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Hey there. I'm just a 18 year old girl living in the UK who's passionate about writing and giving advice. Hopefully what I write might actually support some people with whatever they're going through. That's my goal. I'm also an anonymous blogger (hence the name). I post about random teen stuff and could use some inspiration so you can comment or email me what posts you'd like to see :)

You can find my email on my blog page:

My LDR boyfriend isn't interested in phone or video sex after we met up and slept together in person! Is he losing interest?

Q.   I am dating my boyfriend from last two years. we met through Facebook.In the initial stage of our relationship when we were in long distance. we used to Skype everyday.. almost every day we used to do naughty stuff on video chat. Whenever we used to ...

A.   13 July 2016: Been there sister... Except I didn't have sex with the guy. There's this saying I've heard quite a lot: "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" Or in this case, why bother with an actual relationship when you're getting sex regardless? ... (read in full...)

He ignores me and treats me like I don't exist ever since we had a one night stand. How can I better handle this rejection?

Q.   Hi there, I'm married with 10 childrens and had an affair with a man that has 4 Children. We go to the same church and that's where everything happened. He smiled at me all the time and then it ended up into a one night stand we met up and ha...

A.   26 May 2016: As much as you'll hate to hear this, it's called a one night stand for a reason. Sex with no strings attached and you have no sense of commitment or loyalty to that person. Seems like he was just wanted some fun away from a mundane lifestyle, and ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend suggested an open relationship

Q.   Hi I'm a 22 and so is my boyfriend. One year ago, at the beginning of our relationship I felt loved, wanted and I trusted him. I loved giving bjs, he loved receiving them and we had sex several times a day. Now it's a bit different. He...

A.   18 December 2015: You won't want to hear this but I think that him asking for an open relationship and from everything else you've said, this relationship has reached its destination. Any guy that loves his girl will not say that he needs to "feel what other pussies ... (read in full...)

What does it mean when a woman rubs herself during sex?

Q.   This is weird. Anyway i just want to understand what it really means when your (a man) having sex with a woman and she rubs on her clit, does that mean u are not pleasuring her the right way so she has to do it herself, to reach organism.. ? No i ...

A.   18 December 2015: It's not that you're not pleasuring her enough or anything like that. It's a known fact that some/most women simply cannot orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone and require other forms of stimulation such as clitoral simultaneously.... (read in full...)

How do I get my girlfriend to move things along?

Q.   How do I get my girlfriend to move things along a little faster already? I've known her since 3rd grade but I wasn't friends with her. We had nothing in common and I was only interested in really pretty girls who were out of my league. We met up ...

A.   10 December 2015: Hey there. The thing with girls like this is that they can't be rush into things, otherwise they get scattered and basically shut down. From what you said "she avoids getting close to me unless I'm talking to another girl", I don't think she'... (read in full...)

Have I opened a Pandoras box by allowing my Bf to call me vulgar names when we have sex?

Q.   I am having a big issue with my boyfriend. When we have sex he always calls me very derogatory names. I am very offended by this; but in some situations I have went with it, in the moment you know! Have I opened a Pandoras box? I never here I lov...

A.   14 November 2015: Don't devalue yourself like that. If you're uncomfortable with the names he calls you, tell him that. If its interfering with your experience during sex and making you feel worthless and offended he needs to know. But on the other hand, don't th... (read in full...)

Is it normal for a virgin to feel horny?

Q.   Helo. Ok i want to know if its usual to be horny even when you never had sex before. I am a virgin but sometimes i crave sex. If its normal, how do i control it since i have no boyfriend and im waiting to have my first time with someone very special ...

A.   14 November 2015: It's normal to be hormonal and crave sex whether you're a virgin or not. Whether you're young or older. You've just got to continue in your search for someone special, and in the mean time learn how to take care of them urges yourself. Yes, I mean ... (read in full...)

Why does this happen?

Q.   Every guy that i date for a long time after the break up they always seem to find a new girl thats actually the one. Its like im cursed or something. Its really sad because its every guy that i date then shortly after its the next girl other then ...

A.   14 November 2015: I'm positive you're not cursed, you just haven't found "the one" yet. As for why your ex boyfriends always do, it is possible that they don't necessarily "use" you or anything, but you're relationship together helps them to realise exactly what ... (read in full...)

Does he just tolerate my shape due to the emotional connection? Is it wrong of me to want a man who loves all of me including my body shape?

Q.   I've been in a Relationship with a man for a year and a half and very happy . The time we have spent together has been wonderful . However recently he has had an issue with my weight and is treating me differently because of it. He seems extremely ...

A.   31 October 2015: There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting somebody who loves ALL of you. That's what everybody wants right? He shouldn't be tolerating your weight just for the emotional connection, if there is a true connection then nothing else should matter. ... (read in full...)

Why is he, all of a sudden, interested in trying? Is sex, the first time, sometimes not successful?

Q.   My bf never used to be very much into having sex. We've been dating for over 3 yrs now. We are both college graduates. I'm working before going to med school. He's getting ready for law school. One of the biggest problems in our relationship was...

A.   31 October 2015: I'm also a little confused about why he wasn't interested before.. I guess everyone's different. You said you were both virgins so maybe he was nervous? Maybe he was scared of disappointing you because of his lack of experience, which could be why ... (read in full...)

He left me before I could learn anything!

Q.   Hello, I'm conflicted... I don't know what to do. One time, just one, I get mad for a foolish reason. He told me, " let's not talk anymore" and deleted me everywhere. I loved him. It just hurts to see how easily he let me go, away from his life...

A.   27 October 2015: Please don't feel like you're in the wrong here. If he can walk away that easily then he clearly was not worthy of you. I mean all girls and women fly off the rails about absolutely nothing sometimes (let's just blame it all on hormones rather than ... (read in full...)

I want to hide that I am not a virgin

Q.   i am going to marry after 5months and i want to hide that i m not virgin from my husband...

A.   27 October 2015: You don't want to be starting your relationship on such a lie. Just be honest with him and if this marriage is meant to be then it will be. This is pretty cheesy but maybe he'll ignore that he's not the first person you have sex with, but that he'll ... (read in full...)

I'm 19, he's 31. Do we have a chance?

Q.   helo. I am inlove with a 31 year old man (im 19). He saw me passing by one time last year december and gave me his number the same day and i gave him mine. He called me later the same day unfortunately i was with my boyfriend by that time. He told ...

A.   27 October 2015: Hi, I understand this will not be something you want to hear, but I you're 19 and he's 31. Some people argue that at eigh(teen) and nine(teen) you're an adult but judging by the fact they both have teen in them I disagree. Usually I'd say age ... (read in full...)

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