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I hope this can help you jump start a plan that can lead you to a better way of seeing things in a relationship. by noflyzone

6 January 2017 (M age 51-59 - Hi there, hope that everyone had a great holiday period and that much fun was had, lots of love thrown here and there, memorable moments were shared and great memories were made. With that being said here's a little about me and why I decided to bother some of you. I'm a ... (1495 words

RIP Beloved George Michael by WiseOwlE

This question has 3 answers - newest was posted 20 days ago

27 December 2016 (M age - We lost George Michael just a day ago. He has sung me to sleep, awaken me in the morning, and told me a story as I looked out into the rain. My heart just sank when I heard the news, and I just didn't want to believe we've lost yet another one. It's the height of the Holiday, ... (277 words

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