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Why did my married ex boyfriend snap just like that? I desperately want him back in my life!

Q.   I met a guy at work 9 years ago. We flirted and had fun but he was married. We worked together and once we kissed in his office and ended up having sex. I have never done anything like this before. I was madly in love with him from this first kiss. ...

A.   17 July 2018: A woman of your age should no better. His way of ending the affiar 7 years ago by saying it was because you did something then doesn't tell you what that thing was, was a game. You did nothing and he used it as a cruel way to end the affair. This ... (read in full...)

This confusing guy is sending mixed signals!

Q.   So I met this guy off a gay dating app. We had tremendously good sex. As he left my house he told me he "really wanted" to see me again. He lives in a different city and for a hook up from an app, it was brave of him to say that. I asked him when he ...

A.   13 July 2018: He has no interst in you other than being a hook up when he passes through. Move on and stop wasting your time.... (read in full...)

Tales of attraction, games, betrayal and the wifes condundrum

Q.   Seeking some guidance around my husbands relationship with a highly promiscuous, devious and highly NARCISSISTIC Slor€ (that's her appropriately allocated nickname btw from her own family - which I was told in advance meant slut crs whore because ...

A.   5 June 2018: I think you need to take a look at your own behavior in this issue. Why are you so interested in what she does with your husband? You should be more interested in why your husband is stepping out on his marriage and taking drugs. The truth sh... (read in full...)

Am I playing myself for a fool with this older guy?

Q.   My boyfriend is 8 years older than me. I met him in early February while he was non exclusively dating a 21 year old .I met him in a little store near my house and one thing Led to another and now we are a couple. When i first initially met him he ...

A.   18 May 2018: You are being strung along because he is telling you he wants to be with you but his actions prove otherwise. Which you seem to accept, hence why he keeps doing it. This guy is enjoying the attention and at the heart of it, 2 lovely girls are gett... (read in full...)

My husband found some screenshots from my sim game!

Q.   My husband is jealous of a dating Sim (similar to otome) visual novel romance game. Recently he came across some pictures I'd saved of one of the sex scenes between the sprites (it's all dialogue) to show to my friend. He got mad that 1) I had ...

A.   18 May 2018: I'm sorry but I had to laugh. Tell your husband to grow up and get a life. It's a game, not reality lol. What I did find sad was that you can't be open and honest about your writing to your husband. You should feel comfortable enough to embra... (read in full...)

Should I keep in touch and message him from time to time? Or leave it to him? And how long are we on hold for?

Q.   i met someone in february at a friends party and we hit it off immediately, only he suffers from mental health issues because of a past abusive relationship anyway recently my mum had a go at him through Facebook for going to see his friend instead ...

A.   18 May 2018: Your mum should not be interfering in your relationship. I can understand why he feels awkward. You do not seem to see that your mum behaved inappropriately. If this has happened in the early part of the relationship then I'm afraid it's not... (read in full...)

Am I playing myself for a fool with this older guy?

Q.   My boyfriend is 8 years older than me. I met him in early February while he was non exclusively dating a 21 year old .I met him in a little store near my house and one thing Led to another and now we are a couple. When i first initially met him he ...

A.   17 May 2018: It's you who is getting strung along. This guy shouldn't have told you anything about this girl. It sounds as though he loves having his ego stroked and you're putting up with being disrespected. If he really wanted to be with you then he would ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend ignores me for computer games, should I be upset?

Q.   Hi, I feel like this is a bit of a strange question and I'm not sure if I am allowed to feel this way or not. Hopefully you can shed some light for me. I've been with my boyfriend for 10 years and recently moved in together 3 years ago. I fe...

A.   17 May 2018: He is not respecting the order of the home by isolating himself with his gaming. This is disrespectful to you and the relationships. Give him an ultimatum. Give you time or leave. Simple as that.... (read in full...)

Our teenager's actions are causing problems in our marriage

Q.   I guess what we are experiencing with our 15 year old son is not much different than what every parent of teenagers has been since eternity, but it is still stomping us, and leaving utterly frustrated. Our son has stopped being interested in ...

A.   9 May 2018: He is emotionally blackmailing you both with mental illness that he does not have. Give him his freedom. That means he moves out, get a job and that way he can do whatever he bloody well likes. Gain back power for goodness sake and kick him into... (read in full...)

Should I gave up or wait more time to approach my ex

Q.   I broke up with my boyfriend one month ago, the reason of the break up was an accumulation of many reasons and things he did. He is 25 and I am 35 years, we had up and down relationship , with great moments and bad moments. I give him a lot, I r...

A.   27 April 2018: I read your problem twice and each time it sounds as though a love struck teenager is talking. You are a grown woman behaving like a teenager. This man (boy) I should actually say, is not right for you. You did the right thing dumping him. St... (read in full...)

He didnt hurt me enough to leave bruises, but scared me, did I cause this?

Q.   I have been with my boyfriend for over two years and we have even recently been looking at getting our own place together. We had a lovely weekend. He took me out for food and drinks Saturday and paid for everything. We laughed and danced. It was p...

A.   17 April 2018: So you'd rather get beaten and abused than be single? Have you lost your mind? You need to get away from this man asap. The longer you stay the more dangerous this situation will get. See sense woman for gods sake.... (read in full...)

Am I being unrealistic wanting 2 breaks when our twins are 3 and 4?minths?

Q.   So my boyfriend and I are expecting our twins to be born over the summer. We're both excited and getting everything ready for their arrival. These are our first kids so it'll be a new experience for us both, mainly me because my boyfriend has ...

A.   13 April 2018: I might get little abuse from mothers on here but hey ho. I am a mother to a 15 year old. From the moment she was born I was adamant that I wasn't going to let it change my life. I was a professional dancer so she came on tour with me when I n... (read in full...)

Husband says he lied to me about talking to a female coworker to spare my feelings

Q.   I’m currently battling depression. My husband recently lied to me. He told me had to step away to make a phone call to his buddy. I had a feeling something was off because he would never step away. I later find out he called a female coworker and ...

A.   11 April 2018: Unfortunately no man buys a woman £200 shoes unless he's is intimately involved with her. His excuse for buying them is lame. He should've bought them for you to lift your mood. I'd confront him and if he denies it then leave.... (read in full...)

I want my boyfriend to stop paying for porn before we move in together.

Q.   I'm not sure if I am being extremely jealous or whether I am right to feel this way.. I have been with my boyfriend for over a year now and we are even looking at apartments together however there are a few things that really bother me. First of all ...

A.   11 April 2018: You do realise that he is not perfect in any sense of the matter? He is still cheating on you and you're accepting it. Drop this loser and move on with someone that appreciates a lovely, loyal girl. You're very young but this is no excuse to put ... (read in full...)

I suspect my daughter in law is having sex with my boyfriend

Q.   I suspect my daughter in law who is married for 11 yrs to my son on having an affair with my boyfriend of 10 years. I believe this has been going on for sometime now. I have no hard proof,just what I see with my own eyes. My gut instant is so sure, ...

A.   3 April 2018: I suggest you end the relationship regardless of proof or not. This is not a way to live. How can you be with someone you don't trust? This will always eat away at you and will cause you such misery. Move on and find happiness with s... (read in full...)

Is something going on that I'm not aware of?

Q.   Hey guys, so this man that I am going out with now (Which happens to be a gentleman, sweet man, really good, I have never gone out with a man like this. he is quite older, he is 46 and I am 29 going to be 30. Anyways he was married for 10 years an...

A.   16 March 2018: His financial situation is none of your business. It sounds to me that you were expecting a rich older man but sadly got a working class gentleman. There is nothing wrong with his investment ventures. They are not yours and I'd advise keeping ... (read in full...)

I'm worried about my boyfriend becoming less motivated.

Q.   My bf and I have been going out close to a year. When I 1st met him he was working 2 jobs, over 12 hours a day and was miserable. He told me he had to get out of his job to move forward. Well now he is and is exploring options to go back to ...

A.   16 March 2018: If you guys no not have a joint life then why do you worry about him? His finances are his business. Support him in this transition and stop worrying about things that haven't happened yet. You guys haven't been together very long so this isn... (read in full...)

I've accepted his past so why can't he move past mine?

Q.   Hi I'm 18 and my boyfriend of nearly two months is 19. When we first met (a couple of months before we started dating) we spoke about our body counts. I've been with a few guys and he's been with a few girls, nothing major or too far, just as you'd ...

A.   27 February 2018: I do not know why women and men think it's appropriate to share each others past relationships. It's no ones business. I'd find it disrespectful if I was asked the number of sexual partners I had before him. I'd clearly tell him that it's none of ... (read in full...)

I thought he loved me but he cheated and she's pregnant!

Q.   Hello this may be a lil not lengthy but I need advice. I was in a long distance relationship with someone I met on a job two years ago, we met when I moved to Virginia for a short period of time but because we were both in a relationship at the time ...

A.   8 February 2018: Why would you even consider staying with him? You are worth so much more than being 3rd priority to a cheat and a liar. You would never being able to trust him and you'd always be living on the edge, afraid he'll cheat again. I wish you th... (read in full...)

Why am I always the last to know at work?

Q.   Why am I always nearly the last one to find things out at work? everyone knows but me? This younger colleague (who works nights and I see in shift changeover) I have been working with for 3 years is leaving soon and everyone seems to know ...

A.   6 February 2018: Why is it so important for you to know if she is leaving? So what you're the last to know. What importance does it have on your life always needing to feel included? Wish her well and let it be the end of it. You're wasting so much energy o... (read in full...)

My boyfriend does't pay me attention any more.

Q.   My boyfriend is 20 years older to me, have been dating for a year and two months now, the first four-five months were amazing, we were in the lovey-dovey phase, then we got really busy with our lives, we still made time to meet each other, but we ...

A.   6 February 2018: I'm sorry to tell you but he has checked out of the relationship. He doesn't have the heart to tell you it's over so hopes that the distance and silence would give you the sign that it's over. Do not contact him and start to plan moving on with ... (read in full...)

Should I ask him if he's ever had sex with her?

Q.   Hi guys! Quick question.. I've been having a sexual relationship with a man for almost a year. We used to work together but we now both moved on to other jobs right after the first time we had sex. So here's the thing- Right before we had se...

A.   19 January 2018: His sexual past is non of your business and you have no right to ask him about it. Your sexual past is non of his business either. As long as both of you had a full sexual screening before getting together and it was clear, anything before that is ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend wants sex on demand, what about what I want?

Q.   I love my boyfriend we been together nearly a year but he always wants sex in the morning and I just don't and if I don't have it when he wants he gets into a strop all day and just walks off and if we go out he will just walk miles in front of me ...

A.   3 January 2018: No one should feel pressured into having sex at any time or by anyone, boyfriend or husband. Your BF needs to learn to compromise with your needs for intimacy. When in a relationship, if you don't sync well with your partner then it's doomed... (read in full...)

Troubled and confused by girlfriend and her kitten

Q.   Dear all This problem is a bit strange and you may think I am weird, however this is just the way I am. I am in a long distance relationship with a girl I love very much. We have plans to be together soon. Recently she out of the blue to...

A.   8 December 2017: You sound like a very responsible young man. You understand the responsibility of owning an animal. I'd prefer the word Parent than owner. You need to continue being supportive of your girlfriends ability of nurturing and caring for her kitt... (read in full...)

What is he doing? His last text said he still wants me but that was November third!

Q.   hi i am seeing a man, don't what sort of relationship it is but hes not text me in 2 weeks and not seen me in 2 months now, i did text him 2 weeks ago asking whats going on my text to him was " how are you ive not heard off you in weeks how can yo...

A.   17 November 2017: Leave it there. He is not interested and it builds up his ego knowing you're hanging around waiting for him. If someone is interested in you then regardless of work or hospital treatments, they'd make contact. ... (read in full...)

Help me find my way out of these abusive traps

Q.   I am in a 16-year-relationship that became sexless and violent, abusive. I was thrown out the house in middle of night. I left and he wants me back. While away I met another man who I fell in love with and been seeing for a year this man seems quite ...

A.   16 November 2017: Both men are not right for you. You are allowing these men to treat you as dirt. Have some self respect and get ride of these terrible men and surround yourself with people who improve and benefit your life. Not drain the life from you. ... (read in full...)

Mother-in-law is interfering

Q.   Ive been married to my long term fiance for just a month. He treats me amazingly sweet. Especially in front of his family. Its been almost a decade and at first i can feel that they find it strange with how he treated me. I mean his mom and sister. ...

A.   25 September 2017: You're married but live with your husbands parents? Move out, get your own place and stop depending on his parents to put a roof over your head. Then you won't have to deal with the remarks from his mum and sister.... (read in full...)

I feel like leaving my husband how do I change this feeling ?

Q.   I need advice, I'm 22 and my husband is 39. We are married one year and have a 6 month old daughter. My husband and I got on well most of the time and he was generally someone I could call my best friend but Lately I have just felt like leaving him. ...

A.   25 September 2017: Marriage at 21 is way too young in my opinion. You haven't began your life. Leave your husband, take your kid and enjoy life. You don't depend on him, he depends on you. You make your own money, pay all bills and look after your child. You don'... (read in full...)

My wife's sexual past has become a sticking point for me

Q.   OK this might be a bit long winded but here we go. So I have been happilyish married for nearly ten years now. I met my wife in 2003 while on my OE in London and we got together and started dating and then eventually the "how many people have you ...

A.   22 September 2017: That is exactly what that is, THE PAST. I don't understand why men feel the need to know a woman's sexual history. It is no ones business. What is worse, you are punishing her for being open and honest about the question you asked. You have ... (read in full...)

Did he cross the line? I'm not sure.

Q.   I have been seeing this guy for a little over a month now, things are good. He has his kids every weekend so that kinda sucks but all and all he is nice.. I haven't met his kids yet but it's a bit soon for that. Anyway I told him that I haven't had ...

A.   18 August 2017: Dump him. He does not respect your sexual health. ... (read in full...)

He tells me that I'm special, but doesn't make me feel like I am

Q.   So I've been with my boyfriend for a long time now. He would always call me pretty and beautiful. It would make me feel so special. Recently though during a normal conversation which escalated to him telling me about who he thinks the hottest person ...

A.   12 July 2017: No gentleman would ever say those things to the woman he says he loves. That was incredibly mean of him to do this. Move on from him and find a guy who will only have eyes for you and will not give you a reality check of were you fit into the wor... (read in full...)

Family puts too much stress on me. Should I end it?

Q.   Hi, I’m sorry if this going to be a lengthy question, I just want to give you all the facts to better explain the situation. I met my current live-in boyfriend almost 5 years ago while I was on the rebound from another relationship. I...

A.   22 June 2017: You are a very self centered, ungrateful woman and I certainly wouldn't want you as an in-law. I have no idea what this guy sees in you. He is clearly a family man and if you plan to be with him then you must be willing to get along with his fami... (read in full...)

I even left my daughter at home for 4 days for the sake of my affair and now he's disappeared. I feel so lonely!

Q.   I met this guy in Vegas over two months ago. He approached me and my friends at a club. I told him from the beginning I was married and he respected that . The night went on and everyone was having a great time. He would dance next to me because he ...

A.   21 June 2017: I'm sorry to have to tell you but he used you. Plain and simple. Don't be surprised if he has another relationship on the go and is using his job as an excuse to escape. How convenient it is to have a brother who is also a cop. I smell a b... (read in full...)

I changed my mind about having children, he wants children would this be the end of our relationship?

Q.   Hi everyone, this one is a difficult one for me. I recently got engaged to a man I love and think the world off, the time we been together we have had minor disagreements, but other than that the relationship has progressed smoothly. Lately I have ...

A.   16 June 2017: You are a very level headed young woman and take responsibility for your life choices very seriously. You are very considerate of your parents and how this time in their lives they do not need to raise a child that you brought into this world. ... (read in full...)

Can anyone advise on this embarrasing problem?

Q.   Ohk so my question is me and my husband had sex and for some reason for the past two days have had alot air coming out of my vagina no pain but alot of air releasing.. ohk so now I guess my question I have tried so many things to release and the air ...

A.   17 May 2017: It's called quiffing. It's perfectly normal. Air gets trapped inside your vagina during sex.... (read in full...)

How do I cope with parents now I'm pregnant?

Q.   Hi everyone, I need some advice and hope right now. I'm soon to be 18 and I'm pregnant... I'm happy to have the baby and I'm happy for my bf too but our parents... Please, I don't want anyone to judge, there will be enough of that, thank yo...

A.   16 May 2017: You won't have any judgement from me. I was also a teenage mother (17) My daughter is now 14 years old. The only difference between you and me is that you have your parents. I lost both at 15. I can guarantee that when your baby is born, yo... (read in full...)

What is going on with his ex? What should I do?

Q.   Hi everyone, some of u may remember me from my past questions.. Ill give a little background info. Around october i was really active on this site, I'm 19 years old (now 20) and i was in a really toxic relationship with a 35 year old man.. It was...

A.   3 May 2017: Why on earth would you even consider staying with a horrible, disrespectful drug user like him? You are worth so much more than to settle for that low life. He is a petulant little boy. He is no man let me tell you. Please my dear, move ... (read in full...)

Advice on how women feel about orgasms please?

Q.   My question is for the ladies out there - do you need an orgasm to enjoy sex? Most women I've ever been with have said they don't so I always took that to be true, but the one I'm with now says she does want and expect an O every time... Now I fee...

A.   3 May 2017: You are coming across as a very selfish lover and only interested in your own needs. It's very important that a woman is ready for sexual intercourse, foreplay is an important part in that. This woman knows her body and if you want the relatio... (read in full...)

Coping strategies would be appreciated for bad office situation!

Q.   Not a relationship problem but hoped you guys could give me a bit of advice. I work in a small company of just over 20 staff, most of us working in a large open plan office. One of the women, who is in her 30s, has taken to wearing short SH...

A.   7 April 2017: If her manager has not approached her to discuss the dress code of the office then I'm afraid there is nothing you can do. If both managers are male then I'm assuming the real reason they haven't spoken to her about what is appropriate within the ... (read in full...)

My Bf is annoying me with his alarm setting each day. How can I get him to stop this?

Q.   my bf drives me crazy with his alarms in the morning - he sets them 40 minutes before i wake up for work on two different devices - each device goes off once every minute for forty minutes so 80 annoying alarms!!! i wake up in a bad mood as i have...

A.   7 April 2017: You can either smash those bloody devices or tell him to buy a fitbit. It has an alarm system and vibrates on his wrist when he needs to wake up. It's silent and he is the only one that feels it. Plus it helps track your steps everyday so he ... (read in full...)

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