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Do I go with the flow on this one? Or try and dial it back to friends only and if so how?

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12 November 2018, 1 hour ago (F - I got back in touch with an old male friend around 9 months ago. We were close friends years ago and I was a good friend of his girlfriend. I've been in a relationship with someone else and whilst it started out as friends only, around 3 months in ...

He literally flipped in 8 hours! Is he blowing me off?

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12 November 2018, 1 hour ago (F - Is he blowing me off? I've been friends with this guy for years. We talk daily and have recently decided to take things to the next level since we are both finally single at the same time. Plus, he always lived about 6 hours away and now hes only a ...

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I’m pregnant and confused and worried about what I should have happen next!

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted today

12 November 2018, 1 hour ago (F - Just wanted to ask others opinions on this subject. Basically i have quite a bit of bad look with relationships, i have my own house and and have been living on my own now with just my dog and rabbit which is how i like it for 3 years now. I did ...

A month in, I hate my new career!

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted today

11 November 2018, 11 hours ago (F - Dear cupid, Not really a relationship question, more a career related. Hi I’m nearly 30 years old and have been working self employed/contracting to employers in the construction field since I finished school. I have always liked my job but it’...

How do I change my desperate tendencies regarding men?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 22 days ago

19 October 2018 (F - I have realized that when I get into any relationship my main goal is to win the over - and close the deal. This is all mentally obviously I never reveal my intentions out loud but with my bf two years ago he approached me asked me out etc and we ...

He said he'd break up with his girlfriend to date me but I just want to be friends

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 28 days ago

14 October 2018 (F - Hi, I've just transferred to a new university starting second year where everybody already knows each other. I befriended a girl on my course and she introduced me to her friendship group on the course which has been lovely. I've particularly got...

I am caught in the middle of a boy I like and my female friend

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 32 days ago

9 October 2018 (F - I'm in a pretty tough situation and I don't know what to do. I'm in a friendship group of three people. My closest friend who is a girl and a guy that I have become closer to as he is really close to her aswell. I have feelings for him and have done ...

How do I stop obsessing over this guy and just move on?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 34 days ago

6 October 2018 (F - I have liked the same person for ages now and I still have feelings for him ,we don't talk anymore as things happened mainly due to me and since then I just haven't stopped liking him . I do think I am obsessed/infatuated with him which is so ...

I'm not fitting in with my new coworkers!

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 42 days ago

1 October 2018 (F - I've been at my job for 5 years. 2 months ago, I decided to change positions to get more experience. In my line of work, it looks good to try new roles and I'd been in my previous position for 4 years. My coworkers in my old position were li...

I want to fix things after I freaked him out!

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 41 days ago

1 October 2018 (F - There's a person I still have feelings for who I used to talk to, but not anymore due to some of the things I did in which I was sorry for and apologised lots of times . I hate the fact I still like him as it makes me feel so upset and worthless , ...

How to get people off my back about dating?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 48 days ago

23 September 2018 (M - Hey guys I have a question, may be weird for most as you probably have not experienced it. But I have to face the facts. From young age I was always bullied about my looks. Certain facial features different proportions etc. Anyway I always ...

After I broke up with my ex I began seeing one of his friends

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 69 days ago

31 August 2018 (F - Rite long story... me and my ex where together for 6 years. 1 little boy age 4. we split just about a year ago and it was a nasty split after we broke up i started seeing his friend to which after months he fell in love with me. i know i hurt ...

Should I keep talking to him even though I feel like he likes my older sister but knows he can’t do anything about his feelings and is using me to get rid of them?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 74 days ago

30 August 2018 (F - Hello! There is this very attractive guy i met almost two years ago. When i met him he had a girlfriend and wasn’t really looking for anything. He recently came last month again and i became very attracted to him. This guy is the same age as me and ...

I always find some flaw in men, am I a full-blown lesbian?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 86 days ago

18 August 2018 (F - Hi, I am 32 and reevaluating my life. I have noticed a pattern of freaking out from liking the same sex. I must admit that I think I'm definitely into the same sex because I am attracted to them physically. I haven't yet gone on a date and don't k...

How I am going to do with my the monthly expenses with all these medical debt?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 89 days ago

13 August 2018 (F - I had an emergency surgery done this year and unfortunately, the medical insurance covered only a small portion of it so I am in debt with medical bills. I did call all the parties and set up a payment plan so at least I am paying it little by ...

How to initiate conversations on social media with potential dates?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 89 days ago

12 August 2018 (F - Okay I'm new to this whole internet dating thing..... if I find a guy on social media who has similar interests and appears single, how do I go about initiating a conversation and how to I turn it to a conversation that asks if he is single and if ...

I feel stuck. Did I waste too much time?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 91 days ago

9 August 2018 (F - Hi all. I will try to be short and specific. I'm a biotech grad. And I was hopelessly running behind a research job for 3 and a half long years after my graduation but I did not achieved it. At the same time due to this unemployment and conflicts ...

Why does my partner fall asleep during oral sex?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 99 days ago

4 August 2018 (F - My partner has done exactly the same, fallen asleep during a blowjob! This is the 2nd time now he has done it, I’m starting to think it’s me that’s making him fall asleep whilst giving him a boring blowy. I know I’m rubbish at giving head as it is ...

I'm in love but I don't know what to do?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 99 days ago

2 August 2018 (F - I've known this boy since we were kids and I have never felt the way I do towards him to anyone before. I can fully be myself around him and he doesn't judge me for being me. I can almost act exactly the same with him as I do with my best friend. I ...

I’m not sure what to do about these feelings I’ve developed for her! What do I do?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 104 days ago

29 July 2018 (M - Sorry in advance for the novel. I (21M) started getting really close to my supervisor (24F) at work last summer. As we worked together more and more, she would flirt a little, and I would just act casual. I even remember one instance where she ...

Is it normal to become slightly infatuated with someone

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 105 days ago

26 July 2018 (F - is it normal to become slightly infatuated with someone, as I still have feelings for someone and I never know if becoming infatuated with someone is right and how you know you are infatuated with them . how should I deal with this . I constantly ...

Why were these girls staring and giggling at me?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 108 days ago

26 July 2018 (M - I had a crush on a girl from last semester's class and at the start of the new semester I walked past her and her friend, probably a distance of 200m. I saw her friend out and about the night before randomly and we both said a friendly hi. The thing ...

Crush on brothers best friend/ nanny’s son (SO CONFUSED)

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 110 days ago

23 July 2018 (F - Ok so 6 years ago, I was 8, and my parents recently had gotten a divorce. Being the charming man my dad is, he found a nanny at church to watch us and cook for us in a little less than a year. My nanny, that we still have today, also has two sons. ...

Should I add my ex to my contacts or just erase him completely?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 135 days ago

29 June 2018 (M - Me and my boyfriend recently broke up because we've been in a long distance relationship after he moved out the state. We both didn't cheat, but we just couldn't keep the spark in LDR and we decided to move on since we both have different ...

I've lost faith in relationships, love and marriage. Can anyone else relate to me?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 137 days ago

26 June 2018 (F - Hi, I've kind of lost faith in love. The guys I dated taught me harsh realities and often love is not enough. I used to be romantic as a teenager and then it became mutual love and respect, then it became more about finding a good intellectua...

Is it normal for closed-mouth kisses to be wet?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 157 days ago

8 June 2018 (F - My boyfriend's kisses or pecks on my lips leave my lips wet with his saliva, which I do not like. I sometimes wipe my lips after which he understandably gets offended by. I don't recall this happening with other guys, only him. He seems to purse his ...

Is it time to end it ?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 157 days ago

8 June 2018 (F - Hi, So I’ve been in my first and only age gap relationship for six months, we met at work and both thought the other was closer in age. For the most part it hasn’t been an issue but recently I’ve found the level of maturity has been really starting...

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