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Should I tell a girl I've never met that her boyfriend is cheating?

Q.   Should I tell a girl I've never even met that her boyfriend of one year (living together) has been cheating on her constantly? My boyfriend works with the guy, and he brags/shows photos and shows no remorse. Usually I wouldn't meddle but ...

A.   4 July 2015: If you're absolutely sure that he's cheating, then yes, I would. Everyone deserves to know the truth. I had a friend in a similar situation. She was head over heels in love with her fiance....then someone told her he was cheating. She confront... (read in full...)

Am I nitpicking or are these various issues, such as her very bad breath, deal breakers in our relationship?

Q.   Hiya Agony Aunts. There are a few things that nag at me about this girl I just started dating, and I'm not sure why. As y'all are likely older and more experienced than I am, I'd like your perspective. We started dating about 3 or 4 week...

A.   1 July 2015: Doesn't sound like a match. Unless she gets her stuff together, it sounds like she may become a drain on you (or whoever she's with) in the future. Sounds like she needs to grow up. And why does she not brush her teeth adequately? That in itself ... (read in full...)

Should I get my boyfriend's mom a gift for Christmas?

Q.   I've been dating my bf for 3 months we get along great. I have said hello/seen his mom several times on skype, since she lives overseas. For Christmas my bf will be going to see her, should I buy her Christmas gift?? Would this be a nice detail or ...

A.   19 December 2013: I would just send her a nice and thoughtful Christmas card. Keep it casual until your relationship gets serious.... (read in full...)

Caught cheating with his ex..what do I do?

Q.   My boyfriend and I were having problems because he is obsessed with his cell phone. I broke up with him because nothing else would show him that im serious. well we got back together in a matter of days,decided to work on our problems. and yesterday ...

A.   13 June 2013: DUMP HIM. Please, understand that he will never change (despite what he might say), and you deserve better than this. Hold your head high and respect yourself enough to walk away. Any man who truly loves you, respects you, and values you would not ... (read in full...)

I feel as if I set myself up for failure. Are men just not interested in pregnant woman?

Q.   So I am 3 months pregnant but I am not now with the father because things weren't working out. I did things I shouldn't have done when I was mad. I didn’t Like the person I was when I was with him. But anyway, we aren’t together, and I’m not lo...

A.   22 April 2013: I highly doubt that he "forgot" about you being pregnant. That's not really something someone forgets. If he's not asking you out or testing you back, I think it's fair to assume that he's just not interested. Why are you worried about dating right ... (read in full...)

What do I do about this ring intended for my ex?

Q.   Hey all, I have what I think is an unusual question. For Christmas 2012 I bought my then girlfriend a ring. Not an engagement ring, but a little bit of an expensive ring that has a heart made out of rubies filled in with diamonds. Well her and I ...

A.   27 March 2013: Don't give it to your ex! I think you should pack it away somewhere so you won't be constantly reminded of it. And who knows? You might need the money one day, so you can sell it later if you ever need to. She broke up with you, so it seems. She ... (read in full...)

I need some techniques on how to control my anxiety

Q.   Hi ya all, I really need some help with building my low self-esteem. I'm always anxious that my boyfriend is going to leave me or pulling away that I can't seriously go on like this. If he doesn't text me I feel physically sick and worried its ...

A.   9 March 2013: I went through this. Therapy will work wonders (I attended group therapy for about a month), but I also needed to be placed on a low dose of an anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication, which I take daily. Besides all that, however, what he... (read in full...)

I don't think other girls have this much body hair?

Q.   I'm a 16 year old girl and I don't know what's wrong with me. I have dark hair on my lower back and my bottom. I also have hair on my stomach, a little bit on my chest and dark hair on my arms. Is this normal? I have always been like this but I've ...

A.   3 March 2013: Wax or shave it. Sounds like you have more hair than normal, but it's nothing I haven't seen before. I remember girls from school being "hairy" like that- like lots of hair on their arms, for example. Doesn't sound like a medical problem...... (read in full...)

Could he have been using me for sex?

Q.   Is it possible that this guy used me for sex even though we only had sex 7 times with month gaps inbetween? We were dating for 5 months and he made up a lame excuse about not thinking I cared about him and everyone tells he must have used me for t...

A.   3 March 2013: Probably. Don't give it up so soon next time. Any guy who is truly interested in you will wait. Anyone who intends on using you for sex will get tired of waiting and will quickly move on. Then you will have your answer, and you wouldn't have ... (read in full...)

My wife doesn't like sex, won't let me have someone else. I'm at my rope's end!

Q.   Me and my wife have been married for 5 years now, she was 30 and I was 25. She wanted to wait until we were married to have sex, for religious reasons. I was ok with this because I always try to be a gentleman. I was her first boyfriend, and there ...

A.   3 March 2013: She sounds very selfish to me. First of all, not enjoying sex?? Something clearly is wrong with her, and I doubt it is a physiological problem, considering that she claims "religious reasons" for everything else. Part of a marriage (and in most ... (read in full...)

Should I just end things so he can have a happy relationship with his daughter?

Q.   I'm dating a guy with a 3 year old daughter. Ever since we've been dating its been nothing but drama between me, him and the child's mother. She has not allowed him to see his daughter since we've been dating. She say's that he is picking me over ...

A.   3 March 2013: I am in a similar situation (although not quite as bad). My boyfriend (been together about a year and a half) has a daughter with his ex-wife. For some reason, she hates me, blames me for all kinds of stuff, even though she has never met me and only ... (read in full...)

Is it possible for a 58 year old man to change?

Q.   Do you think it's possible for a 58 year old male to change? I, 50, have had a high/low relationship with him for 9 months. The highs are wonderful, but then he will flip out over nothing (this last time was the tv remote) and end the ...

A.   20 November 2012: Probably not. Personalities are developed during childhood and by his age, he is definitely set in his ways. Change and self-improvement are always possible, but by now, I wouldn't count on it if I were you. Especially if he is not motivated to ... (read in full...)

Some days I get a lot of male attention and other days nothing

Q.   Same dress, same hair, same make up, same place. One night guys are all over me askin for my number, buying me drinks. Went out with same girlfriends yesterday night there, no attention whatsoever. One asked my friend if I'm having fun. I was act...

A.   11 September 2012: Why does it matter? I suggest you focus more on having fun than worrying about who and who is not paying attention to you.... (read in full...)

Student/teacher relationship??

Q.   My personal fitness coach at my high school is close in age with her students and is an attrative woman. Theres one student in her class,a senior male, and they are always together, the teacher and the student. If we need partners in the class they ...

A.   6 September 2012: I am a high school teacher, and there is NO WAY I would be this close with any one particular student. It clearly sends an inappropriate message to the student, so yes, I think there is something inappropriate going on. Maybe it's not ... (read in full...)

What do you guys think of the situation?

Q.   I met a guy online and we've been out on three dates. But he hasn't really tried to kiss me so I'm finding it hard to decide if he's even all that into me. We've held hands the during the last two dates but that has been the extent of the touching. ...

A.   6 September 2012: My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year now. We met online as well... I could tell he was "into" me, but he didn't make a move first. On our 5th date, I asked him, "So why haven't you kissed me yet?" Turns out, he just likes for the ... (read in full...)

I want to ask a girl out that I've never even spoken to before, how do I approach this?

Q.   So, at the moment I am researching in a chemical engineering lab at my university over the summer with one of the professors. Going great. Last week or so a girl was working in the lab space close to me on a different project. I reckon she is st...

A.   27 August 2012: You could take the get-to-know-her approach, but I prefer something much more direct! Why don't you just go up to her, smile, say good morning, then say "I know this is out of the blue, but I wanted to know if you'd join me for dinner sometime?" ... (read in full...)

He can't ejaculate inside me?

Q.   Okay, I've been with this guy for over a year and have been sexually active from about 4 months in - we were both virgins. Anyway, when we have sex he never finishes inside me, and pulls out - even if we use condoms. He's scared of me getting pr...

A.   27 August 2012: Also, you should track your cycle and find out which days each month you ovulate. There's only a very small window of when pregnancy can occur anyway (something like 48 hours)... There's lots of information online and even phone apps that can track ... (read in full...)

He can't ejaculate inside me?

Q.   Okay, I've been with this guy for over a year and have been sexually active from about 4 months in - we were both virgins. Anyway, when we have sex he never finishes inside me, and pulls out - even if we use condoms. He's scared of me getting pr...

A.   27 August 2012: Why don't you get on birth control so that the chances of getting pregnant are virtually non-existent? Birth control plus a condom, both used correctly, should ensure that an accidental pregnancy would not happen. If you start taking the pill, he'll ... (read in full...)

How can we break the habit of having sex so much?

Q.   Okay, so I've been with this guy for a 1.5 years, and we lost our virginities to each other about 4 months into our relationship. We're both Christians, and have often said we need to stop having sex - it can be up to 3 times in one day, and eve...

A.   27 August 2012: WHY?! Sex is great! My advice is to just keep doing what feels natural for you both. Just because you're Christian doesn't mean you can't have an active, satisfying sex life!... (read in full...)

I love my wife but I am not sure I can live with her because of her slovenly habits

Q.   I have been married for 20 years and each year my frustration grows. The basis of my frustration involves seemingly insignificant things which, over time, grow into issues for me. Let me give three examples: 1) Laundry My wife does not ...

A.   27 August 2012: Several people have suggested that you get a cleaning lady in order to solve the problem, so your wife can continue to be a slob, but I suggested you get one in order to hopefully get your wife to wake up! It is utterly ridiculous to hire a maid ... (read in full...)

Why is my ex telling me when he has days off?

Q.   I have contact with an ex after a few years, talk on a regular basis. He dumped me!! my question is, why is he now giving me his work schedule, you know, telling me his days off? I never asked for this and we haven't talked about meeting up, so what ...

A.   27 August 2012: Sounds like he would be interested in getting together with you and is subtly letting you know by telling you when he's free. If you're not interested, just continue to ignore this information he gives you. If you'd like to hang out and/or rekindle ... (read in full...)

How do I convince my brother to give up on being a lawyer?

Q.   My brother wants to be a lawyer I doubt that he can become a lawyer because he did so poorly in highschool. No one in the family has ever become a lawyer or doctor so why does he even try He signed up for community college. He study's all da...

A.   27 August 2012: Do your brother a favor and keep your negativity to yourself. Just because he has goals and aspirations while you and the rest of your family don't, doesn't mean he can't succeed. Here's a little bit about me: I didn't do well in high school. I b... (read in full...)

I love my wife but I am not sure I can live with her because of her slovenly habits

Q.   I have been married for 20 years and each year my frustration grows. The basis of my frustration involves seemingly insignificant things which, over time, grow into issues for me. Let me give three examples: 1) Laundry My wife does not ...

A.   27 August 2012: If it makes you feel better, I once broke up with a guy because he always left the kitchen cabinets open- every single one. It drove me absolutely crazy. We lived together for 6 months, and day after day of going into the kitchen and having to clos... (read in full...)

Inappropriate txt from friends wife to my husband

Q.   i just found out from my husband that she said ask your wife how she We have married friends that hang out with us. They have kids the same ages as ours. The wife is 12 years younger then me. She texted my husband a inappropriate message that my ...

A.   25 August 2012: Definitely strange and inappropriate on her part. Do you doubt or question your husband's role in this? I wouldn't necessarily be upset with him- he probably just responded in that way as to not make things awkward or disturb the friendship between ... (read in full...)

I need a plan for a first date.

Q.   I recently went out on a date with a girl who's number I got at a local coffee shop. It wasn't anything crazy, just a casual late lunch at this bar and grill place (which is good because she said she doesn't like fancy restaurants). It went really ...

A.   25 August 2012: I think it'd be fun to invite her to a party. What kind of party is it? If drinking is involved, just make sure you take it easy on the alcohol. Mingling with people and casually meeting some of your friends would probably make her feel good! I ... (read in full...)

Pointers for a virgin having sex for the first time!

Q.   Hey I want your advice on how will I know I'm ready for sex. I want to have sex, but I think it will be really embarrassing and awkward, is it normal to think this? I'm 20 and a virgin with a boyfriend. Any tips or pointers for a virgin? Thank...

A.   25 August 2012: Oh, and make sure you're really wet!!! This is crucial! Maybe ask him to give you oral sex first (maybe he'll do this anyway, but if he doesn't, just ask him). That way you'll be nice and wet, and probably relaxed enough to make the intercourse more ... (read in full...)

Pointers for a virgin having sex for the first time!

Q.   Hey I want your advice on how will I know I'm ready for sex. I want to have sex, but I think it will be really embarrassing and awkward, is it normal to think this? I'm 20 and a virgin with a boyfriend. Any tips or pointers for a virgin? Thank...

A.   25 August 2012: Let him be on top and ask him to go slow at first. As you ease into it, you should start to feel more relaxed and be able to get into it more. Be warned: the first time usually isn't so great. It wasn't for me! Not horrible or anything, sex just ... (read in full...)

Ladies: What does it feel like to not be over a relationship?

Q.   What does it feel like to "not be over" a previous relationship for girls? I met someone 4 months ago. We've only met 5, may be 6 times during the first 2 months. Since then just texts and a seldom phone call. At first I thought she had ...

A.   25 August 2012: Typically, when a woman isn't over her ex, she wants him to be the one calling and texting her, not you. When she's with you, she's wishing she was with him. She compares all men to her ex, and usually they won't measure up because she's still in ... (read in full...)

How can I better deal with my hostile snappy bossy GirlF? I feel hurt when she unleashes this fury

Q.   My girlfriend and I have been together for a few months and she's just starting to show a different side of her. She snaps, and gets bossy and overbearing sometimes. I'm a really polite and tactful person, so I try to speak to her very respectf...

A.   24 August 2012: It sounds like this is her personality, since her family members are so accustomed to this behavior. Get out sooner than later, since it clearly presents a problem for you. After all, you want a harmonious relationship, not a crazy bitch, right?! ... (read in full...)

I am not happy with my day to day lifestyle

Q.   Hi. I'm a british teenager, 17 and I'd like advice. I am not happy with my day to day lifestyle, and i know that only i can change that. Instead of spending my life on my laptop, i'd like idea's of things to do that don't cost much/nothing atall. A...

A.   23 August 2012: Be active, just going on long walks around your neighborhood. It's great exercise and I love noticing things I'm oblivious to when I just drive by. What about photography? Reading? Joining a book club is a good way to learn and meet new people. Or a ... (read in full...)

Is the singles scene easier for women than it is for men?

Q.   I'm curious what the singles scene is really like from a woman's perspective? After many years of being single, I got married recently so this is just out of curiosity. I know this can't be true, but it often appeared to me that women had it mad...

A.   23 August 2012: Yes, it is easy for a woman to get hit on, or to get a date. But it is not easy to find a quality guy, who isn't taken, who isn't a bum, who doesn't just want to get in your pants, who isn't a player, and who is ready to settle down. So no, the ... (read in full...)

I am a cheater but is that really so bad?

Q.   I am cheating on my GF. should i stop. i cant help it i like the excitement of chasing new women and when i see a beautiful woman im curious how it feels to be with her. but i like having something guaranteed at home. but people make it seem like a ...

A.   22 August 2012: Yes, it's a big deal. Yes, it's bad. You're an ass. You don't deserve to have a relationship.... (read in full...)

I am going on my first date, in quite a while, and would like some advice.

Q.   I am going on a first date this weekend with a gentleman that I met online. We have taken all of the correct, text and then phone calls. I am extremely nervous and don't want to mess anything up. As you may be able to tell, I've not ...

A.   21 August 2012: I suggest looking your best- hair, outfit, nails, etc. If you feel confident, you will probably be able to relax more and just focus on having a good time. Don't have any expectations- look at it as two people going out and getting to know each ... (read in full...)

Is it possible for a cheater to end up happy with the person he cheated with?

Q.   My boyfriend of six years cheated, and left me for the woman he cheated with. Although I'm past the hurt, sometime I wonder is it possible for a cheater to be happy with the person he cheated with.I wish him and her the best and hope he is a better ...

A.   21 August 2012: Yes, it's possible. But he'll probably leave her for someone else eventually. You are a kinder person than me if you actually wish them well! I'd want to slash some tires or something crazy like that! haha It sounds like you've gotten over him... (read in full...)

After ten years of marriage, I find out my husband has had an affair.

Q.   I am writing because I need advice. After 10 years of marriage and two kids of ages 8 and 2, I found recently that my husband was having an affair. I kicked him out of the house but now I want him back. My husband now blames me for our split and ...

A.   21 August 2012: It's all there in black and white- he told you the love is dead, he doesn't want to be with you, you're the problem, etc. etc... Men typically do not say something unless they mean it. Take his words to heart- for whatever reason, he does not want ... (read in full...)

My friend wants me to have a threesome with him and his brother.

Q. friend(who I really like) wants to try and have a threesome with him, me, and his brother. I agreed but now nervous. I really like him but I don't want him to think I'm just the type whose up from anything. He told me, he wouldn't mind going ...

A.   21 August 2012: If you do this threesome, you can pretty much say goodbye to any potential relationship with this guy. I'd say he's not interested in you anyway, since he offered a threesome with his brother. Clearly, he does not respect you, or at least does not ... (read in full...)

I texted I love him and now he is ignoring me.

Q.   I have been with my bf for 2 years now and the other morning I texted I love you my friend and he is ignoring me now. Im so hurt why the hell would he do that. Its not like I asked hime ti marry me or anything. ...

A.   21 August 2012: This seems very strange to me. Assuming this is the first time the "L" word has been exchanged between you two, I think it's very unreasonable that this would send him running for the hills, especially at your age. You've been together for two ... (read in full...)

I am the one who always has to text or call my boyfriend, I've spoke to him about it but nothing changes! What should I do?

Q.   Dear cupid,so my bf loves me and can do anything for me no doubt.but since we went back home for our holidays,I have been doing most of the calling and texting.I talked to him about itbut he always comes up with the excuse of 'I was going to call ...

A.   20 August 2012: Stop calling and texting him. If he cares enough to want to speak to you, he will. Relationships have to be equal, and it sounds like yours is very one-sided. ... (read in full...)

I don't understand why is he acting this way?

Q.   I met what seemed to be a really genuine guy on an online dating site. We spoke everyday for a week and arranged to meet. We had a fabulous first date and both agreed we clicked. We met up the next day and he came to my home and spent the night ...

A.   20 August 2012: I agree wholeheartedly with k_c100. Her advice was dead-on. I have made the mistake of sleeping with guys too soon, and it has never worked out in my favor. I recommend the "90 day rule", which I kind of made up, but then saw in that movie, "Think ... (read in full...)

Should I text or call her today/

Q.   For a while now, I've been going to a local coffee shop where this really cute girl works. I finally built up the balls to ask her for her number, and we exchanged numbers. We were texting for a while yesterday, and next Wednesday (5 says from now) ...

A.   17 August 2012: You can text or call her to show her that you're definitely interested, but don't overdo it. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than a guy who comes off as "clingy" in the very beginning of a potential relationship. Maybe just keep it casual, ... (read in full...)

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