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Why did my married ex boyfriend snap just like that? I desperately want him back in my life!

This question has 17 answers - newest was posted today

17 July 2018 (F age 41-50 - I met a guy at work 9 years ago. We flirted and had fun but he was married. We worked together and once we kissed in his office and ended up having sex. I have never done anything like this before. I was madly in love with him from this first kiss. ...

I'm sitting here alone and pregnant, can I get any advice?

This question has 8 answers - newest was posted today

17 July 2018 (F age 26-29 - I dated this guy for almost six months during the time I got pregnant.Issues between me and his mom became apparent when she and her daughter begin writting shady comments on my fb page I finally confront both of them and his mom end up call me a ...

Shall I stop being a gentlemen and be a man?

This question has 12 answers - newest was posted today

13 July 2018 (M age 26-29 - Just wondering what you guys would think what’s on this girls mind. She is married with 2 kids. She is few years older than me, we work together. She is quiet person, well respected and often hates guys advancing. For example a friend of mine will ...

Everyone tells us moving in together after 2 months of dating is too soon!

This question has 13 answers - newest was posted 2 days ago

16 July 2018 (F age 22-25 - What's the consensus for knowing when you're ready to move in with someone? My boyfriend and I have only been dating for a little over 2 months, but we see each other every day (we work at the same company), spend hours/weekends at a time togeth...

In a financial crisis, who do you give your last dollar to?

This question has 15 answers - newest was posted 2 days ago

12 July 2018 (F age 30-35 - At the age of 16 years old I knew I never wanted a man with a child. When I met my husband, he had no children which was a plus. Of course we started off as friends but before we actually got into a serious relationship, he slept with one of his ...

What would you do in my situation? Travel first or settle down now, travel in retirement?

This question has 19 answers - newest was posted 2 days ago

9 July 2018 (F age 30-35 - I have been in a relationship with a man for a year. I'm pretty happy with this guy. We've had ups and downs, but overall things are good between us. We love each other. We have a holiday booked together and are planning to move in together. Howeve...

Should I say I was annoyed about the way he set up meeting his children?

This question has 7 answers - newest was posted 2 days ago

19 June 2018 (F age 41-50 - Should i tell him I felt annoyed? My boyfriend of 5 mths recently invited me over to meet his children of 21 and 16. They were having a takeaway night so thought it would casual. We arranged a time and I went over. I knocked the door but got...

How do I move on and am I to blame?

This question has 8 answers - newest was posted 3 days ago

16 July 2018 (F age 22-25 - I'm just in despair right now. I absolutely love this site and it's helped me in times of need for so long now, so here goes. I've recently broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years. We lived together for two years in his family house (his famil...

What does he want? Is there something here or just a sexual relationship?

This question has 8 answers - newest was posted 3 days ago

14 July 2018 (F age 22-25 - Going back about 4-5 months ago, I met a guy one night out at a bar. We are 5 years age difference, I'm 22 and he's 27. We immediately slept together that night. We kind of clicked quite well and he got my number, stayed in contact with me and we ...

This confusing guy is sending mixed signals!

This question has 12 answers - newest was posted 3 days ago

12 July 2018 (M age 30-35 - So I met this guy off a gay dating app. We had tremendously good sex. As he left my house he told me he "really wanted" to see me again. He lives in a different city and for a hook up from an app, it was brave of him to say that. I asked him when he ...

I overheard my wife saying that her ex was the best sex she'd ever had and now my ego is shattered!

This question has 24 answers - newest was posted 3 days ago

11 July 2018 (M age 36-40 - So my ego has been devastated and I really don’t know how to handle this. Turns out I’m not the best sex my wife has ever had. Any advice is appreciated. About a week ago my wife had one of her friends at our house for some drinks. After ha...

I feel stuck because of his lodger! What do I do?

This question has 27 answers - newest was posted 3 days ago

2 July 2018 (F age - My boyfriend and I in early 60s, have been together 5 years, but nothing is moving on because he has a female lodger in her 40s been there 25 years! Pays little rent, no household bills and keeps dogs. She wont move out, we gave her 6 months notice, ...

After years of neglect, my teeth need dental care! Is this how I go about it?

This question has 8 answers - newest was posted 4 days ago

12 July 2018 (F age 22-25 - Hi guys... I think this is more for support as well as advice. I've been on before about this topic but a new angle this time. So I've now got a boyfriend and one major issue I had was I hate my teeth. It's because of years of neglect ...

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