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Hey I'm 12 Status taken going through a long distance relationship. I live in japan and I think it really sucks what's happening in japan and really hope things get better. I just found tie site a few weeks ago and am really loving it! There are bunches of questions on here that I thought I only had, but guess not. I really enjoy giving advice so just let me know. By the way add me as a friend and thanks for reading!

Is the change menopause, or has she fallen out of love?

Q.   The past few weeks, I have been getting a sinking feeling that my wife of 14 years is going to leave our relationship. The first 13 and a half years were amazing, hardly any arguing and a closeness that other couples would admire, and sometimes ...

A.   17 April 2011: It could be both she seems to be acting very defensive so it most likely could be menopause many women become defensive during this time. But there definitely is something wrong like something has changed over that time because she is acting ... (read in full...)

Imagining sex with my ex-grilfriend while masturbating

Q.   I always masturbate while imagining sex with my ex-girlfriend who dumped me 3 months ago. When I was in relationship with her, we did sex on phone only and never did in real. My question is my behavior is normal ? And how should I be able to get ...

A.   17 April 2011: I think is normal since she broke up with you a few months ago maybe you think about her while masturbating because your still getting over her... (read in full...)

Why don't white hot guys date black girls?

Q.   I am a black, fairy attractive young female. I've always been attracted to white guys because of my background. I'm pro interracial relationships and plan to settle down with a different race (white). I want to know why is it that hot attractive w...

A.   8 April 2011: I think there's hope and at you'll probably find a hot white guy. I'm attracted to white guys to ive only dated one. I don't know why white guys usually don't go for black girls I wish they did because white guys are pretty hot. Certain guys do, ... (read in full...)

How do I get her see past my skin colour?

Q.   Okay life story.. This question is specifically about a girl I like but I'll probably go off the point a bit. Alright then - there is this girl I've liked for a while now (a few months to half a year). We'll call her S. She is black, I'm wh...

A.   8 April 2011: Well is her loss she shouldn't judge you or not like you just because of your skin color. So you should find someone who likes all and all skin color and everything. I'm a black girl and to be honest I like white guys I don't care what color skin ... (read in full...)

Do white guys like to date black girls?

Q.   hi. i have a question. im a beautiful black 16 year old girl. and ive always been attracted to older white guys, well... white guys period. im very sweet and i luv to smile. do u think a white guy would ever date me Because i heard white men dont ...

A.   8 April 2011: Some white guys do like black girls I kind of wondered that question my self because im black and I usually like white and tan guys so I wonder if they'd ever like me ... (read in full...)

Need good advice on how to move on??

Q.   So its been a month that my exboyfriend broke up with me and im still having the hardest time to get over him. We dated for a 1year nd 2months. So for me its so hard to let go of wat we went through. I already tried talkn to him. I sed i was sorry ...

A.   5 April 2011: I have a similar problem and I still have feelings for my ex but we are good friends now and we both moved on and I know is hard but you have to try do it for yourself not for him... (read in full...)

I don't feel physically attracted to my boyfriend anymore!

Q.   I have been with my partner a year and we don't have sex anymore. see each other everyday as we live down the road, except for holidays were we return home from Uni.The no sex is down to me i try and talk about it with him and apologised for not ...

A.   31 March 2011: I think you should talk to him and try to put more desire back in your sex life more excitement ... (read in full...)

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