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How soon should I contact her for a 2nd date after a great first date?

Q.   Hi , I'm a single professional guy of age 40. I met a cute/beautiful woman ( she is about 37) at a food meetup about 3 weeks back ( it was a group setting) I was sitting diagonally across he and we chatted quite a bit. I was definitely interest...

A.   22 February 2018: @Honeypie : She did mention during the date, that she would like to pay next time because she didn't have small money for the tip ( initially she wanted to pay for the tip and I agreed and then she didn't have small money and then I told her "Don't ... (read in full...)

I hate sex with my husband!

Q.   OMG. I hate sex with my husband. It was always not great but I thought it would improve over time. I love him very much and I didn’t think that was a reason to break up before we got married. I’ve never discussed this with anyone.A...

A.   22 February 2018: I really don’t have any buried resentments! I can’t even fake any. I am really pretty honest about my feelings and I would say so. I have no problem speaking up and saying how I feel but I do HATE repeating myself so I won’t keep saying the same ... (read in full...)

How soon is too soon to fall in love?

Q.   I met a guy we're both in our 30s. He gave me his number once, i never called him and then a couple weeks later he approached me agian, we exchanged numbers and talked/texted all day. I think he's cool! The next day he asked me out. I said i wanted ...

A.   21 February 2018: Him offering women gifts or sharing his wealth maybe a tactic that he uses to get women. I'm sure most women would be all over that. A wealthy guy, who claims to have enough head over heels for you and give you anything you wanted. It's been a month ... (read in full...)

My husband has hidden stashes of Cialis, separate bills and now I found what looks like he may have bought jewelry. What is going on??

Q.   A few years ago, I found a hidden stash of Cialis in my husband's suit pocket hanging in the closet. I felt and heard it when I was putting his laundry away. I never said anything because I didn't want to embarrass him. But, then I found a stash in ...

A.   21 February 2018: To update, I just discovered one of the boxes of Cialis is missing from under the sink. The only answer is he's taking them to work in his briefcase again. From what I read about Cialis, it starts working 30 minutes to two hours after ingestion. ... (read in full...)

A relationship with an attached man is making me feel so sad?

Q.   I've been seeing a man who lives with his baby mama for a year and I've fallen head over heals in love with him.He told me that he was in the process of leaving her and they are not really together but idk..He still live her a year later with no ...

A.   20 February 2018: He is an Executive director so he just works around his schedule on his meetings he has to attend etc...that's what I meant by flexible Furthermore, I got involved with him because he told me they were in the process of living separately but w... (read in full...)

Do I message my crush?

Q.   I am single and have a big crush on a local comedian infact my ex and I would often go and watch him at the comedy club. I started to follow him on Instagram and he followed me back. I have 'liked a few of his pics and he 'liked' one of mine. It...

A.   20 February 2018: So He posted a dog pic I put a comment on it and I got no reply. Ha. So there you go :( atleast I know... (read in full...)

How do I approach my very religious and conservative parents about my clothes?

Q.   Hello! I wrote in about my parents before and I updated what their problem was and I am having another issue. This one is actual clothes. My parents, especially my mother, are really worried I’ll end up re-doing my whole wardrobe since I got all ...

A.   19 February 2018: Its a little late in the year/semester, but I discovered that the campus clinic offers FREE counseling for students. I explained to the nurse practitioner (when I had a sinus thing sorry to be graphic) that I was afraid my parents would find out if ... (read in full...)

I love him, but his deception can’t go on!

Q.   Hi Aunts! I'm 29 years old and in an alleged relationship with a married man for the last one and a half year. It wasn't intended to happen cause we were only friends, but developed nonetheless. At first, he kept his marital status a secret from me....

A.   19 February 2018: You're absolutely correct, WiseOwl. We both are in the same profession, but he works for a different firm. And he's been generous with recommendations and everything. I didn't know that he was married as I met him at a national conference when I ... (read in full...)

How do I deal with my very difficult father?

Q.   My father is emotionally distant and is never respectful of me and my mother in public.As a father, He has never attended any of school events, has never allowed me to bring home friends, was emotionally unavailable all through my childhood. I ...

A.   18 February 2018: Sorry male reader anon- you clearly had an option not to answer this question!!! I am simply requesting an opinion from aunts and uncles and requesting them not to be brutal in the process. You seem to have misconceptions about this forum that you ... (read in full...)

We text and fight, then meet, make up then make out! Now he wants to be just friends?

Q.   My boyfriend and I am in relationship from 4 months,we fight alot on texts.Almost every week we decide to break up.But when we meet, we just kiss amd make out ,there is no fight at all.Now again after fight he wants to be only friends.Will we be ...

A.   17 February 2018: Thank you for your replies , Iam feeling alot better.You are right I should not waste time.But the problem is he is classmate , How should I deal with him?... (read in full...)

My husband doesn't understand how important my sister is to me.

Q.   My husband recently lost his job. I told my sister immediately. My husband is now angry at me and said I should have asked if he wants me to make it public. I told him he cannot control me and that I share everything with my sister and also that my ...

A.   16 February 2018: OP here: thanks all. I’ve been very selfish and I’ll make it up to him. I just think he’s someone who’s never had a real family and so doesn’t understand that sharing with my sister is not bad. But if he doesn’t like it, I won’t. ... (read in full...)

Do men catch feelings from having sex?

Q.   Do men catch feelings from having sex? I ask because I was talking to my best friend the other day and she said that she and the guy she is seeing, wants t stop having sex with her because he doesn't want to get too attached. she didn't understan...

A.   16 February 2018: @aunthonesty i understand what you are saying, but i never heard of a man stopping sex with a woman because of feelings.... men love sex and ... (read in full...)

As much as it hurts badly do I need to cut guy 1 off to give myaelf time to get over him? And focus on guy 2?

Q.   Dear Cupids! I am torn between two men in my life. Guy 1 and I dated for 7 months then he had to go back to Greece as his contract for work ended. Now we still chat long distantly it was hard and I broke it off with him. We still talk via Skype a...

A.   16 February 2018: Hi ladies thank you for your honest responses! As of yesterday I told guy 1 that I need my space and he agreed to give it to me and to be honest I feel much better after making that decision. I just woke up and found a text from my ex though j... (read in full...)

Managers do not think I am doing a good job but now are ignoring me

Q.   Hi I started a new job just a month ago into what i thought would be a good job. A few days ago i was called into a meeting with 2 of my female managers to check my progress, and the first thing they told me was ive been doing poor in my wo...

A.   15 February 2018: I forgot to update this one, so here goes! i ended up leaving this company and its incompetent managers a few weeks later! it was mutually agreed (apparantly this silly company had a huge turnover in staff because of poor management) Hardly a ... (read in full...)

Why does my partner bring up my ex?

Q.   Why does my partner bring up my ex? This will happen if she wishes to upset me in an arguement or even from right out of nowhere; which can be particularly problematic. I have told my partner that I really dont want to talk about her. I have reas...

A.   14 February 2018: Hi guys. I have found the pattern in all of this. My partner uses this particular behaviour when something is seriously stressing me. When I am brought emotionally low by something, she seems to sense that. I dont think she is enjoying that I have a ... (read in full...)

My husband spends more time with his female co worker than he does with me.

Q.   My husband has a female coworker that he has been friends with for a while. They go out to lunch together and text each other here and there. I’ve never had a problem with this, I have male coworkers that I am friends with as well. My problem is ...

A.   14 February 2018: Thank you all for the advice. We talked last night and I said something about him not even apologizing for treating me like this and he basically told me he hasn’t done anything wrong, so why apologize? WTF??!!?? So I told him calmly, but firmly ... (read in full...)

Can a relationship that started out purely for sexual hookups actually amount to more.

Q.   A year ago I started a purely sexual relationship with a friend of my ex bfs. We had both just gotten out of relationship so we were only looking for a hookup. It was suppose to be a one time thing but turned into regular hookups. They were amazing ...

A.   14 February 2018: I have to admit that in the beginning part of it was to get back at my ex the other part was to have sex. A few times during the hook ups I would start to feel something but I would shut those feelings off quickly because we had agreed it was a sex ... (read in full...)

I think my personal trainer is crushing on me

Q.   Hey guys! So I've recently joined a gym that was recommended by a personal trainer who works there and bought a guitar from me. I started regularly going to his fun classes and then he decided to give me some one on one training as we would weight ...

A.   14 February 2018: Hey all! Thanks for the replies, him and I are dating now :) it turns out he actually did think I was taken lol ... (read in full...)

What support and advice can I give to my friend who has been trying to break up with her married lover? He does not want to let her go.

Q.   so my best friend is involved with this married man. she is very naive and had just spent the last 3 years healing from a very bad emotional abusive relationship. she joined the military as an officer and at her first duty station, she was paired w...

A.   13 February 2018: @cindycares i think the why is moreso for her sense of closure. Since we both know that she will never get it from him (even if he did muster up something, we could never know the truth based on his lying history) I think she needs some kind of ... (read in full...)

What on earth do I need to fix in me to set myself free?

Q.   Hi people, I am trying to work out what on earth is wrong with me at the moment. I've had two important relationships over a 35year period, the last was a marriage, 13 years ago and ended due to his infidelity. Prior to my marriage, (15 yrs prio...

A.   12 February 2018: Thank you, excellent post and advice. It seems that things have now hit a brick wall in any case and the man in question has fired up numerous nasty and abusive texts, clearly my niggles were justified in thinking something might be up with his ... (read in full...)

I’m not comfortable with my boyfriend’s contact with a woman I’ve never met, and don’t think knows he has a girlfriend!

Q.   I have an odd situation going on here, i am with my bf for 3 years and one if his female friend whom I never met calls him to ask whether he would do a minor fix in her car. Of course my bf being so nicr said fine. When she vistied his house th...

A.   12 February 2018: No i don't assume anything wrong going on between them, i just didn't feel comfortable her cooking for him. But anyhow he is not picking my call or responding. May be i overblown it or it is what is it. I just to have wait for him to get back to me ... (read in full...)

How do you trust someone?

Q.   Please answer the mysterious question, how to trust someone? I have been in a relationship for a little over a year and we live together. I love him so much; however, I have moments where I am ridiculously jealous and insecure. I react in ways th...

A.   10 February 2018: Thank you for your responses. You both shed light on things that I need to change. WiseOwlE when I say my psychologist has done wonders, i only mean that now I can see and understand the problem which stem from deep emotional components grow... (read in full...)

I cheated and I stay because I think I owe him

Q.   (Mod note: based on your follow ups you are in an abusive relationship and require assistance beyond the scope of this site. Please contact the organization provided by the last post. This question is being closed now.) This is going to be a long one...

A.   9 February 2018: May I state that that time was the first time that I have ever hit him... and may I state that I stayed with him for the children because I have grown up I. A family where my dad left my mum when I was four I have never been in a happy family and ... (read in full...)

Is my friend jealous?

Q.   Hey aunts! Can someone explain what’s wrong with my friend? We met in high school and we became really close. She always had boyfriends but I was always the single friend. So as time went on she got into a two year relationship while I got my 1st b...

A.   8 February 2018: Honeypie- She do not know my boyfriend. And I understand about calling her out about her remarks, but I thought friends be happy for each other? She use to brag about her relationship, but she stopped when she found out her boyfriend cheated on her. ... (read in full...)

Gay friend is sending mixed signals to me playing hot and cold

Q.   So I have this friend. It's always been at the brink of evolving into a friendship but never really does because our personalities are different. This friend on the surface is very sweet and nice but when in club context he sometimes used to come on ...

A.   5 February 2018: anyone?... (read in full...)

I feel I shouldn't move in til he sorts his children's visitation issue.

Q.   I have been dating my bf for 2 years now. we live separately for the moment he has his home and I have mine. He has asked me to move in his home but, I have declined at the moment for this story I will tell. he has 3 children 9,10 and 18. I have ...

A.   5 February 2018: hello again... thank you for your response . Just another update my bf went for his children this past weekend visits started on Friday at 6pm. they declined to come this day again they are 8 and 11 . The ex will not force them as she has said many ... (read in full...)

Advice needed - break up or work through it?

Q.   Hi, I've in my late 20's and I've been with my girlfriend for a year and a half. I love her and she is an amazing woman but our relationship has recently taken a lot of hits and it's affecting both of our happiness. To the point, we are both seri...

A.   4 February 2018: WiseOwlE Thank you for your response, and I can relate to a lot of what you have said. You are right, we can be flexible when dating or outside of marriage but things do get complicated when marriage on the cards because this is the person th... (read in full...)

How do I convince my parents that I'm an adult? They have my entire college schedule mapped out and a GPS on my phone!

Q.   I'm new in here and I've tried to help others and so far I hope I'm doing a good job. But now, I need some advice on how to convince my parents that I am an adult and deserve more privacy and freedom. I'm a college student and to be honest, I'...

A.   3 February 2018: I realized that my mother’s problem with the underwear thing is twofold: she likes all white everything because you can bleach it, she likes granny panties and sports bras with undershirts because there’s more coverage and I’m heavy-chested and ... (read in full...)

I didn't realise being a bridesmaid would mean so much pre wedding work!

Q.   Hi folks, I’m looking for some help working out if I’m being unreasonable; if my friend is; or if it’s a bit of both. So basically my friend is getting married in August and I’m going to be a bridesmaid. That’s all fine, but the problem is she s...

A.   3 February 2018: Thanks everyone for your advice, it’s appreciated. Just to clarify, as I said in my original post I don’t mind helping out. Not at all. But she’s not just looking for help she’s looking for me to do most of it for her because she doesn’t know how... (read in full...)

My family wants me to forgive our dying father for the abuse but I can't!

Q.   Am I a demon for not caring that my dad is dying from cancer and i want nothin to do with it or him or those who care about it. I've posted about my dad with other accounts which I have deactivated. So I would just give a summary of what he did. ...

A.   31 January 2018: Thank you all for your comments including the ones I don't agree with because my mind is fixated. But i was under a lot of pressure to call him which I did. But the call ended abruptly and I called back once, there was no response. I was glad and I ... (read in full...)

Partner has been cheating with my best friend for the past five years.

Q.   Me and my girlfriend been together for over 9 years, only couple of days ago she dropped a bomb shell on me saying she’s been cheating on me with my best friend, my heart sunk, I was heart broken to be hearing this. We met in 2009 till now we still ...

A.   31 January 2018: I tbought Id clear it up. They assisted her in hiding it from me the whole time it was happening.... (read in full...)

My sister wont listen, when this guy takes her for everything I am not going to help her!

Q.   My sister met this so called great guy in November and put him in the friend bracket, so she said. February of 2017 after a short relationship with another guy didn’t work she started dating this so called great guy. In a week of dating she brought ...

A.   31 January 2018: Myself, my wife and the father got onto her about this and she told us this man has as much rights to the girls if she said so. To be honest the father picked up an assault charge behind it ( not the right way to handle it but we’ll understood) now ... (read in full...)

I'm depressed and lonely being married to a controlling husband

Q.   I’ve been married to my hisband for 5 years. I’m 38 he’s 36. I have not shared a room with him in a year I sleep on the couch he don’t seem to mind until it’s benefits him to throw it in my face. I have chronic illnesses that also exist when he ...

A.   31 January 2018: I agree I’ve suspected he was narcissistic my dr says I’m a codependent. I worked barley before I met him I was becoming more ill. I was staying with my mother . Currently fighting disability I suspect I’ve always been co dependent but this time ... (read in full...)

Three dates in and she does't want to kiss!

Q.   So I met a girl through Tinder and we went out for dinner. I'm 30 and she's 27. We hit it off really well. We talked for nearly 4 hours. She had a pretty bad cough though, and I didn't attempt any sort of physical contact except a brief touch of the ...

A.   31 January 2018: Thanks for your replies! I agree. I do believe she is just using me to have fun at my expense whenever she doesn't have anything better to do. Before I even posted this I asked if she'd like to go out to that nightclub she mentioned and she said ... (read in full...)

What are the odds of this girl getting pregnant?

Q.   Hello. I went out on a date with a young 26 year old lady that I met online, and things went pretty well. Anyways afterwards she invited me to her room and well we started making out and one thing lead to another and we ended up undressing and ...

A.   30 January 2018: Update: We talked last week and she came out and let me know that she is pregnant. I'm actually having dinner with her tonight to discuss the situation with her and see where it's going from there. Of course, I will definitely request a paternity ... (read in full...)

I'm 30 years old and my mother tries to rule my life!

Q.   I’m thirty years old and I don’t know how to deal with my mother anymore. She has been a fantastic mom to me, offering emotional support, taking care of me, making sure I’m okay, but lately I can’t stop fighting with her. And it’s always over...

A.   29 January 2018: Thank you all for your advice! I've decided to move out, it's for the best anyway. ... (read in full...)

I want to ask her to be my girlfriend but something is holding me back

Q.   I've recently been dating a lovely girl for the past 2 months but we haven't made it "official" so to speak. We'll call her Sofia. She's 25. We've dined together, slept together, taken pictures together, and text each other virtually every ...

A.   29 January 2018: Thanks for your advice! You were all correct. If I'm not head over heels for her, there is no reason I should ask her to be my girlfriend. I sent her texts for awhile and when she didn't respond that favorably to a text indicating we co... (read in full...)

Why do men keep long term affairs?

Q.   Why do men keep long term affairs? Those that last a year or more? In the end they end up going back to their wives. So I don’t get it. Do they develop feelings for the OP? Do they not love the wives? ...

A.   29 January 2018: I’m neither honey pie. I was just curious. Not married nor anyone’s sidekick. ... (read in full...)

I moved to be with my son and his family. They want me to leave, I'm miserable and don't have the money to leave

Q.   For years my son has been asking me to move to the state where he resides with his second wife her 4 children one which they share the other 3 has different fathers. One is handicapped severely. I had gone bankrupt and was a hair being evicted so I ...

A.   28 January 2018: Thank you so much, Billy Bathgate. Your information is very helpful.... (read in full...)

The thought of breaking up with my boyfriend is hard but I can't get the new girl out of my head

Q.   Hello! I have a sticky situation and need advice on what to do. My boyfriend and I have been together for roughly two years, we have had plenty of ups and downs during this time. He has been steadfast through each fight, though, as have I, u...

A.   28 January 2018: "I didn’t deny that he was right, because he wasn’t." ** EDIT: I didn't deny that he was right, because I knew that he was right.... (read in full...)

How do you feel ok with being single at 30?

Q.   How can you learn to be ok with being single at 30? I’m 30 and single, and I know I’m not the only one and that there are probably other single women out there my age or older. I’ve only had one relationship in my life that was “serious” (yr and a ...

A.   27 January 2018: I know that what I had wasn’t a formal relationship, but it was a sexual relationship nonetheless. I guess that’s what I miss the most about it and the bliss of knowing that even for a few hours he was choosing me over someone else. In the end it ... (read in full...)

Should I ask him if he's ever had sex with her?

Q.   Hi guys! Quick question.. I've been having a sexual relationship with a man for almost a year. We used to work together but we now both moved on to other jobs right after the first time we had sex. So here's the thing- Right before we had se...

A.   26 January 2018: I was very surprised by his comment about her being pretty for a black girl, but I could tell he didnt mean for it to come out that way. He know i'm half black, and apparently he likes bi-racial women. I guess he meant to say he is not physically ... (read in full...)

Turns out he is a friend of my ex'

Q.   Dear Cupid I have been speaking to someone online; he added me as a friend on Facebook. We have connected well and finally gave him my number. However, I have recently discovered, he is friends with my ex on Facebook. My guard has compl...

A.   26 January 2018: Ok, I don't think this man added me in knowing that "Bob" is my ex, I think that he added me recently, as we have other mutual friends. I was with "Bob" for 8 years close on and we have now been separated for 8 years. I just felt uncomfortab... (read in full...)

Was it wrong of me to intoduce him to my kids so soon?

Q.   I started dating my ex husband when I was 15, he was the only guy I dated. We got married shortly after high school and had five kids together. I love him but neither of us were really in love with each other for years but we had kids and we were ...

A.   26 January 2018:  eyeswideopen I 100% agree with you on the not dating thing. I had never planned to date for a few years. But once I was in the position things changed. I think it’s differnet because we were kinda prepared for the separation. Even though we didn’t ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend loves me, but can't trust me!

Q.   I've been dating my boyfriend for over two months. Things were going good, until I lied to him. I told him how I was married to my ex but he was helping me with a certain issue. (I cannot disclose, my boyfriend knows). And he was okay with it. I ...

A.   26 January 2018: Hey, thank you for all your responses! Things have improved a lot from before, I've been reflecting on why I did certain things and his reaction to things. I've gained a better understanding from before, and I can say now that his trust in me is ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend's mother is a little too involved in our relationship

Q.   Hey everyone wondering if anyone can offer some friendly advice on my situation. I've been with my boyfriend about a year and a half although we split in the summer for a couple months due to not getting on and silly little arguments. My boyfriend ...

A.   25 January 2018: Well I'm glad at least someone sees where I am coming from. I didn't think this was normal acceptable behaviour I certainly don't expect my parents to treat him this way and I'm sure they wouldn't. Yes I went to my dad for a second opinion and ... (read in full...)

He is very confused, should I give up?

Q.   Hello everyone, I'm 25 years old homosexual guy. two months ago I met a guy on Skype (who lives not so away from me). At first we talked like friends, but then we started flirting and now it seems that we like each other very much. we talk on Skype...

A.   25 January 2018: Thank you so much, that's really helpful. My expectations were too high, I became attached to this guy, and I hate that I need to let go and give up, but I guess I don't have a choise, cause he doesn't give me a chance. thanks again.... (read in full...)

A guy I was dating said how hot my sister was, and I dumped him the same night! Am I overreacting?

Q.   Hey, everyone. So I met a guy a few weeks ago and we have been on 3 dates total. I enjoyed my time with him and he's quirky in the way that he thinks and he can come off like an ass, not in a malicious way, but it intrigues me and he has treated me ...

A.   24 January 2018: I completely agree and have the same thinking pattern of the reader who said that he can't take back what he said, and that it will cause future insecurities at family events. He's made it known he is attracted to her as well, if not more by his ... (read in full...)

Should I try online dating to get dating experience or is it better for me to continue waiting to find the right guy?

Q.   I am 22 and never had a boyfriend before. Sometimes I get really sad and depressed, especially when I see women on social media with their bfs and dating while I am always alone and single. I don't really receive a lot of male attention/intere...

A.   24 January 2018: @WiseOwlE you say visibility helps but the problem is that when I go out, I never get hit on or flirted with. It makes me believe that I may never find someone even if I do go out. ... (read in full...)

Do I mean anything to him? Why is he with me if he doesn't see a future with us?

Q.   Some background: I (27 years old) have been seeing this man (33 years old) for four months now. We get along incredibly well and always have fun together. It is very comfortable when we are around each other and we naturally give off an impressi...

A.   24 January 2018: I totally agree with you all. Thank you for your advice. When he brings up the fact that he thinks we're at different stages of life, I have actually asked him previously "why then would you continue dating me?" and he has responded with, "Because I ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend shows no respect

Q.   I have been with my boyfriend for 8 months now and we have been practically living together since day one. First off he is a total momma's boy, which I have no problem with. But I know he will never out me first before her. My problem is that he ...

A.   22 January 2018: In my past I was abused and in the hospital, and cheated on regularly. At this point the assholes aren't too bad. And as for his mother, she always gets in the way and fills his head with lies about me. He puts her first and listens to her before ... (read in full...)

How do we build a lasting partnership?

Q.   Hi. I’m in my 40’s and recently started seeing a chap in his 50’s, who I knew over 20 years ago. There was always something there, but we were both attached to others, so lost touch. The spark was still there, when we bumped into each other. We ...

A.   22 January 2018: We do have common interests, such as cars and motorbikes. Aswell as other things. The thought of him makes me tingle, and as an ex nurse I’m aware of the chemicals that are released. We don’t head straight for the bedroom when we see each other. But ... (read in full...)

Why did he block me? Was it because I didn’t have sex with him?

Q.   Hey guys.. I randomly met this guy last week and as soon as I saw him, I liked him. He seemed shy and I could tell he was into me but I knew he wouldn't ask me out, so I did. He took my number and he asked me to dinner on Saturday. Well he knew how ...

A.   20 January 2018: I really dont know what his deal was.. He texted me again yesterday and offered to deliver my ring to me whenever I was available. It is a real diamond ring that I got for my birthday 6 months ago.. So I do want it back, but I honestly feel like if ... (read in full...)

I feel I owe this married man an apology

Q.   Hello Aunts, I met this man sometime in 2015 when i was on a temporal job in another state in the country. He is Married with a son. When we first met, he was attracted to me and we pretty get along so well. He dropped hints about dating me bu...

A.   20 January 2018: Thanks Aunts. I really know i made a terri le mistake and im glad we did not go beyond what we had. I only hanged on because we enjoyed each other's company and i was hoping we could just be Sexmates and nothing more. But he kept talking about Lo... (read in full...)

My girlfriend doesn't really communicate with me and I'm starting to doubt the viability of our relationship

Q.   My girlfriend and I have been talking since August, made things official in November and things are plodding along just fine...I think. I've been trying to have conversations with her to get her to open up to me about things that happen in her life, ...

A.   19 January 2018: Honeypie, I've known her for just about 6 years now. We share a friend group. But in that group, she and I know each other the least. We've liked each other for a long time now so I thought it'd be a quick road to familiarity, but it's not. She... (read in full...)

My girlfriend wants to do a boudoir photo shoot, help?

Q.   First of all, this is the first time I'm posting stuff like this on the internet, so excuse whatever mistakes I make, but I have literally nobody else to give me a single different perspective on this matter. Here goes: I've been with this girl o...

A.   18 January 2018: I want to thank everyone for the replies and the different perspectives on the matter. Every reply has been helpful.... (read in full...)

I’m feeling guilty for our breakup!

Q.   First of I was married for 7 years I have two boys they r young 3 and 7. I divorced my husband can give a straight reason we just didn’t get along couldn’t work as a team. It was like we where against each other all the time. He was depressed and I ...

A.   18 January 2018: I do love my ex always will but I don’t think he is the best choice for me. My children love there dad but they also see how well me and my boyfriend get along and my oldest even says he likes me with my bf because he isn’t grumpy all the time. I ... (read in full...)

Do we ever stop dreaming about our ex boyfriends?

Q.   Why can’t I stop having dreams of my ex boyfriend? It’s been two years since we broke up and with a good reason. Why can’t I just forget about him like I have with my other bfs? Is it because I dated him the longest? ...

A.   17 January 2018: It is by night dreaming. It is not every day though but once a week. Is it true what they say? That if you dream of your ex it’s cause they are still thinking of you?... (read in full...)

I can't understand why he isn't more eager

Q.   I have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. He is 21 and I am 23. The past month or so, he never, ever initiates sex or even kisses me passionately. He says he is under a lot of stress working long hours. We have fought about this, as he ...

A.   17 January 2018: I just want to thank everyone for their responses and taking the time to give me some much needed home truths. However, I do just want to clarify that I treat my partner as well as he treats me. I run him a bath when he comes home from work and li... (read in full...)

Am I an evil step mother?

Q.   I am a stepmother who will be inheriting my husband Home instead of his adult child. I want responses on whether * am the evil stepmom everyone fears. Here is my story. My husband was a widower when we married,that was 14 years ago. His daughter ...

A.   15 January 2018: I again want to thank everyone. I don’t hate my stepdaughter, I truly don’t understand her and her belief system. Her small children are taught to say ‘me’ when they want something...but I am sceptical to judge to much as her kids are immaculate, ... (read in full...)

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