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Does my friend have a fetish for trans guys?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted today

28 April 2017, 3 hours ago (M - Dear Cupid(s), I have a cis-male friend who identifies as gay. I don't know if this is something I have noticed being transgender myself, but the only guys he has outwardly said he's attracted to when we are out, or together have all been transge...

How do you learn to love yourself?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 4 days ago

24 April 2017 (F - I need relationship advice... Not your normal relationship advice though... I've really been struggling to get into a relationship since I started dating which was 8 years ago (i'm 25 now). Only ever had flings *rolls eyes x infinity*. A...

I want to ask her out, I don't know how

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 7 days ago

20 April 2017 (M - I went to a school for 9 years, this year I switched for high school. I had a close friend at my old school. She is very nice and very pretty. I have not communicated with her in the last few weeks. I want to ask her out, but I am not sure she feels ...

Will men I date care about my living situation?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 32 days ago

26 March 2017 (F - I'm single. I haven't dated in the dating market because My self esteem is so low and I always have ran to men that have been self centered and have taken me for granted - anyways I always have this issue of living at home- at the moment I am ...

How do I get my friend interested in the dating scene?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 114 days ago

5 January 2017 (M - Hi everyone, this is surely going to be a very long question and I'd appreciate any genuine answers as I'm doing this for a friend I care about. So my friend has had a pretty straight yet unusual growing up. Went to a boarding house for 6 year...

Why are my friend's parents so strict with her?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 174 days ago

5 November 2016 (F - So we have this one friend fake named April She's usually shy and quite and real shy. Her parents are real strict like she can't have over nites and can't go to them. Her parents don't let her get a job or a license or eve walk to the corner store ...

Do you think this friendship is dead?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 204 days ago

6 October 2016 (F - A guy who was my classmate said that he likes me .Then we chatted almost all over the night for 2 months. He was always online and replied to my messages as soon as possible. He shares everything but never tells me that he loves me. Nowadays he ...

Its hard since a co-worker every day when I still have feelings for him

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 212 days ago

27 September 2016 (F - I have liked someone at work for quite a while, and have always had a good relationship, quite flirty and friendly, but i never really knew if they liked me back. They've recently admitted their feelings (while drunk) and then changed their mind, ...

What is my ex boyfriend feeling?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 235 days ago

5 September 2016 (F - Basically me and my boyfriend had a typical break up however I pushed for it because he was feeling so depressed and I knew he was gonna push me away I didn't want to be hurt. His depression had taken over and he said he felt nothing about anything ...

I have strange feelings about my male cousin. How do I get rid of them?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 240 days ago

31 August 2016 (M - So I have a male cousin. I know, it's already starting off bad. Today was my 16th bday and he's 14. I never though this way about him before, and I'm not gay. But he's been living with us for about 2 years now. I have a foot fetish as well, ...

Should I reach out to guy S? If yes what do I say? Or wait to see if N is still interested?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 250 days ago

21 August 2016 (M - Okay. I’m going to start off by saying that there is probably a shorter way to explain my situation, but I can be sort of long winded. So I’m a gay man and I just finished college back in December. Five years ago, during my freshmen year of...

Kissed another woman for the first time and enjoyed it. What happens from here?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 251 days ago

20 August 2016 (F - So i was at a friends wedding today (some alcohol consumed!) i was chatting with my girl friend (friends for years) about something random in the bathroom stall. Out of nowhere she said she had never kissed a girl and asked would i be up for it, i ...

How can I cope with the change in my mother's behavior and personality since my parents split up?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 255 days ago

16 August 2016 (F - Hi im an 18 yrs old girl,I got a problem with my mom, She's not used to wear sexy clothes when i was a kid but she changes what she wear's maybe 6 years ago? but that's not the problem,this past two years her personality changes,she keep...

I want to make it work but he's not helping by being inconsiderate

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 277 days ago

26 July 2016 (F - I need help with a fairly new relationship that I really want to work long term. We've been together only 4 months but have known each other for over 10 years. We don't live close enough to each other to see each other on anything other than the w...

Really like this guy, but if he did like me wouldn't he really want to see me?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 288 days ago

14 July 2016 (F - hello, I have been speaking to this guy for nearly 4 years on and off. we have always said we care for each other and have a natural connection but haven't done anything about it due to my travelling and uni and his work. We text all day everyday...

I'm not sure if I should tell my friend I like her?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 312 days ago

20 June 2016 (F - Hi this is probably going to be a long post but I'm not sure if I should tell my friend that I like her. It started when we were having a girls night and we both mentionned how we were both bisexual but hadnt ever kissed a girl in a non-platonic w...

Angry I missed the signs he didn't love me

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 322 days ago

10 June 2016 (F - My bf of six months just broke up with me over text and I wanted to know if im the one that missed the red flags. We met through mutual friends and there was an instant attraction - he was the one that asked me out and within two weeks of knowing...

Should I try to get over my fear of being alone? How can I do that?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 327 days ago

5 June 2016 (F - I just got out of a break up was six months with the guy and he was just plain mean. I did everything and was always understanding and in the end he broke up without giving me a reason with my clothes still at his house. Prior to this relationshi...

Did he cheat? If not, what is this all about?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 331 days ago

1 June 2016 (F - Hi. I am in long distance relation with a guy, I live in Germany in the north and he is down in Munich. We sometimes dont see each other as much as we would like because work is so hectic for both of us and we have to coordinate holidays with our ...

Is there anyway I can work so closely with my flirtation, his crush and his ex?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 334 days ago

29 May 2016 (F - So, this is going to be long and confusing: I've been friends with this guy for four years and I would have considered myself lesbian before we wound up kissing each other one night after work. I ended up catching feelings. We work together......

He is the best friend of a guy I used to like. Does the best friend like me?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 333 days ago

28 May 2016 (F - So basically, about 2 years ago, I moved to a new college and so did a new friend that I had made. We both ended up really liking each other. His bestfriend also came to this new college too. At the beginning the bestfriend and I really got along. ...

How do you treat your soon-to-be ex-husband as a friend after being together for years?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 333 days ago

28 May 2016 (F - We were a couple for 10years, married for 4yrs. What issues I saw we had when we were young and didn't really focus on resolving it before it manifested during our marriage. It didn't help that I went through several personal strategy and depr...

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