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Hello! I'm nineteen years young, but despite my age, I've experienced many things and feel a bit confident that I can help. Combining common sense and a little logic, I enjoy giving advice when people need it most. I try to give details in my answers, alternatives, consequences, etc. I am as honest as I can be, while I try to understand the situation people seem to get themselves in. I analyze the question before providing one that seems reasonable.

Obviously, I can not give my name or anything close to that, but, I can tell you that I'm not just another username among others.

I've experienced verbal and mental abuse, sexual harassment, bullying, and years of stabs to my confidence and self esteem. I believe this qualifies me to some extent to give advice.

Friend trouble, how do I deal with this?

Q.   One of my friends, "X", is very pretty and outgoing. (We're all in our 20's) She has a lot of friends and is very social. The thing is, when I am with her alone, she makes fun of me. X is totally different when it's just me and her. She will make ...

A.   29 July 2012: If she feels that there is no need to talk, then she is not willing to resolve the issue or tensions between the two of you. At this point I would strongly recommend no longer being friends with this girl. If you really don't like the way she trea... (read in full...)

Friend trouble, how do I deal with this?

Q.   One of my friends, "X", is very pretty and outgoing. (We're all in our 20's) She has a lot of friends and is very social. The thing is, when I am with her alone, she makes fun of me. X is totally different when it's just me and her. She will make ...

A.   25 July 2012: Look at it this way: Is she your friend, personally? Or is she friends with people you're friends with? If she's not a personal friend of yours, then it is completely unreasonable for you to have to put up with this sort of treatment. No... (read in full...)

This man wants to date with no strings attached

Q.   man with bagage from last relationship just wants to hang out, no commitment, supper, movie, site seeing, sex and interrested in other women also what should i do?...

A.   25 July 2012: Look at this situation from several different viewpoints. Picture a friend of yours in the same situation, what would you say to them? Essentially a man who asks for no commitment or any kind is not looking for a relationship or love, fo... (read in full...)

Would you want to know if your partner was cheating?

Q.   If you were in love and in a happy relationship and you been togather for along time, If you could chose to find out for certin if you were being cheated on would you? Or would you just continue the happy relationship with out knowing for certin? ...

A.   25 July 2012: It is my firm belief that when cheating happens in a relationship, it is wrong and a complete disregard for the status of dating. A loving, happy relationship should consist of trust. Trust can easily broken by lies. So think of it this way, if ... (read in full...)

A young girl head over heels for a boy who's grown up

Q.   Hello. In order to ask this question, I'll have to give just a tad bit of personal background information, without giving too much away. I am currently in high school -- I moved here last year due to the fact that my mother was unable to car...

A.   25 July 2012: Hi everyone, I want to update you on what's happened since then! Basically, it took me many months to "move on" and accept that we were not meant for each other. I had two relationships this year that lasted a couple of months, so I know I have g... (read in full...)

My boyfriend hangs up on me!

Q.   I hate it when my boyfriend hangs up on me.... but he does thatt all the time.... i ve explained this to him like 100 times now how insulted i feel about this but he doesnt seem to care n hangs up whenever he feels like widout even acknowledging ...

A.   26 March 2011: He should treat you better than that. Don't let him trample all over you and your feelings this way; it's rude and unnatural -- a "good" boyfriend wouldn't do that. He should be willing to listen to what you have to say.... (read in full...)

Needy or neglect... That is the question!

Q.   Hey. My boyfriend said im being needy but i feel like im being neglected and i dont know witch of us is right, sorry if this is long but i really need help to figure it out thank you. Well thursday i wanted to talk to him on the phone and he said no ...

A.   26 March 2011: First off, if a male blames your period for your actions or attitude, I would regard that as rude. Now. Onto the issue. You don't NEED to talk to him every day, though no doubt I bet it's rather nice to talk to him and hear his voice and simpl... (read in full...)

I think my straight friend is flirting with me!

Q.   Hey, I got a question that involves my friend. Im bi (but no one knows lol) and his straight. Im not sure if this is all in my head but im starting to think that his flirting with me a little bit. He keeps touching me, and, like, keeps hinting ...

A.   2 October 2010: It's best not to get hasty and make moves on him or anything of the sort. Instead, I suggest you just keep a steady friendship with him. If he's more interested than you initially thought[in other words not straight], chances are he'll show it in on... (read in full...)

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