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I have been a working single parent of two teenage boys, and for 10 years.

I am a 48 year old who has had many knocks in life and much counselling; so if I can impart any knowledge, wisdom or lessons learnt to help others through difficult times I will gladly do so.

I am depressed and confused and don't know what to do

Q.   I'm so depressed. i cannot get over my ex who dumped me. my aunt told me that i have unresolved issues that i have to resolve b4 i can move on. the problem is i don't know what it is or how i may go about resolving. help...

A.   3 January 2011: Even if you have unresolved issues you can still get the help and support you need. Once you start to deal with the underlying problems you will gain more clarity and start to feel better about yourself and find that you was clinging to old drift ... (read in full...)

Son's medical condition goes untreated by his father and father's family

Q.   I am a single mum no bf with a young son who is ADHD and autistic, and I have full custody and am not involved at all with his dad. My son's dad and his family are really p***ing me off :(. This New Yr I want to change things and think I need to ...

A.   3 January 2011: I am assuming that your son is six years old? My advice to you would be to set up new boundaries legally and through the courts. Your son has autism and therefore needs routine and clear boundaries in order to function with the least amount of stres... (read in full...)

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