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My vagina gets extremely wet when I'm doing anything sexual. Anyone else have this problem?

Q.   I am curious if anyone has a similar problem? My vagina gets extremely wet when I'm doing anything sexual. An ex said he's never seen anyone get that wet before and he used to have to pull out occasionally during intercourse to dry me off with a ...

A.   18 April 2010: Hi, I would say you are blessed!!! I would find that very erotic and would love to go down on Women like that. Count your blessing!!!! ... (read in full...)

How can I enjoy oral sex when he is pulling faces?

Q.   I can't trust my boyfriend with oral sex anymore. He went down on me a few times in the beginning of our relationship, and I enjoyed it. However, some of the first times he did it, he made a face like he really hated the taste. Another time, he...

A.   18 April 2010: Hi, I find that a Woman’s vagina is one of the most beautiful part of her body. I love the sight up close and personal. I love the smell it drives me wild. Every part is erotic the lips to see and feel, the clit to touch and lick and watch it resp... (read in full...)

Do men really enjoy the way a women tastes and smell down there?

Q.   Do men really enjoy the way a women tastes and smell when they go down on her. My boyfriend begged me for months. I finally felt comfortable enough and shaved real good and he said it wasn't the right time. Now I feel like if I let him do it I'd be ...

A.   18 April 2010: Wow….I enjoy every part of a Woman….As for her vagina…I could not think of anything more beautiful then seeing every part….The lips….The Clit….The smell is a huge turn on….The taste can drive me wild….and the sight up close and personal…Wow…Nothing ... (read in full...)

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