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My best friend separated from her partner and is now turning to anyone for comfort

Q.   hey so two of friend's just separated, one's my best friend (they grew apart). i have tried to be the best possible friend through this and have been happy for this to consume my life basically! always been checking in, trying to plan fun things ...

A.   21 March 2019: thank you guys i really appreciate your responses & they will go some way to getting things in my head straightened out. I have stepped back as of last weekend but it is just playing on my mind whether I will look like i don't care when things are ... (read in full...)

Why would a man leave like this, could this be related to anything I could have done without purpose? Is there any possibility to get him back?

Q.   I dated a guy I work with for a month(I started working at this place 2 months ago),but we don’t work in the same office. It was a really intensive dating. We met almost everyday, spent a lot of time together. He was really into me and I liked him a ...

A.   15 March 2019: From the beginning of our dating, he stated that he wants a serious relationship and his behavior was according to what we talked. That was the reason I panicked and noticed immediately that he was ghosting. He had ‘mood swings’ earlier too, but I ... (read in full...)

Why would he spend so much time courting me then suddenly act like we never happened?

Q.   I started seeing this guy about 2 months ago. Hes a nice person, was married for about 8 years but divorced for 1, he asked me out a few times before i finally agreed, and was as sweet as can be the whole 2 months we were dating. Refused to let me ...

A.   13 March 2019: I want to add that the two months were very drama free, I'm the easiest person to get along with, i don't like arguing and drama. I can honestly say the only disagreements we ever seemed to have before that weekend was over whether or not i ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend tells me he doesn't want kids, I leave crying and I haven't heard from him since. How is he so cold?

Q.   My LDR boyfriend of a year and a half finally admitted to me that he had 100% decided that he doesn't want kids. I am 40, have frozen my eggs and most days I feel the incredible yearning for a family. I say "finally admitted" because he has k...

A.   11 March 2019: UPDATE: He came back after a month. Saying he made the biggest mistake of his life and saying he would do anything to win me back. ... (read in full...)

Do I stay with my job with little time off and great money or go for something less stressful?

Q.   This isn't a relationship question, but a work one instead. Last year I posted a question about becoming a chef and got loads of great replies. I love most of my job and the pay is good and I have had a promotion and my manager wants to promote...

A.   10 March 2019: Thank you for all the responses so far! The thing is, at the start I thought I wanted to train up and become a head chef myself, I felt the long hours and exhausting shifts wren't too bad as I was doing what I loved. I still love it, and love to ... (read in full...)

3 plus affairs, Do my wife really love me?

Q.   My wife and I have been married for 28 years. However, in those 28 years, my wife has had 3 affairs on me that I catch her doing. I now have the same feeling that something is going on. What I am mostly concerned about is do she really love me or is ...

A.   10 March 2019: Let me first apologize. I am not by any means an arrogant person. In fact, I am very humble. I wouldn't even know that I had good qualities of such without my wife sharing it when we are with family and friends. It wasn't my intentions to make ... (read in full...)

Do I have a valid reason to leave him?

Q.   Hi. I am currently confused at the moment. Can somebody tell me what to do? So i met this guy on a dating site a month ago. Everything went well, we do video call for hours, we made plans for the future, he tells me i love you and misses me. But as ...

A.   8 March 2019: Thank you all your advices :) i really appreciate it. I just hope i will have the courage to let go, as when I tell myself not to message him nor answer his calls, but i lost all control. but why does he stay in contact with me if he doesn't like ... (read in full...)

Colleague thinks my new man is settling for me! Should I do anything about it?

Q.   So basically my question is around a new romance I have just started. Myself and the man I’m seeing both work in the same industry but we don’t work together in the same company. But our paths sometimes cross at networking events etc which is how we ...

A.   8 March 2019: Thanks everyone for your advice. You’ve all said what I expected to be honest, I think I was just a bit worried as I’ve been burned before by someone choosing me as they couldn’t have the person they wanted and it was in the back of my mind that I ... (read in full...)

How should I handle this situation with my boyfriend?

Q.   I apologize in advance for the length:) I have been with my current boyfriend for almost 7 years( lived together for almost 5!)I am 42 and he is almost 50! His parents have never been very nice to me( the first day I went over to meet them I b...

A.   6 March 2019: I do not like them either yes because of how they treat me( with complete disregard and politeness.....they never use my name, I am always she, her, that one.....they never talk to me directly, its always, hey(they son's name)what does she/that one ... (read in full...)

I have a boyfriend but had a one night stand. Pregnant and not sure who the father is

Q.   I habe been dating my bf for almost 6 months now. He is a great guy and i really like hin. But i made a huge mistake. I have been talking to a guy I met in an online chat room for almost a year now, 2 months ago he flew to my home town and we spent ...

A.   5 March 2019: I was on the pill when I got pregnant. By bf and I recently stopped using condoms and the guy I met online asked not to use them because he "liked" it better with out one. I did tell the online guy this afternoon, he kind of acted like I acce... (read in full...)

I want to teach my cheating ex a lesson

Q.   Hi! I'm 29 and got married last year. I'm happy with my husband, but my ex bf still calls me despite he being married. He says that he can't forget me, and still wants me. I cleared the air that I'm happy with my husband and won't ever leave him for ...

A.   5 March 2019: I answered the cheap prick's call because I have purchased a new phone a few months ago and didn't have his contact preloaded so that I could block him. Besides, he has multiple numbers. I've blocked all the numbers that are in my knowledge, he had ... (read in full...)

I feel confused and anxious about him not speaking to me except by text Saturday evening!

Q.   I have been in a relationship for 18 months with a great guy.This is an intensely passionate but in my opinion emotionally healthy relationship.We have hurdles but we have overcome them.Apart from one massive issue which is my fears of abandonment ...

A.   5 March 2019: Thank you guys so much.I totally agree with all the comments.l know it's my problem and not his .I have taken a step back and know that if I continue this behaviour I will lose him .My heart tells me he's a good guy but my head goes into overdrive ... (read in full...)

Why didn't he want to come home with me?

Q.   I've been dating this guy for about a month now. He said he likes me and wasn't seeing anyone else. On our last date, we had a passionate make out and he said that I was beautiful and sexy and really turned him on. In fact, he had to stop himself a ...

A.   3 March 2019: Thank you both for the help. He is certainly not religious or traditional at all! I guess I'm just worried that I did or said something during the dinner that really put him off. He couldn't wait to get the check and it felt like he was rushing me ... (read in full...)

Could these have been semen stains ... is he cheating on me?

Q.   Hi guys. I just need some advise. I’m driving myself mad and keep toying between am I just being super paranoid or is my gut instinct trying to tell me something... basically I want to know show I be weary of my partner! We have been together ab...

A.   27 February 2019: N91 - thank you for your reply. I know I’m being really stupid, I suffer from really bad anxiety and have done for a few years since a really bad previous relationship, I’ve never really been with someone who’s treated me right and then when someone ... (read in full...)

Why would my friend make a remark that she knew I would overthink and possibly be hurt by it?

Q.   Recently, I was crossing paths with a friend whom I haven't seen for a while. I was walking on footpath and she was driving by. I messaged her today to see how she was doing and mentioned that I'd been busy and had a'lot going on, so felt more...

A.   27 February 2019: Thank you for the time taken to writing a response to my concern. There was also negative expression in food choices. I feel that the lady named, without me, is on point with her perseptive in observation. Especially with the point make on sensi... (read in full...)

Starting out in serious relationships: Coping with "forever" ending and trusting the next "forever"?

Q.   Please bear with this question. I'd really appreciate supportive answers, rather than blunt or patronising answers, if possible :-) I've only been in one relationship and it did feel like it would last many more years than it did, though it lasted...

A.   25 February 2019: Thank you for your advice! I'm not someone who rushes into relationships or develops crushes easily - more like the opposite, if anything - so I'm not concerned with thinking "forever" too soon, which is one less thing for me to be worried about! ... (read in full...)

Should I send my crush a Valentine’s card?

Q.   hey everyone, i consider myself a shy-ish person and so talking about any of my crushes is a bit difficult for me. no one has ever known who i've liked or do like. i am trying to open up. anyways, there's someone i like currently, let's ...

A.   24 February 2019: Hello, just thought I could update everyone. He texted me on the day, and we've been texting ever since. He said he appreciates it and it surprised him. (Haha) The thing is that he never reallyyyy looks at his phone, but he at least he still make... (read in full...)

Am I fighting a losing battle? She is still speaking to her abusive husband!

Q.   So... there's a woman I've been talking to for a little over a month. And when we're together, things are good for the most part. The problem is... this woman is married to a man that she has been involved with for a few years. He has threatened h...

A.   21 February 2019: Thank you all for your thoughtful and honest answers. I do agree I've been trying to be a white knight- and ultimately it's her that has to want to take necessary action- which she is more than capable of doing. And I fully understand she's ma... (read in full...)

My husband has ED only during intercourse

Q.   I wonder if anyone has any insight or advice to offer on erectile dysfunction. My partner and I met while I was leaving an unhappy marriage and he was in a sexless marriage. We fell in love and are now living together. My children are living...

A.   20 February 2019: Hey, thank you to everyone who took the time to answer. Just wanted to update you in the weeks since then. I really thought about what you all had said, and you were so so right. My poor love had been dealing with so much, and he is the kind of p... (read in full...)

The gossip has taken all the good that I do and turned me into nothing.

Q.   Hey Cupids, My questions are about moving on after divorce/separation. I met my beautiful lover earlier this year when he was in an unhappy marriage. We started seeing each other but feelings were serious enough that he left his wife after 7 wee...

A.   20 February 2019: Thank you all for taking the time to offer comfort and advice. Over Christmas I did have a breakdown which looking back was a long time coming. I am feeling much stronger in myself now, and I am starting to know myself better each day. I don’... (read in full...)

I’m falling out of love, but can’t manage to walk away! Any advice?

Q.   Hi everyone my name is James, i am currently in a 9 year relationship. For the last few years i felt like ive fallen out of love with my girlfriend. I am the only source of income in the relationship. Im very ambitious she is the complete opposite. ...

A.   19 February 2019: Thank you everyone for the taking the time to reply..i read each one and appreicate the time and effort you guys took to respond. Now im still sitting here comteplating how will i lay it out. I know what i need to do but its just easier said than ... (read in full...)

I don't like children at all but why am I thinking about the possibilty?

Q.   I’m 26 and have never ever ever wanted children in my whole life and the thought of giving birth and being pregnant makes me feel sick and squeamish. I don’t even find babies or children cute and I get very uncomfortable around them~ at Christmas I ...

A.   19 February 2019: Thank you for the replies so far; singinbluebird~ To be honest I haven't grown up with young children so am very unfamiliar with them and have only really judged when I see badly behaved ones or ones that won't stop screaming. There have been ... (read in full...)

Do you think he’s basically telling me to leave?

Q.   So last night my S/O and I got into an argument. We were at walmart leaving and our daughter stopped to whine about getting some gumballs so I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and accidentally bumped into the entrance doors of the ...

A.   18 February 2019: Same thing I thought. We have been together almost 7 years, and I just feel like there’s not much here anymore aside from our daughter. We’re just very much used to each other. I do love him, we’ve grown up with each other and have a beautiful ... (read in full...)

He is slow responding to texts! What to do?

Q.   Hi, I met this guy about 3 weeks in person. He lives a 2-hour flight far from me. We have also videochatted twice. We seem to like each other, but he usually responds late to my texts. On Wednesday, I decided to delay my response by 5 hours on ...

A.   18 February 2019: WiseOwlE, thanks for the input. You're about that and I am also aware an LDR is hard to sustain. So, it's not that I have been expecting anything special out of this. It was him who would suggest video-chatting and keeping contact..... (read in full...)

In a polyamorous relationship and the woman is pregnant. How do I deal with the pregnancy?

Q.   I'm in a very unfamiliar type of situation and not sure where to turn for advice. I am a woman dating a married couple (FMF polyamorous triad) for about 6 months, and we have all been getting along great to where we spend most days together, and ...

A.   16 February 2019: I'm really trying not to be mean about this, but why is everyone so judgmental on this site? I think my mistake was coming to this specific site with this question. I have not received even remotely close to this amount of negativity from anyone ... (read in full...)

My ex was hiding something, am I right?

Q.   My ex broke with me and block me from fb, after 10 days he told me he missed me, but cant be with me, but he also did not wanted to tell me where he was living etc . He kept texting trying to be friends, which I tried. He told me when we met that ...

A.   16 February 2019: I block him from my phone, delete his phone... The first months i went where he was living, but he wasgoing to move from there., there where boxes.. Maybe he had to places where he lived.. Or his wife was traveling, etc...After he broke up, he told ... (read in full...)

I waited 2 years for him and now he has a girlfriend and is snubbing and ignoring me!

Q.   hi cupid i saw a guy i felled in love with him i revealed to him that i loved him he asked me to give him time to feel the same way for me that we can still be friends i patiently waited for him for two years but only to find out now that he has a ...

A.   15 February 2019: Thanks all... (read in full...)

Should I try to track this woman down?

Q.   Hi, I'm a 32 year old man, I have gotten out of a long term relationship about 6 months ago, which lasted 10 years and a 3 year relationship prior to that. Anyway last night I met a woman that I got on with quite well and ended up kissing her. But I ...

A.   15 February 2019: just to let you know I intend for the kids to live with me as I am alot more stable than she is. I do almost everything for them too. She intends to have them on weekends and should she not keep to her work then ill start the legal proceedings. ... (read in full...)

My husband of one month is sleeping in the living room because he likes playing video games! It’s stressing me out!

Q.   Dear cupid I married my husband a month back and we were dating for past 4 years. My husband started sleeping in living room starting a week ago, when I ask he says it's easier since he plays video games till past midnight and he want to keep com...

A.   14 February 2019: Hi This is OP. Yes he used to play games all along our relationship, earlier we stayed in one bedroom house and couch was not comfortable ,so we always sleep in same bed. We were living together for 6 months before marriage. Once I said he shoul... (read in full...)

Has anyone ever lost their libido to this degree due to boredom and lack of emotional connection and was I selfish for not being a sexually dutiful partner?

Q.   Thank you to anyone who reads and responds to my post. I recently separated from a 9 year relationship, 4 years living together. I'm not sure if I have done the right thing but what I do know is that I am heart broken knowing I have broken his ...

A.   10 February 2019: Thank you ladies for your thoughts. I appreciate your time and effort. I know Im just grieving for a love gone wrong, when it had potential and thats just part of the process. A little jealous too if I am to be honest of his freedom and knowing his ... (read in full...)

What is going on with my psychotherapist? Is he interested in me?

Q.   In the recent past, my therapist had said something to me that made me feel uncomfortable as well as uncertain about how he feels towards me. He has stated that I've always been his favorite client after I had told him that I liked him as a ...

A.   9 February 2019: Thank you so much for the replies! I also asked him if he has ever thought of me as annoying. He's said that I never was to him. But, I remember times when I was annoying and I pointed it out to him with examples from the past, which are true. Ye... (read in full...)

My friend’s study habits really bother me and may affect my education!

Q.   So this isn’t anything to do with love but I don’t know who else to ask. I am currently in my second year of university and have made some incredible friends, throughout the first year they pushed me to achieve the best grades so when coming to g...

A.   7 February 2019: Sadly the option of not taking classes together is not possible, our degree lines up majority of our lectures and this module was vital for my career route. With regards to the projects this is part of our curriculum, if I could I would due to proj... (read in full...)

My cheating ex dotes on his new girlfriend

Q.   So I found out my partner was cheating on me November last year and I ditched him (yay) Our 2 year relationship was pretty rocky throughout and so I absolutely know in my head that I have done the right thing by leaving him. My gripe though...

A.   5 February 2019: Thank you everyone - I take something from each of you and appreciate the advice. I guess I really just want to fast track to the bit where I feel nothing about any of it at all. I get that I need to give it time, but he hasn't needed any time... (read in full...)

I'm tempted to move out while he's away at the wedding

Q.   I am having severe mixed feelings . My fiancé and I have been together 3 years (engaged for 9 months now) . Long story short things were extremely on and off for the first two years until he finally realized what he had and asked me to marry him . ...

A.   4 February 2019: Thank you all so much for your feedback and kind words . I aproecaufe it all and I now know how I’m going to handle this situation ??... (read in full...)

I'm separated and my friend of years is making subtle moves on me. What do I do?

Q.   im falling out of love with my husband do to his emotional and verbal abuse.Been married for 15 years but together for 25 there is no intimacy for the last year or so.Occassional hug here or there .However he is great with our daughter relationship ...

A.   1 February 2019: Thank you to everyone who helped with commenting.I appreciate All that was said here.God bless all of you... (read in full...)

Did I just ruin the best thing that's ever happened to me with one bad decision?

Q.   I feel like a complete fool. Tonight I did something stupid and opened a message on my fiance's phone. I didn't even read the message bit then lied to him when he asked me if I had read his messages. I did come clean and it has really upset him. He ...

A.   30 January 2019: It was a complete brain fart moment. I can only describe it as a complete lack of judgment on my part. And I shouldn't have lied to him. ... (read in full...)

New friendship w/ someone I met from a reality show

Q.   Ok... I'm so confused. I am currently engaged. Not the best relationship by any means, but I am engaged and hoping for it to get better after a big move happens to get away from his insane and cruel family who hurt us pretty bad. Oddly en...

A.   30 January 2019: I am the original poster of this question... Oh, and the majority of you do have it all wrong. I am not 'allowed' to have friends of any gender. I have not cheated, I have felt guilty befriending people because it makes my fiance uncomfortable ... (read in full...)

Triangle friendship double cross!

Q.   Ive been friends with my friend (Samantha) for 5 years and its really had its ups and downs throughout the years but things started to get worse, the competitiveness, the jealousy etc. We love each other very much but there is a lot negativity and ...

A.   30 January 2019: Not sure if you will all get notifications on this but I made up with Samantha but it did take 9-10 months to fix it. She knows me deep down that i'm not malicious i was just joining in with bullsh*t and she knows how much i care about her it was a ... (read in full...)

Why is he so reluctant to move in together?

Q.   My boyfriend of 18 months is reluctant to move in together. We have discussed it and he has said that he wants to, in the next year. But when I try to talk about it he gets grumpy and seems uninterested and irritated. For example, I had to go home ...

A.   29 January 2019: Thanks guys for the more understanding replies. Ok, my degree was in art and psychology, also have a postgrad cert in early years teaching. I wanted to be a preschool teacher, but after having done this, I realised that I am never going to earn muc... (read in full...)

Why does he act this way?

Q.   There is a guy who I see around my work sometimes and I am attracted to. I have tried hinting at him that I like him, such as telling him he makes me blush and tease him abit. He has given me high-fives, told me "we need more of you around" ...

A.   28 January 2019: Thanks everyone! You're all right; I do feel abit stupid now, luckily though we won't see each other (or cross paths) for another few months so hopefully that will be enough time to let the situation settle. I feel horrendous because he did take... (read in full...)

I feel like he likes me but isn’t sure about taking the next step?

Q.   So I’m in a bizarre situation at the moment. I’m 20 years old but I only just had my first kiss with this guy I really like. We met at a party and started messaging every day. I was going overseas so I invited him to a friends party - he didn’t ...

A.   28 January 2019: A lot of you are saying to just cut my losses and move on - i will try my best but as this guy is a part of my friendship group i will inevitably be seeing him at social events in the future. We are still sort of chatting, but he is being a bit rude ... (read in full...)

I led him into an FWB situation but I'm starting to like this guy and want more

Q.   My company decided to hire back a former employee for a small gig once a week. I had known the guy previously, but he was really more of an acquanintance. We would talk a bit at work and I soon realized I thought he was very cute. I am a big time ...

A.   25 January 2019: Yes, he tells me he's single. I have no reason not to believe him. He often leaves his phone with me to charge. I trust any guy who does that. Honestly, I'm afraid of rejection at this point.... (read in full...)

Should I let her go unless she takes the initiative?

Q.   I have been in a relationship for many years. We do not live together because we both agreed we would wait until each of our children are grown before we combine our households. There have been "ups and downs" over the years, but never anything ...

A.   22 January 2019: Thank you to ALL of you. Based on my viewpoint from being in the relationship, I think WiseOwlE hit the nail on the head. The thing is, I don't think she's just a selfish person who intentionally manipulates me, I think this is all on a ... (read in full...)

How do I get in touch with him?

Q.   Hello everyone reading; On Wensday (02/01), I had to get my hair braided at my hair dressers house. While I was there, the was his gentleman who came to the living room (Where my hair was being braided). He stood next to me trying to take someth...

A.   21 January 2019: Thank you all for your answers. And am going to go with staying away from him and letting things work out. If we are meant to be we will. ??... (read in full...)

Should I ask my married lover for baby?

Q.   So I have been seeing a man who lives with his common law wife and thier 2 kids.When we met he told me that he was in process of leaving her but now almost 2 years later he still lives at home and he won t see me outside his work hours. Anyways, ...

A.   20 January 2019: I'm already 34 so chances of finding a single men who WANTS the same thing as me before my fertility declined are slim.If he refuses then I'm planning to go the sperm donor route.Whats the difference? I would be a single mom regardless.At this point ... (read in full...)

Why do people at work bully other people?

Q.   Why do people at work bully other people? I have a close relation with someone at work. I am at a managerial position and she is at Junior level. This girl is good at her job but still her manager has an issue with my friendship with her. She ...

A.   19 January 2019: @Wise OwlE- Totally agree. Her boss doesnt like Me and sincs i am a manager, they cant do anything to me so they are troubling her. Now i did raise concern to my VP and since she is from US she will need time to understand Indian culture. This is ... (read in full...)

Should I tell him what I know and see if he has had closure from the past?

Q.   Hi, I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year now, he is awesome, treats me like a princess, (him and I met in January 2018,) but in early 2017, he started going out and getting to know this other girl which was in his day to day work ...

A.   17 January 2019: So you do think he might still think of her, the thing that ever since he talked to me about her in more details for some reason I felt crushed, maybe insecurity. There can also be a chance that his ego was hurt, cause he thought it could have wor... (read in full...)

Older man wont leave his girlfriend for me.

Q.   I started an emotional and physical affair with a man I work with around this time last year. He started seeing someone about 3/4 months before me and him started talking. He's 15 years older than me,I'm 32 he's 47. We connected on a level I never ...

A.   17 January 2019: Just said I'd quickly update. We work in distribution and im the admin that has to text the lads with the orders during the day. Fortunately it's quiet right now so we're talking about 1 text at most per day. He does not have to text me back. He has ... (read in full...)

Am I reading too much into our friend with benefits relationship?

Q.   Hello, I am trying to figure this person out and hoping to get some advice. I am in a Friends with benefits relationship . I am with man who I am getting the most weirdest signals, we started dating in July and usually back than it was just the ...

A.   17 January 2019: I kind of figure my self... all I got from home when I told him I like him is. “Aww thank you baby girl”...... (read in full...)

Am I friendzoned or is there a chance she might change her mind?

Q.   Met a girl from Bumble and here's how it's gone dating wise: Sat 29 Dec - went for a few afternoon drinks. Sun 30 Dec - Went out for a meal and more drinks, ended up staying over at hers kissing most of the night, slept together but we didn't h...

A.   17 January 2019: @anon I think you're right about her talking to someone else on Bumble, she was definitely active on there in the few days before she did eventually end it with me as I noticed her location kept changing. Maybe being with me triggered somethin... (read in full...)

Why did she cheat in this way?

Q.   Hi everyone! So I recently just got out of a yearlong distance relationship with another woman. I was half her age and was the older one in the relationship and she was also the “man” as well. She lives in another country and even has a fiancé of ...

A.   16 January 2019: Yeah I know it’s done now and even if we don’t remain friends which I doubt it cuz I just know lol. I am older and more paitent but she worries way too mich about what other people think about her and so many reasons actually. Like her getting ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend's 12 year old doesn't like me and boyfriend will not step in and do anything

Q.   Hi I’m in a bit of a dilemma and seriously need some advice. I’ve been with my bf now for 7 months. We both love each other And have spoken frequently about marriage and living together. However here is my problem. I have met and get on ver...

A.   13 January 2019: We have known each other most of our lives, talking about our future does not mean we are going to rush into anything. Also his son is far from shy, his actually quite forward. Uses obscene language, and is very controlling. However thank you for ... (read in full...)

Is the whole world incapable of keeping a date? Am I doing something wrong? Am I just unlucky?

Q.   I’ve been trying online dating for the past month or so. I’ve been using Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid because apparently they are the 3 most popular dating apps. I figure the more people I talk to, the better my odds of success are. I’ve talked with ...

A.   12 January 2019: OP here, Thank you so much everyone for your insightful advice. I decided to change my approach. I had been justifying jumping to a date by saying talking in person is better than talking by text. I still believe that fundamentally, but I was insp... (read in full...)

Boyfriend says he doesn't have time to be with me when I am sad or upset

Q.   My boyfriend of 10 months has been staying away from me for a few weeks now after we had this fight. It was over the matter regarding my promotion and i was talking to him about it and got carried away talking about the promotion related other stuff ...

A.   10 January 2019:  So i told him that i can't be in a relationship where i don't really know whether it is a relationship anymore without expressing love or commitment or interest. He said 'ok. GN'. I guess i now know how important i was to him... (read in full...)

Will I ever get the chance to massage her all over?

Q.   Hi, on the question of massages, I have a friend who will let me massage her back, neck, etc and feet, but not butt. She has also allowed me to see her topless, but she doesn’t fancy me and we also cuddle in bed a bit when she sleeps over. She ...

A.   9 January 2019: Thanks all! Appreciated!... (read in full...)

We got into a fight and now my friend no longer wants to be friends

Q.   Recently i got into a row with one of my best friend. We have known each other for 9 months now and we used to be very close. We have had lots of fights and now she gets irritated on small small things. If i ask her to come out to meet, she ignores. ...

A.   7 January 2019: Dear Andie's thoughts most of fights cz she delibrately provoked me. I would say i will not fight n then that day or next day, she would delibrately say or do something to provoke me and then when i get angry she would say I was just testing ... (read in full...)

Has my husband lost interest in me sexually?

Q.   Hello!! Me and my husband have dated for 3 years and we just got married last summer. I love him so much and he loves me the same. But there was things of been bothering me....:( We used to have very active for sex when we started dating. And i...

A.   7 January 2019: Thank you for the answers everyone. This really make me feel better because I couldn’t share with nobody. And yes I think it’s addiction and I read and googled a lot for this porn addiction and seen this is kinda common.... well me and my husband ... (read in full...)

Should I delay IVF-treamtment, in order to get married in my dream dress?

Q.   My boyfriend and I are engaged to be married in 6 months. We have been trying for a baby for close to 2 years now. Last year, we underwent a fertility check as we didn't manage to get pregnant. Turns out he's got low sperm quality and I have ...

A.   7 January 2019: Honeypie, thank you for your answer. As I already did buy a dress, suggesting that I get a cheaper one wouldn't do me any good :p But as it stands, I bought a used dress worth about 2200 USD for 430 USD. That's the skinny dress. My "preggo" dress so ... (read in full...)

Was I in the wrong to tell her to let my boss know? Is ending our friendship justified?

Q.   So My husband works in the oil field industry and we live 12 hours away from home. We are alone in the state we are in, and have no family close by. In 2017, My husband befriended his coworker and wanted me to meet his coworkers wife so I could have ...

A.   7 January 2019: Thank you both! I appreciate the help. I decided to let it go. Real friends don’t put you in that position.... (read in full...)

I thought he liked me but then he went ahead and completely ghosted me!

Q.   To make a long story short: Started talking to this guy online..We hit it off. Met in person about a week later. Had great first date. He texted me when he got home to tell me he had a great time and wants to see me again and said he is inter...

A.   6 January 2019: Thank you for your great answer. They're officially split..She has a live in boyfriend, as well. I actually don't drive. You're right. The uncertainty is killing me. He's obviously not who I thought he was. Blocking him is best, rather than hoping ... (read in full...)

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