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I don't know his new girlfriend and shes questioning people about me!

Q.   DEAR AUNTS HELP ME =[ Last weekend I didn't attend a party because I was busy helping my bff plan her wedding.the party i was suppose to attend, my ex was there..the host told me everything. my ex asked the host if i was coming? also the host an...

A.   20 August 2009: birdynumnums & Sincerely Yours : Thanks you for your feedback =]. Also I would like to add that even thou I have dump him, I can never hate him or be enemies with him.. he was a kool bf, we had great funny memories & I could talk to him about di... (read in full...)

Should I lost my virginity? Should I just end it?

Q.   So I started liking this guy months ago. At first he didn't know if he liked me back or not but then he started liking me and we've had a thing for 9 months on and off now. When we do have a thing, it's always me and some other girls. Well just ...

A.   19 August 2009: You should wait until you feel that he is the one to do it with. Wait till the relationship is steady..did he told you he loves you yet? good luck, xo... (read in full...)

Didn't like what I saw on my husband's facebook. Am I overreacting?

Q.   Dear Aunts, I recently stalked my husbands facebook account (no I don't think its wrong!) and I found that the adage 'look hard enough and you will find what you're looking for' is annoyingly true. I found out that he was ading random (and ve...

A.   19 August 2009: i agree! you have the right to check his facebook. also if his is married he should have his status as "married" = no flirting, your married! lol... (read in full...)

If he's lying about little things, is he capable of more?

Q.   I found out my husband lied to me about a few things. They were things he didn't really need to lie about, like talking to his ex and going on pornsites. If the conversation with her was innocent, I don't see why he should hide it, and it really ...

A.   19 August 2009: a liar will always be a liar.. be careful good luck, xo... (read in full...)

Where's the line between too flirty and what is not flirty enough?

Q.   I've just met a great guy and we've been on one date so far. He left town for work reasons the next day and has been gone for about two weeks. In that time we've sent texts each day and he's called me a few times, and we've been on the phone for ...

A.   19 August 2009: be classy, flirt once in awhile =] You want to keep him interested. Also, dont give away your cookies till your actually offically dating..keep him interested ;) Don't give him the prize , he have to earn it. Good luck, xo... (read in full...)

Did my message scare him away?

Q.   Hey so I recently reconnected with an ex boyfriend who I let go about two years ago because I was afraid to fall in love with him. Well we hung out recently and things went great and he text me a few times after saying how much fun he had and then ...

A.   19 August 2009: dont worry. guys are slow, and is thinking what say in his reply. he is flattered of what you had to said. 2 days isnt long. jus relax and dont stress about it. and btw dont tell him everything you feel about him. that will scary him away. Ta... (read in full...)

Please help me spice my relationship up with some roleplay.

Q.   I have been with my partner almost 10 years and its been almost 3 since we've made love.I dont want anyone else-though i have had a couple of offers and i trust my man completly.I want our sex life back,but i dont want to get into a rut-which i ...

A.   19 August 2009: use whipcream =]... (read in full...)

Revenge of the ex..what to do to get him gone?

Q.   is it possible for my ex to know when im happy? because it seems like he has a radar that goes off when im happy with another man. you see i live in new york and he is from new mexico. i have a boyfriend ish kinda guy. were not techanically together ...

A.   18 August 2009: Girl, your ex needs to grow up. There is notthing wrong with being friends with your ex bf. Your ex needs to understand that your happy with your new guy. & jus because you buys was dating 6 yrs on & off..that gives no right to treat you how he w... (read in full...)

Is this consider masturbation?

Q.   Heyy im really confused about something i need someone who actually knows the answer .... I dont wanna ask anyone i know cuz its embaressing.... So here it goes What i like to do is watch a good sex scene on youtube and when i do this i cross my...

A.   18 August 2009: that is masturbation.. but, dont worry its normal. =)... (read in full...)

He broke up with me, I backslid, now what?

Q.   I was seeing a guy for nearly 6 months, he found me through this social sites because we had mutual friends. He e-mailed me out of the blue and became friendly and eventually asked me out on a date. While we were dating he's been really sweet, al...

A.   18 August 2009: Girl, it sounds like you still love him. You need to let him go, no contact, and if he comes back to you he is yours. if not move on.... (read in full...)

I think my best friend loves me but he has someone else!

Q.   I have a best friend that I fell in love with but he says he is in love with someone else. He moved to Texas, and Im in California. He constantly calls me and wants me to visit him. I have a feeling he loves me, but is afraid of it. We were very ...

A.   18 August 2009: wow, i can ao relate to this topic. my example: I have a best guy friend, that also has a gf. Me & my best guy friend is really close and i also know too much stuff about him that his gf doesnt & will never know. Also he always flirts with me ... (read in full...)

Will women be put off by man who's only had one sexual partner?

Q.   Hi, Im wondering do women think its a turn off if aguy who is in his early 30s has had only one sexual partner in the past. It was a long term relationship that didnt work out and I now wonder if women will be put off by it? Thanks....

A.   18 August 2009: Nope, that means your steady and honest. And no woman wants a man that been all around the block.. thats gross. have fun, no worries. xo... (read in full...)

Why do I burn after sex?

Q.   I'm 16 and ii been haveing sex with my boyfriend WITHOUT a condom and we have sex 10 times a day so i was wondering why my pravit part burns after we finish ???...

A.   18 August 2009: wow, you need to make him use a condom. also you should visit your doctor & make sure your ok. use protection. good luck, xo... (read in full...)

Who should I be ex or my fiance? I love them both!

Q.   I have a major problem. I have been together with my fiance for just over 3 years. We have our ups and downs. I always find myself yelling at him but he will do everything from my laundry to rubbing my feet. However he has also hurt me in the past ...

A.   18 August 2009: You should think this over.. think who you really wanna b with & have a future with... is your ex "huzzy" material? think it over. =] xo... (read in full...)

In a relationshio, but have developed a crush on a younger guy. What should I do?!

Q.   I am feeling very guilty and rather lost as I have developed a typical teenage crush (at 26!!) on a male friend 5 years younger than me but am in a serious relationship (have been living together for 3 years). My new feelings don't stop me loving my ...

A.   18 August 2009: Well since you have been in a long steady relationship, seem like you got bored and have develop a new crush :) thats completly normal. Have fun, but dont hurt your recent bf. xo... (read in full...)

I've lost 5 stone but my vagina still seems fat!

Q.   hi i think ive got a problem with my vagina the thing is it sticks out!! the mound of it really sticks out. i dont no if it is because i was really overweight ive lost 5 stone but that part of me still seems fat. no joking when i lie down flat my ...

A.   18 August 2009: Girl dont worry! love your body! I'm slender & fit typical beach body. and have a nice fat one.. guys prefer fat ones, it turns them on big time.. they say a fat ones are the best & doesnt gives them bluemoon more cushion the best hehe =]... (read in full...)

I need help with hair styles!

Q.   Hello =) My boyfriend suggested I do my hair the next time we go out since all I really do is have my hair straight, parted down the middle at all times mostly because that is all I know how to do! Does anybody have any suggestions with simple, sexy ...

A.   18 August 2009: Well I have long straight, wavy indian hair which I always have it let out part to the middle or side. But guys love when you I change it up. Guys loves it when i have my hair pull back in a messy bun or in a nice high or low pony tail. they als... (read in full...)

What's up with my ex-boyfriend!?

Q.   Hey Everyone! I was the one that dump him. It's been about 6 months since we broke up. Well my ex-boyfriend is always asking people about me, or when was last time they have seen me. He also always acts like he is a "big- shot" with a big ego lik...

A.   18 August 2009: Thanks girl! xo... (read in full...)

My family thinks that I could do better than my boyfriend!

Q.   What can i do to overcome what my family think? My family just met the guy ive been dating for quite some time, particular circumstances prevented me from introducing him to my family earlier. My boyfriend is amazing treats me like gold howeve...

A.   18 August 2009: Girl, never break up with the one you love because of what your parents, family or friends think. They dont know how wonderful the person is. dont throw away your love. xo... (read in full...)

He doesn't take time out of his day to text or call me, is he interested in me or not?

Q.   Ok So I have been seeing this guy for a month and a few weeks, I met him down the shore and he is a fun and outgoing person like myself. He has taken me on a few dates and now I been staying over his house… we recently had sex after the month of ...

A.   18 August 2009: I think yo had sex with him too quick. You should of made him work more to win your prize. So, he basically already got what he wanted so you have to keep him interested. Also guys hate naggers. Don't call him 24/7 let him call you.. make him miss ... (read in full...)

How do you know if a guy is using you?

Q.   Hey, How do you know if a guy is using you? Like i know this really hot guy, hes very confident, hes the lead singer in a local band. Hes always going around introducing me as his girlfriend! I he trying to tell me something?? I know h...

A.   18 August 2009: He isn't using you if he introduces you as his gf, if he ask you out to be is girlfriend he isnt using you. but also he could just be showing off around calling every cute girl his gf.. & it sounds like you dont really know him.. you need to ... (read in full...)

I don't think I'll trust someone again

Q.   I am 20 going to be 21 this year and have never had a boyfriend before. Actually, there were several guys who pursue me last time and I almost got into a relationship with a guy (J) this year april after dating for around 3 months. We agreed to keep ...

A.   18 August 2009:  No problem =) Well.. if you really love this guy you should still communciate with him " as friends", don't avoid him. Do try to be friends with him. Act normal & never tell him you miss him. Also you should get to know other guys =) Which would ... (read in full...)

Goodbye to all at Dear Cupid

Q.   Well, this is not a question. I have just decided to opt out as an agony aunt, "uncle". I seem not to have had much success lately. I think it is just an age thing. I am probably to old to give advice to the questioners who seem to be of a much ...

A.   17 August 2009: No one is too old on giving advice. =]... (read in full...)

I can't afford to do what we planned for our 2 year anniversary...what else could we do?

Q.   come the 1st of september this year i shall have been with my boyfriend for 2 years. to celebrate, the origional plan was for us to go to blackpool for the weekend, go to the pleasure beach fair and out for a nice meal together. as well as just han...

A.   17 August 2009: You need to tell him in advance and keep your wonderful plans it sounds soo romantic!... (read in full...)

Why do men look or stare and do not say anything?

Q.   Sometimes I am on the street or out with other people and men just look or stare and dont say anything to me, I am wondering if this is normal behavior, they must just like to see all of the goodness. Anyone and everyone who got good responses help ...

A.   17 August 2009: that happens to me tons. They are starring at you because your are beautiful!! you should smile at them when you notice it, that shows that your confident and know your beautiful =]... (read in full...)

I don't think I'll trust someone again

Q.   I am 20 going to be 21 this year and have never had a boyfriend before. Actually, there were several guys who pursue me last time and I almost got into a relationship with a guy (J) this year april after dating for around 3 months. We agreed to keep ...

A.   17 August 2009: you need to tell him how you feel, or he will not care.... (read in full...)

Urgent help needed, an ignoring boyfriend?

Q.   right, me and my boyfriend have been on and off for the past four years. we've planned to have kids in the near future, annd all that. we both lost our virginity a few months back to each other. but this last month things have got difficul...

A.   17 August 2009: You need to tell him exactly how you feel..... (read in full...)

Is my boyfriend's penis too big? It will be my first time and I'm scared of the pain!

Q.   I am a 19 virgin and ready to lost my virginity to my bf. When we want to have sex last night and found that his penis is too big. I don't think he able to fit inside me without hurting me a lot. I ask him to measure it for me and is 8.5" long and ...

A.   17 August 2009: no guy is too big for any girl. He just need to take his time & be gentle with you.... (read in full...)

Will my 'bent penis' affect my ability to have sex in future?

Q.   Have had a normal sex life as a maried man. Lost my wife about 10 years ago and apart from masturbation have not had a partner since. Recently I noticed that my penis is bent almost at 90 degrees when erect. The more erect it becomes the more it ...

A.   17 August 2009: Bent penis is rare... most girls prefer it..... (read in full...)

2 years and no love?

Q.   My bf of 2yreas hasnt yet pr0posed and its seri0usly geting t0 me. im 18 and he 23. he never even bringz up the subject. cud it be that he doesnt l0ve me?...

A.   17 August 2009: 2 yrs is not long. Sounds like he is waiting till the time is right. Relax =]... (read in full...)

Should girls shave their pubic hair, or do guys find it attractive?

Q.   ok i hope no one thinks im nasty or something but should girls shave pubic hair? or do guys find it attractive for girls to have it? im not haveing sex or anything i just wanted to know? ...

A.   17 August 2009: Some guys like it & some hate it. the best thing to so is to keep it tirm & low, or jus bald. lol ^-^... (read in full...)

I'm bored with this LDR, what should I do?

Q.   Im 19 years old girl and i know that my boy friend loves me too much but we are so far and i am too borring about this long distance relation plz suggest me that what should i do?...

A.   17 August 2009: You guys maybe need a break & get to know other people.. or have an open relationship. ... (read in full...)

We both think going down on each other is gross. What can we do?

Q.   im dating a guy who was a virgin before i met him. we have basically done everything except oral on me. he tried oral on me once but didnt like it. he thinks its gross because of my natural scent. i told him there is nothing wrong but he insists its ...

A.   17 August 2009: You guys should try eating more fruits, it makes everything sweet & smell good. Also you should try using whip cream to make it fun! & you shouldnt worry about doing oral you guys are still young.. you both have tons of time to get into ... (read in full...)

How can I deal with the problems in our relationship?

Q.   I have been with my boyfriend for two and half years and for the past couple of weeks I have been wondering if it is worth going any further with the relationship. When we fight he'll tell me to F-off, and use phrases like "get F**ked". This do...

A.   16 August 2009: Hun, you deserve better! Rememeber : The way a man treats his mother, is the way he will treat his wife!... (read in full...)

I don't like the type of communication between my boyfriend and this girl...what should I do?

Q.   me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 and a half years and we both love each other but recently hes been getting very ratty with me n taking me for granted when he asks me to do stuff for him n if i say no he goes off on one. recently as he ...

A.   16 August 2009: Well girls that are "just" friends with guys never acts like that with there guys friends especially textin ever "5mins".. seriously.. this chick likes your boyfriend! But your boyfriend is thinkin What you should do is 1) be stong... (read in full...)

I lost my virginity to my now ex-boyfriend, but according to him I wasn't a virgin before him! What do you make of this?

Q.   I had my 1st sex last year when I was 20 wid my ex-boyfriend. But according to him, I was not virgin. I actually didn't understand what he meant. As according to him, I didnt suffer any pain much, and everything went so smooth. I got a lil confused ...

A.   16 August 2009: He is a jerk! not every girls has pain while losing there v-card. Depends on how big the guy is.. or how gentle he was with ya.. Ur ex is a Jerk, he shouldnt be questioning you about ur virginity.... (read in full...)

Is it a problem if my right breast is bigger than my left breast?

Q.   please, is it a problem if my right breast is bigger than my left breast?...

A.   16 August 2009: its normal. But, you should still get them check out by your doctor to make sure your healthy.. =]... (read in full...)

Almost 21 and never had a boyfriend... will I ever find my true love?

Q.   I have never had a boyfriend and I am turning 21 this year! To be honest, I am very worried now as I am already in the third year of my university life...... And I often gets depressed when I get questions about why i never have boyfriends before. ...

A.   16 August 2009: of course you will find love. You need to become more sociable and smile =]! Attend parties with your friends and have fun! =]... (read in full...)

Bestfriends boyfriend said he loved me then kissed me! What do I do?

Q.   HI i in huge trouble i think. my best boy mate and best friend are going out and she is on holiday at the moment,today i met up with him at the local park and we had a great laugh but then it went really strange. he looked and me in this really s...

A.   16 August 2009: You need to tell your best friend everything! =]... (read in full...)

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