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Is it possible to save my marriage?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted yesterday

20 March 2018, 11 hours ago (F - Hi.I have been married scince 4 years.But it was not a happy married at husband is 35 years old immatured egoistic guy.he really don't know the meaning of marriage.he try to share everything.household expenditure,if he buy furniture then you ...

He wants to date without any expectations.

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 4 days ago

16 March 2018 (F - I am a north Indian.My parents are looking for an alliance for me.i registered in an online dating website.i saw a guy there and liked him.We both kept viewing each other profiles for nearly 2 months and nothing happened.So I decided to make a ...

I want a more reciprocal relationship in the future.

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 2 days ago

15 March 2018 (F - This is going to sound like an odd question - or as if I am slightly crazy - but I'm increasingly realising that I attract people who I am certain are on the autism spectrum and I want to know how, if at all, I can avoid this happening in future. ...

I think my lecturer doesn't like me and I'm being targetted

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 8 days ago

13 March 2018 (M - I feel like my teacher doesn't like me, is punishing or testing me. We switched groups today and has purposely put 2 very strong opinionated people who were debating the day before. The lecturer told one of the students that she put those 2 together ...

I need advice on dealing with his weeklong absence as well date ideas!

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 13 days ago

8 March 2018 (F - Please help! My boyfriend and I have been together for about a month and we are still on that we see each other 24/7 phase and he is going away for spring break next week to Mexico for a month. How can I deal with him being gone a week?! Also, my b...

Is my fiance telling the truth about a porn related message he received on his cell?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 22 days ago

27 February 2018 (F - My fiance received a text message on his phone number that was from an non recipient email address for him to veiw a web cam he says he has no idea how it happened because he hasn't been on any porn sites or signed up for any dating sites is he ...

I can't get his past trauma out of my mind

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 38 days ago

11 February 2018 (F - I don't understand my feelings about this person and I don't know how to tackle it except I can just ignore him from my life, but I cannot. I had a friend circle at my workplace. wherein this guy was the only one I found genuine amongst all of them....

I love her but I don't know what to do.

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 40 days ago

7 February 2018 (M - Ok so I been with my girlfriend for all most 6 years have a 4 year old son and honestly we have been thru so much from keeping lil lies from each other wen we where younger to frowning and trusting eachother for about the past 4 to 5 years there ...

Is his interest in this activity normal?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 52 days ago

28 January 2018 (F - I'm not sure if this is an issue, but it's been on my mind. I have a wonderful boyfriend. I love him to death. We're pretty sexually active, and I can't help but please him. It's just that despite all the sex and oral we do, he's always asking to ...

My husband often gives me the silent treatment

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 60 days ago

20 January 2018 (F - Not sure what to do. Been married for 12 years (2nd marriage for both of us) My husband has generally given me the silent treatment when we have argued however lately he stonewalls me without arguing. every week we drive over to the next town to ...

How do I respond to his confession that he's falling for me?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 62 days ago

18 January 2018 (? - My colleague and I have a very good relationship. He is someone very supportive and protective of me. A handsome and neat guy with high sense of morality. I am 4 months in the job and we have had a lot to talk about. We have a good rapport and...

Is he interested or just being casual?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 62 days ago

18 January 2018 (F - If a man has made it clear he really likes you, but is also aware you've had a very prolonged period of really awful stuff happening, none of which was your fault, would it make sense that he would show interest in meeting up with you socially - if ...

I'm concerned that my boyfriend may expect the same kind of commitment from me that his ex wife gave to him

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 67 days ago

13 January 2018 (F - My bf (he's 51 and I'm 43) has been divorced for almost two years now (separated for longer than that). He's on good terms with his ex and they coparent well their two children (15 and 18). We're taking things slow and he seems like a great guy...

I have feelings for my cousin and so does my best friend

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 79 days ago

1 January 2018 (F - I have known my second cousin for years and never knew I will have a crush on him. He used to be my teacher and took tuition to him. My feeling grow stronger whenever I see him. He is a respectful person and also handsome (similar with Justin ...

Do you think he cares that I don't call him so often?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 93 days ago

18 December 2017 (F - Dear cupid, I like this guy over 5 years now we talk on the phone I call him he never calls me i think the headache don't call me because I have to use my next door phone and he knows her they use to work to getther I use to call once ever week ...

I'd like to make this little fantasy real. Any suggestions?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 119 days ago

21 November 2017 (F - Coming out as a gay girl on my 21st birthday was the best decision I ever made. I'm now in my mid-twenties and have a loving, trustworthy partner who I've known since my days at sixth form college - though not well enough at the time to have known ...

Is this LDR worth trying for?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 204 days ago

28 August 2017 (F - I met this guy a few years back, I was out with a friend and one of his friends came to talk to my friend and he just kind of sat there. But we did talk and come to realize we have way more in common then we thought we would. I gave him my number ...

My friend just featured in my dream and I wonder if that means anything?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 239 days ago

25 July 2017 (F - Hi! So I once had a dream about watching sunset in the middle of the sea (it's really weird but all my dreams are like that) with a guy but he had no face, and in my dream I think we are in a relationship (because we are doing sweet acts with each ...

How do I address these problems? Has anyone out there dated a partner with children, while having no children themselves?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 240 days ago

22 July 2017 (M - I need some advice. I met a divorced woman with 2 beautiful kids over a year ago, and we first started meeting only for sex, but somehow, we have developed a very strong friendship and I think we are both very fond and loving of each other. Ou...

Why do these guys act so weird around me? They don't do this to anyone else

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 269 days ago

25 June 2017 (F - I am friends with a few guys from my church. They will act like friends one day but then another day they walk by me like I am not even there. When I say hey to them they say hey back in a fake surprised way like they didn't see me when I know they ...

He said he needs his space

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 270 days ago

24 June 2017 (F - I have been in a relationship with a guy for 14 months. We study in the same college and things were great. We loved each other. We used to spend a lot of time together and we were very happy. However as the college closed for the summer vacation, ...

Should I contact my old tutor and tell him how much he meant to me?

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 274 days ago

20 June 2017 (F - So I need some advice about 'the one who got away..' I need to start with the fact that I had a really difficult childhood because my parents were quite abusive and had alcohol issues, and I had to depend on myself from a young age. But my wo...

I am getting vibes but I don't want to misread them and ruin a friendship

This question has 1 answer - newest was posted 290 days ago

4 June 2017 (M - I'm just going to dive in here. I'm friends with a girl that I have a crush on. She had invited me over to her house, because she wanted to show me a gift I had given here the year before, that she had just found. Then later, she has asked me to ...

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