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*herry cherry boom boom

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Hi my name is Kelsy I am 15 I'am sexy I am also a caramel color(I'm edible) I'm mixed with black, and white. I have been through so much so I know alot. I lost my vcard at an early age but I still have alot to learn so this is perfect for me. So please feel free to ask any questions I keep it real. This ya girl, peace.

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Ex is threatening me and my new boyfriend

Q.   i am 14, live with my parents and finding it hard to see my boyfreind. my ex is not happy that im moving on with my new boyfriend, and has threatened me and my boyfriend against seeing eachother. i love my boyfriend but dont want him to get hurt by ...

A.   24 August 2009: People say things all the time and never do it I can't tell you how many times said I'll die before I get home but here I am telling you this. I know you don't want to tell anyone I understand but he will keep on doing it I'd rather worry about my ... (read in full...)

He seems to have changed from controlling and obsessed to indifferent

Q.   I apologise for the long question in advance. Me and my boyfriend have been in a Long Distance Relationship for a year and 5 months now. I live in the UK and he lives in America. The first time I went to America, everything was perfect. As ...

A.   19 August 2009: I'm still a little young and have not been in too many relationships but that sounds odd to not call ya girl cuz you gotta hang with your friends. I don't believe in long distance relationships he could do any thing he wants without you knowing so ... (read in full...)

Since we moved in together, he's spending less time with me, what's going on?

Q.   hi. me and my boyfriend riley of 2 years have just moved in together about 3 months ago now. ever since then at LEAST each week ive been in tears. he goes out ALL the time and when he says he will be back he is always hours late to the point wh...

A.   13 August 2009: You said he goes out all the time, well next time he goes out incist that you go with him always have a reason to spend time with him and if he dosent like it ask him why and tell him to look you in the eye and tellyou the truth. This ya girl, ... (read in full...)

I feel so stuck...why can't I just stop loving this guy? Help!

Q.   Hi, sorry this is going to be a looong one. I have been with a guy off and on since I was sixteen. At first everything was great and my family life was horrible at home so the day I turned 18 I moved in with him. Then, I ended up pregnant. We were ...

A.   9 August 2009: The only reson why your feeling this way is that you have a child. If you didn't have a child I sware you would be done already. Do you want your son to be around some one like that but then agin he is the father. Just remind your child everyday to ... (read in full...)

Shouldn't he remove her from his contact list?

Q.   I have been seeing my boyfriend for 8 months now. he broke off the relationship with his former girlfriend before we met, but because it was winter he still had his motorcyle and car stored in her garage. that bothered me because i felt there was ...

A.   8 August 2009: He has no good reason to keep her on his list. Tell him to do it or you will, but don't get angry or jelous he will take it off. This ya girl, peace.... (read in full...)

I hate apologizing, but I think I'm in love with him.

Q.   I like this guy so much.I feel like i messed up my chances with him. He flirts a lot with other girls, and he seems to know that he's just so sexy. I get jealous very easily, and i have been having so much mood swings with him lately. I can give him ...

A.   8 August 2009: First you have to find him when he is by himself. Just apoligize to him and tell him you want to be friends but you can't stay in the friend zone too long. Make your move when you feel an atraction between the two of you. This ya girl, peace.... (read in full...)

My husband took me back after I cheated, but I don't want to be with him.

Q.   I have been married for eleven years now. We have a five year old daughter who is my world. In the past two years my marriage has been on very shaky ground. I do not respect my husband because he has made selfish decisions and has not included me ...

A.   5 August 2009: I'v never been married or had children all I can tell you is listen to your heart in who do you know that will make you happy. Do what is best for yourself. This ya girl, peace.... (read in full...)

Am I crazy for wanting my nipples to be sucked?

Q.   Why my nipples are forever yearning to be sucked I love sex but i always fantasize abt having my nipples sucked by two men then wud reward them by f*cking me. I think i am crazy. Currently I am not in a relationship and hoping to fulfill this ...

A.   2 August 2009: You are not crazy every one has fantaces but you still need to be careful of who you let put there mouths on you. This ya girl, peace.... (read in full...)

How can I stop being self-consious during sexual activity?

Q.   well ive been with my boyfriend for a while now, and we are pretty sexually active. although we both would like to have sex, we want to do other things before that. so far i have tossed my lad off twice and he loves it to say the least. we want t...

A.   1 August 2009: Well you should try fingering yourself first then when you think your ready then tell him but if your not just let him know. And before you accually do it tell him if he tells any one then you will brake up with him. This ya girl, peace.... (read in full...)

Is it okay for him to keep letters and pictures of his ex?

Q.   My husband still keeps his ex-girlfriends letters and photos..Is it ok? My husband kept his ex-girlfriends photos and letters over 20 years. At first I want to burn those letters and photos. I asked him permission, i am not going to burn the...

A.   1 August 2009: If he loves you he would respect your feelings and do what ever he can to keep on loving you. You should never have to feel jelous in any kind of way. So if throwing old pictures away would help your relationship he should be all for it. This ya ... (read in full...)

How do I handle my mom and her knowing about my sex life?

Q.   so me and my mom used to be really close and open with eachother but for some reason we have been fighting alot more and ive lost alot of trust in her. But anyway she snooped through my phone and found out that me and my boyfriend are having sex and ...

A.   18 July 2009: Jeez thats serious chiz. I just think your mother is scared that maybe the condom could pop or over flow then you could end up pregnant or with an STD and if you think your old enough tell her your sorry she had to find out that way but her little ... (read in full...)

Do women look at teenage boys as eye-candy?

Q.   Do women look at teenage boys as eye candy?...

A.   18 July 2009: It all depends on the type woman she is, a real woman would want to look at a man, hope that answers your question. This ya girl, peace ... (read in full...)

I'm pregnant, and I need his love and support...but he's not giving it to me

Q.   Hi I'm pregnant for 23 weeks and married for about 6 months now. Before marrying we knew each other for 6 years I knew he was already married but yet i decided to marry him because of his love and since childhood i was away with this affection. ...

A.   15 July 2009: Wow automaticly your gonna have some conflict becouse has another wife that is the worst. I think you should leave him cause hes a snake and he will most likely do it over again so find your self a nice unmarried fella. This ya girl, peace.... (read in full...)

He told someone to tell me he never wants to see me again. Does he mean it?

Q.   My scorpio man 13 years my senior has just ended our two year relationship very publically and abruptly with abosolutely no warning. I am not really sure why. He says I spoke badly about him. I did pass 1 comment in jest. He told someone to tell me ...

A.   15 July 2009: It doesnt have any thing to do with his sign you just need to find some one new one of the worst things you can do is redate all the time. This ya girl, peace.... (read in full...)

He wants to spice things up in our sex life should I go along with it?

Q.   i am 16 and have been having sex with my boyfriend for ages but he wants to change it and try tying me up and adding spice to it but i feel like it means that normal sex with me is boring and thats why he want to spice it up. am i just being stupid ...

A.   14 July 2009: Well every one has there own erotic fanticies he just wants to try his out on you so I guess that makes you specail. If you don't believe me then ask him. this ya girl, peace. ... (read in full...)

He wants to spice things up in our sex life should I go along with it?

Q.   i am 16 and have been having sex with my boyfriend for ages but he wants to change it and try tying me up and adding spice to it but i feel like it means that normal sex with me is boring and thats why he want to spice it up. am i just being stupid ...

A.   14 July 2009: Well every one has there own erotic fanticies he just wants to try his out on you so I guess that makes you specail. If you don't believe me then ask him. this ya girl, peace. ... (read in full...)

I like her until she likes me back!

Q.   I can totally be the one pursuing the girl, but when I find out she likes me back and she gets all attached to me, I don't like her anymore. Is that normal? or is that me finding things wrong with her because I'm not completely self assured? or is ...

A.   14 July 2009: Well I have heard of a guy wanting what he can't have. The girls you come across are too easy you want some one that looks good but have self confadence and self pride for her body and won't just let any one touch it. And a girl like that would want ... (read in full...)

Guy is 27 and she is 15, is this really going to work?

Q.   one of my best friends is 15 and a guy that's 27 likes her, do you think she should go out with him ? yes or no and why ? help me by the way he has two kids. ...

A.   14 July 2009: Oh no honey she needs to leave that mess alone. She is only 15 what if she wound up taking care of his kids then she couldn't even live her teen years freely. And plus thats baby moma all around and they could be like bay bays kids. This ya girl, ... (read in full...)

Am I pushing him away by texting too much?

Q.   my boyfriend and i r kinda havin problems. we havnt been talkin that much and i havnt really seen him that much. is it possible that i hav been pushing him away the more i text him? should i just not try to text him?...

A.   14 July 2009: Your not communicating enough go some place with him, and when you text you can't see his face or hear his voice and when you do that you get a kind of warm feeling that he cares for you. This ya girl, peace. ... (read in full...)

He wants me to settle down but he's my first so I'm afraid!

Q.   Okay, little problem. I just turned 16 two weeks ago, and I’ve been with my FIRST BOYFRIEND (ever, I mean I’ve never had a boyfriend before) for 9 months, and he’s asking me to move in with him and marry him and start a family. Obviously he mea...

A.   10 July 2009: Obveously he is taking advantage of your age by going out with some one that has never had a bf and if you want to stay with him thats fine but all you can do is speak up to him and tell him your not ready. This ya girl, peace.... (read in full...)

Does he see me as more than a friends with benefits?

Q.   Okay, so we all know the story - two bored friends with nothing better to do, so they have sex. No rules, just booty. I was attracted to him before we made this arrangement, but I told myself that I didn't want anything more from this guy. I lied. ...

A.   10 July 2009: Yes, I just think he doesn't want to ruin your friendship, and if you tell him how you feel is a big deal but if that is what you truly feel in your heart follow it and if hes not the one so be it. This ya girl, peace. ... (read in full...)

What can't I ever let go?

Q.   I just wanted some opinions on this subject because Im finding more and more that Im in the minority here. The thing is I really dont understand how people can cut each other out of their lives after a relationship breaks up. When Im with som...

A.   5 July 2009: I don't think you can forget about a person I think people just grow apart but it is always a good thing that you can still be good friends ex bf. But if you want to forget about him you will eventually in time. This ya girl, peace. ... (read in full...)

I love my boyfriend, but I have strong feelings for another girl...

Q.   MY name is Alice and I am 18. I've been with my boyfriend for about 5 months and its going okay, I do love him despite his struggle to stop taking ketamine on a regular basis. The drugs do get in the way because he has become quite selfish,...

A.   3 July 2009: Well don't lie and cheat if you feel being with this girl is worth braking up with your bf then so be it but if you love him more then you should be with him and maybe your boyfriend even concider a threesome. This ya girl, peace.... (read in full...)

I don't want to lie to my parents but an older man asked me out..

Q.   hi everyone.. i`m spanish, so if i make mistakes,please excuse me i`m 17 years old and i fell in love with a guy who`s 34. i think he might like me too. i`m so confused , i don`t know what to do. i`ve never been in a serious relationship before...

A.   3 July 2009: Don't do it you may have all these feelings but you are still young you need a younger person to share your love with and he probubly did it more than you so he could have a STD and when you go to collage you don't want an old boyfriend and he may ... (read in full...)

This girl is like my sister but I said mean things to her....

Q.   okay so there's this girl, she's like my sister we're that close, anyway we drifted apart abit, because i didnt like her boyfriend and one night whilst i was drunk/ hungover, i said a few mean things to her, now we dont speak at all, how can i say ...

A.   3 July 2009: Well it all depends on what you said but what ever you said it can possibly be fixed if you just sit her down and talk with her while you do it be fragile so she can be calm and explain to her how you did not want to hurt her and you don't want to ... (read in full...)

There are two girls I like: my 'dream girl' and my girlfriend

Q.   I have an interesting question. Well, there was this sexy blonde girl who seems to have taken a like to me and I haven't known her name until yesterday. Here's the weird part about it: I dreamt about her having sex with me, even though I'm happily ...

A.   3 July 2009: Well you have got to concider the feelings of both women. You have no idea if the blonde likes you back. And why brake up with your gf for this girl you barely even know if you do that then your gf will be thinking what could have went wrong so I ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend is too big, but we can't not have a sex life!

Q.   Im gay and I love my boyfriend so much, but sex is extremely painful! iv been with other guys before, and iv never had a problem, but his HOOHAA is too big for me to take in....... I love him way too much, but we cant not have a sex life? how do i ...

A.   2 July 2009: You should tell him and maybe concider using a dildo, or strap on. This ya girl, peace.... (read in full...)

Advice needed? Is he using me for sex?

Q.   hiya :) I'm 15. There's this boy I've liked for a while. we'll call him connor. I've been on a date with him but that was months ago. He knows i still like him and he says he likes me too. we're quite close friends and have been for about a ...

A.   2 July 2009: Just tell him the truth and you won't look like an idiot he will look like an idiot if he leaves a nice girl .... (read in full...)

Daughter feels its ok to masturbate in the open?

Q.   Dear Cupid, I am a 41 years old single mother. My daughter is 15 years old and I was single ever since her father left me when she was 9 years old. She's a very bright student and scores very good marks at her exams, excels in sports a...

A.   1 July 2009: OMG if I did that I would get in a whole world of truble. I know she is comfertable and all but It's not like your roomates you need to set the record sraight and let her know there are still rules and you are still her mother. This ya girl, peace. ... (read in full...)

I went online pretending to be another woman and my boyfriend fell for her!!!

Q.   I used this fake account and added my boyfriend on it. I started talking to him as her, and he started to flirt with her. He said he would kiss her and most probably have sex with her! I kept asking him about me his girlfriend and he was acting like ...

A.   1 July 2009: girl oh hell no if that was me I would go up to him and beat him up but your probualy not that type of girl so never mind. Heres what you should do. If he asks you out on The internet say yes and tell him to meat you some were and tell him to bring ... (read in full...)

Did I find another horrible man?

Q.   I have been with my boyfriend for 1.5 years. We met three weeks prior to me moving two states away, maybe a week and half after my move he showed up saying how much he wanted a relationship. I wasnt ready for one but he was so sweat and swept me ...

A.   30 June 2009: Maybe you should talk to him and maybe he is not as developed as you and he probably is gay but hasen't come out of the closet. Well there could be a million resons why he acts like that, the only way you would know if you just asked him. This ya ... (read in full...)

Brothers friend just won't take no for an answer! What can I do to make him quit?

Q.   Hey Aunts, Well I really need help with this fast,my twin brothers best friend is madly in love with me and i dont like him back but i also dont want to distroy my brothers friendship.Also im in a new relationship with a really special ...

A.   28 June 2009: Just tell your brother to talk to him and if he won't listen go up to him and tell him to get over you and to get a girlfriend already. If he still won't leave you alone tell a school councler or securaty. This ya girl, peace ... (read in full...)

Is slating about her boyfriend to me a sign that she likes me?

Q.   I like this girl, she's real cute and all and i'm getting the vibe that she likes me too. She's not single but she was telling me that her boyfriend is an 'insensitive p***k'. How should I take this?Is she saying this because she likes me and wou...

A.   28 June 2009: You never know unless you ask just walk up to her and tell that she was confusing you and she needs to give you an explination on why she told you that if she says I don't know or she does not tell you anything then she wants you. This ya girl, ... (read in full...)

Not heard from him since I turned down sex, but I still want him. What should I do?

Q.   I am a 14 year old girl. I live in a conservative middle eastern country where I cannot talk to anyone about this problem I have, so I have to confide in an internet site as a last resort. I have had a crush on this guy since the beginning of the y...

A.   28 June 2009: Look if he loves you he would respect you and your body if he can't respect your body than he is not worthy to be with you. Maybe you should wait until the write guy comes around and make sure he respects you. This ya girl, peace.... (read in full...)

Should I get my nipples pierced?

Q.   My boyfriend wants me to get my nipples pierced. I think it might be kind of sexy and am interested in getting it done. I'm a 34 DD (natural--no surgery). Does anyone know if it hurts a lot? Will my bra cover the nipple rings or will it be ...

A.   28 June 2009: Well I never had that happen but I know people who have said it hurts. But don't do it unless your sure that you are ready and if you are do it for yourself. This ya girl, peace. ... (read in full...)

I wrote these lyrics... opinions, please!

Q.   Heya i come on this site a lot and i know this isn't the regular question asked but i thought some of you guys would give me your honest opinion. I just would like some people to read this song i wrote- i've won a couple of lyrics competitions and ...

A.   26 June 2009: Well to me I don't think you should write songs that remind you of pain even if it is real I think writing songs should make you feel good. This would be a good song if you want to make some one cry. This ya girl, peace.... (read in full...)

Your advice is sorely needed. What should I do about my feelings for my ex?

Q.   I am in a relationship with a girl but I still fancy my ex girlfriend whom I dated in college. My ex girlfriend says no she will never date me again. What should I do about my feelings for my ex?...

A.   24 June 2009: You should spend more quality time with your girlfriend and, have more good times with her and if you can't forget about another girl while with you girlfriend then you don't need to be with her. But if it's ment to be with your ex then fate will ... (read in full...)

Me and my obsessive adopted brother....

Q.   me and my adopted brother are in love with each other. Is that weird? Is it considered as incest? last week, we had our first sex with each other. Its just that, i feel wrong and im scared if my parents found out. Its not easy to just end our ...

A.   23 June 2009: one time I got with my dad's girlfriend's son I liked it but it had to stop cause we are suppose to be family and if you really think about it it's kinda gross. You and him both have to wait for the right unrelated person to come by. This ya girl, ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend mentions other girls he finds sexy, should I be concerned?

Q.   Hey guys, me and my boyfriend have what i believe to be a good relationship of over a year and a half. Exept for one thing.... Well, we were talking, and i cant really remember how it came about but he told me he thinks Gemma Atkinson is 'fit as ...

A.   19 June 2009: I can under stand how this makes you feel but we all have an opinion. Maybe you don't think your bf is the hottest guy in the world but you wouldn't let him go for Brad Pit so if he does happen to say that agin just tell him to keep it to himself. ... (read in full...)

What's the best way for a shy guy to approach a gal at work?

Q.   I have a crush on a girl at work and I'm 100% certain she has a crush on me. This has been going on for ages now, I catch her staring at me in the canteen then she looks away; her department collegues also give me looks as if to say.. "what are you ...

A.   19 June 2009: well I don't know anything about work but at school the way a guy would gdt a girl is to get her to look at him do something funny and make her giggle or catch her in the parking lot complement her and walk away. This ya girl, peace. ... (read in full...)

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