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Hey my name is rose,

i live in the uk

im nearly 18 years old

some people probably would say that i am too young to know how to deal with big problems, but i will suprise you, i am very mature for my age and have studyied physcology, i find it very interesting.


I'm sick of being bullied, I'm sick of no understanding, I'm just sick of it!

Q.   Im sick of feeling alone and depressed all the time, i have moments when im really happy then my mood can suddenly change i try to tell my mum and dad but they never listen they are like 'oh sure course theres always something wrong with you' etc ...

A.   22 January 2012: thanks everyone you really helped i just feel as though a part of me is missing and i just dont feel like me any more i feel empty?... (read in full...)

How do I ask a girl out if I'm shy?

Q.   ok so I have never asked a girl out before and I have dated around 10 girls since i was in middle school and until now that i recently graduated high school.. some relationships were not serious and we were just fooling around i have not dated a ...

A.   17 August 2011: Hello:) First of all as a girl,i can say not as many guys get rejected as you think, believe it or not girls dont like to reject boys. Secondly, if you make very very good friends with the girl first shes bound to like you more than a friend. ... (read in full...)

I think I should break up with my g/f but its going to kill me seeing her with someone else

Q.   I'm no longer happy with my girlfriend of fourteen months. I'm tired of her constantly being mad at me and guilt tripping me into giving her a deep apology that she doesn't deserve. Even after i apologize she remains mad at me for hours. The thing ...

A.   17 August 2011: im a 16 year old girl, and the girl you described sounds exactly wat i am like with my bf, i only do it because i need to know he constantly feels the same for me. the way to get her to stop is to just simply tell her every night i love you. and... (read in full...)

Why do girls do this?

Q.   Why are some girls so mean to each other, especially teenage girls and why are they so clique-ish? On my volleyball team there's this group of girls that think they're th sh!t, some of them are nice, but other are really annoying and mean for no r...

A.   15 August 2011: oh darling you dont need to worry about them im 16 and girls like that are so far up their own bum. i used to be one of them, not proud at all, darling you need to stand up for yourself, whats the worse they could do if you confronted them shout ... (read in full...)

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