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I’ve been bullied by my brother-in-law for 17 years! What is the best revenge?

Q.   I have a brother in law and for 17 years he has disliked me from the very moment he laid eyes on me. I am a very likeable and confident, and id like to say hot girl lol i am hilarious and fun love to tell stories and make people laugh i dont have ...

A.   22 September 2018: The only auntie in this group that is close to understanding this truthfully is honeypie and wiseowl, so thanks for your comments. The reason why it bothers me is because my mum and dad are both a bit afriad of him, he is a very strong character and ... (read in full...)

Her husband abruptly didn’t want to move! Any advice on how I can advise her?

Q.   A good friend of mine is very upset. She had accepted a promotion with her company to move to Florida. Her husband is a pilot for a major airline and also made arrangements to relocate to Florida. So my friend went through the process to buy a house ...

A.   22 September 2018: Thanks guys, trust me, I dont want to get in the middle of other people’s battles, I have enough problems as it is. But friendship is about support for each other. I think the whole reason she told me this is because she’s upset. The guy knew what ... (read in full...)

Follow up to an earlier question about some decisions I have to make

Q.   This is technically a build on my initial concerns that I raised a question about in January. I am fortunate and pleased to say that an excellent career opportunity presented itself, moving back in to my desired career field and I have regained a ...

A.   20 September 2018: Thank you I do agree with you. Im embarassed that it is a mess. Im also quite surprised at my lack of courage in how to approach the conversation. One way or another I will, i want to figure out how, before it unravels at the wrong time, but trying ... (read in full...)

Why would my cheating wife try to contact me after 6 months of NC?

Q.   Well it's been almost 7 months since my cheating wife left me for her boss. Although she never admitted to an affair I have mountains of evidence proving otherwise. Long story short... I thought I had her blocked on everything. I have been ...

A.   19 September 2018: She has no personal belongings there. Nothing that reminds me of her. She didn't even take her kids photos and keepsakes. I boxed those up months ago. I am doing very well, actually. The only thing I felt when I saw the email was a little d... (read in full...)

I feel I am not loved even though he says he does love me

Q.   I've been with the same person for almost 6 years. he has never been super loving or supportive. but the last 2 years it seems like he is ignoring me more. we have had sex the entire relationship maybe 20 times. so sex less than 1 time a month. he ...

A.   18 September 2018: Thank you all for answering. I think I should consider moving on. Some background on to why its been so long and why I've stayed; I just got out of foster care and was working going through college, we met because we both were computer science... (read in full...)

Am I being paranoid about my girlfriend’s interactions at work with this guy?

Q.   I work at a restaurant with my girlfriend. We just got into a big fight which was my fault. So we’ve barley spoken for a few days. I come into work and i notice my gf getting her shirt sleeves rolled up by a guy coworker. Then i see she’s ...

A.   18 September 2018: So i talked to her about it. she says that’s how they always are and that it means nothing. hmm i’ve never seen them act like that in front of me. so if i’m there at work and she doesn’t play around with him but when i’m not there they are? ... (read in full...)

Is she worth pursuing?

Q.   I'm in a really low place right now. I've been dating a girl for the past 4 months ( I'm 30 she's 26) and during the past month she's grown incredibly distant. She only texts me when I text her now, sometimes it takes her days to reply, she never ...

A.   17 September 2018: You were all correct. She was clearly over me. I just didn't want to see it. I didn't contact her for over 10 days and heard nothing from her. I checked my Whatsapp and found out she had either blocked me or changed her number as the profile pic ... (read in full...)

I’m ready to have a baby but my husband wants to go traveling first!

Q.   Me and my husband have been together for 9 years and married 1 year, we both discussed from day 1 about getting married and if we wanted children. I'm 25 nearly 26 and my husband is 27 nearly 28. I am ready to have a baby and have been ready for the ...

A.   17 September 2018: problem with him is i know I will be waiting another 4 years or even 6 years ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend spends more time with my dog

Q.   My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. We do live together and for the most part it’s great but, lately he hasn’t really been affectionate. I have 4 dogs but my one female he is particularly close too. Well anyway my problem ...

A.   17 September 2018: Just an update for everybody it was not spite or punishment moving the dogs out of the room. The move out of the room was to fit more furniture that he wanted in the room. So since this is an advice forum please try to remember people this is ... (read in full...)

I dumped my boyfriend for sponging off of me but now I feel guilty

Q.   I’ve been dating this guy for 9 months now. Things started off great and though we have had a few issues I feel like they can be worked through. The latest issue though is surrounding money. He lost his job a few months ago and has been having a...

A.   12 September 2018: Thank you all for your responses. I allowed myself to be manipulated due to my compassion and desire to help someone I got close too. I see now this was the best decision and a lesson learned! As a parent I have to ensure the decisions I make have ... (read in full...)

How could he move on so quickly?

Q.   I ended my relationship with my ex back in February not because we no longer loved each other but because we both had different out looks on life. Realistically it wasn't going to work. I left our house and moved back home. My ex was distraught and ...

A.   11 September 2018: OK. I was just struggling and wanted to stop feeling bitter about it and be happy for him maybe. So asked for advice. Thank you everyone x... (read in full...)

I am recuperating from surgery and my boyfriend is having some girl I've never met pick him up and go out drinking

Q.   I need to know if I'm being Ridicolous and this is just petty. Or if what he is doing is wrong. I ended up having emergency surgery Wednesday which was completely unexpected. My boyfriend has been amazing. Coming to see me straight after work and...

A.   10 September 2018:  Then he says I shouldn't feel threatened and proceeds to tell me how much he loves me. I tried to reverse situation and ask how he would feel and he just sort of laughs and say do it then. I keep trying to say how I feel and he keeps respondi... (read in full...)

Please help me figure out why I am so upset about being ghosted by an old friend.

Q.   Please help me figure out why I am so upset about being ghosted by an old friend. I met Ann in high school. We were very close our senior year. We went to colleges in different states, but kept in touch. After college, we moved to differe...

A.   8 September 2018: Thank you for your responses. I will not contact Ann again. I’m not wondering what her reasons are for ghosting me. (It’s obvious that she decided not to keep the friendship going because she can’t be bothered, ie she doesn’t care.) The ball is n... (read in full...)

After one date his messages have become short and infrequent. Should I give up?

Q.   I connected with a guy on a dating app and we hit it off. We seemed to be on the same wavelength, there seemed to be a lot of chemistry, a real attraction. We continuously messaged each other. We arranged to meet and counted down the days. The ...

A.   5 September 2018: Hi all, Just a follow up... I’ve heard nothing at all in a week but every time I log into what’sapp (I generally am a creature of habit and always go on at the same time) he is there constantly online. It’s like he knows that I’ll be there an... (read in full...)

Does this indicate that there is more than a friendship or just nothing to worry about?

Q.   Ok so my boyfriend has a female friend which happens to be his accountant but he told me they are also friends,they around the same age group, he is older than me, when my bf did his housewarming get together he invited me and my family plus his ...

A.   5 September 2018: @Youcannotbeserious well, he did in fact answer her yesterday and told her sorry that he had been in the disney parks til late and plus his battery was dead and then he invited her to eat to thereby talk about business, she said she couldn’t cause ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend's family word is golden, mine doesn’t count!

Q.   I need some advice. I have been dating a guy for five years, his family is top priority with him, I am bottom of his list. I will add that his family absolutely dislike me, no matter what I do, it is always wrong. He has a large park RV that his...

A.   5 September 2018: I want to sincerely thank each of you for your input on my situation. I greatly appreciate each of them. You are all absolutely correct, I do deserve better and be treated with I respect. It's up to me to close this chapter and move on, no one ... (read in full...)

How do I stop being a glutton for punishment?

Q.   I was involved with attached guy for over a year.I'm not sure if he is actually married or common law but he lives with his kids mother and thier twin boys.When we met he told me that their relationship was over but just trying to figure out what's ...

A.   5 September 2018: Thanks guys for your responses. When he contacted me again I got my hopes ups that it meant he was actually going to do what it takes to offer me a real relationship and realized what he lost.Then it soon became clear that nothing changed ,he just ... (read in full...)

She's had more sexual experience than I have. Will I regret it later?

Q.   I'm a 25 year old guy, my girlfriend is 33. We've been on/off for a year and have quite a strong bond (we broke up once, recently rekindled it, now its getting serious again. No other partners in the inbetween) I have a real problem with our...

A.   4 September 2018: Since the kids thing has been mentioned more than once, I feel I should add some things: - We got pregnant last year, after some deciding we went with a termination, so in her head that's it kids wise, she now has the coil fitted and does not wan... (read in full...)

My husband cheated while we were separated

Q.   Hi, I have been married for 14 years now and have a 11 year old son. I walked out of his home 7 years back when I couldnt get along with his parents and he wasnt ready to live separately with ME. He would come and see me and my son on weekends. But ...

A.   4 September 2018: The fact is my husband never fought for the visitation of his son. He could have got through court but he only tried/hoped that one day I would return to him. The reason is - he is a very happy-go-lucky man, a professional yet lazy to earn enough a... (read in full...)

Single for 3 years! Is dating hopeless for me?

Q.   Okay so I’ve been single for 3 years I have been completely okay and comfortable with it and I have enjoyed it. But sometimes I don’t like it so much because I’m ready to settle down, I wanna get married and have another baby I have a 7 year old and ...

A.   3 September 2018: I forgot to mention that my ex isn't my child's father. My daughters father and I broke up when she was around 8 months old. My ex and I doesn't have any kids together. Sorry for the confusion. ... (read in full...)

Is there any chance she will come back to me?

Q.   There is a girl who was friend with me since 2 years. She was so close to me and trust me that she sends her pics to me to ask that which one she should make her DP. We talk everyday on texts for 2-3 hours. within 5 months our chats counts reached ...

A.   3 September 2018: Today She unblocked me from Whatsapp......But I can't see her DP.......I think she has deleted my no. or could be possible she don't have DP on whatsapp this time but the point is......She thought about me.......even after 73 ... (read in full...)

Should I feel insecure or worried about him talking about this woman of the past?

Q.   Does it make you feel insecure,when your boyfriend tells you about his ex before you?, like do you wonder if she is prettier, hotter, more smart? Well my wonderful boyfriend, which is older than me,divorced,no kids thank god!!, had an ex if you...

A.   2 September 2018: @wiserowl I believe that my problem is that i am insecure and Want to feel confident control in the relationship. But I talked to him About it, cause recently he has been mentioning her a lot, and using her as an example of his past relationshi... (read in full...)

Brother got support, I got torn down?

Q.   When growing my dad was hard on both of us. When my brother got lectures, it was more of "I know you can do better". My lectures consisted of getting completely torn down, getting told I'd be obese (5'5, 135 pounds, no weight issues ever), that I ...

A.   2 September 2018: WiseOwlE He isn't an addict, he grew up in a very strict home. I know he loves me, but I'm puzzled as to why he did that to me. I still live at home atm and when I move out I will tell him how I feel. The scars are there today and there ar... (read in full...)

I don't know what to say. I just feel lost and alone.

Q.   My relationship is ending. I feel like I'm losing my best friend, my person. I know I should "man up" but the grief is overwhelming right now. A 7+ year relationship is ending and I don't see any way that I can ever move on. The woman I fell...

A.   29 August 2018: Thank you both, your words really do help. I already workout 3-4 times per week but I am a bit depressed so I haven't been working out as hard as usual. I am also struggling with eating which lowers my energy for workouts as well as energy for the ... (read in full...)

Will my married lover ever come back to me, even as a friend?

Q.   I am 45 with a teenage daughter. My husband is good but has no time or interest in me. I tried all ways to get him interested in me, but he is keen only in earning more money. He is not bad but a very very boring man. But he is a great dad. I ev...

A.   29 August 2018: She left him many years ago when she and her kid walked out of his home and never returned. She left him because he was an irresponsible husband ( He himself told me that). Though he is not a wife-beater /alcoholic, he was a happy-go-lucky man, wit... (read in full...)

I like my friend's brother and I think he likes me too

Q.   Hi. I have a problem and i would really like other people's opinion about this. I started liking a boy because i was thinking he was liking me too and he had his sister in his class then we became friends with her too and now we're really close. I...

A.   27 August 2018: aunt honesty, also I couldnt just write to him or something because my friend would know then and would ask me, so the best way was telling her first and to make it all clear.... (read in full...)

My paranoia has driven us apart

Q.   My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. Sadly I have a problem which I've had for a few years, Where I suffer with paranoia. This has affected our relationship greatly, and has pushed us apart. We've now been on break (his idea) for now 3 ...

A.   26 August 2018: * Forgot to mention, I have seeked help before with 3 other counsellors but they didn't really help.*... (read in full...)

Leaving a married man is more painful than staying

Q.   So I ended my A over a month ago. I felt like a huge weight was lighted off my shoulders that I finally off the roller coster ride of emotions. I started wanting more than he can give He would always make excuses to come to my place go to your p...

A.   24 August 2018: We are actually not in contact as for now because I told him to contact me if he ever be available. As a matter of fact,he told me that him and his wife were seperated but still living in the same house for the time being intill he gets an apart... (read in full...)

Our male co-worker is too friendly with my girlfriend

Q.   Hey so i work with my gf and we have this male coworker who is engaged. but he is always giving my gf a little gift like once a month. it could be some bread he baked or the last thing was a pack of paper clips with a note saying he hopes this ...

A.   24 August 2018: thanks everyone who answered. i do feel like it’s not a big deal, but why does he only give her gifts and not others when i know they are not friends outside of work.. also i do give her little gifts and big gifts. i k ow she doesn’t look at it ... (read in full...)

I feel very betrayed and hurt.

Q.   Hello, So I’m writing this because me and my boyfriend a we’re having trouble and he broke up with me. However, he said he would give me a chance to work on things and see whether we would get back together or not. I thought we were working on ...

A.   21 August 2018: Hello, thank you all for your advice. It really helped. And while I’m hurt from his actions and how he handled the situation. I understand why he did it and the root of the problem but that still doesn’t justify his actions. He was willing to talk ... (read in full...)

Girlfriend's son's father suddenly wants to stay for a few days

Q.   I have had a serious relationship with my gf for over 3 years but we do not live together. She is has had two children by other fathers but has been very honest about her past. The eldest boy who is 20 was looked after his father for about 4 years ...

A.   20 August 2018: Well the ex boyfriend arrived yesterday and is going back tomorrow evening But it has turned out well for me although what I thought may happen did but it has increased the bond between my girlfriend and I which is so good. The ex boyfriend arrived ... (read in full...)

I’m ready to buy my first home but I’m not sure about buying it with my boyfriend!

Q.   I'm 24 and I'm ready to buy my first home. I have been saving for years and years and finally have enough for a small deposit. I currently live at home with my mum and I've never lived elsewhere. Living at home and just paying rent and the food shop ...

A.   18 August 2018: I went to his yesterday dreading it. I just didn't want to be around him I felt so distant. Then before I left today he kept asking and asking and all of it flooded out. He still says everyone calls people's names and it's normal in relationships. I ... (read in full...)

I can't seem to let this attached man go?

Q.   I've been the other woman for a year and I now finally ready to leave but I can't seem to get that last bit of strength to send that break up text. Our affair is purely sexual and I want more. I don't find a relationship that is based on sex sat...

A.   16 August 2018: UPDATE So I finally mustered up courage to end it. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders but I feel sad at the same time.I know I did the right thing...time heals... (read in full...)

Should I confront him about this or should I let it go if we talk normally again?

Q.   So I have been a little upset this week, because my boyfriend of 7 months, which is older than me (he is 46) I am 30, has not text me this whole week, on Tuesday he just send me a video through Whatsapp, I rather a ''Hi my love'', not a video. ...

A.   14 August 2018: @Honeypie, i think that maybe my problem is that i am too insecure, and this is like chronic anxiety from relationships in the past, i have had the same pattern in past relationships.I dont know what to do to help with this issue?!!.... (read in full...)

Toxic sibling or am I too sensitive?

Q.   Everyone has always told me that I'm too sensitive and what my brother does is normal sibling behavior. I can be oversensitive, but I'm really weary when my brother comes to visit. Its almost like he has 2 personalities, a nice one and a mean one. A ...

A.   14 August 2018: He has said all this in our adult years.... (read in full...)

Is this just a one night stand or something more?

Q.   Okay people I need opinion here.... especially from a guys perspective!! So i met a guy from my old state through social media. He contacted me first asking about hiking trails in the new state I was located. He was helping move his mom here whe...

A.   13 August 2018: Yeah the nudes thing is a total turn off. At least asking again and again. I mean I've had every bf in the past ask too.... but we were actually in a relationship. I have not sent him any and I wont. Not unless we actually got to know eachothe... (read in full...)

I messed up with my crush, can this be repaired?

Q.   I messed up with my crush. can this be repaired? He immediately left and positioned to my right (the coffee machine is on the left). There were two other people standing on the other side (higher managers) and he just stood there next to me not s...

A.   13 August 2018: is this 100% sure that I was projecting? He is not just shy? is it possible to know that 100% without having witnessed the situation? anyway I am feeling terrible and I don't know how to resolve the situation. Should I tell him that I acted the way ... (read in full...)

He said I am an extraordinary woman, but ended things because I live far away.

Q.   Hello my dear Aunts! I hope you are doing well. I met a man online who is someone I would like to be with. We talked on the phone several times and texted constantly for about a month before we met in person. He lives about 4 hours away from ...

A.   13 August 2018: Thank you so much everyone for your wise and valuable advise. After reading all your impressive answers, I have to say that you are absolutely right! I need to move on! If I don't worth his time and effort, he does not worth mine either. Phone ... (read in full...)

Can I fool this new guy into thining I'm not a virgin?

Q.   Hello! I met a man online. We have been talking for three months on an dating app. We’ve clicked and have a lot in common. The conversation of us being intimate has come up. However, I don’t want to tell him I am a virgin, I’m 26 and he is 22...

A.   12 August 2018: I didn’t mean to come off as having an attitude problem. I guess I was surprised at people assuming that I’ve never been to an OBGYN or that I’m not on birth control. I was also surprised that people were assuming I wanted to have a relationship / ... (read in full...)

My ex is addicted to xanax and don't know what to do

Q.   For the past year I've been seeing this girl who lives about four hours from me in another city. We've been off and on for about five years dating different people in between but always remaining friends throughout. We recently had a falling out ...

A.   9 August 2018: I'm guessing that anonymous below skipped over the part where I said she shops around for doctors to get more xanax and buys illegal pills from street dealers. And yes, I know shes an alcoholic I've known her for 5 years. Furthermore she regularly ... (read in full...)

How far would you be prepared to travel to a friends wedding? Is the very expensive proposition even practical with my girlfriend and one year old baby?

Q.   How far would you be prepared to travel to a friends wedding? Hello everyone! After some honest and friendly advice regarding an up coming opportunity. I live in the UK and one of my closest friends lives in Auz. He has decide to go ahead and get...

A.   9 August 2018: Ok that’s kind of what my thoughts were. It’s seems like a dream holiday for singles and couples but due to us having a small child and now being a family I don’t fancy or think it’s fair to take him on a 32 Hour journey. I just feel like my friend ... (read in full...)

Girlfriend & I had our first real argument. She doesn't want to let it go. How do I approach this?

Q.   Hi Guys, I’ll keep this as short as possible. Basically had a bit of a disagreement with my GF of almost a year yesterday. We went to a supermarket to grab some things and she asked if we should swing by a McDonald’s on the way back. I sa...

A.   6 August 2018: Thanks for the update. I’ll take that on board, an interesting read.... (read in full...)

My boyfriend lies alot and is always talking about his ex. Is it time to leave?

Q.   My boyfriend lies to me alot and doesn't come home when he says he will. We been dating for 6 months now and he trashes his ex girlfriend to me. They been broken up for 2 years now. I don't understand why he is still talking about her and on top of ...

A.   4 August 2018: Thanks... (read in full...)

I told my touchy-feely autistic friend that I’m in love with him!

Q.   He is autistic, he is very touchy feely with me, but when he asked me if I was attracted to him I said yes, he said he has a girlfriend. I know who his gf is. I am in love with him and I said this to gim- after I said this he invited me out t...

A.   3 August 2018: Thanks for your replies. I was drunk when I said it and wrote this, I know I can't have him in the sober light of reality. Feel like shit for doing it just need to keep my distance. Thanks again... (read in full...)

When is it appropriate to tell a date that I don't want kids?

Q.   I'm a 25 year old woman. Have never had the desire to have children and while I know people change over time, I think I may never want kids. This issue makes it a bit harder for me because I noticed most people want kids, while the minority of ...

A.   3 August 2018: Thank you everyone for your insight and clarity!... (read in full...)

I need help in letting him go!

Q.   We met online, he is kind, sweet, committed and just a good soul. I wasnt awfully attracted to him physically but he is the kindest man on this planet so I decided to meet him anyway. I was still not attracted to him but felt because he is such a ...

A.   2 August 2018: Here’s an update: sadly I kept seeing him and started feeling worse as the time went by. Well yesterday I found out he had lied to me about something stupid (for several weeks) and since this wasn’t working for me as it was, I decided to just end it ... (read in full...)

Why is my ex's new girlfriend contacting me? Should I confront him?

Q.   I have had no contact with him. All of a sudden I wake up one morning to a rude awakening. A girl that he is allegedly been seeing for 5 months went through the trouble to contact me on Fb. Why? I still have feelings for him which is why I care and ...

A.   2 August 2018: @Honeypie He's not. We both hurt each other in our relationship. More so me than him. He never cheated but he knew what he was getting into when we got together. We been through alot. I'm so hurt. I miss him so much. I'm a gemini and he is a virgo. ... (read in full...)

My family says I’m limiting myself by not going out as friends?

Q.   I have a bf, but I don't limit my social interactions just because I'm in a relationship. The other day a single guy asked me to a concert, just me and him. I see him when I gather w/family friends about once a year or so. Otherwise I rarely if ...

A.   2 August 2018: So just to add, I really don't think my family disapproves of my bf. They have always been this way, even before I met my bf. One time an old school acquaintance randomly messaged me on social media after more then 10 years of not even saying ... (read in full...)

I don’t like intercourse but like oral!

Q.   Intercourse VS oral..... Which is better? I don't like having sex but I love giving and receiving oral sex. Is this a problem? ...

A.   1 August 2018: Yes, my partner is very selfish when it comes down to who gets off and who doesn't. So I make it my priority to please myself. ... (read in full...)

Many health issues. Only ever had one friend. Not ready to date again yet. Need suggestions for free online friendship sites?

Q.   Hello and thank you in advance. Question: do you have any suggestions of free (but decent) online websites that are for friendship and dating, rather than just dating? Background: I have a long history of physical and mental health issue...

A.   1 August 2018: Anon, pole fitness or pole dancing *can* be used sexily, but isn't inherently sexual - same as any dance. Everyone is dressed in sportswear, no glittery bras or tassels. No creepy men and no boobs jiggling about, other than is normal for most ... (read in full...)

Any good tips on moving on?

Q.   Me and my boyfriend broke up about 2 months ago now and I still think about it every single day. It ended really badly where I knew there were issues I was willing to work on and he wasn't ready to take any blame on his side. He was happy to say it ...

A.   30 July 2018: Hey guys, so just an update I wanted to say a big Thankyou for all of you advice and support, it means the world to me. Maybe just a bit extra advice as you've all been so helpful- I think a big part of why I'm finding it so hard to move on is be... (read in full...)

Things are awkward. Cheating happened. How can we improve our relationship, to work better?

Q.   This is weird. I'll make it short. I was on OKC and I met this really nice guy. We started dating and 2 months into the relationship I found out he was writing to his ex gf, asking her to meet him. I confronted him and he came clean, saying he...

A.   30 July 2018: We got married. Cut a long story short we took a break n went for counseling and then tried again. We are happy now, still have niggling issues but nothing like what happened so many years ago. Thanks everyone.... (read in full...)

Why does my boyfriend watch porn before having sex with me?

Q.   Why does my boyfriend watch porn before having sex with me? He gave me a vague response, it was "I just like to be hard already so we can have sex." Then i explained how that could be interpreted wrong, if he didn't try to explain it to me. He then ...

A.   30 July 2018: WiseOwlE, I would not have asked had I known enough to keep okay. I asked because I have tried communicating to him on several accounts. Some where teary, some where full of promises. Since this keeps going on, and he shrugs it off as "All guys... (read in full...)

I'm sitting here alone and pregnant, can I get any advice?

Q.   I dated this guy for almost six months during the time I got pregnant.Issues between me and his mom became apparent when she and her daughter begin writting shady comments on my fb page I finally confront both of them and his mom end up call me a ...

A.   30 July 2018: Thank you all for your advice. I must admit since I wrote this post the realtionship was fresh and i was still in my feeling. Since the break up it seems that only good things have been much so I can not name them all so I will tell a ... (read in full...)

Are my parents right to punish me with a prison type punishment ?

Q.   IS IT RIGHT THAT MY PARENTS HAVE PUT ME IN PRISON ? AND ARE THEY BEING MEAN FOR NOT LETTING ME GO OUT INTO OUR GARDEN ? I got caught shoplifting, my parents said they don't want to see me go to jail, so are punishing me severely, they h...

A.   29 July 2018: I am finding my punishment VERY tough, my friends have just come round to my house to see if I want to go bowling tomorrow, my sister took great pleasure in telling them I am LOCKED UP and confined to my room, I want my freedom back, I don't like ... (read in full...)

I think my friend is seeing my ex.

Q.   Hi all, Come to this site sometimes when level headed and anonymous advice is needed so here goes. Some years back I was involved with this guy for awhile. We drifted apart and then I moved to another part of the country.I thought e was ...

A.   25 July 2018: Thanks to all who answered. I think there are a couple of factors which concern me.This has happened to me once before and I was adult and said nothing.I lost the friend nonetheless with her confessing that she was convinced there were still mutu... (read in full...)

Why don't any of my male friends think of me as a potential dating partner?

Q.   I’m a 34 year old, single, straight female and I’m in a real predicament as to how the opposite sex view me. I’m quite a sociable person so I have a large mix of friends but I also have a large group of close male friends of a similar age grou...

A.   24 July 2018: I’m definitely not trying to do a girlfriend routine. What does bother me though is that these friends hang around with me (nothing has ever happened) but when they get girlfriends The dynamic changes and they suddenly don’t want to do outings to ... (read in full...)

Why did my married ex boyfriend snap just like that? I desperately want him back in my life!

Q.   I met a guy at work 9 years ago. We flirted and had fun but he was married. We worked together and once we kissed in his office and ended up having sex. I have never done anything like this before. I was madly in love with him from this first kiss. ...

A.   20 July 2018: Mybe he was the one and only on this planet. He might have been a fantacy, maybe he has changed, maybe he never existed. But I have enough now. I know he was the one and I do not want anybody else. I do not believe I can ever possibly feel anything... (read in full...)

I met him 2 weeks ago and am wondering is this a friendship or a rebound?

Q.   I am 25 and have been single for a year now. Two weeks ago, I met a guy at a party who works with a friend of mine. We hit it off and talked nonstop. Later that week we ended up going to another group event together and staying after everyone ...

A.   20 July 2018: OP here. Anonymous: I’m moving apartments to live closer to my job. My commute now is quite long. He dated that girl for about 5 months. Apparently the attraction was strong & he overlooked the red flags. I agree that I’m worth a dinner. However, ... (read in full...)

How do I move on and am I to blame?

Q.   I'm just in despair right now. I absolutely love this site and it's helped me in times of need for so long now, so here goes. I've recently broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years. We lived together for two years in his family house (his famil...

A.   16 July 2018: Hi everyone, This is exactly why I love this site. Thankyou so much for your advice on this. You're all right, I need to focus on myself and moving on! Part of me still feels like I had a lucky escape, the other just misses the lovely man I... (read in full...)

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