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Hey im Niema ,Im 18 and i was born from two British parents but have lived in sunny Torremolinos in the Costa Del Sol , Spain all my life. I love my life and wouldnt have it any other way , I go to the British College of Benalmadena. I love my nights out haha and i can be a real party starter but i can also be approached for advice , help or even just someone to talk to. Im really down to earth and il talk to anyoneee lol ! Ive just got back with my ex boyfriend after being seperated with him for a year but things are going great now , anyway enough about me if you ever want to talk to me or ask me something go ahead il try my best to answer it :)!



He finds out I like him, and blows it off with another girl the next day! Does this mean he likes me?

Q.   Hey everyone! Im going to go straight into this question, im 17 years old and im in sixth form doing my a levels. In my sixth people come from all over the place, but ive been in that school since the age of 12. Well in september this boy came to...

A.   9 December 2009: Hey honey :) I understand you like this guy but do you really want to be the girl he got with just because his other relationship didnt work? Those kind of relationships never work as he will always be looking for something more. The talking and ... (read in full...)

How do I pluck up the confidence to talk to him?

Q.   How do you pluck up the confidence to talk to a guy in the first place, because it really really scares me. I have to say something soon or it'll be too late but i find it so difficult to start up a conversation with him because im so nervous....

A.   27 April 2009: listen this sounds hard but if you dont find the confidence then the possible relationship you want with him wil not happen. If your really nervous get his MSN and just make conversation. You will be fine , hes a human being just like you g... (read in full...)

My best friend is trying to steal my man!

Q.   i liked this guy before that me and my friend were gonna meet up with and i showed her a picture of him and she was like oo hes nice i hope you two get together. When we were out she was getting in the middle of us dancing and kept whispering things ...

A.   16 April 2009: I asked my boyfriend to say something to her last night and apparently she laughed it off saying it was just in his imajination and why would she go for my boyfriend when she could get anyone she wanted . The cheek of her ! Glad she going back ... (read in full...)

Never had first kiss at 20. Am I being stupid?

Q.   hi.. i've still never been kissed like i've had kisses but i mean proper full on make out kind of kisses i've had like a few opportunities but when it comes too it i pull away or i look away because i feel too nervous and i'm not sure i want to do ...

A.   15 April 2009: well done you ! You are inspirational in my opinion , dont feel pressurised its a personal choice. I hope you get your kiss when YOU want it :D! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx... (read in full...)

Never had first kiss at 20. Am I being stupid?

Q.   hi.. i've still never been kissed like i've had kisses but i mean proper full on make out kind of kisses i've had like a few opportunities but when it comes too it i pull away or i look away because i feel too nervous and i'm not sure i want to do ...

A.   15 April 2009: aw hun! Listen to me , i felt exactly the same way i was like how will you just know what to do ? But believe me you do , its soemthing that you just act on. Your first kiss wont be anything special and youl probably feel like you screwed up but ... (read in full...)

What should change when you become girlfriend/boyfriend?

Q.   When you have "the talk" and are now girlfriend and boyfriend - exclusively, what should change between the two of you from when it was just 'dating' I know there is the obvious - no dating other people etc and commitment to that person but i mea...

A.   12 April 2009: itl come naturally stop owrrrying and wanting to plan things. Youl know when you need to see eachtoher and talk etc. Just go with the flow and good luck :D xxxx... (read in full...)

I mean if he was that interested he would have asked me out by now, right?

Q.   I have got myself into a situation at work with a guy. We have been flirting for about 2 years, he is always making sexual comments, we have never been out together but we get on, he has just never asked me out, Last year he told me we wante...

A.   11 April 2009: You haven't been silly at all , you've had an attraction and you've acted upon it . I mean relationships have to start somewhere . Anyway , just text him maybe , ask him if he still just wants fun or if he wants to take it further . Be sneaky about ... (read in full...)

Scared of masturbating, but I want to take it to the next level

Q.   I'm a 13year old female and i'm scared of masturbating because I think i will hurt myself. I cum easily by watching lesbian porn but I want to take it to the next level, what should I do? ...

A.   11 April 2009: buy a tv and leave this stuff till your older.... (read in full...)

How do beer goggles work?

Q.   is their a scientific reason why people look better looking when your druink ? Or is it just our minds playing tricks on us ? x...

A.   10 April 2009: aw thanks tasteofindia ! Its just soemthing ive always wondered haha :)! x... (read in full...)

I'll do anything to get him back

Q.   i am 14 and there is this kid a year older then me and we use to txt alot and flirt non stop. then he asked me to hug him the next day at school so i said yeah...but before we hugged he txtd and said im gonna ask u a question after we hug (ask me ...

A.   10 April 2009: hunni , guys like this are not worth it. I have to be harsh with you but he has not respect for you, hes taking advantage of your age. DO NOT send him any pictures in that nature of yourself , they way you are describing him makes it seem that if ... (read in full...)

My friend is annoying me so much at the moment, how do I deal with her?

Q.   I've been going out with this guy for 3 months and things are great between us and it was my best friend *Hannah who got us together in the first place cause she knew I liked him and wouldn't say anything to him about it so she told him and it ...

A.   10 April 2009: im suspecting your friend is ages 13-15 like you. Tell her your not slow at all , your not even legal yet and shes the one whos going to regret it when 'JJ' moves on to another girl willing to give it up so easy x... (read in full...)

How can he talk to me this way in front of his g/f?

Q.   Hi guys im a bit stuck hear,i split with my ex last year but have stayed friends, anyway we where sleeping together still after 4 months after spliting, anyway he now has a gf and she works nites, so whenever shes not with hi, he flirts with me, ...

A.   10 April 2009: omg! This guy sounds like an asshole , you need to move on . Hes obviously a player and using the both of you too see what he gets out of it . No offemce but neither does he care for you or his girlfriend.... (read in full...)

Why am I attracted to girls who are similar to my first love?

Q.   It's interesting that ever since I broke off from my first love a year ago, every girl I was attracted to since shared some similar features to her -- slim, similar figure; tall height; brunette hair -- and a few times, even in shy personality. ...

A.   10 April 2009: This is because your familiar to your first love so any girl who shares her characteristics you immediantly think you have some closeness to her. This is normal, give it time and eventually youl start to broaden ur horizons x... (read in full...)

How Old Is Too Old? Age Difference of 38? Is this right or wrong?

Q.   Hi Readers, Please giver your opinion on this, Need Your Help/Advice! How Old Is Too Old? I Am 22..He Is 50..38 years difference? Is it ok for us to be together? Thanks. And, Can women have sex whilst on their menstruation? I have heard peopl...

A.   10 April 2009: if you love him and he loves you then u then i dont see a problem as you are both at a mature age. Sex whilst on your period is possible and many women do this , but its messy and not very hygienic . I would suggest not to do this but if your man ... (read in full...)

Would we be ok to have sex with protection and me on the pill?

Q.   Me and my boyfriend are both 15 years old and virgins, we have been best mates when little and actually got together 3 years ago next month. We've talked about sex, we have condoms, and we have only kissed and hugged alot, i have given him a hand...

A.   9 April 2009: no , your still open to STD'S be careful and use a condom and the pill x... (read in full...)

How do I ask whether he likes shaven girls or not?

Q.   Hello, Just a general question in case my boyfriend wants to touch me up or anything, how do I ask whether he likes shaven girls or not? I don't think we'll be doing anything yet as I'm not ready to have sex but it would be nice to think that if...

A.   9 April 2009: just make sure its nice and tidy and clean and he shouldnt have a problem. However , if you dont want to fully shave it make sure its trimmed. It really depends on preference. x... (read in full...)

I had sex with my married teacher and now I want him to be with me!

Q.   okay i posted a question quite a while back saying i tried to kiss my teacher but he rejected me. However last night i was at a nightclub with my friends and because hes only like 26 himself he was there and we started talking and he was saying how ...

A.   8 April 2009: No he says he was young and stupid when he married his wife and he's only with her for the kids sake. I feel like we could make a go of things if only we were both daring enough to make it happen. My friend totally agrees with you she says as soon ... (read in full...)

Periods becoming lighter and lighter...could I be pregnant?

Q.   I'm 15 nearly 16 and at the end of november my boyfriend entered me. It happend before I knew it he went in for a couple of seconds like twice, he didn't come in me. I knew it was likely i wasn't pregnant i'm normally late anyway. And I was worried ...

A.   8 April 2009: best thing is to be sure and take a pregnancy test thats the only way youl know .... (read in full...)

Can all girls get a tampon on?

Q.   Hey am 15 and I was wondering if all girls can get a tampon in. I have tried many times and I still cannot fit it in but my bf can fit his finger sort of in. Is this something I should be concerned of. Is this abnormal?...

A.   8 April 2009: noo your hymen just hasnt broken yet. When you get more loose a tampon should go in just fine.... (read in full...)

Should we get back together?

Q.   so blah blah blah this is nothing original, my boyfriend cheated on me last year and I'd always kinda kept my emotions wrapped up and stayed strong through it all. However on Saturday i was at a party and he was sayin how sorry he was and it all ...

A.   19 March 2009: thanks star ! great advice x... (read in full...)

How do I go into college tomorrow after trying to kiss my teacher?

Q.   Omg ! Ive just made a complete idiot of myself.So im 18 and Ive always had a thing for one of my teachers at college since he wasnt like the rest of the old fat teachers. Hes young attractive and really funny, however he is married and has twin ...

A.   9 March 2009: sorry guys im 17 not 18 ! xx... (read in full...)

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