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Really want to do oral but can't

Q.   Hi aunts and uncles! Thank you in advance for all the help. I'm 19 years old and i'm in a very serious relationship with a guy 6 years my senior. We've been together for just over a year now. My problem is i'm afraid of letting him go own on me ...

A.   28 September 2013: Seems like you're shy and don't want him to see what you look like down there. That's natural. When next you meet with him let it be towards evening and tell him you want the lights off. Take a deep breathe and allow things to happen. He seems to ... (read in full...)

Am I in danger of crossing the line with this older married man?

Q.   We work together in the same gym. He is married. I am single. He is 15 years older than me. Our relationship in the last couple of months has become much more friendly. He always found me attractive and there was the long, lingering eye co...

A.   17 May 2013: Yes you are very much in the position to get hurt once more. Two choices for you here - drop out of this predicament you have found yourself or go along with the tide and be prepared to face the reality that all you're having is a fling with this ... (read in full...)

I don't know if my boyfriend of 6 years wants to marry me or not

Q.   Hello All, I am dealing with a HUGE dilemma...and I need your help!! My boyfriend and I have been together almost 6 years, we met in college. We are both almost 26. He just graduated Law School last year and hates being a lawyer, so he says he ...

A.   11 December 2012: Your guy is unsettled. There's something about you that he hasn't made up he's mind about. You've been dating for 6 years. That's more thanenough period for him to make a decision. You both have good jobs, he saved up enough to buy a house! You're ... (read in full...)

Did I do the right thing in telling him how I felt, or should I have just kept quiet?

Q.   So, I asked a guy out...and now it is weird. Basically it all came to a head after a really interesting day spent with him. We spend a lot of time together, even though we have only known each other for just over 3 months. We are both at Universi...

A.   8 December 2012: After 3 months and going for dinners together that's all he has to say? He's right - he's a selfish and self centered guy. He wants to eat he's cake and have it. Totally not worth your time. he's undecided about what to do and wants to keep he's ... (read in full...)

I am in love but he doesn't want to commit!

Q.   I'm in love with someone who at the moment doesn't to commit to a relationship. Right now, we both are good friends, we help each other, hang out, text and call each other regularly. We have grown to trust each other and have each others'backs. When ...

A.   24 November 2012: Stop cuddling and kissing him. He's a player and he likes the way he's life is. Its not complicated for him; just for you. Treating him as a friend may not be easy for you since your feelings are involved. Spend less time with him and more with your ... (read in full...)

Why? Why does she go all shy after we make out?

Q.   Hey You all. So there's this girl. She's really cute and she's liked me ever since we met she loves my eyes they are hazel and she loves them. After we met we later stopped talking and i barely saw her anymore, but now all of a sudden i found her ag...

A.   17 November 2012: She's just shy around you because her feelings are all over the place when she sees you. Ask her out on a date over the phone and tell her you really like her. Maybe she's shy about making out with you who knows. When you do get to go out, try to ... (read in full...)

Would a guy choose a physical attraction over an emotional attachment?

Q.   I am interested in hearing male and female opinions on my question. If a guy liked two girls, which one would win out in the end, the one he has a physical connection to or the one he has an emotional connection to? Both women are attractive and h...

A.   24 October 2012: Sounds like you are the one he's emotionally connected with and there's a girl whom you're threatened by and you feel he may be physically attracted to. I may be wrong but if it is so, I'll give him space because he'll mess with you and if you're as ... (read in full...)

Messaged an old high school b/f and now can't get him out of my mind

Q.   Hi, I got nostalgic and looked up and messaged an old high school boyfriend on a social networking site a couple of months ago. He was someone that I would have really liked to reconnect with but I did not get a reply from him. I have looked t...

A.   13 October 2012: Yes you can see an ex's picture on Facebook and get on with your life. You're obviously having your own issues or you would have long forgotten him by now. Like you've already heard and read, it is always a bad idea so leave him in your past and ... (read in full...)

I told him I'd give him time to sort things out, but how much time do I give him?

Q.   I've know this guy for about a year and a half. I've always had a crush on him and kinda felt a vibe from his as well. But he had a gf so other than talking, we never did anything more. He is no longer with this girlfriend anymore and we finally ...

A.   30 August 2012: Technically, you're hooked on this guy. Maybe he needs time to get over his ex and be sure you are not he's rebound girlfriend. That would make sense; but hey you're not going to be hanging on the side lines while he takes 4,5,6 months to make up ... (read in full...)

Why did my ex block me when we aren't even friends?

Q.   hey i no you guys are probably gonna say why do you care if shes your ex etc...but anyway my ex of about 6 months (we've had no contact at al) blocked me on Facebook.i haven't once in the whole time we've been split up clicked on her page page...

A.   25 August 2012: My ex blocked me after about 5 years. He moved to another state and I hadn't heard from him in a while. Outta the blue he calls me and says he got my number from a friend and wanted to know how I was doing. He still called a month later and I think ... (read in full...)

I'm developing feelings for my casual fling but he doesn't want the same. How do I end it?

Q.   Hello, This is my first time on the site and I am hoping for some guidance with my situation. I am 40 years old and struck up a 'casual dating relationship' with a guy 5 years younger than me about 3 months ago. We both entered the situation with o...

A.   24 August 2012: I'll say detach yourself. Cancel out on some of those 1-2 week dates. Let him figure it out. If he notices and asks, tell him you feel you're getting attached and don't really know what he's stand is. If he doesn't ask, then you have you're answer ... (read in full...)

How do I handle him after our affair?

Q.   Dear Cupid, Had a relationship with a married man who was sincere to his wife for 14 years. Never he had an affair to anyone till I came to his life. We both are Managers in one company. We became close and started this secret affair. He loves...

A.   26 June 2012: He's trying to see that nothing happens between both of you again. Good decision. Only he's dealing with it the best way he knows. Avoiding you. Its awkward avoiding him but you may have to ignore him as well. Give him his space and maintain your ... (read in full...)

Old flame from 33 years ago has written me, where do I want this to go?

Q.   ok here goes, while in high school I was so in love with this guy, while we were super friends I don't think he really thought of me in the girlfriend way. After high school he went into the service. You have to understand I never forgot about him. ...

A.   9 June 2012: You're at least 51 years old. Did he contact you via facebook? Why didn't he do so earlier? I'm sure he had looked you up earlier but didn't think it necessary. All of a sudden he's contacting you? I'll limit your contacts on that mailing level. ... (read in full...)

Should I pay my children's' father's debt?

Q.   My grandma passed away in march, it still brings tears to my eyes just thinking about her. However she was 95 and was able to be in her own home which is better than other ways. I was surprised to get a summons as she left something for my children ...

A.   21 May 2012: Tell him your parents know about it and its for the kids education. Let him find other ways to pay off his debts and even if he does come around and decides to marry you, its STILL for the kids. Don't let him become a spendthrift on your account. ... (read in full...)

Married to a distant, abusive man and I'm desperate to be touched and loved and I'm wondering about how it would be with this man!

Q.   Confused! I am 33 years old, been with my husband for 12 years- married for 5 years-no children. Our marriage is not good-we have not had sex for almost a year and before that is was twice a years-continually got less and less throughout the y...

A.   4 May 2012: There's an obvious disconnect between you and your husband. I advice you leave him, calm down a little and see what the new guy has to offer. Your husband is no longer in love with you and neither are you. Why waste each other's time?... (read in full...)

Am I having an affair?

Q.   Am I having an affair? I am a married women, I have been with my husband for the past 15 years. We are best friends, we do everything together and enjoy each other's company very much. I met a men 3 years ago, we don't work together but do ...

A.   25 April 2012: This guy seems to be in control of his emotions -you don't. You're the one that's attracted to him. Are you sure you are happy in your own relationship? He asls you and your husband out not just you that means he knows the boundaries but since ... (read in full...)

My husband doesn't like my mom living with us and she can't live alone

Q.   My 84 year old mom has lived with my husband and I for the last 22 months - my husband had agreed for her to move in but now he has a change of mind. The only time my husband ever speaks to my mom is when he bids her the time of day. He doesn't ...

A.   23 April 2012: Its a pity your husband isn't accommodating your own mother especially at her age. I assume your mother has no one else to stay with hence she's still with you despite the harsh treatment from your husband. Since she can already feel the vibes from... (read in full...)

I want to meet but he's playing hard to get. Should I forget it?

Q.   I met a guy online, we have been talking via text for about the last 6 weeks. I usually initiate the conversations. We chatted every day to start with now I tend to leave it to every few days. Our conversations are really good (fun and very slightly ...

A.   21 April 2012: He likes having someone to chat with from time to time. He's probably a bit bored and is using you to kill time. I'll forget him and look elsewhere; unless you're ok with his terms. If he contacts you, play it down and don't reply all the time. If ... (read in full...)

Why am I physically affectionate with people who don't mean that much to me but can't be the same flirty affectionate with my best friend?

Q.   I'm a seventeen year old guy and my best friend is a sixteen year old girl who I get on with better than I do with my own family. We are really close; I trust her with pretty much everything - to be honest I'd rather live with her than with my own ...

A.   21 April 2012: When you have a best friend and it gets to this point, the best thing is to talk to her and have it all out in the open. Why it feels odd hugging her. She's been thinking about it for ages. If you have feelings for her let her know if you don't tell ... (read in full...)

I'm tired of being used by my partner and him not giving in

Q.   I am a professional independent woman. I have three children. The third child being for my current partner. I have not been very happy in the relationship for a while and have tried communicating this to him. Things did not change. Todate I have ...

A.   17 April 2012: You waited too long to take action. 29 years. Break up with him n change your locks. Let him have no access to you. Push him into your past if you meant anything to him he would have done the right thing by now and trust me hw knows what's expected ... (read in full...)

Contacting an ex after a year apart?

Q.   A guy I dated for 5 years dumped me via text a week before we were supposed to move in together. I loved him so much and truthfully still do. My question is why every few months he will send me a casual facebook message just saying that he hopes ...

A.   16 April 2012: He chips in a line once in a while when he's less busy and hasn't got much on his hands. Forget about him. Hard but possible. And don't forget to block him on Facebook so he can't send you those casual and annoying messages. ... (read in full...)

He's broken up with me twice without reason. I still love him!

Q.   I'm 48 seperated with two boys( 17 and 12). My boyfriend is 39 has never been married and had no children. We went out for approx 9 months first. We were so in love. We did alot of travel to London, Paris etc.. on our own. As he earns very little ...

A.   14 April 2012: Attention is good especially when you've been treated badly for so long, but also you need to watch it. Don't let anyone use you for a doormat. I know you're thinking I have lots of money but that means you're paying for his services. He's doing ... (read in full...)

I slept with my husband's friend. I don't know what to do now

Q.   I have been married for six years to my husband and we have had problems in our marriage, i was starting to feel unsecure because everytime we fought he would threaten to leave. I started to get to know my husbands friend and felt he was attractive, ...

A.   10 April 2012: Problems make people do irrational things. If you still love your husband telling him about the affair will ruin a lot of things. For the sake of your kids try working on your marriage and get to the root of the problem. Atimes counselling can work. ... (read in full...)

How do I start talking about this with him?

Q.   Hi, So I have a bit of a situation and it'll probably help me explain it more if I share a little bit of a timeline. There is this guy "Jay" and we've been friends since we were 12 years old (I'm 23 now). We went to middle school and high school ...

A.   9 April 2012: Ask him out to a movie and try to say something to him. Its not an easy task but he could be waiting for you to make a move. Since he's told Dave how he feels about you he's also looking for an opportunity to get it out. If you're too shy to say ... (read in full...)

We've been friends for years and now it looks like it might be something more, but there are a few things that worry me about him, plus I don't want to ruin our friendship! Help!

Q.   Hello. For the first time in my life ive met somone who has all the basic things I want in a man. We've been close friends for 7years and he's been asking me out all 7years but I always laughed him off cos I never saw us together. Now years have ...

A.   31 March 2012: A christian is a christian. Denomination shouldn't be a barrier. He's waited on you for 7 years! Whao I'll give him a try before someone else does. Catholics drink a lot don't know why they've never addressed that issue. As for spoiling your ... (read in full...)

How do I know when it's OK to kiss her?

Q.   I've been seeing a girl,we have known each other 5 weeks now, seen each other 5 times, initial date, then played snooker and had dinner,then she came to play some xbox360, then i made her lunch, then last night we went to a movie. Thing is I lik...

A.   11 March 2012: No, it wouldn't feel manufactured. She has already told you to wait and find out what the kiss will be like. That's a green light to me. On your next date, after the embrace, close your eyes and kiss her or if you're nervous, ask if you can kiss ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend has become a possessive maniac!

Q.   Dear Cupid,I'm starting to think my boyfriend of 3 years is very possessive.He has just started the same college as me this semester and I thought it would be fun but instead its been hell! First thing, he started getting upset that my female ...

A.   11 March 2012: Don't loose Robert as a friend. Loose your psychotic bf in place of Robert on Monday. ... (read in full...)

I thought he really liked me, but he tried to kiss someone else that night! How do I forget about our amazing kiss and move on?

Q.   So I fell for this guy about 3 months ago, and I thought he really liked me. One night he kissed me (he is only the 2nd guy I have kissed) but it was so amazing. He was gentle and lovely. I found out later he tried to kiss someone else that nite. I ...

A.   2 March 2012: Chalk it up to experience and move on. This guy is definitely not worth your while. I hope you meet a great guy next time. ... (read in full...)

He has the ring. When will he find the right moment? Should I wait?

Q.   I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years this June. We have a great relationship and have lived together for the past 2 years. I trust him and he has never given me a reason not to. We are very close and are best friends and lovers. 2 1/2 years ago ...

A.   1 March 2012: If you hadn't said your relationship had been going on fine, I would have asked you to leave him without an explaination. 2 1/2 years is totally unreasonable time for anyone to keep an engagement ring unless they're having second thoughts. Ask him ... (read in full...)

I really like this guy but he is a player. Should I walk away now before I get hurt?

Q.   I have been seeing this guy for around 4 months now. I know he is a player and just sees the whole thing as fun but i have fallen for him and i dont know whether i should talk to him about it or just leave and walk away? i really care for him but im ...

A.   27 February 2012: There's no need for you to get involved with a player. Most people find it difficult to identify one. He's seeing other girls and you know that so what's the need9 he won't be yours even for a week! I know you having some feelings but I think you ... (read in full...)

Why does he stare into my eyes deeply?

Q.   Hi everyone, i would be glad if i get answers to my question. There is this guy who i kn he likes me but i dont kn if he loves me. What i dont understand is whenever we are chatting, he keeps on touching my hands sofly and gently and gets very close ...

A.   24 February 2012: He wants to look right into your soul! :D He really likes you and has fallen for you in a big way. Enjoy the love and attention.... (read in full...)

Is there someone out there who will love you as much as you love them?

Q.   When you are in live with someone and ThEy ARE THE ONE do try love you back. I mean is there actually someone out there who will love you as much as you love them? Like soulmates? =\ Thanks....

A.   5 February 2012: There is. Your soulmate is out there but often, we don't get to meet them at the right time, or may not know they are the ones at the beginning of a relationship and look past them for other people for various reasons. Quite a number of people meet... (read in full...)

I'm not sure if I pleased her, opinions?

Q.   hello guys its not that i have any big problem but theres just something i want to know and make sure of. i want to know if i was able to please my girlfriend. i finally got to suck on my girlfriend`s breasts but i dont know if i did it right.....

A.   1 February 2012: She enjoyed it alright, if not she wouldn't have moved that way for you. If she hated it, she would have pushed you away or asked you to stop. ... (read in full...)

I am how do I deal with my more experienced bf?

Q.   I with a guy and things are going really well but the problem is that I am extremely shy when it comes to any physical contact and he is starting to make small comments like he always makes the first move etc. I really like him but I feel ...

A.   21 January 2012: Try being more affectionate around him. When you're together sit close to him and put a hand on his lap. You can do this while leaning against him and watching a movie or something. Smile at him often with your eyes. Hug him when you meet. And I ... (read in full...)

Out of the dating scene for 20 years. Women want me to text?!

Q.   I was married for a long time and just now came back onto the dating scene. One new thing to me is texting. Texting itself is not new to me, but texting in the context of dating is. Back in the day, you asked a woman for her number and if...

A.   18 January 2012: Texting is and can be fun. Its a way of communicating and opening up a bit before you meet. The kind of text they may be expecting is: How was your day? What have you been up to? Or like I'm really busy at work today but will give you a call later - ... (read in full...)

Husband didn't satisfy me emotionally so I went online, he found out and we are working on things but things still aren't right

Q.   Hello everyone, I have been married for almost nine years, I have a wonderful husband, he's been the most kindest, compassionate, wonderful man I have ever known, only problem is, is that we don't get intimate nearly enough, if I'm lucky it's once a ...

A.   17 January 2012: Its a good thing for you that your husband is willing to stick with you and work on the marriage. Not having needs met in a marriage leads to a lot of havoc and I hope you can pull out of this, but seeing that even you fell that things will stil... (read in full...)

We want to leave our spouses for each other...are we doing the right thing?

Q.   Am married to a controlling husband 17 yrs older than me i no longer luv him cos of his nature,i fell in luv with a married man 5yrs older than me we have the same likes and dislikes,we think about the the same things,we are planing to leave our ...

A.   14 January 2012: Have you gotten a divorce? Will he allow you take the kids. What age are your kids? I take it you've been seeing this other guy already and things are moving fine. You should brace up and do the right thing. An abusive husband is nothing but a joy ... (read in full...)

Even though we are seeing other people, I still have feelings for my ex and think she may feel the same way.

Q.   So me and my ex broke up about 6 months ago and we are both dating new people. I know for a fact that she still has dreams about me and she isn't happy with her current situation I don't think. I am now dating another girl too. I love her to death ...

A.   13 January 2012: Just tell her how you feel. And you have to be ready for the answer to go either way. Remember she's the only person that can tell you what she's feeling. ... (read in full...)

When I ask him whats going on with us he tells me I'm pressuring him

Q.   Hi everyone sorry if this is long just this situation is really confusing me I moved home over a year ago now three months after being here I met a man that lived very close to me I thought we would be a couple as that's what I was looking for a ...

A.   11 January 2012: Don't ask him anything anymore. You're not pressuring him, he knows what he's doing and I think he doesn't want to be in anything serious. You're his neighbor, so its convenient for him. Try and date other people. Put him aside. If he comes ar... (read in full...)

Having an affair and thinking of leaving my husband. Thoughts?

Q.   i have been married over twenty years and have cheated on my husband with another man that i have also known for over twenty years. during the course of my marriage i have been in and out of relationship with other man four different times. each ...

A.   3 January 2012: Its tough being married to someone for 20 years and loving someone else along the side. By now you know where your heart is. If your kids are grown I say go for it. I'm sure they are a good part of the reason why u stayed all this while. Loving and ... (read in full...)

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