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My boyfriend said he liked my skinnier self and now I'm very hurt.

This question has 10 answers - newest was posted today

24 April 2018 (F age 41-50 - I need help. Just had a big fight with my boyfriend of 5 years. We are in a hotel room travelling to Memphis and we were enjoying a week long road trip. I've put on some weight since we met. But then so has he. He had once told me he would...

I'm tired of being the other woman but love him too much to let go.

This question has 10 answers - newest was posted today

24 April 2018 (F age 22-25 - I have been seeing A married guy for nearly 8 months. He spending every free moment with me we do things we go away sometimes, we talk on the phone multiple times a day every single day. He has been great fI me, He’s caring, attentive, Generous ...

I offered an adult student help, now he constantly contacts me.

This question has 12 answers - newest was posted today

24 April 2018 (F age 26-29 - I would like to preface my question by saying that this isn't exactly a "relationship" question, but I am reaching out for advice because I know that some of you are really qualified to give advice about interactions with people, in general. I te...

My well-connected but broke boyfriend has 4720 friends on Facebook but won’t add me!

This question has 10 answers - newest was posted today

23 April 2018 (F age 30-35 - I probably know the answer to this question, but if anyone has some thoughts, I'm in a long distance relationship with a much older man who is very accomplished and well-connected (flat broke, but always has younger women chasing him). We see each ...

Are marriage counselors always right?

This question has 17 answers - newest was posted today

11 April 2018 (F age 41-50 - I have recently been to marriage counselling with my husband twice now. our last session ended up with us both getting upset and me crying. she told me to go and see the doctor to get help with my anxiety which is due to me thinking my husband is ...

What should a person do .....

This question has 8 answers - newest was posted yesterday

22 April 2018 (F age 41-50 - What should a person do if they are falling for someone, and that person tells them they have a certain type a woman they like, and it's not you, and they don't have time but maybe one day a week, they are to busy to see you more then that, you live ...

What are some thoughts or suggestions on solving this without ending this or is it just better to end this?

This question has 7 answers - newest was posted 2 days ago

22 April 2018 (F age 30-35 - I’ve been with my partner for going on nine years. We have lived together a good majority of this time. There are children involved from previous relationships, but my struggle doesn’t really involve the children. My partner is a great guy. I trul...

Why did he have makeup smeared around his lips?

This question has 7 answers - newest was posted 2 days ago

21 April 2018 (F age 26-29 - My husband is the most loving loyal husband, we never argue at all and we get along amazing, we are both just so madly in love, he’s always been very affectionate and he really is amazing in every way. However he went on a works meal yesterday a...

I'm wondering how some females can manage not being jealous and I'm wondering how some guys don't see how this affects their partners?

This question has 12 answers - newest was posted 2 days ago

20 April 2018 (F age 26-29 - I'm single, so this isn't something I'm writing out of emotion, but something I have pondered in the past. I came across a lot of articles online lately about what guys like and dislike in relationships and it seems as though a lot of guys mentioned ...

Did she sell the phone I gave her? I regret how our interactions ended!

This question has 7 answers - newest was posted 3 days ago

21 April 2018 (M age 36-40 - I am an Expatriate aged 39 and good looking working in a rather 3rd world country with good financial. I met a girl in a family friendly bar. After few visits at the bar, i took a liking to her as she was unlike the rest that goes around flirting ...

My boyfriend is all about himself during sex, but never about me.

This question has 17 answers - newest was posted 3 days ago

18 April 2018 (F age 18-21 - Hello, I was hoping I could ask for some help regarding my sex life. I have a wonderful 2 year relationship with my boyfriend. Genuinely feel like I've found the one for me, I think he's amazing. However, he's the first person I've slept with...

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