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I feel that my boyfriend's ex wife was living my dream life and I'll never match up to her

This question has 9 answers - newest was posted today

21 November 2017 (F age 30-35 - Dear Cupid, I am off for the next week due to holidays and as my boyfriend is working, I offered to work on clearing out his storage. Now he has an ex wife of 10 years(divorced in 2009) and I brought home a ton of boxes that were never unpacked. ...

I'm like a weekend hobby for my boyfriend while his sister and nephew are his real family

This question has 7 answers - newest was posted today

20 November 2017 (F age 36-40 - I have been dating a guy in a long distance relationship for 2 years. He lives 50 miles away and I only see him at weekends. In the week he lives with his widowed sister and works with her son to help him out as he is retired. The other week for the ...

I've never cheated but my husband is accusing me off it because he says I am "loose"

This question has 7 answers - newest was posted today

20 November 2017 (F age 22-25 - am a young woman of 25yrs I have two children all through c section,av never slept with any other man for the past six spouse is accusing me of cheating because my vagaina is loose he had started an affair shattered what can be ...

I have been having an affair with a woman for 7 years and I am content. Is this strange?

This question has 11 answers - newest was posted today

20 November 2017 (M age 41-50 - I have been the male equivalent of a mistress for the past 7 years. Is it strange that I don't mind? I havent dated or even tried to date because I am just fine with having her a few times a month. I am 42 years old and never been married, but I ...

My world has come crashing down because my wife just told me that the daughter we've been raising is not mine but from her affair after the marriage!

This question has 13 answers - newest was posted today

19 November 2017 (M age 30-35 - My wife and i have been married for 3 years, 6 months ago she told me something that rocked my core. the daughter i have been raising is not mine. she had an affair 2 years ago. the reason she cheated was that she was a virgin when we got married ...

I sent him a nude, I hope he hasn't lost respect for me.

This question has 16 answers - newest was posted today

19 November 2017 (F age 26-29 - I posted a while ago saying i had a met a man with quite an usual job- he's a travel author (fairly successful). He is 35 years old, is in the public eye quite a lot and has a lot of female attention. I went on 2 dates with him back in june but then ...

The guy I've liked from afar is being a little wierd

This question has 14 answers - newest was posted today

19 November 2017 (F age 41-50 - Hi, I need some advice, I haven't dated in ages, I am 43, just went through a rough patch with major losses, illness etc, now better but I am still fragile. Anyway, since last year I meet maybe every 2/3 months this guy through work, older (I ...

How do I tell him his breath smells?

This question has 9 answers - newest was posted today

18 November 2017 (F age 22-25 - I am seeing the most amazing person I have ever met, but I have a problem. His breath always smells and I have no idea how to bring this sensitive subject up without hurting his feelings. I did not notice it at first, but recently I have become ...

Does this guy who works with the man I'm sleeping with like me?

This question has 10 answers - newest was posted today

16 November 2017 (F age 18-21 - Hello, I'm going to make this question as quick as possible haha! About 8 months ago, I got involved with my boss. He has just quit the company the day we slept together, so technically he wasn't my boss anymore that night, but you get t...

Would it be lame to send him a thank you card for the interview experience?

This question has 10 answers - newest was posted today

14 November 2017 (F age 30-35 - Ok lame idea or not? I posted before about the fact I completed my masters degree in creative writing recently, and I choked whilst writing my final project. As I suspected, my grade for that project was terrible and while I still passed, I’ve bee...

Am I reasonable to choose money over potential happiness?

This question has 13 answers - newest was posted yesterday

19 November 2017 (F age 22-25 - Dear aunts, I am in a fix as I type this. I made a first attempt at online dating about 7 months ago and the only guy I really had an interest in, we hit it off. It was rocky at first but we are amazing now and not a day goes by without us chatting ...

We still sext even though he has a girlfriend, how do I move on?

This question has 8 answers - newest was posted yesterday

18 November 2017 (F age 18-21 - For the past two years ive been sort of sexting/sending the odd nude to this guy. Recently though he's gotten into a relationship, however we have still continued sexting etc. We've never slept together its strictly 'cyber'. A few weeks ago (I ...

The guy I'm dating doesn't believe I have social anxiety, does it matter?

This question has 8 answers - newest was posted yesterday

9 November 2017 (F age 30-35 - I've been on a few dates with this guy. I feel a bit of a spark but I am worried about something he said to me. Part of me feels that if I liked him enough to date him I won't worry about what he said. I told him that I suffer from social anxi...

I've worshipped this girl since I was 16! Do I tell her?

This question has 10 answers - newest was posted yesterday

8 November 2017 (M age 26-29 - Basically, I've reconnected with a girl I had a relationship with in school. I was 16, she was 15 and we went out for about a year. She was my first love and in the end we mutually broke up for a number of reasons but it was not on bad or bitter ...

My confidence issues are stopping me asking for a date.

This question has 7 answers - newest was posted yesterday

7 November 2017 (M age 22-25 - Started messaging a girl I knew from school a few years younger than me around 3 months ago but she'd just gone travelling. It was fun and kept it up throughout her trip and her interactions with me on social media increased so thought she might be ...

Would this relationship be wrong?

This question has 7 answers - newest was posted 2 days ago

17 November 2017 (F age 18-21 - I've already asked this question but I didn't outback detail in to it so I'm gonna try again! Is it wrong for me to be falling in love with my soon to be step uncle ? I've recently turned 18 and he's recently turned 21. My uncle is marrying ...

How to deal with a more sexually experienced partner?

This question has 9 answers - newest was posted 2 days ago

17 November 2017 (M age 26-29 - I'm a male virgin who's never kissed a girl or been on a date. I'm not particularly handsome either and I am obese. I will be visiting an escort in a few weeks to lose my virginity. Finally I'll get to feel what intimacy is like. However I've b...

Help me find my way out of these abusive traps

This question has 17 answers - newest was posted 2 days ago

16 November 2017 (F age 41-50 - I am in a 16-year-relationship that became sexless and violent, abusive. I was thrown out the house in middle of night. I left and he wants me back. While away I met another man who I fell in love with and been seeing for a year this man seems quite ...

Do I fight to keep her or let her go?

This question has 8 answers - newest was posted 2 days ago

12 November 2017 (M age 26-29 - So out of the blue my fiance has broken up with me, we've been together almost 3 years and engaged since May. I love her and want to be with her, she says it's because of my messiness and it's effect on her mental health. I've never been this ope...

Is 15 years too big a gap for us?

This question has 11 answers - newest was posted 2 days ago

22 October 2017 (F age 51-59 - Hi I have been talking to a guy on line who states he is 39 although looks a little older in his picture. I am a 54 year old woman but I do not look my age and have stated that I am 43. I work as Cabin Crew and surrounded by loads of young p...

Should I leave a little heart in his desk?

This question has 12 answers - newest was posted 3 days ago

17 November 2017 (F age 30-35 - Is it ok to leave a little heart in his desk? Just want to know some opinions. There's this guy at work that I like and I'm sure he likes me too. But I think it was my mistake by not showing interest in him and I think he has distanced a littl...

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