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My boyfriend is very casual about his daughters' privacy and I find it very very odd

This question has 12 answers - newest was posted today

18 May 2019 (F age 30-35 - Ive been seeing a guy who's super awesome. We're both single parents of two girls each. They stay the night frequently. My girls are 9 and 13, his are 9 and 11. Despite having lived in an all girl house for the last 5 years or so, my daughters and ...

We're both unhappy in our marriages and have a long history. Should we have sex?

This question has 18 answers - newest was posted today

18 May 2019 (F age 36-40 - When I was a teenager While visiting family i met a boy, through high school we crushed back and forth on each other secretly and living in different ends of the country made it impossible for anything to happen. As young adults be told me he liked ...

Do we change our views in regards to relationships as we get older?

This question has 14 answers - newest was posted today

16 May 2019 (F age 41-50 - Silly question maybe but in terms of how you are as a person do we change all that much from the ages of twenty to forty when it comes to how we view relationships? My partner says he didn't know what love was, had nothing to compare it to, looks ...

Just found out he cheated the entire relationship. Should I give him chance?

This question has 11 answers - newest was posted today

12 May 2019 (F age 30-35 - I have been dating my current boyfriend for 3 years now. Our families have meshed and we've gone on many trips together, have gone through many experiences and have even told each other I love you half a year into our relationship. He lives on...

My boyfriend just stood and watched while I was struggling rather than help me. Was this mean? Selfish?

This question has 12 answers - newest was posted today

8 May 2019 (F age 36-40 - I went shopping with my boyfriend and I was struggling to carry the bags so one of the bags fell on the floor and I was struggling to pick it up meanwhile my boyfriend just stood there and watched me struggle. I said thanks for helping me and he ...

Why can’t he say that promise when I’m having an anxiety attack?

This question has 10 answers - newest was posted yesterday

15 May 2019 (? age 22-25 - My boyfriend and I have been together for over 6 years. We we've been together since school. We live each other very much but last year my anxiety got worse which nearly resulted in us breaking up. When this happened I went through a period of ...

My husband looks at young women in porn and tells me I should just be happy he's still having sex with me despite my shortcomings

This question has 16 answers - newest was posted 2 days ago

17 May 2019 (F age 41-50 - My husband looks at porn of women around 18- 20 . I’m entering menopause and feeling extremely depressed about my changes to my body such as less elasticity and lubrication wrinkles etc . I’m fit and healthy but nothing makes me as young as the ...

Is it ok to have sex with my aunt who's now divorced from my uncle?

This question has 7 answers - newest was posted 2 days ago

16 May 2019 (M age 26-29 - My non-biological aunt and I are considering a sexual relationship. She divorced my uncle about 8 months ago and got completely cut off from my family until I messaged her. We have gone on a few "dates" and been sexual but only with our hands (i.e. ...

I don't want my ex to go back with his former ex!

This question has 8 answers - newest was posted 2 days ago

15 May 2019 (F - My ex and I split up 3 months ago. We have 2 children together that he still sees regular;y. I didnt want to split and I still love him but we argued too much and our relationship became so toxic it had to end. But now his ex-fiance, who h...

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