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i love helping people with day i typed in agony ants and this came up and i love it so much.

i live in motherwell in newarthill.newarthill is a quite place not a lot of stuff happens here exept the occasiinal death withc i always cry at.

i am not in a full on relationship with someone but we both go out with each other sometimes.

Can I keep talking to him, even though I now know that he is not interested? Would that be too awkward?

Q.   Alright so I had a huge crush on a friend of mine. I would talk to him about everyday, and it made me feel jittery and alive. I had dreamt about him near nightly, and felt nearly in love. He decided to talk to someone who we both know, and told them...

A.   14 May 2016: i would say keep talking to him and if it still feels awkward in a few weeks then look for other men he isnt the only one remember... (read in full...)

She wants us to start again. What would be the best thing to do?

Q.   I have been seeing my girl for nearly a year. My pal is on a dating site POF. He told me my girlfriends photo profile came up in a search, so I checked it out for myself. He wasnt lying. It said she had logged in within the last 24 hours. I ...

A.   14 May 2016: say no.she didnt want to admit that she was dating other peple behind you back and that means shes just not good enough for you... (read in full...)

Is he breaking up with me or just needs time? Where do I stand with him?

Q.   Hello everyone! I'm in limbo with a man I have been seeing for the last 2 months. Everything between us has been going great, we enjoy each other's company and are very attracted to one another. He, however, is going through a lot of tough tim...

A.   14 May 2016: well why dont you just ask him if he is breaking up with you and if he says yes then hes not good enough for you and you should find someone different... (read in full...)

How do I turn down men who want my number?

Q.   This happens all the time. I talk to a man on the bus, in class or in a checkout line or wherever and they want my number. So then I have to awkwardly turn him down bc I have a boyfriend or if I don't, I have to make one up. Even more awkward is ...

A.   14 May 2016: just say no to them and walk away... (read in full...)

I like him but don't want to waste my emotions only to find out he doesn't feel the same way!

Q.   I have been battling depression for a couple of years, I have never dated because I'm always too scared. I always cut them off as soon as possible. Recently I met this guy, he is one hell of a something, he is always happy and full of life, unlike ...

A.   14 May 2016: that is a should just follow your heart and if he says were just freinds then hes not good enough for you... (read in full...)

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