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I am on here to listen to your problems, guide you and give you my advice. Some may like what I say, and some may not, but I am not here to make friends. I am simply here because I care about people who need some help with life.

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Should I make a move on my crush?

Q.   does anyone have any experience with those kinds of guys who are really clever, not very masculine and all their friends are girls but they're still straight, and the signs that they like you, because I'm really into a guy like that and I feel like ...

A.   29 March 2017: Make a move yes, and let us know how you get on!... (read in full...)

His girlfriend is coming between my old friend and me!

Q.   I've been best friends with a guy from grade school, and we were so close and I love him like a brother. We don't see each other very much anymore since I went to college, but we always kept in regular contact via text and Facebook. He has a ...

A.   29 March 2017: The way you reacted was childish and immature. The best thing you can do now is leave things be. He is the one that blocked you because to him his girlfriend matters more. You may have thought he was a close friend, but he obviously doesn't feel the ... (read in full...)

I put all the effort into contacting her but she never does the same back!

Q.   Ladies, I need your opinion here. I'm friends with a girl who I have always found attractive. I recently found out that she has interest in me too and so we began texting daily. However, from her texts I can sense something's not right. She goes mis...

A.   29 March 2017: Tell her how you feel, ask her why she disappears in the middle of conversations, tell her it would be nice if she showed she was thinking about you and message you. It does sound like she loves the attention from you.... (read in full...)

My husband is giving me all these std's , do you think he cheated?

Q.   Do you think my husband cheated? Hi! so, nine days ago my husband went out with his coworkers to have some drinks and he didn't call me to say he'll come home late or what he would be up to. This left me with a bad feeling because It was weird, you ...

A.   29 March 2017: You have posted this before about him coming home smelling off condoms even though you don't use them. You will probably get the same advice again, if you don't trust him then leave him. Also nobody can diagnose you with an STI without a smear test.... (read in full...)

Should I give him my phone number?

Q.   I havent dated much in life , but ive had a couple of dates with an old friend and we havent given each other our phone numbers yet. we communicate via social media . It might sound a bit strange but should i offer my phone number to him ? hes a ...

A.   29 March 2017: Yeah I would ask for his number or offer yours. Nothing to lose.... (read in full...)

My friend doesn't know if he likes her or not or if she has a chance with him

Q.   Just wanted to say thank you for taking your time to read this first. This has nothing to do with me, my friend is having problems reading this guy she likes and I thought asking here would help as I understand a lot of people here give out go...

A.   29 March 2017: I do hope your friend doesn't waste any more off her time on this guy. It is clear he is not interested. Yes he accepted her card but my guess is the more he got to know her the more he knew their was no connection. ... (read in full...)

Second cousin is pregnant and I'm the father. How do we break this news to the family?

Q.   My second cousin, Brooke, and I have always been very close. We never officially dated but on rare occasions, we did become physical. When we were both 14 years old, she was my first kiss. Most of the time we are not physical. We just spend time ...

A.   29 March 2017: Honestly the best thing you can do is just bite the bullet and be honest. Not only will your parents be disappointed because you are related they will also be disappointed that it was a one night stand, that none off you thought off protection and ... (read in full...)

Do we need to go on more dates?

Q.   I've been talking and seeing this guy towards the end of November. We have been on only 4 dates, but thats due to work, family commitments and illnesss. We speak on the phone and he texts me. We have tons in common, we have fanstic connection and ...

A.   29 March 2017: I don't think four dates is enough time to be exclusive, but that is just me. I also read your other post asking the same question and I still think that four dates since November doesn't show much interest in wanting things to become more serious.... (read in full...)

Boyfriend is seeing his ex behind my back....

Q.   My boyfriend is seeing his ex-girlfriend behind my back. He says nothing sexual is happened. At the beginning of are relationship I went to jail for three months. While I was in jail, they got back together. ....or they never broke it off. He didn't ...

A.   29 March 2017: He is not a good man. It seems it is his ex he wants to be with. If he loved you he would not be lying to you. Are you sure he really wants to be with you and he is not just scared off leaving you because you are pregnant? Am sorry to be harsh but ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend would rather satisfy himself with a rubber vagina than have sex with me!

Q.   I have been dating my boyfriend for 6 and a half years this last month I've had to beg him to have sex with me when he's drunk he will have sex with me but other then that I have to beg him an the other night I was cleaning out his closet when I ...

A.   29 March 2017: If he is refusing to work on your sex life then it might mean the relationship is over between you guys. Taking the sex toy to one side, it is not a good sign when he will only have sex with you when he is drunk. If he is not willing to work on this ... (read in full...)

Can someone explain bisexuality to me? GF and her best friend are but I don't understand it

Q.   My girlfriend's sexuality is what she has stated to be bisexual, but she has no "love-connection" with females, just attraction wise. Now, her best friend is also bisexual in the same way, and they share sexual experiences constantly and w...

A.   29 March 2017: It sounds like she is using her sexuality to do whatever she likes with her best friend. The thing is would she be okay if a girl was giving you a lap dance or you where lying in bed cuddling another girl? Because it is the same thing. If you are ... (read in full...)

I feel I am second priority after my girlfriend's best friend!

Q.   Hey guys. I got a question regarding my girlfriend's best friend.. Well, both of them. I feel like my girl's best friend is first priority during the day. I literally can't speak with my girlfriend for more than 15 minutes without her best friend ...

A.   29 March 2017: You really need to just talk to her and be clear about how you are feeling! If she refuses to listen then maybe you should move out and start just dating again. It might be you have both fallen in to a rut so talk to her and hopefully you can both ... (read in full...)

Do I tell him I may be pregnant?

Q.   I have been seeing a guy for a couple of months and have been having casual sex,he has ways been very clear that he never want to have children last time we had sex he came in me, now I'm 10 days late for my period and I think I'm pregnant, I'm not ...

A.   29 March 2017: First you need to make sure you actually are pregnant then if you are he has a right to know. Why are you both having unprotected sex if you don't want to get pregnant? A termination is not the answer to unprotected sex. A termination is ending a ... (read in full...)

I feel like a third wheel in my own relationship! Any advice?

Q.   Hello aunts and uncles, Me and my bf of a while now have usually been quite close with each other... Even though the majority of our relationship has been long distance, we've tried to keep each other happy and made sure to spend enough time toge...

A.   28 March 2017: Honestly I think you need to take a closer look at these two, it is not normal. Your boyfriend is telling you he is busy yet on the phone to your friend? That tells me he would rather talk to her than you. Also your friend sounds like she is almost ... (read in full...)

I want to be her friend and be there for her, but I don't want to be a problem for her and her new boyfriend if she still has any feelings. Advice?

Q.   Dear friends This may take some time to explain, so thanks in advance. I broke up with my ex-girlfriend last august, but i had wanted to end the relationship since the previous february. In total we were together for about 1 year and 3 ...

A.   28 March 2017: Honestly I think the best outcome for you both would be if you just ended all contact. I get you love her and want her to be happy. But you two where never friends you where more than that. She wants you to remain close in case anything happens with ... (read in full...)

Is he scamming me?

Q.   Hi and thank you for your advice I met a male online approximately two months ago. He is very charming. We've talked daily. He tells me his wife died in an accident and he doesn't communicate with his family and he has one son who stays wit...

A.   28 March 2017: Yes off course he is!... (read in full...)

Can a true relationship be achieved without the affection and the touchy part?

Q.   our sex life has slowly deteriorated. He blames it on my weight gain but many people including male friends and family have advised me that the weight is not the problem. He won't see a doctor cause he blames it on me, however he is 11 years olde...

A.   28 March 2017: All relationships are different, and people want and expect different things. Yes it would work if both people did not like being affectionate. But in this case you do and he doesn't. To be honest it doesn't sound like you both are a good match at ... (read in full...)

Should stay or leave our relationship? I think we have different goals and different attitudes to handling our money.

Q.   Dear cupid, I don't know if I should stay or leave my relationship... myself (almost 24) and partner (almost 23) have been together two and a half years and I feel like we are going no where at the moment... We have been living with each other...

A.   28 March 2017: Honestly if you are not happy with him then leave. You need to take control off your own life. If you want to travel, then go and travel. If you want to stay with him then stay with him. But remember you are not going to change him. Also as for him ... (read in full...)

I think he is lying! Am I overreacting? How do I approach it?

Q.   I've been dating a guy for the past couple of months and although we are not yet in relationship we are seeing each other exclusively and have had the conversation about not seeing anyone else. He has treated me amazingly so far and I honestly...

A.   28 March 2017: I don't see why you can't speak to him about this. Instead off playing games and trying to be a detective. Go to him and talk to him and tell him your concerns. ... (read in full...)

Beating myself up because I may not be her best lover

Q.   Here goes. My fiance and I have a good sex life when we have it. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 weeks after we started dating. Since then sex is not what it could be. Which is understandable seeing what she has been through. I never...

A.   28 March 2017: Honestly the girls that told you that you where the best, well they are the girls that tell that to all the guys. Don't go by words, go by how she acts with you and how she speaks to you. ... (read in full...)

My Bf passed away a year ago. Is it wrong to start dating the second cousin of my late partner?

Q.   Okay my boyfriend passed away (father of my child) about 1 year ago. We were on and off for about 5 years, always fighting never really happy. I met someone who makes me really happy. Unfortunately it's his second cousin. (Even though the...

A.   28 March 2017: No it is not wrong, if you are ready to move on then great I hope you and him will be happy. Don't feel guilty, as you said they didn't even know each other.... (read in full...)

Does he still want to see me? He said that we would not be compatible long term, but he does like me

Q.   Dear Cupid I need some advice, I've been seeing this guy for about a month (I'm 19 and he's 25) and we were getting on really well, he takes me out and treats me really nice, we just clicked. We're very similar and we've both noticed this. We'v...

A.   28 March 2017: The morning after pill is not good for you at all, especially not twice in a row. Go to your doctor and get on contraception, also have condoms on you at all times so that you don't get caught up in the moment, honestly I know you are young but if ... (read in full...)

I love her but I am nervous about the pressure to marry her so soon after the start of our LDR relationship. How should I respond to this pressure?

Q.   Dear all i've been with my girlfriend since June last year and we've not had any problems. I've had 3 girlfriends before her but nothing has even come close to this. I know that she is the right one for me. She is probably the only person...

A.   28 March 2017: Much to fast, honestly you haven't even been dating a year yet, and some off your relationship has been long distance so no don't rush in to getting married. It will put a lot off pressure on your relationship. You both just need to make the LDR ... (read in full...)

It was his first time. But straight after we finished he called his best friend to tell him we'd had sex. Made me feel like an object. What should I do?

Q.   Hello, I'm a 16 year old girl. When I was 14 I had a relationship with a boy which lasted about 1,5 year. At the time my parents were breaking up and everything was falling apart. I got sexual abused and that boy destroyed me and I felt like de...

A.   28 March 2017: You know at his age this is what guys do, they are not mature enough yet to handle a relationship, you said yourself that you knew he would tell his friends. Honestly I don't think either off you should be having sex, you are much to young. You have ... (read in full...)

Why does my b/f talk to his ex but won't allow me to do the same?

Q.   My boyfriend of a year is friends with an old ex who he doesn't feel attracted to anymore and I am totally fine with their friendship and glad they are friends. He has another ex who broke his heart and things got messy with her during the break ...

A.   28 March 2017: You are allowing him to treat you like this. One rule for him and another for you. Honestly he doesn't trust you because if he did then he wouldn't be making demands from you. Also their was no call for him to wish his ex a happy birthday so it is ... (read in full...)

How does her doctor know if she has herpes I if he's never done a test?

Q.   My question is about herpes, I met a woman she told me she has genital herpes, she is now on valtraxs, the doctor didn't even checked her out down there , she says she has had it for over a dozen years, my question is if he doesn't do a blood test, ...

A.   28 March 2017: You have posted before about this, you and her should go to the doctor and speak to a professional about this, that should ease your mind. ... (read in full...)

Does he not love me like I love him?

Q.   Dear Cupid, I have a bf that I have had a crush on ever since 2016 then we started dating 2017 of February 9th. I love him more than I have ever loved anyone else in my lifetime. Anyways he texts me constantly and I do to, but when i say i gtg love ...

A.   28 March 2017: He is a teenage boy and he is not going to be as lovey dovey as you. Girls love words and declarations off love, but guys at that age are just not in to the whole emotional thing. You are very young so slow things down and just enjoy his company. ... (read in full...)

I said "I love you" but he's not at that point and now I'm hurt/confused and wondering if I should break things off

Q.   About two weeks ago, I found myself (regrettably) drunk after a super fun night out with a group of friends and my boyfriend, who I have been seeing for nearly 6 moths. The BF very sweetly took care of getting me to my house, getting me into my ...

A.   28 March 2017: Well to me I think you are causing a big drama over nothing. Telling someone you love them is nice, hearing it is nice. But it is only WORDS! Loads of people say it without meaning it. As you said he is not a very vocal person. You need to look at ... (read in full...)

She doesn't want to ruin our friendship but I don't want to lose her to another guy!

Q.   So I have been friends with this girl for 7 months and the friendship has been amazing but the one thing is I want her, but she "doesn't want to ruin the friendship", but we have been in a relationship 3 months ago but we just took some time apart, ...

A.   28 March 2017: She doesn't want to be with you, but she is still young and she is not sure how to just tell you that, so she is using your friendship as an excuse. Now you need to decide what to do. You can either have her as a friend and watch her date others, or ... (read in full...)

Am I justified to break up with him?

Q.   I'm going through a mixed phase right now with my bf. Recently, I've been reflecting on our relationship for the past 5 years, and I'm wondering whether I should just move on because I just don't feel happy anymore. We have been dating for 5 yea...

A.   28 March 2017: Off course you are in your right to end things. It is clear from your post you are not happy and that this relationship is not progressing. ... (read in full...)

Why can't I quit him? Heart says yes and mind says no?

Q.   I have been talking to this guy for a good month now and we were getting pretty flirty and didn't think about the future. He had to move back to his family in another state for work and he told me he couldn't do LDR, even though he likes me a lot, ...

A.   28 March 2017: You got over him in four days? Honestly you will get crushes all the time, long distance just wont work in this case. ... (read in full...)

I think having sex with another girl will get these crazy depressing thoughts out of my head!

Q.   well, im in a relationship for about a year with this girl and we both love each other a lot. While she is my first gf, im not her  first bf, she had one before me who she really loved as well (i know this because a knew her back then) it was a long ...

A.   28 March 2017: The answer you are looking for is simple, you are not mature enough yet to be in a adult relationship. If you loved her you would not consider cheating on her or being with another women. If you loved her and felt secure then you would not question ... (read in full...)

I've lost trust due to his texting other women yet he's talking about marriage. He's barely speaking to me, how do I sort this?

Q.   Hi I've been with my partner now for nearly 4 years we have had trust issues down to him texting other women he has asked me about getting married I tried to explain to him that I need to be able to trust him 100 percent before I think about ...

A.   28 March 2017: You can't do anything sweetie. He broke your trust and now he needs to earn it back. Talking about marriage is not going to give you the reassurance that you need and neither is rushing in to marriage. Have you both spoke about why he felt the need ... (read in full...)

I feel it's okay to say no to babysitting my husband's sister's children!

Q.   My husband and I are both 26 and have been married for half a year. His sister is 10 years older and married with a 2 year old and a 4 year old. I'm neutral to kids but my husband absolutely adores them. However neither of us are interested in ...

A.   28 March 2017: I would love to know what the outcome off this was?... (read in full...)

Miscarried and I'm not over it

Q.   Hi all I'm a 20 year old woman and I have been with my boyfriend for just over 2 years. We're currently saving for a house. He is in a full time job while I've been drifting from job to job (whilst looking for a full time serious job). I have been ...

A.   27 March 2017: Off course it is normal, and yes you want a child now as your body got prepared last time to have a child. I understand why you want a child. I can also understand why your partner wants to wait and save money and build for the future. You are still ... (read in full...)

Without heat, hot water or a carer - please advise

Q.   I have a difficult situation. I have been without heat or hot water in my flat for a week. There have been workmen doing some work on the pipes outside on my street. They are supposed to be doing some work in the garden next door. Until that is ...

A.   27 March 2017: Why not go to your local swimming pool they should have facilities to wash? Luckily it's not winter so hopefully your flat is not to cold. If you are entitled to a career then why do you not have one in that case? I agree with the others go to ... (read in full...)

Should I stop flirting and just see if he makes a move? Do guys always flirt back if they're into you?

Q.   I met a guy and didn't talk to him for long, but was teasing him cos i thought he was cute., but he didn't tease or flirt back. We sat at the bar together and were swinging on the stools slightly so our legs touched. We made eye contact across the ...

A.   27 March 2017: Some guys are rubbish at flirting and sometimes can not pick up the signs either. Just be friendly when you see him next and see what happens.... (read in full...)

He won't let go of me!

Q.   I've been in an emotionally draining relationship for the past 2 years. I say 'emotionally draining' because whenever we did fight, I always left my ego aside and went back to apologize, sometimes when I wasn't even in the wrong!! Just because I was ...

A.   27 March 2017: Show your parents this post. Nobody has the right to emotionally black mail you. Tell him it is over and stick to it. Block him so he cannot contact you and end it once and for all. Why spend your life in an unhappy relationship? Yes involving ... (read in full...)

He won't let go of me!

Q.   I've been in an emotionally draining relationship for the past 2 years. I say 'emotionally draining' because whenever we did fight, I always left my ego aside and went back to apologize, sometimes when I wasn't even in the wrong!! Just because I was ...

A.   27 March 2017: Show your parents this post. Nobody has the right to emotionally black mail you. Tell him it is over and stick to it. Block him so he cannot contact you and end it once and for all. Why spend your life in an unhappy relationship? Yes involving ... (read in full...)

Is this depression?

Q.   Hello everyone I have been very anxious lately and just plain on edge - for the last six months one of my family members has been ill and I have been the sole support temporarily - although I am an adult this is the first time I have had to step...

A.   27 March 2017: Your life changed a lot very suddenly. It sounds like this might have brought on your anxiety. Even though you are an adult it seems you where never responsible for anything until now and it has brought on anxiety. I don't think pills are the ... (read in full...)

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suitcase agony auntsuitcase
Supersassygirl agony auntSupersassygirl
tby1 agony aunttby1
Temiade agony auntTemiade
thatonegirl11 agony auntthatonegirl11
Tilahun agony auntTilahun
TimmD agony auntTimmD
tinybubble agony aunttinybubble
Tisha-1 agony auntTisha-1
tony479 agony aunttony479
TrancedRhythmEar agony auntTrancedRhythmEar
TrinityHunter agony auntTrinityHunter
Trinklett agony auntTrinklett
True BEAUTYx3 agony auntTrue BEAUTYx3
twilchic agony aunttwilchic
uknowntee agony auntuknowntee
ulick agony auntulick
UnderageMonstrosity agony auntUnderageMonstrosity
Wallacebee agony auntWallacebee
wallexx agony auntwallexx
Welsh Uncle Dave agony auntWelsh Uncle Dave
wickedlycute agony auntwickedlycute
WickedlyPurpleRose agony auntWickedlyPurpleRose
xxluvbluexx agony auntxxluvbluexx
Y_v agony auntY_v
YinAndYang agony auntYinAndYang
yomama65 agony auntyomama65
yuli agony auntyuli

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