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I'm 42, married with 3 kids and a couple of pet. Been married little over 13 years. Been thru good times and rough times. Thru open communication and love we overcame problems in the marriage and thru all that I learned a lot about me and about relationships.

I have a college degree, which I do not use at the moment. I'm hoping to go back to school for another which I do intent to use:)

I have strong family bonds and have traveled the world.

I'm a good listener and I try to "put" myself in whomever's shoes. I believe in honesty, morals, values, love, trust and good communication. So the answer I give out I do so with a lot of though and honesty behind it.

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Genuinely interested or wasting my time? What does it take for a guy to approach a gal, where he is genuinely interested?

Q.   I've been single for nearly 5 years and am ready for a committed relationship. I feel that I have been single this long due to choice but know that I know I am ready I beginning to think I am doing something wrong. I have this tendency to crush over ...

A.   19 April 2014: Flirting doesn't always = interest in a relationship. For some flirting is JUST part of their personality. I think it's actually pretty common that some people assume if a person (specially women) flirts she isn't really interested she is just pla... (read in full...)

My new friend has confessed she's in love with me, and I wonder why my ex was so enraged by our friendship! Help?

Q.   I'm in a very weird situation. I broke up with my ex boyfriend last August due to the fact that I was moving away, we ended on extremely good terms and the only reason we broke up was so the distance wouldn't ruin what we had and we could get back...

A.   18 April 2014: My guess is HE knew SHE was/is into girls and he thought YOU knew it too - which means he COULD be ASSUMING you ended your relationship with him, so you could date girls too. But it is HARD to say exactly WHY he got so mad at you. Maybe he felt ... (read in full...)

Husband says he feels like a prostitute because I want him to have sex with me? What can I do?

Q.   My husband does not have a sex drive anymore. We are both young in our mid-twenties. We have been together for nearly 10 years. Our sex life has been at times amazing and at times sparse. I always seem to want it more than him. In the past he has u...

A.   18 April 2014: Low T-level is not something you can self diagnose. And vitamins can't fix low T either. He would NEED actual TESTOSTERONE therapy (either patch, cream or injections) to fix it. My guess is he never REALLY had a high sex drive, and now that you... (read in full...)

Should I ask her about her sexual past?

Q.   I have been dating a new girl for about 6 months now. Recently we were at the grocery store together when we passed a bottle of chocolate syrup. My girlfriend laughed and said: "I haven't had that stuff since I licked it off some guy's d*ck." M...

A.   18 April 2014: It was a crude thing to say. My guess is she did it to shock you into paying attention. Maybe it was a hint of what she wouldn't mind doing to you/ for you. But I would suggest you ask her and talk to her. Before you do though, ARE you ... (read in full...)

No longer engaged because of his habit of staring at other women. I don't know what to do!

Q.   I've been seeing a guy for 2 years. We generally get on well and plan to live together soon, we got engaged recently - that's on hold now... and I'm really not sure about it all because of one massive aspect of his behaviour. He has had this sta...

A.   18 April 2014: I'm an with Uncle Wise. 2 years of this crap and you don't say THIS isn't OK til he asks you to marry him? No, it's not normal. It's down right gross. Noticing a pretty or handsome person is normal, your guys reactions is NOT. He is ... (read in full...)

Should I stop seeing him if he doesn't pay for tomorrow's date?

Q.   Is this going to be history repeating itself, and if so, what should I do ?. I used to date a guy whose money would go really quickly when he got paid, and then the week after he got paid, he would ask me for money because he didn't have a...

A.   17 April 2014: If he asked you out to a nice dinner and told you it was his TREAT then YES, he should pay. My guess is, he is now adding a "bad friend who takes his money" so he has an excuse to either NOT take you or NOT pay. And his friend isn't taking h... (read in full...)

Lunch? Date? What to wear? Help!

Q.   So this guy I like (im 17 and he's 19) asked me to go to lunch with him tomorrow and I'm so nervous. Is this considered a date even though he's told me in the past that he doesn't like me? also since its just lunch should I dress nice? He hasnt told ...

A.   17 April 2014: I agree with Auntie Celtic Tiger. DRESS casually and do not PRESUME that it is a "DATE DATE". Maybe he wants to pick your brain or just get to know you a little. Be prepared to pay for YOUR meal and make sure you have some cash for tips. ( Let'... (read in full...)

The romance omen and useless love--what do you think?

Q.   When it comes to crushes and romance i have nothing but bad luck. I've had so much bad luck i think im a omen the reason i think this is because, everytime i meet someone new or with a friend that is having a bad time with romance within a month of ...

A.   17 April 2014: I think first off, you should try not to define yourself in such a negative light. It shows. It will make you bitter. There is nothing foreboding or prophetic about you and romance. It might FEEL that way because THAT is how you CHOOSE to DEFINE y... (read in full...)

I don't want to appear insecure

Q.   My bf and I were talking today about tv shows, and I had mentioned about a girl in the show who was very pretty. And he had said that she wasnt pretty, and she has a flat butt. Which I thought was strange, because I have a flat butt. So why woul...

A.   17 April 2014: He is attracted to you because he doesn't think the Earth is plat, he think it's round.. I mean YOUR ass... HE LIKES your ass the way it is. Maybe... he is NOT an ass man. He probably knew if he AGREED that the girl on TV was pretty you wou... (read in full...)

My friend down the street is befriending my worst enemy who also lives on the same street!

Q.   A few months ago my neighbor (who used to be a friend) called my husband up and proclaimed her love for him and with no inhibitions said she wanted to sleep with him and divorce her husband. My husband told me right away and we have shut this ...

A.   17 April 2014: Dude... Let Jill make her own mistakes when it comes to friendships. If you can't accept that she is being friends/friendly with your cow of a neighbor then don't be friends with Jill. I agree with Tisha, Jill likes drama and gossip. My guess... (read in full...)

Was this out of line or weird?

Q.   I went to a friends funeral and saw a woman there I barely knew through my friendship with the diseased. She came right over to me when I arrived and started talking. The more we talked the more attraction I felt. Knowing after the funeral I'd ...

A.   17 April 2014: Was it out of line? No, but I find it in bad taste and a little tacky. However, it's NOT me you are asking out it was HER and SHE said yes, so obviously she didn't have a problem with it.... (read in full...)

Feel like I've been dropped by my best friend for no reason. How should I react?

Q.   I've had a female bestfriend now for about 5 years, shes the only female bestfriend I have and now i'm starting to question our friendship. It had kinda been building up, but now I don't really know how to react to it. ...

A.   17 April 2014: I think you got lucky in her "dropping" you. She isn't a good friend at all. She isn't supportive. She is a "taker". She is the kind of person who thinks the world revolve around her. She probably even date that douche because she thinks all the ... (read in full...)

Should I just tell him I can't afford this very expensive trip?

Q.   I can't believe this situation! 6 months ago I meet a guy in a coffee shop. We were attracted to each other instantly. Sex happened a week later, and in couple months I was having dinners with his parents and siblings. We spend with each other ...

A.   17 April 2014: Talk to him and tell him the sooner the better. This is a case of two people talking but not communicating. ... (read in full...)

I want this first date to be special.

Q.   I have decided to ask the girl I'm in love with on a date. I realized that I never been on a date except for the movies. I want this first date to be special. My idea is going to a restaurant and just talking, but that sounds a bit boring. If anyone ...

A.   17 April 2014: Movies is not really a great "date" situation for a first date as you kind of sit in the dark and don't really interact a whole lot. If you live in a state with decent weather, you could arrange a picnic. Bring a blanket/food & drinks and just eat... (read in full...)

I'm having a confidence breakdown even though she's a virgin!

Q.   Theres this girl I was best friends with for years and we get along really well. We thought we froendzoned each other then talked and told each other we liked each other. Theres only one problem, as a friend she told me about the guys she has been ...

A.   17 April 2014: Your virginity isn't killing. Your fear of NOT being good enough or not living up to some crazy standard you have in your head THAT is what is "killing" you. If you really think she is ONLY with you because you are stable - then she is wrong. Y... (read in full...)

Would you date a busy person?

Q.   My son has grown up and left home and I've met someone lovely who works shifts and also does voluntary work leading teens for outdoor awards some week ends. I really like him and he wants it to work. He was being honest saying his last two ex's ...

A.   17 April 2014: I guess it depends on how often he is able to see you and how often YOU think is reasonable to met up? To me though it seems like his priority is work, charity, social life.... and then somewhere down the list is dating. I would kind of se... (read in full...)

Why won't these lusting feeling leave me alone about a man whom I know is taken?

Q.   Dear Cupid , I am really in lust with this guy I have tried to fight my feelings but my feelings always win.He is a brick house stallion this man is taken and I know this. But we flirt back and forward with our eyes that's all but i really want to ...

A.   17 April 2014: Stop flirting? The flirting is part of his "charm" and partly why you are crushing on him. So cut it out? ... (read in full...)

I Need Serious Advice

Q.   It has been two weeks since me and my previous ex-"boyfriend" ceased contact. The story behind us is very long, so I will try my best to keep it short. Basically, we met over the internet (Instagram precisely) last summer. You know the usual f...

A.   17 April 2014: We can all look back and see things we should have paid more attention to, and wish we HAD paid that attentions. It's called hindsight and it's good for nothing else then LEARNING things to do or do NOT do in the future. Him LIVING with his ex f... (read in full...)

Will somebody be able to check my browsing history in the future?

Q.   This has been bothering me all day. Sometimes I use the "private browsing" feature of my computer to watch...."videos"(if you know what I mean). Even though i think it is not a huge deal...I am scared that in the future an employer or someone ...

A.   17 April 2014: If you search at work then yes, anyone with just a little tech ability can see ANY sites you have been on. Some companies even have key loggers, which means they can see every key stroke an employee have made, however, that I would presume is if you ... (read in full...)

Recently single and want to take it slow

Q.   Dear Aunts, I recently ended a very serious long-term relationship with my girlfriend of many years. This was a woman I felt I might marry and the breakup was difficult for me. It made me question a lot about my judgement and indeed whether p...

A.   17 April 2014: Stop dating. You aren't ready. Secondly, stop seeing this lady. If she pushes you to move in together after 5 months, it's not the relationship she wants, it's OUT of her current living situation. And YOU are her way out. She is also trying t... (read in full...)

Should I be friends with him or not? I think I am attracted to him though I am happily married and deeply in love with my husband!

Q.   I have been married for 6 years and I am deeply in love with my husband . However I have a friend very close to my heart and we get along really well ! We like each other's company and do spend a lot of time chatting on Facebook ! Recently, I have ...

A.   17 April 2014: Pour all of that FOCUS on to your spouse? Your marriage? YOURSELF? Figure out why you are a little unhappy with your life (that is my guess why you reached out to this "old" friend and bonded so easily.) THEN work on that. ... (read in full...)

I'm text dating but she won't ever give me her number!

Q.   One of my friends knows I am single, so he suggested text dating. I started texting this K who lives local to me (the advert was in the local paper.) The texts went well, she was kind, seemed pleasant enough. With those adverts, you cannot send ...

A.   17 April 2014: I'd say she COULD be deaf, but..... she could also be a dude or a granny. To me it still sounds like a SCAM. And no the paper do NOT investigate their people/services they ADVERTISE - My bet is there is a disclaimer somewhere in the paper too that... (read in full...)

I'm having a confidence breakdown even though she's a virgin!

Q.   Theres this girl I was best friends with for years and we get along really well. We thought we froendzoned each other then talked and told each other we liked each other. Theres only one problem, as a friend she told me about the guys she has been ...

A.   17 April 2014: You know, if you keep up this attitude that woman are somehow to be blamed for having a LIFE before they met you, you will be one lonely bitter guy. If all she wanted was HOT guys (and you feel you are not one) then WHY is she with you? You thin... (read in full...)

She's changed and is pushing me away!

Q.   I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for 13 years and has 4 wonderful children together,we talked and agreed that it was time to marry however since moving jobs she has changed a great deal,when ever I try to be intimate she pushes me ...

A.   16 April 2014: I'm not really sure how she feel she has any "independence" with a 13 year old relationship and 4 kids, but maybe that is besides the point. And I don't see how being married will ruin her " independence". Sounds more like she just doesn't WANT... (read in full...)

Should I be friends with him or not? I think I am attracted to him though I am happily married and deeply in love with my husband!

Q.   I have been married for 6 years and I am deeply in love with my husband . However I have a friend very close to my heart and we get along really well ! We like each other's company and do spend a lot of time chatting on Facebook ! Recently, I have ...

A.   16 April 2014: I'm with Auntie YouWish, If there is attraction, it's NOT a smart thing to play with fire and "pretend" you can be platonic friends. And like Auntie SCV asked.. Does your husband know about this friend? If not, it's a red flag. And ...... (read in full...)

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and completely exhausted!

Q.   Hi 26 weeks pregnant and exausted!! Im sleeping fine of a night and getting plenty of hours sleep. Im taking pregnancy vitimans and eating and drinking healthy. I have been tested for anemia, low iron ect but all come back clear. Proble...

A.   16 April 2014: Is your GP OK with you exercising a bit? It can help your energy level. Now I'm not talking crazy triathlon exercise but walks, preggo-yoga and swimming did really good for me during my first and 3rd pregnancy - I was on bed-rest for my second one ... (read in full...)

I've crushed on him for two years - should I tell him?

Q.   so I am 16 years old and I have liked this guy for 2 years now. Well, I think I might be in love with him. He has no idea that I am, but there is such a confusing story behind it and it’s getting so emotionally draining that I just need the best ...

A.   16 April 2014: I agree with Uncle Wise. He has had 2 YEARS to get with you and he hasn't. If you tell him now that you have a crush on him or really like him, he is going to DO to you, what he does with all the other girls, USE you and move on. He is not as ... (read in full...)

A new facebook friend has me wondering if he's cheating!

Q.   My boyfriend went out of the country for work for a month. He works with mostly older men and his work is made of consistently of men. He had one weekend off from work and decided to go to a festival Saturday night thats held in one of the cities. ...

A.   16 April 2014: Hmm. I get why you feel a little suspicious. If he has been short with you, did you ASK him about her? About the festival or did you just try and have one of your "normal" conversations? If it was about her, he might have been short because he... (read in full...)

Is there one person you've never got over?

Q.   Is there one person you've never got over? When I was in my early 20s I had a brief (2 year) relationship with a man. He was the first man to ever treat me properly and he was the perfect gentleman - for the first 18 months at least! The last ...

A.   16 April 2014: I agree with Auntie Eyeswideopen. What you feel is normal. I think my first love will always have a big piece of my heart. We might never have worked out, but the time we had together was great. And I remember him fondly and when we do "talk" (... (read in full...)

Does the CEO like me?

Q.   Hello. I really like this guy from work. His really out my league. His the c.e.o, single and very friendly. When i first met him he was very warm and friendly. But i get so shy around him. So i try to avoid him. But i need to work with him ...

A.   16 April 2014: Just be polite and professional, whether he "likes" you or not is less important. He wouldn't be the first man wanting to impress a young pretty co-worker. I say this every time there is a question on work/relationships here on DC - DO NO crap whe... (read in full...)

I feel like I failed as a girlfriend

Q.   I'm feeling hurt and in need of some advice.. I talked to my ex boyfriend recently (whom I am still in love with) and he said although I was "great" he was unhappy in our relationship. I am very hurt by this because I really tried my absolute best...

A.   16 April 2014: You didn't fail. It takes TWO people to make a relationship work. And trying to OVERDO it to please him is NEVER a great way to go. Why? Because it becomes all about HIM and what HE likes. Relationships are US and WE - yet it is still about two ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend is WAY too much into gaming

Q.   Hi guys. Alright.. so I recently got engaged to a wonderful young man. There's only one problem. His ONLY interest seems to be videogames. I ask him what he's passionate about and he literally has no answer. All he does all day, every day is play ...

A.   16 April 2014: I game and my husband does too. We have since '99. BUT it's not the priority of out life. Our family is. I may get on for a couple of hours here and there, my husband plays substantially more - mainly because he sleeps less then me. I need my 7-8 ... (read in full...)

I'm text dating but she won't ever give me her number!

Q.   One of my friends knows I am single, so he suggested text dating. I started texting this K who lives local to me (the advert was in the local paper.) The texts went well, she was kind, seemed pleasant enough. With those adverts, you cannot send ...

A.   16 April 2014: Can't she use *69 (or whatever) before she calls out? To hide her number? And how long have you two been texting? ... (read in full...)

Is he too bossy or too keen?

Q.   Should I be put off by this ?. I have been meeting up with a guy that I met recently. He has told me that he would like to date me, but I'm not sure what to do yet. I recently broke up with someone, and I still miss him. This guy tried to call...

A.   16 April 2014:  I see nothing wrong in not RUNNING to the phone and answering it if you sat and enjoyed the sunny weather. BUT, don't lie. If you don't want to go out that night just say:" thanks, but not tonight and ask for a rain-check. If he ge... (read in full...)

I'm text dating but she won't ever give me her number!

Q.   One of my friends knows I am single, so he suggested text dating. I started texting this K who lives local to me (the advert was in the local paper.) The texts went well, she was kind, seemed pleasant enough. With those adverts, you cannot send ...

A.   15 April 2014: It almost sounds like a scam. My guess is.. SHE doesn't pay, only you do. ... (read in full...)

My husband manipulates everything back to sex!

Q.   I'm fed up with my spouse, 4 yrs together, both in our 40's. our relationship started off with infidelity ,on his part, and continued on and off for a few months till I found out. His solution was to bury his head in the sand whilst I'd did my best ...

A.   15 April 2014: Yikes. Seems like you are more of a housekeeper and build in F-buddy then a wife. 1. Why have you not sat him down and made a budget? So that you BOTH can contribute equally? 2. Why have you two not really dealt with the infidelity? Pret... (read in full...)

He has found himself a "girlfriend"!

Q.   One of my best guy friends has been ignoring the usual gang since he found himself a "girlfriend". Lets call her J. They are not officially together because she has a boyfriend who is studying overseas but she is cheating on him (physically and ...

A.   15 April 2014: I would step away from this friendship for now. If you have already (and both you and your shared friends ) have told him what he is doing is something you don't morally agree with (and I agree with y'all). I would just let him be on his own "wit... (read in full...)

Why has he stopped communicating, and why did he check my profile?

Q.   Hi, should i take myself off the dating website that i am currently on? I have met a really nice guy via this dating site and we are going to meet in 2 weeks. We have been communicating for more than a few months now. It is because of me, t...

A.   15 April 2014: He might actually be wondering why you are still on it, since you took so long to set up a face-to-face meeting, me might assume (don't we all some times?) that you are talking to more then just him. My advice - if you can, put your profile ... (read in full...)

I gave him my phone number but I'm not interested in dating him. What should I do?

Q.   I went out on Sunday night with some friends and their friends (whom I had never met). One of the guys asked me for my phone number before I left. He knows I don't have a boyfriend. I gave it to him but I'm not interested at all romantic...

A.   15 April 2014: No, you can't stick your head in the sand and hope he "figure" it out. Text him back and tell him that aren't interested, because that is the truth. And then in the future don't give out your number if you don't really WANT them to call and ask ... (read in full...)

Money matters--he asks why I don't contribute my share, but I keep offering to do so!

Q.   "Money Matters " Im a single parent with 2 kids. Living pay check to pay check. What can i do? I have been in this relationship for 5yrs. He lives in his own place with his kids and ive got my own place with my kids. When my man takes me out we ...

A.   15 April 2014: If you can't afford going out to eat, I'd would suggest other kinds of dates that are "cheaper". And I would NOT put my money away every time he tells you to. Specially not if he later whines that you rarely pay. I can't see how you can "win... (read in full...)

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