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I have some regrets about my LDR. I think I give too much. How can I overcome these feelings?

Q.   Im in a ldr with a wonderful girl and we love each other very much. When i met her i was pursuing my dream job, having job interviews etc. When things got serious and we became exclusive she had to go back to her country to complete school ...

A.   15 December 2012: i think you should talk to her, she will understand you, sometimes ldr is hard to know what your feelings are, when your on camera already you can speak up, because you thinking already what she said, she will be more happy to know that you feel ... (read in full...)

My ldr bf how can I start telling him that I'm so upset to think that our relationship is going nowhere

Q.   hello everyone im in a ldr situation for 3 years now with my bf who lives in europe an im from singapore, we love each other we talk everynight, but lately this one depresses me and I' worried. i think im bored of the relationship we have right now ...

A.   7 December 2012: im 22 and his 37, i will miss him, like everyday talk skype, hes the only man in my life that changed me and inspire me to goal my dreams and i am now here i want him to be with him, the thing is hes too slow to think of it, and im not sure if he ... (read in full...)

I want him to actually sit down, look me in the eye, and discuss!

Q.   I'm in a stable, loving rollercoaster relationship with an amazing guy. It's been fantastic right from the start and despite our very volatile ups and downs, it's been great. However in 7 weeks time I am due to return home (we met abroad) to start...

A.   8 July 2012: if you think that you will be eventually be together, then continue that ldr situation, you have to talked to him, if he willing to have commitment with you ? how old are you? and your bf? you have to be positive always. if your bf is so ... (read in full...)

Distance is taking its toll on our relationship

Q.   So the distance is slowly getting to my girlfriend during our 7 and a half month relationship together. What should I do...I don't want her to be unhappy or hurt, please help. ...

A.   19 March 2012: if you love her. you will not think the distance hinder the relationship? is there a closure about the distance between you and your gf? lrd is patience until you be with each other... (read in full...)

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