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I can't get over the thought that he stares at my little sister!

Q.   Hi everyone. I'm writing this as my thoughts are consuming me and ultimately upsetting me and affecting my behaviour with my partner, which I hate. I have been feeling very insecure lately and issues of the past keep popping into my mind and I find ...

A.   20 February 2017: Thank you those for your helpful and constructive comments. Aggressive and negative comments I feel are counterproductive and go against the ethos of this sight, I won't let it get to me but maybe there are other people that would, therefore maybe ... (read in full...)

Did I just get friend-zoned?

Q.   So ive been talking to this girl , she Has trust issues from her past relationship she told me but before We texted each other goodnight she told me this Thanks for being the bestest friend.. did I just get friendzoned ??...

A.   20 February 2017: We used to be friends before long time ago and bearly started talking again, But we havent seen each other since then.... (read in full...)

How do I respond to my wife now I know about the affair she had with my (then) best friend behind my back?

Q.   I just found out that my wife had a sexual relationship with my best friend and the best man at my wedding. This happened 26 years ago! We had been dating exclusively for 4 months at the time. Even though it was so long ago, I feel like it could've...

A.   19 February 2017: I am not sure that anyone cares but I thought I would up-date the end of the story. I has caused a lot of pain in my relationship with my wife, to the point I was ready to leave. My wife was devastated. She was in pieces. We talked in detail about ... (read in full...)

Should I tell my ex-best friend I have feelings for him ?

Q.   I have a best guy friend. For about 2 years we were always together , flirting, deep connection . I can't explain it was more love . Everyone used to think we was a couple I'm 99% sure he liked me but neither of us pushed for it .I wasn't sure whe...

A.   19 February 2017: *i mean tell him my feelings (not what the fortune teller said lol)... (read in full...)

Is he right to be annoyed? He was asleep, while I watched porn. He said that what I did was a form of cheating

Q.   Okay so My boyfriend always takes the mick out of me that I want sex too much. I do like it every day but I don't think that's a problem.. Anyway, that's not the issue. Last night he fell asleep when he knew I was horny, which isn't reall...

A.   18 February 2017: Anonymous.. I'm not harsh and don't expect him to pleasure me all the time, which is precisely why I didn't try to keep him awake and I 'let him sleep'. My issue is not that he wanted to sleep, it is that he was annoyed that I got myself off to ... (read in full...)

My family expects me to get married, but I'm more attracted to men and gay marriage isn't an option. How do I convince them I'm not the marrying kind?

Q.   Hi, I'm much more into men physically/sexually speaking. The hitch is that I live in a traditional and homophobic society.My family want me to get married any time soon. How can I "convince" them I'm not the marrying kind, without telling them I'm ...

A.   17 February 2017: Thanks again for the feedback.. WiseOwlE, I appreciate the fine distinction you made between "celibate" and "bachelor". I side with the latter:))... (read in full...)

My husband wants me to give his friend a hand job!

Q.   my husband has been trying to talk me into giving his best friend a mercy hand job , Because his wife has some kind of a medical problem ? His friend has been so sad ever since his wife has cut him off . I am seriously considering doing it for him ...

A.   16 February 2017: My husband John and i are both kind caring considerate people and we both think that we have been put in this earth to help one another . In junior high school there was a very shy and awkward boy in my class who didn't have any friends at all . So ... (read in full...)

My LDR is in limbo. What should I do?

Q.   I'm writing this to gain clarity and ask for help on a seemingly complex situation that I find myself in. Last February I met a guy through common friends during a little party. We never really talked much. But a week later he contacted me on faceb...

A.   16 February 2017: Thank you HoneyPie! Those videos cracked me up! You're right I know what is going on! The thing is he comes back at a time when my anger has cooled off and I kind of take him in. That's my fault. I have blocked him already. Even my number is chan... (read in full...)

Is It Time To Ditch My Toxic Friend?

Q.   I've only known her for a few months, at the start she was OK but she has become nasty. She is always oneupping me in conversation. For example if I make a casual remark about how I like a dress or something, she'll be like "Oh that dress isn't for ...

A.   15 February 2017: @aunt honesty Thank you, sorry I haven't logged in for a few days. She does actually lie now that you mention it.. for example she said that she saw the girl we both know who "DOES invite her out to things" the other day and she invited her out to ... (read in full...)

She has helped me a lot through some difficult times. Would it be acceptable to send her flowers as a thank you?

Q.   I have a female friend who I have known since I was 4, she is the same age as me and although we lost contact for a number of years. We are back in contact. Whenever I had problems she always knew what to say and since being back in touch she has...

A.   15 February 2017: She received the flowers, but I think it has upset her, now I don't want to tell her it was me who sent them in case it ends our friendship. Thanks to everyone for their advice and support.... (read in full...)

Crazy obsessed women wants my man!

Q.   This lady had sex with my bf. They now share a kid together. She is obsessive over my bf. She is 10-11 years older than us. Recently she has stalked our Instagram a. But she blocked us but only unblocked my bf. I know she still wants my man. But I'm ...

A.   15 February 2017: I'm not obsessed or insecure.... (read in full...)

Is this sensitivity normal?

Q.   We had sex which was great. But he hadn't had sex for a year and his penis was ultra sensitive even for me to touch. I wanted to pull and squeeze his penis, I wanted to give him oral, but he stopped me, saying his penis is too sensitive? Is this ...

A.   15 February 2017: Thanks WiseOwlE, yes first time us together having sex, however we both enjoyed it to return for more to come, it seems we are 'in a relationship' now (his words) however, I will ask as you suggest, if he prefers not to have oral, I don't intend to ... (read in full...)

Our LDR is stalling after 3 years. Do I stay with him, or look for someone else?

Q.   I`ve been in relationship with someone for 3 years. I want to settle down and enjoy life together but he's happy the way it is We don't live together. We live 50 miles away from each other. I'm 50 now i want someone to grow old with and share ...

A.   14 February 2017: Thankyou all for your advice i dont drive so have to rely on busses and the train.I did`nt start dating until i was 42 when i was younger i was too shy and quiet then i looked after my dad after my mam died.I felt like i was ready to find someone to ... (read in full...)

Should I tell my wife I've been visiting massage parlours?

Q.   I'm a married man in my early 50s with a big secret. I've developed a habit of visiting massage parlours and receiving massages that end with sexual stimulation and orgasm. This started a few months ago and I love the excitement of headin...

A.   14 February 2017: Just to follow up on this, and to thank you for your replies. I've decided (a) not to tell my wife about the visits, and (b) to stop the visits to massage parlours. I haven't been to one since I posted the original question. Maybe it was something I ... (read in full...)

It shouldn't be this difficult only 6 weeks into a relationship

Q.   recently started a new relationship we've been together now around 6 weeks. he's 40 I'm 32 and we both work together. we've known each other for around 6 years now but we were always both in different relationships until recently. so at the ...

A.   13 February 2017: thanks for the replies I appreciate the advice. from the day I wrote that until today things are still as bad worse even he's even colder than he was. I have sought help for my previous issues and am currently on a waiting list for counseling. the ... (read in full...)

She made me wait until marriage for sex, but we are now married and still no sex!

Q.   I know these questions get asked plenty of times - and I know there is no cut and dry answer, but here is my story. I'm 34 years old and my wife of 5 years is 24. She wanted to wait until marriage to have sex which was more than fine for me seei...

A.   13 February 2017: Thank you for your thought out response, it is much appreciated!! I've thought about counseling before, but honestly scared to go through with it as I know the only thing that can change is either my own thoughts or her actions. But I guess the ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend looks up his ex on facebook and then looks at porn. I don't like this!

Q.   Rcently my boyfriend gave me his facebook password because he had been flirting with girls and ex girlfriends in the past and it drove a wedge between us. We got over that after I deactivated my facebook so I couldn't see what he was doing and so ...

A.   13 February 2017: Hey guys! Thank you all for kindly taking some time out to reply to my post, I really appreciate it! Thank you for the compliment @Goo and big hugs to you too! Oh and to the Anonymous Male trying to make puns out of my situation...seriously? I doubt ... (read in full...)

Our arguments often lead to physical altercations!

Q.   ive been in this relationship for about five months now and things are definitely not the way i thought they would be. I care deeply about this man but the communication is limited. We get into arguments which some end in physical altercations. Both ...

A.   12 February 2017:  As for the physical abuse. No i do not enjoy being restrained. When i try to leave he doesnt let me. He gets mad and pins me down sometimes pulls my hair. Yes i do hit him in hopes he'll get off me or let me go though that never works cause he only ... (read in full...)

He sent me a happy birthday text then unblocked me. Is this a good sign?

Q.   Just wanted a few opinions I had a huge falling out with a guy I was close friends with We didn't talk for a long time bar the sporadic text So he messaged me happy birthday a few weeks ago and I noticed this week has unblocked me from a mes...

A.   12 February 2017: Hi guys thanks for replying Sorry should have made it clear He wished me happy birthday via whatapp There's. a communications system via internet he. Blocked Me on but I saw he's now unblocked me... (read in full...)

I'm not sure if I should start dating again right after a break up!

Q.   I have posted before about my long distance relationship. I believe it has come to an end as the guy told me he wasn't ready, wanted to be single and told me not to wait for him. For the last week I have been completely devastated and tried ...

A.   12 February 2017: No worries, he doesn't know where I live. I don't find it creepy because he never said anything perverted and I can just feel that he isn't just trying to get in my pants, actually kinda flattering. I have had many creeps and he doesn't give off ... (read in full...)

Do I tell my best friend how I feel and risk messing everything up?

Q.   Hi I'm a bi guy who is falling quite literal for my best. Friend. He's st8 as far as I know but we hang out together a lot I'm best friends with him and his younger brother I really don't know what to do and it's killing me. Do I tell him and risk...

A.   11 February 2017: We'll I. Nearly did it picked up the courage and asked him what he was doing on valentines day. His answer will be spending it together won't we I stammers and said sure if you want to do that it's fine with me. I don't know weather it's a date ... (read in full...)

I'm still in love with my ex! We talk all the time and I just can't move on. Advice?

Q.   I had been dating this guy who I met online back 2014, we talked FOREVER and got to know each other so well, we got along, we agreed on everything, he was perfect for me.. He admitted he loved me over the phone (during those 5am calls that lasted 10 ...

A.   11 February 2017: So little update: we got back together, he moved back and we were great.... for the first 3 weeks. he then kept cancelling plans. ignoring my texts and calls, smoking weed and doing god knows whatever else. Skyping some other girl who lives in ... (read in full...)

I like her but she is a prositute, how can I get her to leave that work?

Q.   Please help me. I have been in hiding wishing there was someone to love me with true heart. I am searching a true and honest woman to be my good friend and possibly marry her if God decide we should be together. I am tired of boy and girl friend ...

A.   11 February 2017: Thanks for the advice, we can only be good friends and nothing behind it........ (read in full...)

My married boyfriend is interacting less with me and he seems depressed. Do you think he wants to cut ties with me?

Q.   My boyfriend is married and we've been dating for quite sometime. His wife got to know about me and tried to get me to confess, which I avoided somehow. He says that he would divorce her as they don't have any sort of bonding (they don't have any ...

A.   11 February 2017: Thank you, everyone. I will take your suggestions into consideration before taking any sort of decision. ... (read in full...)

How can manage to be less idealistic in this situation? I accidentally idealize my LDR partner and get disappointed when my expectations don't mesh with reality

Q.   I'm in a long distance relationship which is hard because in his absence, I fill in the gaps of who I think he is or what he's like from memory and my memory is always more rosy than reality. Like right now I just think he's the greatest I want to ...

A.   11 February 2017: I can clarify a couple of things. I have known him since 2013, when I was in a long term relationship. I broke up with that guy in 2014, and dated other people around 2 years, but seeing my now-bf every so often. During that 2 year period of dating ... (read in full...)

I thought we shared values. Have I read her wrongly?

Q.   There's a young lady that I've been interested in for the past 4 month and it was very clear she was into me before we got separated during a one month (December to January) college break. I'm pretty sure she knows that I was into her but I didn't ...

A.   11 February 2017: What did she say or do that made it clear she was into you? It was very obvious, her friends and my friends knew. It's was also evident through the texts she was sending me. Do you feel hand holding is reserved for people who are committed on... (read in full...)

Did we get together too soon after his break up?

Q.   Hi, I started dating my boyfriend in Feb 16. He had just come out of a long term relationship. He says that although he loved his previous GF ( she was the longest he had ever dated anyone) it was a very rocky relationship. Only thing is we got...

A.   10 February 2017: Thanks for all the replies so far. I think he would get back with her in a heartbeat if she would let him. I think it's her that stops it not him.... (read in full...)

Any success stories you had about being a hopeless dater to finally having love?

Q.   I've been interested in a guy who I like very much, yet the feeling is not mutual. I recently found out he has a girlfriend and she has pictures of them together doing all these amazing things, meeting family, going on trips; I want to have what she ...

A.   10 February 2017: Wow, thanks for your thoughtful and caring answer, Wise Owl. I definitely am glad to have gotten some kind of reassurance and am glad that someone understands how I feel. God bless and keep being awesome!... (read in full...)

I saw a condom in his wallet and now it's gone!

Q.   I am in a very deep pain. And I have no where to go and ask. Please help. I am married for 15 years. I have three kids. I saw a condom in my husband wallet when he went on a trip to New York with his friends. How i found out was Taking out money fo...

A.   9 February 2017: Okay yea I had the same question in my mind she knows how to do those massages if she is willing to teach me. I am waiting for the gps. And I don't know if its normal to take showers after massages because there are quiet a lot of time when he comes ... (read in full...)

I fear I'll regret breaking up with him

Q.   I want to break up with my boyfriend of 2 years but I'm worried I'll regret it. I love him a lot and I don't even know if this is the right choice or not. He's nice sometimes and used to make me happy all of the time for the first year, but now ...

A.   9 February 2017: I'm still with him because I can't bare to leave him because I really do love him but everything has just gotten worse, he doesn't like me looking at his friends because I'm so ugly, and he gets angry if I want to go home or not come over but I can'... (read in full...)

My boyfriend doesn't want me going out with male friends for drinks

Q.   Am I in the wrong ? After recently starting uni I made a small group of three male friends whom I worked on an assessment with and we automatically became friends. We are all older than the normal uni starting age so its nice to have someone on ...

A.   8 February 2017: Thank you everyone for your replies and responses. the suggestion of us all going with our partners for a drink has been raised and ive told him that he would really get on well with them but that went down like a led balloon. thanks again!... (read in full...)

My husband can't see the problems with his ex wife ...

Q.   My husband and his ex have not spoken in years because of all the trouble she caused at the beginning of our relationship. She called begging him to come sleep with her, she kept asking to come over claiming she needed closure (she was the one who ...

A.   8 February 2017: "...maybe he just wants her to see that he is happy now (with you) from his photos, and get satisfaction from that knowledge." I really hadn't looked at it that way but that does make me feel better. He never ran to her when she came calling... (read in full...)

Concerned about my sex life and I need some advice

Q.   I have been in a relationship with my now fiance' for 2 1/2 years. Our sex life was great until we moved in with each other 1 year ago. I am not sure what but something changed. I have been open and honest about my feelings and my need, she says she ...

A.   8 February 2017: Thank you everyone for your responses it is appreciated.. We have talked several times since I posted this question and we seem to be on the same page and she has promised to work on this we have clearly determined my sex drive is higher but she is ... (read in full...)

He's verbally abusive. Consequences of leaving him concern me. Why do I seem to have the worst luck with men ? ??

Q.   what am I meant to do? how am I meant to feel? what do I do? I ask these questions and I'm not even sure If they are the right questions to ask!! I have no one in my life that I can talk to about any of this. I'm feel alone and need to feel lik...

A.   8 February 2017: male anonymous.. My dad was the only parent in my life. thank you for your replies and thoughts its an eye awakener to know I'm not the only one who thinks this is wrong, thank you.... (read in full...)

Should I tell the parents of my daughter's boyfriend that their son aged 17 is having sex with my 16 year old daughter?

Q.   My 16 year old daughter revealed to me a little over a month ago that she and her 17 year old boyfriend have had sex. They have been dating for two years and I support their relationship and like her boyfriend a lot, so I am not really surprise...

A.   8 February 2017: Thank you for everyone's responses.... i feel a lot better now. I was definitely leaning towards not telling his parents in the first place, as I do believe that he is old enough to make these decisions and he is also of legal consenting age. The ... (read in full...)

Isn't this cheating? I'm distraught and stunned that he visited at least three mens' homes to masturbate

Q.   I just found out my husband of 23 years, who has not had relations with me by his own accord for 12 years, more than half of my marriage, has been registered on gay and swinger websites. I found out all this on my own and have filed for divorce....

A.   7 February 2017: Dear Female reader, anonymous, writes (6 February 2017) Wow....Thank you for your shocking truth. My daughter accesses the situation as you but to hear it from someone who is not related is a real eye-opener. Yes, everything you say is very tru... (read in full...)

Now the grief about our broken relationship is starting to hurt me. what should I do?

Q.   3 months ago my ex boyfriend left me after my miscarriage. He said he don't want to be in a long distance relationship and because my career is not stable so he don't see any future with me . He don't know how to give me any emotional suppor...

A.   7 February 2017: Will he ever realize what he did to me on his own ?.. how horrible he was to me ?..I never blamed him for anything he still thinks he was too good for me. ... (read in full...)

Is there slightly more creative way of surprising her with these books, other than handing her the present and saying Happy Birthday?

Q.   Not really a relationship question but any help is appreciated. Recently A Series of Unfortunate Events has made it's way onto Netflix and I have a female friend who absolutely loved it. She and I both share a particular liking for th...

A.   7 February 2017: Agreed. If your intentions are purely and truly platonic and friendly then there should be nothing to worry about. If the other person misinterprets the gesture then I really don't feel it's the fault of the gift giver. And like I said, I feel that ... (read in full...)

What's happening to me? Despite his disrespectful approach, why would I start to enjoy being disrespected?

Q.   I know reading my post, my age is going to be the first thing you would all look at. Can't she be wise? At her age?? I have reached a point in my life where I am so tired of being disrespected that I have started seeing it as a normal occurrenc...

A.   6 February 2017: @mystiquek the man who sent me his pic is 37 years old, the other guys were between ages 25 and 34. They are not withing my age range. I met most of them through facebook and I cannot delete my facebook page because of them. Maybe I would just take ... (read in full...)

My housemate has "Issues"and is getting on my nerves..She is too clingy. What To Do?

Q.   We're the same age and I didn't know her before I moved in (I replaced another girl). I've been here since the New Year. There are two other guys here but they keep themselves to themselves. She's a student from China (I work), and though I hav...

A.   6 February 2017: Thank you for the advice =) sorry I didn't realise there weren't email notifications so the late reply. Update: I have put my foot down more or just not replied to her texts and its working in that she doesn't text me any more. However, she's now ... (read in full...)

Signals I'm getting make me question my next move

Q.   Dearcupid. Help me to solve this problem before it is too late. Don't get it twisted. My cousin sister introduce me to her friend for a relationship that could lead to marriage. Me and her met at the restaurant to relax and to explain more about us. ...

A.   6 February 2017: My cousin brother spoke to me and said if I want to marry her that I should go ahead and marry because he don't want to delay the girl in marriage. he simply not ready. ... (read in full...)

Should I continue the contact with my LDR friend, or cut the contact?

Q.   Hi..We've known each other,and been on an LDR,for 5 months. We've met 3 times in person. A few days ago, he told me he considers me more of a intimate friend, while not being in love with me - he says he needs time. I have stronger feelings t...

A.   6 February 2017: Hi again..Thanks for the thoughtful response. I'm sorry to hear about that. I wish you well.... (read in full...)

Boyfriend's behaviour is so upsetting

Q.   My boyfriend is depressed lately, due to his abusive relationship with his father (who is visiting for a few months). My boyfriend is really really depressed lately. He said he wants to get some space. I agreed, but have been going through hell...

A.   6 February 2017: Thank you for your quick responses! I find it difficult to bring up the topics about us and him giving me time. I don't want to trigger a fight as I've already tried to talk to him about this but the mental torture he's going through, it make... (read in full...)

Does this indicate there is possibly another woman? Red flag!

Q.   I'm really bothered with my boyfriend, cause I really don’t know if I can take his word or not anymore, he told me that I can stay over the weekend in his apartment in the city, in fact, he has said it many times, the times I have traveled to see ...

A.   5 February 2017:  Yeah,it would have been a great idea to show up and see what he is really up to-, to me is weird, since I have seen his messy place the other times that I have gone there, that's not new to me, the problem is that I have told him in his face that... (read in full...)

Its awkward at work and I am considering quitting!

Q.   Months ago I made mistake of expressing interest in a work colleague by giving him my number but he never called/texted then exaggerated/lied as to why he didn't call.I felt little embarrassed but no big deal.I tried to be still friendly and ...

A.   4 February 2017: Thank you guys for your insights. I actually prefer this new place as it is newer building and things are more organized than the place I'm currently working. I would just prefer to start fresh and stay long-tern at this new place As for now I'm ... (read in full...)

How can I make her realize that her psychotic friend will always ditch her and make her feel worse

Q.   Hey people... So, I'm gonna get straight to the point and try to make it short. I literally can't stand my girlfriend's best friend. Apparently before we got together they bonded on this amazing-like relationship and could speak abo...

A.   3 February 2017: Exactly, I've kept neutral and just supported her, but it's tough to go through the same dance every third day of 4 hours where she's unhappy about her friend... It's been on and off like that for 3 months... But I've just supported her when she... (read in full...)

Ladies what would you suggest? She's caught my eye. But I'm not sure what my next move should be.

Q.   This will seem funny for a 34 year old man to be seeking advice on. Basically, I go to the same shop a few times a week. There is a lady works there who has really caught my eye, whenever she is there when I go in, I get butterflies and feel...

A.   3 February 2017: Update on situation: So I've still being going to the shop (not to stalk her,I need milk and bread often. Haha) Anyway, I was in shop and couldn't find eggs. I went and asked her and she took me to them then she laughed and said even she gets ... (read in full...)

Should I dump uni' for a small screen role?

Q.   Hi everybody, I have a difficult decision to make. I am a student at uni studying accountancy. About half a year ago I suffered a nervous breakdown and was allowed to take break from my studies. I was experiencing a deep depression and took this ...

A.   2 February 2017: Thanks everybody for your opinions. I just came back from his office. Just wanted to let you know that I have actually rejected their offer as I felt they were objectifying women. The contract requires me to lose 6 kilos of weight before filming b... (read in full...)

I wasn't ready for sex so he hasn't talked to me for two weeks!

Q.   my boyfriend hasn't spoken to me for two weeks..he suddenly went silent after we argued over the fact that I wasn't ready for sex .we have only gone out for almost a month.I like him but I don't want to base my relationship on I call him ...

A.   2 February 2017: wow....thanks alot guys...with all your answers I now nkow am right...he even tried to give me the "I am ready to marry you anytime talk" but I guess he forgot am past 16 ...I now get the fact that he is just a manipulator...I hope someday I will ... (read in full...)

I don’t want to lose either of them. Please advise what I should do?

Q.   I have been in a very serious and committed relationship for 5 years. I wasn't sure of our relationship but i realized that I really love my guy. we have had our share of fights but we are still strong and we have our fair share of restrict...

A.   1 February 2017: Well i am not spending time alone with this guy at all during lunch as i have about 5 more friends with us and we are always hanging out in a clique at office. True i did have feelings for this guy at one point but that was a period where i was ha... (read in full...)

I still haven't met his teenage daughter after a year of dating and I'm tired of feeling like a mistress

Q.   Hi everyone! I've been dating my BF for over a year now and he has a 14 told daughter. last year, two months into our relationship, he suddenly disappears for 2 months without even a text or a call. Although I had just started to date him, I w...

A.   1 February 2017: Appreciate all the love and the support :)... (read in full...)

I'm a sex addict and now my boyfriend is angry and withholding sex from me

Q.   Hi all. Im stuck in a situation that is difficult for me to talk about due to embarrassment. Im a sex addict and have been dating the same man for going on 5 years now. At first, our sex life was incredible. I thanked god for sending me a man that ...

A.   31 January 2017: I started to think that maybe he doesn't understand how with holding effects me. So I made an example experiment with his needs. He smokes & drinks. So 1 day I grabbed his cigarette pack & lighter & had them in my control. I flaunted the cigarettes ... (read in full...)

Do I have a realistic chance with her?

Q.   So, here's the situation: there's a girl I've known about 8 eights that I've just received starting seeing as more than a friend. I met her at church about 8 years ago and we weren't especially close then. She went off to school and I saw her very ...

A.   31 January 2017: Thank you all for your honesty. Seeing this in writing, I realize I may have been premature in thinking this would work out. I guess I was so eager for someone to see me that way that I was willing to ignore the lack of compatibility we would ... (read in full...)

I like masturbating in places where I might get caught

Q.   I have a problem and I know it's wrong but I can't stop doing it...please help. I masturbate a lot, which I guess is not that bad, but I like doing it in situations when I might get caught. Or I intentionally don't clean up probably as it g...

A.   30 January 2017: You are right! Thank you for the reply. I think I will look into therapy ... (read in full...)

Why would my co-worker buy me coffee and a muffin?

Q.   Today one of my coworkers that I'm friendly with surprised me with coffee and muffin from a fast food place. I normally get to work an hour early because parking spaces are scarce--first come first serve. When I arrived, he came to my window and...

A.   30 January 2017: just to clarify.. He said he always sees me sleeping in my car before work.I have to arrive at least more than hour early before my shift starts because the parking spots are scarce at my work...first come first serve. If you get there too late , ... (read in full...)

My mother in law walked in on me naked. I put some clothing on. But should I try not to be concerened? My M-in-Law wasn't bothered at all.

Q.   My wife and I are currently on vacation and staying at my mother in laws house for a week. Last night my mother in law walked into my bed room as I stepped out of the the bathroom. I was completely naked. She did not seem at all bothered by ...

A.   30 January 2017: Thank you for all of your answers, they are all valued. ... (read in full...)

I want a prettier girlfriend who cares about being fit and healthy. What do I need to do?

Q.   I want a prettier girlfriend. I've been with mine for a few years now and it seems wrong to leave. I love her but the lack of effort (exercise counts) is making me less attracted to her. Bringing it up makes me the bad guy. What should I do?...

A.   30 January 2017: This should answer a few questions: 1.) I am a litigation attorney and I look the part. I've been working to be more attractive so I can win cases and it has worked. I'm busting my ass to get my body in shape, and it's getting pretty close. ... (read in full...)

I'm mostly gay and attracted to men. But why do I have a different perspective when watching male with a female porn? What should I do about this?

Q.   Hi there. I'm in mid-30s. Physically/sexually speaking I'm mostly gay-I lust after male body,and seek them for sex. I rarely find girls sexually attractive. However, when I watch straight porn, the girl there turns me on a lot, and I desire to be...

A.   29 January 2017: Thanks for the input. I tried it with females a couple of times..Though I may get erect through cuddling, I lose interest quickly. And they, in turn, rightfully lose interest in me, too.... (read in full...)

How can I make this work, with her? We both need to lose weight, but her motivation is waning.

Q.   I want to be fit. I want that for my girlfriend too. So does she. She complains about how clothes look on her. She is very attractive but could be in better shape. Obviously, I’m on board. She is all talk but little action. I tried to make i...

A.   29 January 2017: UPDATE: I'm doing pretty well now on my workout plan, but she's still not doing anything. There's always an excuse for why not, and if I bring that up I'm being "insensitive" and there's a fight. Last year the excuse was school, recently it was a ... (read in full...)

Christmas gift gone wrong

Q.   For Christmas this year, my BF got me a weekend at a winery with tour, tasting, and live music. We were so excited to get away for the weekend. I was almost in tears over such a thoughtful gift. It was our first Christmas together and the 1st ...

A.   28 January 2017: Hi- OP here. We were able to reschedule the trip for the Spring. You were all right- being there for him was more important! Thanks for the help!... (read in full...)

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