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What should I do about this married, flirting floozy?

Q.   I have a friend and shes always says she love me. Shes married to She once said I love you more then you know what is she trying to say to me. She flurts with me to. I dont know what to do....

A.   19 August 2018: I'm with Aunty BimBim. Tell your wife that this married woman is harassing you, and that you're not interested. If she doesn't take the hint from your wife, then it's time to stop being a nice guy. If she tries it again with you, tell her that... (read in full...)

I think this 15 yo boy will probably want sex!

Q.   i am a 13 year old . this guy is very cute and i like him a lot . and he asked me if i wanted to have sex with him and i told him “ rpprobably not maybe i’ll succ you tho “ and yeah he is 15 and is not a virgin and i’m 13 and i am . ughhh idk what ...

A.   19 August 2018: YOU DO NOT owe him ANYTHING! And I don't care if he's a virgin or not...BOTH of you are far too young to engage in sexual activities! Even oral sex. And it's possible that he's lying about his virginity in the first place, but in case he's ... (read in full...)

Why didn’t we hook up?

Q.   I met a really cute guy online a month ago. He lives far away but has family here so he comes up about twice a month. He asked for my number and we were texting back and fourth while he was here. He said that he wasn't looking for anything serious ...

A.   17 August 2018: My first guess is that he reconciled with his ex-girlfriend, and so he took himself out of the casual market. If he had just broken up with his girlfriend, obviously his looking for fun and not wanting a relationship showed that he wasn't yet over ... (read in full...)

I don’t like intercourse but like oral!

Q.   Intercourse VS oral..... Which is better? I don't like having sex but I love giving and receiving oral sex. Is this a problem? ...

A.   2 August 2018: Given that close to 80% of women do not experience orgasm on a regular basis during intercourse, I'm not surprised. If your partner is a man who doesn't get through his head that intercourse doesn't feel the same for a woman that it does for a man, ... (read in full...)

Is oral sex just this amazing?

Q.   I have been with my fiancee for 9 years I'm 31 she's 29. Last night she allowed me to go down on her for the first time. It was the first oral experience for both of us, by that I mean her receiving and me giving. My question is, is it normal for me ...

A.   10 July 2018: YES, it's normal!! Oral play, giving AND receiving, is an incredible turn-on and sexual stimulator! I can give oral and be 3/4 to an orgasm myself just feeling him respond under my tongue! If you love GIVING oral, you are definitely a keeper! ... (read in full...)

What would you do in my situation? Travel first or settle down now, travel in retirement?

Q.   I have been in a relationship with a man for a year. I'm pretty happy with this guy. We've had ups and downs, but overall things are good between us. We love each other. We have a holiday booked together and are planning to move in together. Howeve...

A.   10 July 2018: You've been with your boyfriend for a year? The issue here is -- you shouldn't factor HIM into your plans for travel or your future. Right now, you and your boyfriend have a title that says "Right NOW, we're happy". He hasn't proposed ... (read in full...)

I'm married he's married why can't I just walk away?

Q.   I am married and have been with a married man for 4 and a half years. He has continually asked me to marry him, sent me houses online and tells me that we are ‘one’ and meant to be . I have asked him to leave and be with me and he says he is not ...

A.   10 July 2018: A cheater's words are absolutely worthless. How can he ASK you to marry him if both of you are married? Because he's saying whatever worthless crap he can say to keep you in his bed. When you press the subject and want to make plans to leave yo... (read in full...)

I ask women I sleep with about their opinion on abortion because I don't want kids. How do I know the girl I'm seeing is on the same page?

Q.   So I met a wonderful girl online and we hit it off really well. We kissed on the first date, had lunch on the second, and ended up sleeping with each other on the third when she invited me over to her apartment for pizza and a movie. We used ...

A.   24 June 2018: I fully agree with Andie here. But I think this goes much deeper than abortion for you. Find a woman who doesn't want kids. That's not rocket science, and ABORTION isn't birth control. The issue should be settled far before abortion is even ... (read in full...)

He blocked me on Instagram then lied about why!

Q.   He blocked me on Instagram and lied to me about it saying his app had a problem. Yes I believed it. I have another account on Instagram for makeup and fashion posts. He commented on another girl’s picture saying “Dayyyuuumm”. He has all his exes and ...

A.   22 June 2018: Pfft. "Dear" and "Dead" are almost the same thing anyways in this case. You above all people are an example of this!... (read in full...)

Newly back on the dating scene, can I booty call a guy or is that creepy?

Q.   Hi Cupid, I have a weird question. So, I am newly back on the dating scene after almost 13 years. I am 31. So, I’ve been going on some dates, and a few weeks ago I had two with a lovely guy. We had a great time, connected well and had great che...

A.   22 June 2018: I'm going to go in a different direction with my advice than I would normally do. I'm going to say GO FOR IT. The ONLY reason I say so is because this has a hardline expiration date, aka his leaving in August. You sound like you went through... (read in full...)

Was I wrong not to thank the ex who agreed we would go “no contact” for the flowers?

Q.   So, my ex fiancé sent me flowers Monday, about a year ago he left me for his ex that he was stuck on. I knew something was wrong but he never admitted it. When she rejected him when he went back home he tired to get back with me. I flat out ignor...

A.   22 June 2018: Nope, you're not wrong. No contact means no contact! If he sends you flowers, the ONLY best response is static. If you feel yourself wavering, remember that he left you for an ex. I guarantee that if he's trying to contact YOU, there's a new gi... (read in full...)

He blocked me on Instagram then lied about why!

Q.   He blocked me on Instagram and lied to me about it saying his app had a problem. Yes I believed it. I have another account on Instagram for makeup and fashion posts. He commented on another girl’s picture saying “Dayyyuuumm”. He has all his exes and ...

A.   22 June 2018: He threatened to break up with YOU? Your response to that should be "Yes PLEASE!" Then follow it up with blocking HIM. He has a huge ego problem and objectifies women as conquests. He keeps them there as testimonies of his virility. You d... (read in full...)

My boyfriend doesn't say "I love you." What are your thoughts?

Q.   Hello all. So my inquiry isn't as serious as most, but I'm curious as to what your thoughts are, aunts and uncles. I have been dating my boyfriend for almost a year and a half. He is a very good man and while we have dealt with some small issues, ...

A.   21 June 2018: My thoughts are that you need to communicate to him that you HEARING the words "I love you" is just as important to you as having sex is to him. Would he think you loved him if you refused to have sex with him? If you said that you don't think th... (read in full...)

Why can't I orgasm normally?

Q.   I know it is embarassing but I just lost my virginity at this old age. Problem is I can't achieve orgasm during vaginal intercourse. I don't have erectile disfunction and I ejaculate easily when masturbating using my hand. Could my problem be du...

A.   21 June 2018: Yes. It's because of masturbation. You've become grip-sensitive, and most likely your sexual-stimulus response has become hard-wired to need porn. Go to and you'll find ways to reboot your sexual response system both physical... (read in full...)

I hate my boyfriend’s best friend and don’t want him at my wedding!

Q.   I got engaged to my boyfriend and we are currently planning the wedding, making guest lists etc. My partner wishes to invite his best friend to the wedding. The thing is i can’t stand being in the same room as my fiancées best friend as he severely ...

A.   21 June 2018: THere are things missing from your post, so I have some questions: 1. Did your fiance ever talk to or confront this guy? 2. Did this guy who bullied you have a crush on you? Did he start bullying you BEFORE or AFTER you got with your curren... (read in full...)

How can I stop obsessing over a taken man?

Q.   Has anyone dealt with obsessive love and limerence? I have an issue with being obsessed with my crushes and making up scenarios and fairy tale endings in my head to the point where all I think about is the object of my obsession . To be frank I am ...

A.   19 June 2018: Limerence by its very design eventually burns itself out. If the object of your limerence becomes your lover, it deepens into a more permanent and lasting bond. However, if it isn't indulged, it burns itself out, especially if you meet someone ... (read in full...)

She has a guy friend stay over!

Q.   I am dating someone and have been for 4 or 5 months now. She is having a guy friend stay over, which makes me uncomfortable on a level of respect. I have stayed at another girls place with a previous gf and was told by family that this shouldn't of ...

A.   17 June 2018: Your follow-up illuminates quite a lot! She is treating your attention as if you were a no-strings-attached FWB, not an actual, enfleshed relationship. If she ACTUALLY said that she doesn't care if "things happen" between you and a hypothetic... (read in full...)

I feel I’m being played with! Do I cut off all contact?

Q.   My ex and I saw eachother for the first time after 6 months of not speaking at a house party around 2 weeks ago. I was extremely drunk He was telling me how much he missed me and didn’t leave my side the whole night. We even went home together...

A.   11 June 2018: This guy has a LOT of red flags that make ME nervous: 1. He pushed for sex when you were really drunk. 2. He "Made* you give him your number. He pressured you and wouldn't take no for an answer. 3. Making you "say please" in order to CALL... (read in full...)

She has a guy friend stay over!

Q.   I am dating someone and have been for 4 or 5 months now. She is having a guy friend stay over, which makes me uncomfortable on a level of respect. I have stayed at another girls place with a previous gf and was told by family that this shouldn't of ...

A.   11 June 2018: I agree with you. It's a matter of boundaries and propriety. It is inappropriate for a woman who has a boyfriend to invite another guy to sleep over without it being absolutely okay with her boyfriend. This guy isn't her brother or stepbrot... (read in full...)

Should I just resign myself to the fact that my looks are going bye bye?

Q.   This isn't a relationship question, but it's been weighing heavily on my mind and heart lately. I know that I'm setting myself up to be judged because I'll be perceived as "vain," or "shallow," but I have a huge dilemma because this is causing my ...

A.   11 June 2018: Your age shows that you should be at the prime of your life in looks and energy. Right now, it's ENTIRELY to do with the kind of fuel you are putting into your body. The phrase "you are what you eat" is more accurate than you know! If you take... (read in full...)

Should I tell him I want him to propose?

Q.   I have a question do I risk ruining everything and admit to my boyfriend that I want him to propose or keep my mouth shut until he’s ready to ask me himself ? Both 26 been together 11 years he’s the kindest sweetest most amazing person I have eve...

A.   6 June 2018: Well, if it were me, and it had been 11 years, I'd probably take the initiative and do the asking myself, but I was one of those rare people who didn't have the whole romantic on-one-knee proposal dreams. In fact, I never wanted to get married ... (read in full...)

Do I tell my wife about my bisexuality?

Q.   Hi everyone, I'm a male in my mid-30's and married, but I want to be able to admit to myself that I may be bi-sexual. I'm attracted to men like I am to women, but I love watching gay anal and shemale porn as well as straight porn. I have also had ...

A.   5 June 2018: Here's the thing: You're married! Here's what that means: If, instead of being bisexual, you're attracted to other women besides your wife, would you be so gung-ho on telling her this fact?? OF COURSE you wouldn't! Everyone knows that b... (read in full...)

I cheated in the past he doesn't trust me and now things are off. What can I do?

Q.   Dear cupid,about 4years ago, i was in a long distance relationship with Ray(not his real name). The relationship didnt mean much to me because he was my rebound and the distance wasnt what i needed but at that time i wasn’t thinking. This resulted ...

A.   5 June 2018: Uhh, can you blame Ray for how he is behaving?? People tend to try to avoid pain, especially the intense crippling kind that comes when you're cheated on by someone you really care about. You cheated on him before, and now it sounds like you invi... (read in full...)

She wants to meet up, what will she expect? Am I overthinking this?

Q.   Hey I have been talking to this girl online for roughly 3 weeks. We matched on dating app. I’m 27 and she is 36. First time I have flirted with someone few years older and it has been a pleasant surprise. We have been talking a lot, common ...

A.   3 June 2018: There is a double standard as to how you are perceived, but two of my best friends have an age gap where the woman is also 9 years older than the man. They met when he was 25 and she was 34, and they married at exactly the ages you are now (27 and ... (read in full...)

I’m sexually frustrated in my married! Advice?

Q.   hey id like to clear my thoughts and get an opinion. here goes, right ive been in a relationship for 14 years and we have 4 kids together. i no im probably going to get told i shouldnt read whats on the internet but its there and what i read is ...

A.   1 June 2018: COURT the woman! Make date nights! Getaways! She has 4 kids, and when the sum total of your game is to simply ask for sex, she sees you as another mouth to feed, someone else who is wanting something from her. If your romance starts at night ... (read in full...)

Would I be a complete cow if I don't help my ex boyfriend with his drug problems?

Q.   My close friend has recently let me know that my ex boyfriend is going wild with drugs and alcohol and that he is worried about him. When I was with this boyfriend, I managed to convince him to only do drugs every so often and just weed, nothing ...

A.   1 June 2018: The only thing you can do is to cut him out of your life for good. This means no calls, no visits, block all phone and social media, AND tell your friends that you're done with him. He is TOXIC, and he STILL is dragging you into the ground. ... (read in full...)

His daughter and I are close in age she hates me, but I love her father so much help!

Q.   I'm 24, my boyfriend is 42 and we met 9 months ago on a cliff while he was on holidays in my country. At the time he was talking to his buddies about how amazing the scenery was and we locked eyes for the first time and smiled at each other. ...

A.   1 June 2018: My advice to you is not to take it personally. Her feelings for you have to do with her father and her mother. If she is close to her mother, she most likely feels that any affection towards you is a betrayal of her. Do not take it personal... (read in full...)

Been dating for 4 years but an old flame has returned, and so have the feelings.

Q.   Hi everyone, I've got a serious relationship problem I really need some help with! I have been with my boyfriend for four years. He's caring, kind, affectionate and I really do love him. However, our relationship lacks passion and we have little s...

A.   1 June 2018: I'll tell it to you straight! This "old flame" is a major DICKWAD!! Seriously?! He *Has* a girlfriend, yet he's going behind her back to contact YOU??? Have you once considered what will happen once you jettison a perfectly good guy for thi... (read in full...)

I don’t feel a spark with her but I still had sex with her!

Q.   Me and this girl broke up a while ago, after about a month she came over to play some video games and chat. It was getting real late and she was getting tired so I offered her to stay the night. During that we began cuddling and making out and it ...

A.   19 May 2018: I'm just going to go out and say it: That's a scummy thing you just did, sleeping with her under false pretenses. You KNOW that she has real feelings for you, and you took advantage of her, which is really not cool. If you don't feel the s... (read in full...)

Should I ask for the money again or just let it go and block her?

Q.   Hi everyone. I know this lady for few years and I can’t call her my friend but we hangout for a coffee sometimes. I find her cheap, not that she is not spending but just her attitude towards money. 2 months ago she was asking to attend an event ...

A.   18 May 2018: Demand cash, not checks. Businesses are smart enough to require cash or money order if a check bounces. I would keep on her, and honestly, people don't agree with me, but in my line of business, I've had to pursue people who refused to pay me b... (read in full...)

How much of an issue is porn while getting into a serious relationship/marriage?

Q.   How much of an issue is porn while getting into a serious relationship/marriage? I don't know if I'm addicted but I watch it everyday. I am currently single and I've noticed that I watch it even when I'm with someone. Do women take offence to their...

A.   18 May 2018: Oh boy, you said something that could be a major problem for you in your relationships: "I sometimes find it more pleasurable than real sex because I can just get it out of my system and get on with my day without having to worry if she got hers... (read in full...)

I initiated a threesome with a guy friend and now my wife is having an affair with him

Q.   I just found out that my wife has been having an affair for the past two years with a single male friend of ours who we had a drunken threesome with two years ago..that threesome which was totally initiated by me alone wasnt so fullfilling for me, ...

A.   12 May 2018: Unfortunately, in the world of threesomes, this is THE definitive cliche -- husband presses for a threesome. Wife gives in, and then wife likes it so much she continues with the third party. There's even a movie called "The Sex Monster" with the ... (read in full...)

Why does being a mistress feel worse than being alone?

Q.   I 've been seeing a man who lives with his common law wife and their toddler twin boys. I believed he will leave his live in Significant other as he promised and it would turn into something more . Well it seems like he was in strictly for sex.He n...

A.   12 May 2018: Every single word that comes out of a married cheater's mouth is WORTHLESS. It isn't even worth the oxygen he spends to talk! The ONLY thing that should have moved you is a FINALIZED DIVORCE certificate. In writing, and a matter of public r... (read in full...)

Why does being a mistress feel worse than being alone?

Q.   I 've been seeing a man who lives with his common law wife and their toddler twin boys. I believed he will leave his live in Significant other as he promised and it would turn into something more . Well it seems like he was in strictly for sex.He n...

A.   11 May 2018: Because it's a mirage. It only LOOKS like water, but you're actually drinking the sand. You're not "getting company and sex'. You're being used, plain and simple. You're getting zero emotional needs met. He has a wife for that, and he's mis... (read in full...)

Is having a child something that you can end up thinking wow this is the best thing I have ever done or do you stick with your gut feeling?

Q.   My girlfriend and I have been together for 5 years and are just in the process of buying a house. She is wanting to have children in the next 2 years. The problem is I have never really been interested in having a child. I have a good job which I ...

A.   7 May 2018: I also vowed to never have kids, primarily because my own upbringing got harsh, and I didn't want to pass any dysfunction down to another generation. I also was very work-oriented, and while my husband was open to having kids (and his parents were ... (read in full...)

I’ve given up drinking! How do I tell my friend before his bachelor party?

Q.   When I was in my early 20s and mid 20s, I was a heavy drinker. I would not considered myself an alcoholic but I was a drunk. After a really bad experience about six years ago (I was lucky I did not die from alcohol poisoning), I decided that I ...

A.   7 May 2018: I add my congratulations and well-wishes too on your change of life! You won't be a drag if you don't drink! Let him know beforehand that you've given up alcohol, and stick to non-alcoholic beverages. They make virgin cocktails, or you can stic... (read in full...)

I pretended to be another woman and my fiancé told “her” he was single!

Q.   My partner of 3 years has asked for my hand in marriage. At this point there are issues that make me unsure if I want to make this lifetime commitment with him,the big one being trust issues. He has cheated on me several times. Upon discove ering ...

A.   4 May 2018: You have been far too forgiving of him. You should have left him in your dust years ago. Get this through your head that he will NEVER EVER change. He was unfaithful multiple times, and now you have evidence of his not changing. So what wil... (read in full...)

Am I being irrational for wanting him to show me a picture of his bedroom?

Q.   So I have been going out with boyfriend for 9 months, and have been introduced to his parents. His parents are really weird about having people over. They don't like to. So I'v never been inside my boyfriend home. Yesterday we were going to the ...

A.   4 May 2018: I think you've subconsciously grasped what's wrong with your relationship, but your way of bringing it to the surface is incorrect. If we assume that what he says is the truth, and I'm being generous because my own grandparents were the same way... (read in full...)

My best friend tried to kiss my girlfriend.

Q.   Hey guys. Last night my best friend (of like 8 years) tried to kiss my fiance (of 10 years). We were all out drinking, but I had left early because i was feeling gross. I had no trust issues leaving them. They didn't know i was there, as i had ...

A.   28 April 2018: In my opinion, the best course of action is QUALIFIED forgiveness. This means that in the future, he shouldn't be hanging out alone with her after drinking like that. If he truly is remorseful, he'll be absolutely beyond okay with that. I don... (read in full...)

Should I accept a screen role with nudity?

Q.   Hi uncle and aunties. I need some advice. I am an aspiring actress who is still in the middle of completing my bachelors degree at uni. I have done occasional work in TV commercials when I was a child growing up in my home country. I have also acted ...

A.   29 March 2018: The real question is -- how is the nudity applied?? If it feels cheap or porn-starish, I can totally understand your hesitation! However, I have seen roles on TV and movies where a woman's nudity was treated as empowering and an enhancer of plot ... (read in full...)

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