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Two questions about my breasts

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted today

18 December 2017, 6 hours ago (F - First Question: my boyfriend keeps asking me to show him my chest and am afraid. when i date him i always wear light clothes and no bra. when hugging him i stick soo close to him hoping that he will feel my brests and strip the clothes for hims...

My sister is toxic and bitter, and she hates me, what do I do about her?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted today

18 December 2017, 7 hours ago (F - Dear aunts, I have a sister who I love only for the fact that she is my blood, but everything else about her I just can't stand because we have a toxic relationship ever since I was a kid she always told me that I'm ugly, that I'm dumb, that i am ...

Why do people question that we are just friends?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted yesterday

16 December 2017, 22 hours ago (F - I have a male friend who is one of my closest friends and we’ve known each other about a year and a half. Earlier this year I met his girlfriend and we too have since become friends. I socialise with them as a couple and individually. There’s n...

Will I never be with my soulmate? It seems fate is keeping us apart

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 3 days ago

14 December 2017 (F - I met the love of my life when I was 14, we fell in love so deep. The world was our oyster, growing together year after year, experiencing every 1st thing together. Bad and good. Both our life’s were tragically twisted and I made a mistake when I w...

I'd like to make this little fantasy real. Any suggestions?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 26 days ago

21 November 2017 (F - Coming out as a gay girl on my 21st birthday was the best decision I ever made. I'm now in my mid-twenties and have a loving, trustworthy partner who I've known since my days at sixth form college - though not well enough at the time to have known ...

My parents are separated, dad has a girlfriend who's not too great and my mom is spiralling out of control. Help me please

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 36 days ago

12 November 2017 (F - Hi. My question today/tonight is about separation.. My parents have been separated since April 2016, They are still married but do not live together. I asked my dad nicely if he could pay for flights for myself and my mum to go over east to...

How do I make my separated husband realize his responsibilities towards me?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 38 days ago

10 November 2017 (F - after few months i am very depressed become of my sister in law and mother in law n i decide to live me and my husband live separate but my husband does not accept his responsibilities like paying rent, secure me and child , ...

Is this LDR worth trying for?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 111 days ago

28 August 2017 (F - I met this guy a few years back, I was out with a friend and one of his friends came to talk to my friend and he just kind of sat there. But we did talk and come to realize we have way more in common then we thought we would. I gave him my number ...

Emotional after I climax- is this normal?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 130 days ago

11 August 2017 (F - This is embarrassing but I have been abstinent for almost a year and a half because I have my guards up and I have been hurt and it's hard for me not to attach feelings when I sleep with someoene so I don't have sex unless I'm in a relationship- ...

I don't want a ring on my finger but I would like more affection!

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 145 days ago

26 July 2017 (F - I've been seeing my fella for 12 yrs and have to say we are not in love although I feel I'm more fond of him than he is of me! He is totally inscrutable and never reveals his feelings. He is very reliable and fab company. I would say we are in lust ...

My boyfriend won't have sex with me. Why?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 145 days ago

26 July 2017 (F - I have been with my boyfriend for about 4 months now so it is still pretty fresh. At first we never had problems with having sex and then the past few weeks I've noticed he just doesn't seem that interested. There would be small excuses from can't ...

My friend just featured in my dream and I wonder if that means anything?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 146 days ago

25 July 2017 (F - Hi! So I once had a dream about watching sunset in the middle of the sea (it's really weird but all my dreams are like that) with a guy but he had no face, and in my dream I think we are in a relationship (because we are doing sweet acts with each ...

How do I address these problems? Has anyone out there dated a partner with children, while having no children themselves?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 147 days ago

22 July 2017 (M - I need some advice. I met a divorced woman with 2 beautiful kids over a year ago, and we first started meeting only for sex, but somehow, we have developed a very strong friendship and I think we are both very fond and loving of each other. Ou...

I may have made a massive mistake by breaking up with her! What do I do?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 171 days ago

30 June 2017 (M - I really need to impartial and unbiased advice over a break-up I initiated 3 days ago, which I'm now really worried that I've made the wrong call - so please read my story and offer your advice! I had been dating this girl for pretty much 6 mo...

Why do these guys act so weird around me? They don't do this to anyone else

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 176 days ago

25 June 2017 (F - I am friends with a few guys from my church. They will act like friends one day but then another day they walk by me like I am not even there. When I say hey to them they say hey back in a fake surprised way like they didn't see me when I know they ...

He said he needs his space

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 177 days ago

24 June 2017 (F - I have been in a relationship with a guy for 14 months. We study in the same college and things were great. We loved each other. We used to spend a lot of time together and we were very happy. However as the college closed for the summer vacation, ...

Should I contact my old tutor and tell him how much he meant to me?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 181 days ago

20 June 2017 (F - So I need some advice about 'the one who got away..' I need to start with the fact that I had a really difficult childhood because my parents were quite abusive and had alcohol issues, and I had to depend on myself from a young age. But my wo...

I am getting vibes but I don't want to misread them and ruin a friendship

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 197 days ago

4 June 2017 (M - I'm just going to dive in here. I'm friends with a girl that I have a crush on. She had invited me over to her house, because she wanted to show me a gift I had given here the year before, that she had just found. Then later, she has asked me to ...

Is he showing interest in me in a more than a colleague way, or not?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 209 days ago

22 May 2017 (M - Hi all. I'm a bisexual (for lack of better labels...) man 28 y.o., in a situation that needs your input :) I'm not gonna go in detail about myself, I just wanna state that when a girl fancies me I can tell, however I dont seem to be able to ...

I've done all the normal things to block my former fwb partner but he keeps trying to find me

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 218 days ago

14 May 2017 (F - My former fwb keeps looking for me. He found out where I work and used that as an excuse to message me. He wants to have sex of course. I've been single and abstinence from sex by choice and I'm content with that. I've had declined his advances, ...

Its hard since a co-worker every day when I still have feelings for him

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 446 days ago

27 September 2016 (F - I have liked someone at work for quite a while, and have always had a good relationship, quite flirty and friendly, but i never really knew if they liked me back. They've recently admitted their feelings (while drunk) and then changed their mind, ...

What is my ex boyfriend feeling?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 469 days ago

5 September 2016 (F - Basically me and my boyfriend had a typical break up however I pushed for it because he was feeling so depressed and I knew he was gonna push me away I didn't want to be hurt. His depression had taken over and he said he felt nothing about anything ...

Should I reach out to guy S? If yes what do I say? Or wait to see if N is still interested?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 484 days ago

21 August 2016 (M - Okay. I’m going to start off by saying that there is probably a shorter way to explain my situation, but I can be sort of long winded. So I’m a gay man and I just finished college back in December. Five years ago, during my freshmen year of...

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