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I am on here to listen to your problems, guide you and give you my advice. Some may like what I say, and some may not, but I am not here to make friends. I am simply here because I care about people who need some help with life.

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Is he just being a generous best friend, who loves my company? Or is he in love with me?

Q.   Good morning Aunties, I have a mighty problem I need help with. I am a bisexual man, 33 years of age. I am attracted to this 19 year old guy. He says he doesn't love me as a lover but as a friend. He says he is Christian and that his parent woul...

A.   24 February 2017: You keep coming back here, and keep getting great advice, but it seems you don't listen to it, you just re-post the question, but you leave bits out that you think will get you the same responses again, and you add more in his favor in hope that ... (read in full...)

Is it true that men simply don't want to see my body type, over weight but not huge, or is my body type just boring to them?

Q.   My bf looks at porn with the women who are much thinner than me and also those who are extremely overweight . I am overweight but not huge like the bbw porn he likes and he says he doesn't have any porn of women like me because it's hard to find ...

A.   24 February 2017: You have repeatedly asked this question and have got some good advice, what else are you looking to hear from on here?... (read in full...)

Did I just get friend-zoned?

Q.   So ive been talking to this girl , she Has trust issues from her past relationship she told me but before We texted each other goodnight she told me this Thanks for being the bestest friend.. did I just get friendzoned ??...

A.   24 February 2017: It depends on your situation. Have you been flirting with her or just being friendly? It does sound like she values your friendship, and hey sometimes that does develop in to more, but if you like her more than a friend then ask her out on a date.... (read in full...)

I feel betrayed and violated that he's been snooping on me on my phone! There's no reason for him to do this!

Q.   I'm so angry as I write this post and a little confused. I was talking to my boyfriend of 9 years the other day and he asked me about something that happened to one of my friends that I could of swore I never told him, I brushed it off thinking...

A.   24 February 2017: This would annoy me as well. Off course you are upset, you are entitled to privacy and he has violated that. It sounds like he has some trust issues, or at the best he was just being nosy, but still it is not cool. You need to sit him down and tell ... (read in full...)

I can't get over the thought that he stares at my little sister!

Q.   Hi everyone. I'm writing this as my thoughts are consuming me and ultimately upsetting me and affecting my behaviour with my partner, which I hate. I have been feeling very insecure lately and issues of the past keep popping into my mind and I find ...

A.   24 February 2017: What age is your sister? Has he gave you any reasons in the past not to trust him?... (read in full...)

Does she still want this wedding?

Q.   Just a quick question? Me and my partner are due to be getting married in october this year not a big expencive one but one we can offord we have put deposits down for most things but now all of a sudden shes saying we cant offord the wedding so i ...

A.   24 February 2017: It does sound like she is not ready to get married. She is making excuses which is not normal. If a woman wants to get married then she will be excited about it she will not be wanting to put it back a year. Now there may not be anyone involved she ... (read in full...)

How can I talk to them about this? What can I do about my boyfriend and my best friend? He hangs out with her when I'm not present

Q.   My best friend and I are very different people and we get on really well, even though I no longer see her very often. We have been friends for years. A year ago I helped her get close to a guy she liked who I liked at the same time. Things did...

A.   24 February 2017: They are hiding it from you and that is never okay. They are both being dishonest and off course that is going to leave you worried and confused. I guess the issues stems back from when YOU tried setting them both up and then afterwards hooked up w... (read in full...)

Should I get back into the dating world, before my youth fades?

Q.   Dear Cupid,I been single for almost going on 16 years. I stopped dating at the age of 32-33. I'm 45 now. My heart has been hurt so bad that I'm in fear of dating again I don't want a repeat of my pass so I just allow my youth to fade away. I ju...

A.   24 February 2017: Yeah you look stuck up because you have a wall built up, usually these two traits do get confused. Honestly you need to stop worrying about what others think off you and ask yourself what do you want. Are you happy? Do you want to work more on ... (read in full...)

I'm worried that my bf will randomly break up with me. How can face my insecurity and fear of this happening to me?

Q.   I have a sort of silly worry to ask advice about. One of my good friends recently got broken up with. She met her BF in July and everything seemed to be going pretty well for them. I didn't think he was super considerate of her and she went out...

A.   24 February 2017: Honestly you can spend your life worrying or you can make the most off it. It is unfortunate what happened with your friend and am sure she is very upset, but your friends boyfriend and your boyfriend are not the same and neither is your ... (read in full...)

Should I tell my ex-best friend I have feelings for him ?

Q.   I have a best guy friend. For about 2 years we were always together , flirting, deep connection . I can't explain it was more love . Everyone used to think we was a couple I'm 99% sure he liked me but neither of us pushed for it .I wasn't sure whe...

A.   23 February 2017: Call him up and ask him would he like to catch up. Be flirty and friendly but also tell him you missed him.... (read in full...)

Feel like I'm never going to be enough for him. Is my husband gay or just into weird stuff ?

Q.   My husband of 12 years has been web camping girls for 8 years about anal play, pegging and being dominated. I just found out and have taking it hard. He has even had advertisements for meeting girls. He says it because he didn't think I would lo...

A.   23 February 2017: He has lied and cheated on you your entire relationship so yes off course it is going to be a lot to take in. I doubt he is gay, but he has a lot of fantasies that seem to be incompatible with you. Honestly you need to ask yourself can you forgive ... (read in full...)

Is he trying to convey something by winking at me?

Q.   Hello there, My co-worker and I were very good friends at work. We had never gone out together, I felt some subtle hints from him. Then we got into major conflicts, he came by to apologize afterward. After that, I backed off and just be another ...

A.   23 February 2017: I think he is just trying to be friendly and make you feel comfortable around him again. Try not read to much in to it. Unless off course you like him, in that case ask him out! But I would advise against dating co-workers, it could get messy!... (read in full...)

Should I completely cut him off and just mend my broken heart?

Q.   I have been seeing a guy for about 2 months in a sort-of FWB situaton. We never specifically defined it as FWB, but I did say I wasn't looking for anything serious...Unfortunately I have started to catch feelings for him and it was eating me up ...

A.   23 February 2017: I understand that you want him in your life. But he is not your friend. You both started out sexually and now it is not going to work as casual any more as you have developed feelings. I am glad you where both able to be honest with each other. But ... (read in full...)

I'm scared my girlfriend is going to break up with me because of the distance

Q.   Dear friends Well I'm quite scared my girlfriend will break up with me. I have had three relationships and the previous two both progressed the same way. It was perfect for a while, then they started to criticise me, act a bit cold. Then one day...

A.   23 February 2017: Are you able to travel to her maybe in between so that it breaks up the distance? Is it possible to catch a flight to where she is and surprise her? I get why you are worried, but I also get why she is sad, four months is a long time to be apar... (read in full...)

Should I really start planning a future with him?

Q.   Hello! My boyfriend and I are both 20 and met at his hometown in Denmark in October before we took the relationship to long distance. So far he was my first everything-my first kiss, my first boyfriend, and my first time having sex (i don't regret ...

A.   23 February 2017: Have you spoke to him about your plans? I do think you are planning a lot with your heart, you both might not even be together next year. It is okay to plan and look in to the future but I also think you should plan for you and your future. Not ... (read in full...)

How do I cope with a gambling addicted boyfriend?

Q.   How do I cope with a gambling addicted boyfriend? My partner of 2 years started gambling a lot about 2/3 months into the relationship. Ive tried my hardest to support and understand this problem ive offered to go to counciling with him or pointed ...

A.   23 February 2017: He knows you are not going to leave him, and he doesn't want to stop gambling, he is addicted and enjoys the thrill. Honestly honey the only way that you can help him is to make him choose you or the gambling, if he chooses you then you catch him ... (read in full...)

Why is my friend touching me this way?

Q.   I have a friend whom I know from 2 months and we became close in a very short while... From few weeks he is touching my sides, hips and breast. What does this mean? ...

A.   23 February 2017: honey don't allow guys to think they can grope you whenever and wherever they please. Stand up for yourself and say no that it is not acceptable to touch you sexually. ... (read in full...)

I cheated on my boyfriend with a co-worker and now my life has become a living hell

Q.   This is a very difficult story for me to write but I desperately need help. I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 6 years now and I love him dearly. We bought our first house 2 years ago and to be honest things were very very difficult and we had ...

A.   23 February 2017: I find it very hard to feel sorry for you when all you write about in your post is yourself. All you seem to care about is yourself and your feelings and how things affect you. Not once did you write you are sorry for what you done to your boyf... (read in full...)

Help, he dismisses my feelings of rejection and that he's being disloyal!

Q.   I've been with my partner for 3 years now I'm 23 he's 28. We have a 19 month old daughter and lived together almost the whole relationship. Hes never gave me one single compliment but I've got over it thinking he's just not that type of person. But ...

A.   23 February 2017: I think you both moved to fast and now he wants out but he is not man enough to be honest with you. You work and he doesn't. You look after the child and he doesn't. You spend time at home and he doesn't. You want affection and love and well he ... (read in full...)

How do I respond when friends query me on this? She uses a picture of herself with my BF as her profile picture on social media

Q.   Hi Everyone, I could use some advice. I am currently contemplating getting back into a relationship with my boyfriend of 7 years. We split for 3 years, and he began dating someone else. They recently had a child together, but are not in a relatio...

A.   22 February 2017: Him having a daughter should not embarrass you or you should not feel like you have the control who knows and who doesn't. I am glad he has finally realized his errors in his ways and is standing up for his poor innocent daughter. Thankfully her ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend keeps texting a female co-worker and it's getting inappropriate. Am I overreacting?

Q.   So my boyfriend has a female co-worker. He told me a couple weeks ago that it was pretty obvious to him and a few co-workers that a supervisor was trying to get with this female coworker, let's call her "B". My boyfriend told me that he told B "I ...

A.   22 February 2017: It doesn't sound inappropriate to me. I have a feeling though if you ask him to stop talking to her things will get messy. So instead have a think about things, ask yourself do you feel that you can trust him to have female friends? Ask yourself ... (read in full...)

My family expects me to get married, but I'm more attracted to men and gay marriage isn't an option. How do I convince them I'm not the marrying kind?

Q.   Hi, I'm much more into men physically/sexually speaking. The hitch is that I live in a traditional and homophobic society.My family want me to get married any time soon. How can I "convince" them I'm not the marrying kind, without telling them I'm ...

A.   22 February 2017: I think you should move to a country where you are accepted. I mean yes I am sure you love your family. But am sure you also want to find love and live your life as a happily gay man?! Honestly you only get one life you should not be wasting it ... (read in full...)

Am I too old to make positive changes in my life?

Q.   I'm just going to preface this by saying that I know I may receive answers that I may not want to hear, but I just need honest answers so that I can have closure. When is a woman too old to find someone, to get married, get into a profession or ma...

A.   22 February 2017: It is not to late to make a change. It is only to late after you have taken your last breath here on earth. So what would you like to change? Why not sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and make some plans? So career wise? Why not apply for ... (read in full...)

If he misses his ex does that mean his affection for me was fake?

Q.   Seeing him for 3 months. He told me he loved me 3 separate times when drunk, to which I didn't respond. He came over to my place all the time, he said he wanted to meet my parents. Then the last time he told me he loved me, the next day he just sto...

A.   22 February 2017: The first red flag was he tells you he loves you only when he is drunk. Don't go by his words go by his actions. It was childish off you to kiss his friend on the cheek when you knew it would get a reaction out off him, why would you want to upset ... (read in full...)

I'm crushing on an older female doctor. How do I ask her out?

Q.   I have a huge crush on a medical professional. I want to be as vague as I can be so bare with me. TL;DR I have a crush on my female doctor who's twice my age. How do I ask her out? Should I even do it? She's easily double my age... she's su...

A.   22 February 2017: It sounds like you are in awe off this woman and completely in lust. If you are prepared to find another cosmetic doctor then ask her surely, at least you will be put out off your misery by wondering what if all the time. ... (read in full...)

A straight friend wants to have sex with me. Should I?

Q.   Hi.i have a friend who i would like to have sex with.he is straight i am gay. What should i do?ahead thanks....

A.   22 February 2017: Well it is like a girl saying she wants to have sex with you, what do you think she should do about it?... (read in full...)

I don't feel the 'spark' anymore. Is this reason to break up?

Q.   I am quite young and have been going with a guy for 4 and a half months now. Sometimes i feel really attracted to him and can't wait to spend time with him, but recently i just don't feel that "spark" anymore. However this is definitely not a re...

A.   22 February 2017: I think it is normal when you are very young to be very excited at the start and then drift apart and lose that spark. You are still only a teenager, so you need to ask yourself are you really wanting to be in a relationship so young? Four and a ... (read in full...)

Should I explain to my ex? Or just let him think what he wants?

Q.   Well, It all started when the guy I was seeing for a 1 1/2 years dumped me out of the blue... I moved on and met someone else who was going out of town for 2 months.. (New dating by this time) This new guy is nothing like my ex.. he's sucessful, ...

A.   22 February 2017: No don't write him a letter. Let him think what he wants, he is the one that walked out on you. Yes you are in the wrong here and you have held your hands up and admitted that, now draw a line under it and don't dwell on it. It is a lesson for the ... (read in full...)

I like older guys. He was respectful to me. But then his decision to ejaculate on my face bothered me. Were his actions out of line?

Q.   I'm attracted to older men and that's what I normally date. I met this guy recently. He's 34. After exchanging texts for a while, we went out. It went really well. We had great conversation. There was chemistry between us. It was great all around. I ...

A.   22 February 2017: You have got some great advice here. You need to be careful when it comes to having sex, please always make sure you are protected. You can never turn back if you catch a nasty disease or fall pregnant. I personally would not like it if a guy done... (read in full...)

My LDR is in limbo. What should I do?

Q.   I'm writing this to gain clarity and ask for help on a seemingly complex situation that I find myself in. Last February I met a guy through common friends during a little party. We never really talked much. But a week later he contacted me on faceb...

A.   22 February 2017: Thanks for the feedback, I am glad you are feeling strong. Keep up the good work, you will find someone who will respect you. ... (read in full...)

My previous teaacher was awesome. I do not like my new teacher, so how can I stay positive in this situation?

Q.   My friends and I have had so many awesome teachers in the last few years, but there is one who stands out in particular. I always learnt best in her classes; she had a tendency to find so many ways to visualize the topic and make even the most ...

A.   21 February 2017: So Monday has been and gone how did it go?... (read in full...)

Will my life improve? What do I need to do? I feel so alone and scared.

Q.   Am a 41 year old woman and I've asked for help and taken advice from here. Which is probably why I'm back. Asking for advice. I'm divorced from an alcoholic husband and with the advice given to me, I have even found the strength to end an affair...

A.   21 February 2017: I think you need friendships before thinking off dating. Therefore get out there and see what your area has to offer. There may be groups or hobbies you can join where you can meet and make new friends? That is sure to make you feel better and gain ... (read in full...)

I have trust issues. He talked and flirted with a girl. What should I do?

Q.   So my boyfriend and i have been together a little over 5 months. And things are absolutely stinking amazing! The only issue is.. I have a hard time trusting him and dont know what to really do. Towards the beginning of our relationship he ...

A.   21 February 2017: Honestly five months in and their is no trust? I don't think their is any hope for this relationship. It is not your fault, and maybe not his either. It sounds like he is looking for attention elsewhere. Is he over his ex 100% do you think? Honestly ... (read in full...)

My LDR is in limbo. What should I do?

Q.   I'm writing this to gain clarity and ask for help on a seemingly complex situation that I find myself in. Last February I met a guy through common friends during a little party. We never really talked much. But a week later he contacted me on faceb...

A.   21 February 2017: You need to get out their and meet guys your own age who live in your own country. All this guy wants is some video sex. He does nothing else for you. He doesn't even try to show you he cares. I don't get why you would allow another human to treat ... (read in full...)

Disappointed he couldn't see me Valentine's day. Am I being selfish? Should I try and make things work?

Q.   I'm 38 and have been dating a guy who is 38 as well. Our first date was Nov 5th last year and we've seen each other every weekend since then and sometimes during the week. He is part of a culture that does not honour pagan holidays...and I am fine ...

A.   21 February 2017: This relationship is not working for you, even though you are looking for reasons for it to work, it simply is not. You are not satisfied sexually. It has been three months surely you could have shown him by now what you like and vice versa. It does ... (read in full...)

He suggested we have a meal together. Do you think it's a date?

Q.   My male friend and I were supposed to just be going out for drinks this Friday night, but he asked me if I wanted to go out for a meal before that too. Do you think it's a date? He hasn't said whether it is or not. I feel nervous about havin...

A.   21 February 2017: So how did the date go?... (read in full...)

Where Can I Find A Guy To Date Casually?

Q.   I moved to a new city recently so don't know too many people outside work (I do have lovely good friends, but they're mostly older women who can't introduce me to many guys) and not many single guys my age. I'm inexperienced with guys too, never ...

A.   21 February 2017: Go for online dating, I know plenty off couples who have met that way. Yes I know you said you didn't want anything serious but just write that on your profile and meet in a public place. You have nothing to lose.... (read in full...)

Is he interested or not? He's confusing me.

Q.   So, I work with a foreign guy (a backpacker) and we've worked together for about 3 months. Probably in the past month or so I've taken more of an interest in him and actually find him very attractive and I feel like he flirts with me while we work ...

A.   21 February 2017: It sounds to me like this might be his personality. The thing that sticks out for me is that he is a different nationality to you, therefore he may be over friendly to girls compared to the average British guy. Different nationalities sometimes ... (read in full...)

Would I be doing myself a favour to just tell him how I feel?

Q.   When should you tell someone how you feel? A friend and work colleague kissed me a while ago and told me had feelings for me but it all went wrong as he had an ex in the same work place and didn't want to make things awkward. I have been trying...

A.   21 February 2017: I honestly think this man is making excuses as to why he doesn't want to date you. If he liked you then he would have done something about it. I think he is just toying with your feelings which is really unfair. He sounds like he really enjoys the ... (read in full...)

Bummed out and annoyed at her lack of understanding!

Q.   Hello! It was valentines day yesterday as most of you know! My Gf and I have been together for two years now and things have been well. Like most couples, we've had our ups and downs but we still love each other very much. I am curren...

A.   21 February 2017: I think your girlfriend thinks more off Valentines than you do, which is fair enough. Her expectations where high. I mean why could she not have called you? A relationship does work both ways. I guess she felt disappointed. But she is acting ... (read in full...)

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Songwr1ter agony auntSongwr1ter
soscared.. agony auntsoscared..
spanky81 agony auntspanky81
Stephanie Davis agony auntStephanie Davis
stief  agony auntstief
suitcase agony auntsuitcase
Supersassygirl agony auntSupersassygirl
tby1 agony aunttby1
Temiade agony auntTemiade
thatonegirl11 agony auntthatonegirl11
Tilahun agony auntTilahun
TimmD agony auntTimmD
tinybubble agony aunttinybubble
Tisha-1 agony auntTisha-1
tony479 agony aunttony479
TrancedRhythmEar agony auntTrancedRhythmEar
TrinityHunter agony auntTrinityHunter
Trinklett agony auntTrinklett
True BEAUTYx3 agony auntTrue BEAUTYx3
twilchic agony aunttwilchic
uknowntee agony auntuknowntee
ulick agony auntulick
UnderageMonstrosity agony auntUnderageMonstrosity
Wallacebee agony auntWallacebee
wallexx agony auntwallexx
Welsh Uncle Dave agony auntWelsh Uncle Dave
wickedlycute agony auntwickedlycute
xxluvbluexx agony auntxxluvbluexx
Y_v agony auntY_v
YinAndYang agony auntYinAndYang
yomama65 agony auntyomama65
yuli agony auntyuli

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