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She's boring and bland and I need to cut her loose but how do I let her down without hurting her feelings?

Q.   Hello everyone, I've recently been speaking to a girl that I got speaking to through social media. I just randomly messaged her one day and things took off and we've now been speaking for roughly two months. We went on a date after about 10 d...

A.   20 August 2017: Yes I agree maybe it was unfair of me, but isn't the whole idea of dating someone to find out whether you like them? Conversation was fine in the earlier stages, not unbelievable but it was enough for things to progress. I should want to see her ... (read in full...)

He spent 5 years in prison for crippling a child in a drunken car accident

Q.   Would you date someone with a criminal record ? I met this guy at a party of a mutual friend. We spent the whole night talking and exchanged numbers. After spending hours a day texting / talking we went on an amazing first date. At the end of ...

A.   20 August 2017: No dry spell or seeing him out of desperation. We spent almost two weeks talking before we went out on our first date and I have honestly never felt more comfortable or had so much fun on a first date as I did with him. I honestly did struggle with ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend doesn't want to talk about sex or have sex. Why?

Q.   My bf is 26, I'm 32. He is very sexual, likes porn, been caught cheating several times. We've broken up and just recently got back together. I've noticed that he seems very uncomfortable watching porn with me, talking about sex, and does not like to ...

A.   18 August 2017: Tyvm for the responses. I am no longer with him for reasons other than sex and cheating. Any advice on moving forward FOR GOOD and co-parenting... (read in full...)

His ex randomly pops up!

Q.   My .... ex? current bf?... I don't know what we are... we dated for a year,he cheated several times, I broke up with him and 6 months later we are seeing each other and acting like a couple. To him and his friends and immediate family, he introduces ...

A.   18 August 2017: Thank you all very very very much, your advice, comments and point of view have helped me to put things into perspective. I truly appreciate it :)... (read in full...)

My boyfriend of 8 months is going on vacation with his almost ex wife and their kids! Is this normal? Is this okay?

Q.   I have been in a relationship with a man (in recovery from alcohol) for 8 months. A few months back things got a little rocky as hes still not fully divorced that's not final for about 2 more months. I have not met his children, nor him mine. Hi...

A.   18 August 2017: I fully agree that as little impact to the kids as possible is great thing. I have fully supported him in having family dinners and being a "separated family" so to speak. I have a great relationship with my ex as well. We attend school events etc ... (read in full...)

I'm annoyed about his contradictory comments about not wanting children but not using birth control with his exes!

Q.   I have been seeing my boyfriend for three months and in general we get on well. But one thing that keeps cropping up is his exes. The other evening the subject of children were brought up (he hasn't got any). He told me that he had not used ...

A.   17 August 2017: To be fair it's me that brings up his exes, he would rather not. When I asked him last week of had been drinking and I got really angry and wouldn't allow him to explain properly. We spoke about it last night and he explained it all, I simply wa... (read in full...)

I got back with my ex but I am struggling!

Q.   Hi everyone! Would I please able to get some opinions on my situation. I was with my ex boyfriend for almost a year we got on very well and had a pretty good relationship. Although towards the end we began arguing and bickering over differen...

A.   17 August 2017: To the most recent post..thank you that is what I thought too suppose we will just have to see how it plays out, but I definitely think I will end things if he takes the mess this time because last time my feelings didn't seem to matter. You are ... (read in full...)

Help me end my loneliness

Q.   Has anyone else ever felt completely alone? I feel like my friends are drifting away from me. I also feel like I will never find someone who will actually treat me the way I deserve. I guess my question is have you ever felt alone? And what did you ...

A.   17 August 2017: Code Warrior, Thanks for the time you took to respond to my question, but please don't assume things that you do not know. I am in college, studying to be a teacher. When I said "the way I deserve", I meant will I ever find a man who won't chea... (read in full...)

How can I make my husband feel better about our sex life?

Q.   I am a woman of 50 years, I married 10 years ago. I was single for 40 years and naturally I had several sexual partners (26 men more precisely). The problem is that I have never had orgasms with my current husband. He is very dedicated in bed, not ...

A.   16 August 2017: Regarding my picture, that's me. All my life I was molested and observed because of my breast. I cannot do anything. I am who I am and I have the body I have. At this time I have learnt to tolerate that men lay their eyes there, it does not bother ... (read in full...)

Career or relationship? On the cusp of a big decision, I would like your advice!

Q.   So life has finally slowed down a bit. Its been roughly two months since graduation and my folks think that I should move on with my life. Ive been dating my girlfriend since January last year and its been a roller coaster of emotions that I wouldn...

A.   16 August 2017: Thank you for that answer,and also to correct you Ive been with her since Jan. 2016 if that matters. It's that being the guy in the relationship I feel like Im the one who needs to fight for it more and she's the one whos willing to let me go. I ... (read in full...)

My ex bf contacted me, I told my bf about it, mistake or no?

Q.   I dated this guy briefly, but broke up w/him due to him being a control freak and somewhat mentally unstable. His number was blocked, but the other day I deleted all my blocked numbers (I didn't even know it was his number). He ended up messaging ...

A.   16 August 2017: lol no he isn't a jealous control freak. I told him about this because I am afraid that the other guy could cause problems for us.... (read in full...)

I've developed feelings for her, should I tell her? She's 20 years younger than I am.

Q.   This is a bit of a strange situation, but bear with me. I am a big Meat Loaf fan, and together with other FB Mad about Meat Loaf group members, we set up a fund to get one of the members, who has ME, down to London from Hull to see the Bat Out of H...

A.   15 August 2017: Doesn't that hint to her that I like her?... (read in full...)

What will my boyfriend think of me that I don't have many friends?

Q.   I am in a relationship and we have been together about three months. I feel a little bit insecure about the fact that i don't really have close female friends in the area (i work on my own, self employed) and where i live, i simply go to work, come ...

A.   15 August 2017: Thank you for the last two replies. I take on board what you say Wiseowle, while i am self employed i also work at events as well and i meet and mix with different people which i do enjoy. I am also applying for bank work in jobs where i can use my ... (read in full...)

His ex girlfriends stuff is still a his place!

Q.   I have been dating my bf for almost a couple months. He was w/his ex for a long time and still has her stuff tho its been awhile since they broke up. Her stuff is still there and I want it gone, I don't want her to have any hold on him. He has ...

A.   14 August 2017: We are exclusive been for almost a few months. Its not gifts she gave him, its her stuff that she wants backs (random house stuff), I never asked him if he kept gifts from her, I don't care. I really care about him and I can feel like this is ... (read in full...)

A one time encounter has caused my friend to be standoffish. Do I contact him on his birthday?

Q.   Hey all I'm in need of some advice. I crushed on one of my friends for about 3 years, i'm gay and he's bi but not out to many. He had girlfriends for most of that time but one day they were about to split and after a night out we were on our own ...

A.   12 August 2017: Hey all, thanks for your responses, it was just what I needed. I went down the pub one of my friends as it was a friday night and didn't contact him and I won't either. I also made plans to see other people next week. People are soo busy with their ... (read in full...)

He seems a lovely guy but could I be missing something?

Q.   I have been communicating steadily with a man I met online now for around 6 months, but we have been also interacting on message boards now for more like 8 months. Things have progressed to us both being seriously interested in seeing if we could ...

A.   12 August 2017: Hey thanks for the imput, and Judgedick I think perhaps your getting it. Possibly my posts indicated somehow that I wasn't sure he was legit. Not so, he is. His character and sense of humor is still present even in phone calls.I can tell tho when... (read in full...)

How do I make my wrong turn right?

Q.   Hello i have another question connected to the one i asked earlier , about Reason(s) from Decent man. Shall i message her and say I Really like you a lot . And i am not after ( you know what ) As i am a Decent man ( which is what she ...

A.   11 August 2017:  Yes i agree, i do try too hard , i treat it like a Big investigation , and think to myself surely eveyman in the world does,nt have to do all this . Shall i send a message about what went wrong and all my confidence / experience ... (read in full...)

Did I make a wrong turn?

Q.   Hello i went on date,i was as nice as i could be took chocolates, which where her favourites,bought drink meal,i think i talked too much as did not want awkard silences,and was nervous , she 59 , me 54 I said at end can i see you again she said ...

A.   11 August 2017:  Its ok angle. Thanks If you think i have a chance of asking her for a day out and explaining what i think went wrong , then i,ll send messages when she is not online , as don,t want to put any pressure on her. Shall i say sorry for ... (read in full...)

Friend says I make him uncomfortable after he buys me a present

Q.   Hey Cupids, I've had a situation recently with one of my now former friends that you might be able to help me with. Last year I got to know a guy called Oscar, for whatever reason when I first met him I didn't think we would get on. I was fri...

A.   11 August 2017: Hi all. This is a bit of a late reply but I thought I would add an update. Oscar saw me and made a beeline in my direction and wants to be friends again. I mentioned the earlierissue with him being uncomfortable and he looked sheepish about it and ... (read in full...)

I am trying to get over her betrayal so why is she driving past my house?

Q.   Hi aunties, My long term partner left me 18 months ago for another man who she is still with. As far as I was concerned the relationship is over and there is no need to stay in touch. Every few months though she makes an effort to get in contact w...

A.   10 August 2017: Thank you all for your thoughts and support. I'd always been really clear to my ex when I found out what she'd done that our relationship was over and that ther was no need to stay in contact and I still feel that way. I've been on a few da... (read in full...)

My boyfriend has his exes as friends on facebook.

Q.   Is it okay for your partner to have exes on Facebook? I have an issue with my boyfriend having a woman he and his wife had a threesome with a few years ago (they are no longer together) being on his friend list. He also has an ex who had an abortion ...

A.   10 August 2017: The one who had an abortion I wasn't too bothered about as I know they were and remained friends. It isn't the 'ex' specifically it was more the history and that is what I felt Wise Owl. There was simply no need for this sordid woman to remain on ... (read in full...)

Should I leave my job to go work with my Ex boss, who I'm sleeping with?

Q.   I need some work related advice!! Back in March, I was working for a car dealership that I loved! But my GM, We'll call him X, ended up quitting and went to work at another dealership.. It's important to mention that the night he quit, we had se...

A.   9 August 2017: I can't really see me going to another dealership.. If I were to leave, I'd have to be out this business altogether just cause it's so much to handle. I'd only feel comfortable working at this other place so I feel my best bet is to kind of wait ... (read in full...)

I've set boundaries on how much "help" I give my boyfriend and he doesn't like it!

Q.   Am I a hypocrite? Am I mean? I know for a fact I'm confused. My bf and I were recently laid off and have 60 days to find a new job. I've already updated my res and applied to 6 places. I have even looked for jobs my bf could apply to and hav...

A.   9 August 2017: Hello everyone, Judgekick, our company laid both of us off due to "workforce reduction". Although my position was higher than his, tenure was used to determine who would stay and we both were new. His work ethic was fine. However, he says he wi... (read in full...)

My controlling father loves that I am dependent on him financially and I'm afraid he'll ruin my college time

Q.   Hi, I have a problem and I was hoping to get some advice. Ever since my mother had married my father; he had been what you call 'manipulative,vindictive,controlling and unbearable' person. As the years went by he became worse. Now that I've finally ...

A.   8 August 2017: I would go to Australia and study at university there because I'm a citizen but I still need him to pay for my fees... they have this new law about not paying for citizens' going to uni. I could take a loan but that also has cons. I've suffered a ... (read in full...)

I think my personal trainer is crushing on me

Q.   Hey guys! So I've recently joined a gym that was recommended by a personal trainer who works there and bought a guitar from me. I started regularly going to his fun classes and then he decided to give me some one on one training as we would weight ...

A.   8 August 2017: Hey thank you guys for your answers :) He recently went through a break up and he actually moved here for her. I think there were hard feelings. Anyway I already know PTs are supposed to be friendly to get business I knew that all along. I am cer... (read in full...)

Is my ex stalking me?

Q.   So this girl I used to talk to wouldn't commit to me for 3 years but then got upset when she went through my phone and saw I talked to other girls even tho we weren't seeing each other anymore but remained friends. but before that she kept saying ...

A.   8 August 2017: Alright then. She is a waste of time... (read in full...)

How do I say no to my niece without destroying our relationship?

Q.   Great site with good advice. I thank all in advance who help me out here. My neice is an actor...kind of well known and I am looking forward to seeing her when I am in her part of the country at the end of August. I have sent her a few emails a...

A.   8 August 2017: Thank you for these thoughtful replies. As a couple of people alluded to I am no kid. My niece is well known to the high school students I teach as an actress and I will support her in every way but my pocket book will remain closed. I have ... (read in full...)

He lied about getting back with his ex wife several years ago.

Q.   Hi, advice really needed.. I have been with someone three months and we really get on well majority of the time but there is one thing. He told me that he got divorced in 2011 and as i am on his Facebook i can see that to be true. However i had a ...

A.   7 August 2017: And again i was not snooping. He told me they got divorced in 2011 and he was glad to see the back of her. I just looked on his Facebook and saw that they had been very friendly for 5 months in 2013 to the point they got a house together. I call ... (read in full...)

My boyfried wont communicate!

Q.   My bf and I took a long break but decided to try it again in Dec.My issue is he lives and works 2 hrs away. I haven't seen him in 3 months.I told him I need some form of communication (text,call,video chat)atleast once a day.Not for hrs at a time ...

A.   6 August 2017: Thanks everyone for your advice. I will say this.. I have no jealousy or baby momma drama on my end. I am an amazing woman with a lot to offer. I never kept him from our kids. I was always his friend and helped him on hard times dispite his lack of ... (read in full...)

I asked him:what about us after dating 4 months, he did not answer me at all.what should I do?

Q.   What did i do wrong to deserve this? I have been dating with this guy i met online for 4 months. Everything was going great except he had a lot of family issues or work issues. Every time he was arguing his mom or sister, he was always talking ...

A.   5 August 2017: You are right guys... i should start moving on and have some dignity.... (read in full...)

We've been facetiming and he's asked me to come to see him but now I'm getting cold feet

Q.   I need to make a decision today please can you post so i can get advice. Or advise what i need to change in it to allow it to be posted. I met a guy online been facetiming for 5 months hes an actor i know who he is etc and we have a great friendsh...

A.   5 August 2017: Thanks for your reply. I didn't go. I dont know why. And now I do feel rubbish. There's a huge age difference too I think i was getting excited about the place maybe not the person and i guess that's not me. He's coming here in October hoping to see ... (read in full...)

Do tell her to put family before anything else?

Q.   I am 19,n really want to give my sort of step mom some good advice caz shes been askin my opinion. You see we are like best friends, shes been there for me for 5 yrs.She married her 1st boyfriend right outa high school, is now devorised n has been ...

A.   4 August 2017: Thank you all for taking the time for me. Many thanks. (Our familys going to grams n gramps for a 2 week much needed vacation. No computer there.I think getting away is going to do us all great.)Best of luck to u all. ... (read in full...)

Was substitute dad trying too hard or did he overstep the mark?

Q.   So my ? is Can substitute dad put down ground rules on date night when i am 19 and will not graduate high school until January. My father is no longer living with us-Due to my dads meanness we have never been close. anyways, my step mom is now ...

A.   4 August 2017: Many thanks for all your help, i wish u all well--We are going to Leave for my grandparents for 2 weeks much needed vacation. Thanks again:) ... (read in full...)

12 years of hits and misses and I have no idea where I stand with this guy

Q.   This is such a ridiculous, trivial situation, but nonetheless it's giving me a headache and I don't know what to do. So, for backstory: I met a guy when I was 17 and fell completely in love with him, we dated for a few months but ultimately, he w...

A.   4 August 2017: Thanks guys - I actually feel like writing this all out and reading your replies has given me some clarity. And I mostly agree. I do feel like he has stayed in my life for a reason, but probably what happened last week was it, and that will be where ... (read in full...)

Why wasn't the fact that he was married and a baby on the way enough to stop him from cheating?

Q.   I just found out that my husband cheated on me. Him and I are "newlyweds" we married in may 2017 and his affair happened from February to early May 2017. He is in the army and he used to be based only 3 hours away from our hometown. He would visit ...

A.   1 August 2017: Dionee- he proposed to me in April. I just found out about his affair. I wasn't aware of his cheating before so of course I said yes. The girl is a fellow soldier there and their relationship was emotional. She stated he said he loved her. S... (read in full...)

My wife doesn't maintain appropriate boundaries with male friends

Q.   My wife (and five year old daughter) is currently on holiday in Florida with family and friends. Some of these friends are young men. One in particular is going without his girlfriend. I have been ok with the holiday. This isn't the issue. Th...

A.   31 July 2017: Just to clarify to A female reader (post beginning "Even worse that the bread winner") and on my earlier response saying she wouldn't look me in the eyes. I take that part back. The reason she wouldn't look directly at me was a technical issue. S... (read in full...)

How do I break my news to the family?

Q.   My bf and I have known each other since high school, he have been dating for 10 months. We have talked about marriage a lot and have started looking at houses together. Three weeks ago I found out I was pregnant. I was using bc but recently switched ...

A.   31 July 2017: Both my husband and I have full time jobs, I work as an office administrator at a local elementary school and my husband is working towards his blocks for an electrician. He has an apartment and I recently moved in with him.... (read in full...)

Will he contact me?

Q.   So I've been dating a guy for 6+ months. We told each other that we love one another. He has asked me to invite him over for dinner. Well the day came and he never showed up. I texted him and no response. I called him and he hung up. The next day he ...

A.   31 July 2017: So is been more than a week no contact....Honestly at first I was hurt.. not eating, constant thinking of him and crying my eyes out over what it could have been... oh and the blame game (blaming me).... now I feel a lot better about things... he ... (read in full...)

Is this woman after my husband?

Q.   Does it sound like this woman is after my spouse? My husband started a new job and seemed to become friendly and close to a woman I will call Kathy. They would discuss their personal issues ( our martial) ( her relationship issues). She would ca...

A.   30 July 2017: Thanks for everyone's replies. I had tried to write the post with out pointing fingers or use any type of persuasion and just state facts. (As hard as it was). I understand that my husband is just as responsible but the attitude he had about it ... (read in full...)

I'm dating a guy who's rather pushy and doesn't want to compromise on even the smallest of things

Q.   There's this guy I have been dating and he is overall wonderful. However, he's done things here and there that has shown me that maybe he can't really compromise. Once, we went dancing at a restaurant with a live band. We had a great time had s...

A.   29 July 2017: Thanks everyone for the advice. It has helped me move on... (read in full...)

I think my girlfriend might be in touch with her ex but I am afraid to bring it up

Q.   i have been with my girlfriend for almost 3 years now, Trust is something that is always earned, and unfortunately she has lied to me a few times, so i really have a difficult time sometimes when situations don't feel right or i get the feeling shes ...

A.   29 July 2017: Thank you so much! This makes a lot of sense and is what I'm trying to do, I have to keep giving her the Benifit of the doubt. And i definitely don't want it to turn into a fight. His intentions can be anything they want. It's what she ultimately ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend is cheating, pressuring me to have sex. I'm afraid he'll leave me if I don't give in

Q.   I am 19 and even tho i know all my friends are having sex, i know it doesn't mean i have to but i'm getting a lot of pressure from my boyfriend to do it right now. The pressure seems to be more and more as the days go on. And I will be honest, i ...

A.   29 July 2017: Thank you for helping me. i tried leaving a message here earlier-but i don't think it went threw. Friday night/last night several of us caught my bf cheating and I broke it off-we are no longer together. I'm not sure how to say it but i don't th... (read in full...)

Did I accidentally lead my controlling ex boyfriend on?

Q.   Currently I have an amazing bf who I've been dating for a short while. Before I started dating him, I dated another guy for a short while who turned out to be a total control freak. When I 1st met him, the feeling of being wanted felt very good. ...

A.   29 July 2017: I def found out he wasn't a good guy, I did learn, quite fast actually.... (read in full...)

Is a man without a big wallet a deal breaker for you?

Q.   Dear Cupid, I have recently met a great man. We've been dating for a few months but we have met each other's parents because we are serious about each other. Recently though, my worries have been our financial status. He is a hard working chef a...

A.   28 July 2017: Hey all! Thank you so much for your answers and insightful advice. Unfortunately I've started to notice that while I was worried about money, now I'm worried about time. As a chef he works long hours and we only see each other now once a week.... (read in full...)

I thought he liked me but now I'm confused

Q.   Hi all. My brother came from his college and he was sharing his experience with me. He is studying abroad. His friends had seen me in pictures because obviously my brother should have shown them our family pictures. Once my brother showed one of h...

A.   28 July 2017: I messaged him about the birthday party only nothing else.And its a surprise birthday so my brother does not know I messaged his friends.And his instagram was public before I messaged him.There were only few photos and they were not inappropriate ... (read in full...)

Worried about revealing my true sexuality

Q.   I have been cross dressing for many years and it was more of a recreational bit of fun until a couple of years ago. I stopped doing it for ages but when my long term relationship broke down due to my girlfriend being unfaithful I couldn't resist ...

A.   28 July 2017: Thank you all so much for taking the time to help me. I now know I need help getting me to wear I want to be ... Feelings are getting stronger and it's not unhealthy keeping them in. I'll be happy once I find my true self thanks again x... (read in full...)

He seemed to ask a lot of questions about my income!

Q.   Dear Cupid; I'm in my 50's and unfortunately back in the dating world after my husband passed away years ago. I recently went on a meet and greet and the man asked me what year my car was, if I owned or rented, how big was my house. H...

A.   26 July 2017: Thank you everyone! I needed to hear that, I agree it sounded to me like he was looking for a woman who could support his lifestyle. ... (read in full...)

Married man who I was having an affair with refuses to leave me alone

Q.   Hello, Aunts! I've had an affair with a married man for over a year now. At first, I was swept off my feet by this man, whom I later found out was married. However, I stayed as he narrated the stories of his failing marriage and his impending di...

A.   26 July 2017: Thanks, for the suggestions. He's lives in my vicinity and pesters me physically, over social media and also phones. ... (read in full...)

I forgave him after his betrayal, but how can I warm this love up again?

Q.   I am 27, yet still so naive in love. I will try to make this as short as possible. Both times when being betrayed, I never had a doubt because he was still treating me as good as we used to be. 6 months ago, my bf had feelings for a gir...

A.   26 July 2017: I just get lost in feelings and can't think straight and act cold. Thanks a lot WiseOwlE. You really are Wise Owl if you know what I mean. Send you my thank-you hug. :)... (read in full...)

I know I can't ask the waiter out, but what are your views on this?

Q.   I have been going out on a trip to this sea side and I always go at the same cafe with my parents. I went there a couple of years and I keep seeing this same guy who still works there. He's my type but I don't know anything about him or his name ...

A.   24 July 2017: Forget what I said about him being a waiter. I never see him serve food actually or ask what we are having. I think he just tidies up and washes the dishes where they cook the meals. So, it's hard to approach him. He doesn't work behind the cash ... (read in full...)

I'm too afraid to get hurt again after an unexpected breakup

Q.   It's been a bit over 2 months since I had an unexpected break-up that left me kind of shaken. I've progressed well in most respects,but I'm still stuck on the fear of dating again. Back story: I thought I did EVERYTHING right with this last o...

A.   22 July 2017: Honey pie, OP here. I possibly phrased this wrong (it's hard to fit nearly a year long relationship into a website post). Thanks for your advice. I agree- I am so far from a stepford wife and am quite outspoken when necessary. This guy in no way ... (read in full...)

We've already decided we are going to break up eventually. Should we just do it now?

Q.   I'm with someone I love dearly and we have almost been together for two years. Both of us are cautious about fully committing because of curiosity about other romantic options. I'm willing to stay and see where things go, but he is for sure ...

A.   22 July 2017: Thing is, I don't know if I don't want him in my life. Neither does he know if he wants me. We want perspective from dating other people. If we break things off now, it hurts like like crazy and is in our faces all the time. If we break up later, ... (read in full...)

Why do men think its alright to comment on a woman's nether regions?

Q.   This is probably more of a rant than anything, but what is up with some men thinking it's ok to comment on the look of a woman's vagina/vulva?! Whether it's not neat enough, 'beef curtains', too hairy, it 'looks loose'... the list goes on! My m...

A.   22 July 2017: Something to think about Ciar, but I'm not sure it's the whole problem. I tend to go for the shy, polite type of guys (imagine Eddie Redmayne as a high school history teacher and you have my ex) which is the opposite to most of my friends yet we all ... (read in full...)

How do I handle my critical dad? He's given me poor self-esteem!

Q.   I've been struggling w/this for years w/my dad. My dad does love me, I do know that. When it comes down to me, he has always been negative w/about 95% of everything. For the last 10 years he has been convinced that I'm overweight and will be ...

A.   21 July 2017: Thank you, I do not want to cut contact and I'm trying my very best to desensitize myself from this situation. I have vowed never to speak to my children like that (If I have any). I just wish he knew how damaging it has been for me and if I ever ... (read in full...)

I'm ready to walk, am I just being used as a babysitter?

Q.   hey, my partner sits on her phone all day does the odd chore round the house i mean when one of the babies does a dirty nappy she doesnt get down to cleaning it up she tells me babies pood so i end up doing it and been like that for years im a stay ...

A.   20 July 2017: look i no i have to look after the kids and i do a damn good job of it im not complaing about that as much but just cuz she works she still has to take part in looking after them and give me a break, my dad was the same he had 8 kids to look after ... (read in full...)

I've fallen in love with my brother in law and I'm not sure where to go with these feelings

Q.   My husband passed away unexpectely in August of 2016. We had been separated for 2 years but we were working on our relationship towards getting back together just before he passed. We have a 21 year old daughter and she was greatly affected by his ...

A.   18 July 2017: Thank you for your advice and I am working on it. My Brother in law is not married and is my deceased husbands bother. I wished that I had added that and also my husband and his brother were not on good terms. In fact they never spoke. They just did ... (read in full...)

BF's BFF in love with him and purposely interfering...

Q.   Hi All. So one of my boyfriend's best friends is a female. He has only platonic feelings for her and they have known each other for many years. I was excited to meet her and then after I did, every idea I had about thinking we would get along would ...

A.   18 July 2017: Thank you for the answers thus far! To first answer a consistent question of why I am with someone like this is because he made so many sincere sounding claims that would have made him out to be a person who would have dealt with something like t... (read in full...)

He is getting married next month, I want to tell him I still love him!

Q.   Hello, My ex will get married in one month from today - should I tell him I love him? We met nine years ago while travelling and had a whirlwind long-distance romance / relationship. I've never experienced being pulled towards someone lik...

A.   18 July 2017: I didn't tell him. There were too many possibilities of him getting hurt. He got married the day before yesterday. The sadness still comes in waves. It needs time. Thank you for the kind advice. ... (read in full...)

I can't deal with his passive aggressive behavior when I don't want sex

Q.   I met a guy, who is now my boyfriend, 3 months ago. He has made it clear he is really into me. I wasn't sure if I was atttacted to him enough, but he was lovely to me and we had a lot in common, so I went with it. I was very happy to fiND we worked ...

A.   18 July 2017: Thanks for the replies. Really good advice. I know his behavior isn't abusive, and he has taken responsibility for some of it and apologized which my evil ex never did, quite the opposite, it my MY fault he hit me. So this guy is not in the same... (read in full...)

I can't believe that after all his drama, HE dumped me! I need closure. What do I do?

Q.   Hey guys! Just need a little advice at the moment! Hope you can help! I met a guy at my job that I started dating.. before anyone says "Don't date people you work with".. I usually don't, and I only made an acception because he works in anot...

A.   17 July 2017: No.. the one who introduced us got fired.. just a co worker that is a mutual friend. I actually think he may of gotten back with his ex already... (read in full...)

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