emotions raging inside of you, not all of t... (read in full...)

How do guys cope with knowing their Gf's ex was well endowed? Do girls miss it and just settle ?

Q.   Hello all, I have always struggled with intimate things as I would be worried about if my partner had been with very well endowed men. I know that statistically most guys will have to deal with that. But how do they? It always seems like...

A.   15 April 2017: Well, my wife had 7 or 8 lovers before me, so statistically it is likely that she has had lovers with a larger erect penis than me. It doesn't appear to be a problem given we've been together for 20 years! This is only an issue if you make it one!... (read in full...)

How late is too late to start dating in the modern world?

Q.   How late is too late for guys to enter the dating game and start looking for a relationship. 25? 30? 35? I mean, to really just START! Never been on a date before, and so on and so on. This could all be due to many combination of reasons: ...

A.   12 April 2017: I think your lack of experience is of no consequence whatsoever, and 30 is a perfect age to get out there and date some women. If you find the right person your lack of experience will not matter at all. Good luck!... (read in full...)

A co-worker gave me his number, is this romantic interest or just a friendly gesture?

Q.   So this guy who works in different departments at my new job always make eye contact and we say hi to each other in the passing.Last time he came in on my floor I was working on ,in the kitchen looking for cup,we exchanged pleasantries then I went ...

A.   6 April 2017: You can never be entirely sure but I would bet my house on him desiring more than just friendship!... (read in full...)

I prefer staying home to attending his family gatherings! Is this going to be a problem?

Q.   Dear all, I am married to a wonderful guy and yet I've always been a bit of a loner. We always joke that we love being loners together. He comes from a large happy family and they meet every now and then for a huge meal. I have no issues with his ...

A.   6 April 2017: I agree with Denizen. Opting out occasionally is OK, but don't let it become a habit. Make the effort to join in, it's not as if his family is a nightmare. They sound like good people and it would be a shame if you allowed yourself to distance them, ... (read in full...)

I want some good old attention from my husband!

Q.   Is it wrong of me to want some good old fashioned sexual attention . My husband barely notices me . I dress up , get my hair and nails done regularly . Plan trips away . Yet all he is interested in is his girly sites online . I'm happy in my life ...

A.   4 April 2017: Firstly, it's great that you have a healthy sex drive. It's not easy though when one partner is more interested in sex than the other. I have the same problem in that I want a lot more sex than my wife, and it's frustrating. You need to tell him ... (read in full...)

I'm ok with my sexless relationship but my friends think it's weird

Q.   Hi there , I have been with my partner a year and a half yet in all that time we have only had sex 10 times we cuddle kiss hold hands but nothing more he was honest from the start and said he wasn't very sexual, this is ok with me however my friends ...

A.   31 March 2017: This is fine, if you are both happy! Sexual compatibility in terms of sex drives is often a problem, so as long as you are both happy I don't see anything to worry about!... (read in full...)

I'm in a sexless marriage due to my wife's depression and now menopause. What do I do?

Q.   My wife had 10 months off work with work related depression now the menopause has struck We have not had sex for nearly 2 years and even sleep in different rooms at times as she is in bed by 9pm most nights due to the medication. I am now becoming ...

A.   29 March 2017: Why would she become suspicious if you tell her you need sex? I don't get that. Sex is a normal desire and part of a healthy relationship. Tell her you need sex. But also try to get her to talk openly about her own issues, support her and help her. ... (read in full...)

We booked a weekend away to save our relationship and he wants to play soccer! Am I selfish? Am I not a priority to him?

Q.   My boyfriend and I have been having fighting almost non-stop for the last 3 weeks with things being hard since the new year. Every time we make up and promise not to fight, we do it again. We have been together almost 2 years and been through ...

A.   29 March 2017: It does look to me that the relationship has run its course, and is in its death throes. His kick back with the soccer thing is his way of saying it. There may also be a bit of macho pride in that he doesn't want to admit to missing the game in ... (read in full...)

Should I try online dating?

Q.   As a male virgin who's never been on a date, never kissed a girl, and never had a girlfriend, I've been thinking a lot lately about trying online dating. I've never been competent at approaching women, it always results in rejection. In the pa...

A.   28 March 2017: You've had some fantastic advice here OP! Things can change for you if you are determined enough to make them change. Yes, it would be great to lose weight, but the most important thing is your attitude and frame of mind. If you can convince ... (read in full...)

How can I believe there is a good guy out there?

Q.   I feel like I have given up on love- my whole life I'm in my early thirties now but I used to believe that there was a nice guy out there and that if ur a genuine person that will be rewarded. I'm 32 and I have completely lost faith in love - I...

A.   27 March 2017: Hi there! You've become disillusioned due to poor past experiences, but there are decent men out there and you are still young. I would suggest joining groups where you will meet like minded men and getting to know them as friends first. That way ... (read in full...)

Do men have different personalities with women they casually have sex with?

Q.   And by different, I mean, do they not care to be fun (with personality) outside the bedroom because he knows you're just a casual thing and not someone he wants to impress? For example, there's this guy who I began dating a while back and we went...

A.   26 March 2017: I do feel men don't really respect women who agree to have sex without any commitment to a proper relationship. Men crave the no-strings sex relationship, but when it becomes a reality they realise something fundamental is missing and it is all a ... (read in full...)

I am considering contacting my train wreck of a dad!

Q.   Hi everyone, thoughts, insights and advice please! I'm swiftly approaching a landmark birthday, the sort where you might stop and consider your life to that point. Well, I've been doing that and am considering making contact with my father. I'...

A.   20 March 2017: You only get one dad, and they come in all shapes and sizes, good and bad, interested and not interested. I think it is wonderful that you want to make contact, and I sincerely hope if you manage it that he understands that for all his faults, he is ... (read in full...)

Should I make a move on my crush?

Q.   does anyone have any experience with those kinds of guys who are really clever, not very masculine and all their friends are girls but they're still straight, and the signs that they like you, because I'm really into a guy like that and I feel like ...

A.   19 March 2017: I think you should make a move, yes! A lot of boys at your sort of age are not hugely confident around girls (unless they are just friends) and he sounds like he might need a bit of encouragement, or at least a sign that you are interested. There ... (read in full...)

Why is he hiding these pictures from me?

Q.   I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 6 years. We go to different colleges about 2 hours apart so the majority of our relationship has been distance, but we still see each other pretty frequently. He is an amazing guy and has proved to be ...

A.   14 March 2017: My feeling is that you are 'over thinking' this one and have jumped to conclusions that could be way off mark. Is there anything in his behaviour when you meet up that causes suspicion? If not, it might be that you are apart from him and imagining ... (read in full...)

I like this guy but he just doesn't have a clue about women

Q.   I am seeing a guy who is into porn and hasn't had much experience with women. It feels like he doesn't know the difference between porn and being with a real women. He's not romantic at all, doesn't make the effort to make me feel special,...

A.   10 March 2017: You really need advice? You've painted the most awful picture of a real sleaze bag, who sees you purely as a sex object. ... (read in full...)

I'm troubled by my boyfriend's spiteful side

Q.   My boyfriend and I went on holiday recently and we missed our flight as we both got the return flight date wrong. We travel on the bus to the airport to see if we can get another flight. I had a leg injury. Our suitcase fell of the baggage ...

A.   10 March 2017: He let himself down badly at the airport. He was as much to blame as you for the missed flight and you also had your leg injury which he didn't take into account, which was quite uncaring. My thoughts are dependent on whether this was a one-off or ... (read in full...)

He doesn't know I'm a stripper! Should I tell him?

Q.   I’ve been dating this guy for the past 5 weeks and although we are not officially in a relationship things have moved fairly quickly between us. I had been a dancer/stripper for the past 2 years and when I had met him I had actually left the indu...

A.   9 March 2017: Hi there. I think your past (and to a certain extent present) is bound to catch up with you at some point, so I would advise that you sit him down and explain to him what you do, why you do it and what your plans are for the future. Give him the ... (read in full...)

I don't know whether to tell my boyfriend that I cheated or not

Q.   Okay so I went out one night at the start of my relationship and I barely remember anything. I'd gone out with a few friends and end up in a club on my own. I got speaking to a guy and he walked me part way home. He ended up giving me his number but ...

A.   6 March 2017: This sounds look nothing at all to me, best forgotten about! My only advice though is to be more careful, you put yourself at risk being drunk and alone. x... (read in full...)

I want to marry this guy, how soon can I propose to him?

Q.   Im thinking of proposing to my boyfriend on our one year anniversary! The thought makes me super excited, not nervous or scared, like in previous relationships. So I just want to ask, what are your thoughts on feeling the way I do after such ...

A.   3 March 2017: I would give it another six months, to get past the initial honeymoon period, then if you are still sure he is the right one, consider that anniversary proposal. I proposed to my wife after we had been together for 10 months, and we are still ... (read in full...)

Should I ? I'm tempted to contact the other people involved and ask them

Q.   Looking for some advice here.. About a year ago, I found out that my fiancée and two of her (our?) friends had been exchanging intimate photos - and had even been together a couple of times. I confronted her, she broke down, told me that the o...

A.   24 February 2017: I don't think going to the other couple is a good idea. Speak to your fiancée about your nagging concerns. If she wants to tell you the full story, she will.... (read in full...)

Should I message her on facebook, or should I just leave it?

Q.   I went out on monday night for a student night and I met this really nice girl where we danced. I bought her a drink. She had a friend who was dancing with my friend but he left somewhere and I ended up going to see one of my other friends, but I sa...

A.   22 February 2017: If it was me, I would! You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!... (read in full...)

Should I end this relationship or work with it? He's become my best friend, but the excitement and passion have faded

Q.   I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 2 years now but i am 18 and just starting to feel like i want to have other boyfriends and get to know other guys. I do really love my boyfriend but hes kind of more my bestfriend now. I defintely dont have ...

A.   22 February 2017: You are very young and at an age when relationships often come and go. It's difficult because you care for him and there are commitments like the holiday that will have to be broken, but you shouldn't stay with him just for those reasons. It ... (read in full...)

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