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Want to help people and enjoy it. Stay safe and make sure, true love is self love first.

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How do you deal with getting older and society treating you like you are invisible?

Q.   Just looking for a little advice on how to deal with getting older as anwoman and losing looks and it seems visibility in society . Some seem to say enjoy the invisibility but I find it heartbreaking when I’m basically ignored say in a store for a ...

A.   12 May 2019: I'm so sorry you're going through this but you're not alone. Youthfulness has always been seen as a prize, look at what women do their bodies with surgeries, implants, lifts, injections, and makeup all in attempt retain or enhance their ... (read in full...)

I've lost my sex drive. How do I get it back?

Q.   Hello everyone, I must say I’m a little embarrassed with this one, I’m 27 years old, been with my GF for roughly 3 years and have completely lost my sex drive. We went from having sex multiple times a day to once a week/fortnight. I just fe...

A.   6 May 2019: Once a week is still very healthy, if it was once a month I would be worried. I think the fact shes pressuring you may be turn off. Its subtle. My suggestion may be unfavorable but I think this is situation where you both may see each other to... (read in full...)

Where to meet guys after college??

Q.   Ever since graduating from college 5 years ago, I can't seem to meet guys. It took over a year before I met my ex and that was through a friend. I didn't meet him on my own. In college, I had no problems getting dates simply because everyone was ...

A.   6 May 2019: Online ! Use or better dating apps. You may enjoy bumble as you get message first and decide whom you may want meet. Women have all power to date now. Screen profiles, put great pics, have fun, flirt, put that you are seeking a re... (read in full...)

My husband loves looking at other women

Q.   My husband loves looking at other women. He used to go online and ask them to send him pictures. I asked him to stop. He stopped now that we got married 8 months ago.he has posters all over his garage and playboy and looks at pictures on facebook. I ...

A.   25 April 2019: So many things are wrong here. Why did you marry him ? He already shows you he doesn't care about your feelings, he doesnt respect you as a woman or as his girlfriend/now wife, he shows you he won't change, he shows you hes a player and enjoys ... (read in full...)

Adult son's fiance is too old for him

Q.   My wife and I have been aware of our son’s dating preferences since he left home for college. He prefers older women. We believed it was a phase and did our best not to get bent out of shape. We have met several of his older girlfriends over the ...

A.   15 April 2019: He needs you more than ever if you love him. He is not thinking, he is using his feelings to guide him and he's young, this life lesson hes learning right now is crucial. He needs support, even if this means letting him "marry" this older person. ... (read in full...)

I get dates but then I think there might be somebody better so I ghost them

Q.   Hello everyone, I am looking for some help and would be grateful for your opinions. I'm single and looking for a woman, and I've had 13 dates so far this year. I'm not a fussy guy and I liked 9 of them. With 7 of these 9, I have had second or th...

A.   14 April 2019: You just haven't met right one. Not hearing from someone is fine after 2-3 dates but if they message you, it would be ethical thing and common courtesy to tell them youre not interested so they can know and let things be. But if both parties go ... (read in full...)

Its seems being committed is hard work.

Q.   My boyfriend and I have been together nearly 4 years. We rent an apartment together and we have a good life. He's adorable and funny and kind, but sometimes I feel like I love him more as a friend than a lover, and I don't know if that's normal or ...

A.   5 April 2019: I remember your first post. Sweetie, your in a sticky place. This is a personal post about self growth and self discovery. There is no wrong or right answer. Yes you can break it off with current boyfriend and regret it later because you might st... (read in full...)

I cannot flirt, create a spark or connect sexually with women

Q.   I find it impossible to give off sexual vibes. I revert straight into a friendship style of communication. If there’s ever any slight indication of sexual interest from someone I freak out and go into a seemingly calm and causal interaction which ...

A.   5 April 2019: I suggest paying to learn flirting skills. There are ways to practice and its by continuing to date, meet women, learning to flirt and smile. It doesnt even have to be sexual, it's all about being comfortable and casual and relaxed. Continue to ... (read in full...)

Can I learn to love my husband? Arranged marriage I have never felt attracted to him

Q.   I have been with my husband for over 5 years now. It was an arranged marriage. I think I made a mistake in marrying him. He’s handsome, successful, nice, funny, and an all around good person. When we first met I never felt a connection or spark but ...

A.   4 April 2019: I think you've posted this before. Honey, break it off. No feelings can develop over time if by now you've felt nothing. Let him go to find a woman who do want him. Life is too short. Find the man of your dreams. Let him find his. Break it off. This ... (read in full...)

Can I learn to love my husband? Arranged marriage I have never felt attracted to him

Q.   I have been with my husband for over 5 years now. It was an arranged marriage. I think I made a mistake in marrying him. He’s handsome, successful, nice, funny, and an all around good person. When we first met I never felt a connection or spark but ...

A.   4 April 2019: I think you've posted this before. Honey, break it off. No feelings can develop over time if by now you've felt nothing. Let him go to find a woman who do want him. Life is too short. Find the man of your dreams. Let him find his. Break it off. This ... (read in full...)

Wife called the shots on defining the limits of our sex life...

Q.   My wife and I have been married for over 20 years, and together as a couple since we were barely teens. Starting out that young as a couple, there were infidelities on my part in high school. Then in a couple of years' span that we were apart ...

A.   1 April 2019: Sorry sir, but it's her body. She has rights to do with it what she wants and if she doesn't want threesome, she doesn't want it. Continue enjoy her only and the videos. People change through out years and her sex choices will as well. Mature out of ... (read in full...)

Is he interested or being a polite neighbor?

Q.   I recently relocated to a new city. Within a month of moving in, my neighbor introduced himself and I was immediately stricken and attracted to him. The other day he stopped over and we ended up having drinks with neighbors and friends. He kept ...

A.   28 March 2019: He is interested but don't ask him out. Let him make first move and be man and ask you out, just continue be open and enthusiastic around him and feminine. Good luck ! ??... (read in full...)

It is his 30th birthday at the end of March - What do I get the guy I have only been seeing for a few weeks?

Q.   So I have only known this guy for a few weeks but I have found out that it is his 30th birthday at the end of the month. It is quite a significant birthday and whilst we haven't known each other long, he is incredibly thoughtful and we have been...

A.   2 March 2019: Nothing. Just bring best version of "you" out on the date. Have fun, laugh, be joyful, flirt and flirt. Men want have to fun, they never care about gifts so shine away ! He will feel like his best gift is a hapoy, sexy, girlfriend who desires ... (read in full...)

He is all that I have ever wanted but I feel trapped. Is an open relationship the answer?

Q.   I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years, we met when we started university. All through these years I've been looking forward to graduating, getting a flat together and settling down. Now I'm coming to the end of my degree and I'm panicking because ...

A.   2 March 2019: Let me tell you something girl, when a man says he choses you. He choses you. He doesn't "care" about more experiences with other girls because in his mind he "GOT" his dream girl. When a guy has claimed his main girl, he doesnt care about new ... (read in full...)

Am I just being paranoid? Overthinking? Will I ruin things?

Q.   Am I being paranoid? I have recently met a guy online and we have met a couple of times now, but I don't know if my current feelings are super paranoid or if I am looking at any red flags... This guy has been incredibly giving, thoughtful, k...

A.   2 March 2019: Yes you are but these are past baggage you are holding onto. Maybe seek therapy to get over these experiences and continue see guy, be open and allow your heart be open to receive love. He may be the right guy. If he's showing up, consistent, and ... (read in full...)

Is all fair in love and war?

Q.   I had an affair 7 years ago. He broke it off after 2.5 years. We boyh stayed married to our spouses. I really loved him and was heart broken. 2 months ago he reached out to me. He claims he still loves me, is in love with me and on and on. I ...

A.   2 March 2019: Move on. ... (read in full...)

I don't like children at all but why am I thinking about the possibilty?

Q.   I’m 26 and have never ever ever wanted children in my whole life and the thought of giving birth and being pregnant makes me feel sick and squeamish. I don’t even find babies or children cute and I get very uncomfortable around them~ at Christmas I ...

A.   18 February 2019: Your dealing with what most women in late 20s sometimes think about. Which is children . And that's okay, it's an idea. Having children or not is a personal choice and its yours alone and with your partner. But from everything you've stated it ... (read in full...)

I’m falling out of love, but can’t manage to walk away! Any advice?

Q.   Hi everyone my name is James, i am currently in a 9 year relationship. For the last few years i felt like ive fallen out of love with my girlfriend. I am the only source of income in the relationship. Im very ambitious she is the complete opposite. ...

A.   18 February 2019: I'm sorry hear this. But you said exactly what you yourself need do. Break it off and move on. You are not responsible for anyone's happiness, not even hers. But i think you should have broken up with her much much earlier, because now she's ... (read in full...)

Should I be doubling my efforts to become a social media butterfly? Should I just be me and hope she accepts it?

Q.   I am quite shy and not a big talker. I’m also (I think) thoughtful and an excellent listener. I seem to get along well with extroverted women who talk enough for the both of us and appreciate my attentiveness. I’ve had a few relationships (lasting ...

A.   8 February 2019: As a female who rarely if ever texts/call people, I feel your pain. I don't understand people who constantly need be communication every few hours, esp if there are plans to see each other soon already. My advice is communicate. Tell her how you ... (read in full...)

I'm bisexual and I have a girlfriend but I develop deep, emotional but non-sexual bonds with much older women. Why does this happen?

Q.   Hi everyone! Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this. I'm not sure my question belongs on a relationship site, but this is seems like the most suited place I've come across so far so I'm just gonna give it a try. I'm a bisexual (or pan...

A.   4 February 2019: It's call friendship connection. I've had that alot, more with men but also a few women. We humans are all seeking that deep connection so when you feel it, you feel it. Nothing be shamed about and its not cheating so I don't see a problem here at ... (read in full...)

What is more important for a long term relationship: sexual attraction or comapnionship?

Q.   The last two relationships I was in were with two very different types of people. One was with a guy who flirted with me from the day we met, and who I was strongly attracted to. Once we broke the ice we couldn't keep our hands off each other. The ...

A.   2 February 2019: Seek someone where you can have both. Of course second is more ideal because they last longer, are built over time, and there is trust. But sexual attraction is very important as well. No sex and a relationship is basically friendship. The right guy ... (read in full...)

How to deal with social anxiety and awkwardness?

Q.   I am an introvert and struggle in social settings. I feel like there is really no good reason for this - I am confident, reasonably attractive, successful, etc. (the point being that I have nothing to feel insecure about). I do great in one-on-one ...

A.   31 January 2019: Why do you assume this is a weakness? You sound intelligent and self aware. You say you're excellent on one-on-one interactions so try cultivate that strength. It hardly matters if you're great not great in social groups, if you hold yourself as a ... (read in full...)

Should a man break up with a woman over not getting enough sex?

Q.   Been in a relationship for two years, am 63, she is 58, I work one job she has one full time job an a part time job. I pretty much live with her, own my own house to.what's up is maybe sex once every two months, she always got an excuse.she just ...

A.   21 January 2019: Sex is extremely important and it differentiates friendship from a romantic relationship. My advice is bring it up that you're needs are not being met. If she loves you she will try to meet them ( As you should try meet her needs for cuddling, ... (read in full...)

How do you cope with the loss of a potential relationship?

Q.   I was dating a guy for a few weeks until this weekend. I wasn’t overly keen for the first month or so, but finally something clicked on the weekend and I finally let my guard down and invested. We had sex and he stayed the night. A few days lat...

A.   30 September 2018: You resisted him and then gave in and he lost interest. Its same story everywhere but you opened up physically and didnt tell him how you felt. He felt no connection. And he got the sex and left. He needed to felt inspire to be with you and he felt ... (read in full...)

Our tastes in porn seem to clash

Q.   Hello. Thank to you for reading my post. When me and my boyfriend got together he mentioned porn use a few times casually. And from time to time he's admitted to using it for masturbating during our brief periods away from each other. I thou...

A.   14 September 2018: He may be uncomfortable with fact that your porn involved women only and may wonder if youre only attracted to women ? It sounds like you are not but it leaves him uncomfortable. He suggested watching men because he wants to see if men turns you on ... (read in full...)

Is she worth pursuing?

Q.   I'm in a really low place right now. I've been dating a girl for the past 4 months ( I'm 30 she's 26) and during the past month she's grown incredibly distant. She only texts me when I text her now, sometimes it takes her days to reply, she never ...

A.   7 September 2018: Just stop. Dont degrade yourself by continuously pursuing her! Shes not being forthcoming, shes doing the fade and of course people are immature for doing it but actions speak louder than words. Shes not talking to you, shes cancelling plans, shes ... (read in full...)

She's had more sexual experience than I have. Will I regret it later?

Q.   I'm a 25 year old guy, my girlfriend is 33. We've been on/off for a year and have quite a strong bond (we broke up once, recently rekindled it, now its getting serious again. No other partners in the inbetween) I have a real problem with our...

A.   4 September 2018: Break it off. The fact that you second doubt this relationship means it will never work. Either youre all in or not. Her past is not even a concern, I think youre not a fit. If you truly love someone, their pasts becomes absolutely unimportant so ... (read in full...)

Should I continue to try this relationship or end it early? She's great but I find myself wanting more

Q.   I'm a 36 year old working professional and have been with my girlfriend for a little over a year, she's 24 and had just graduated college and recently gotten a job (a decent one too). Like any relationships, at the beginning it was all sweet he...

A.   19 August 2018: End it now. Your post is literal cry for a woman, not a girl. I think she's too young for you and you know it, when you speak of a deeper conection I think you mean you want a woman you connect with deeply emotionally and intellec... (read in full...)

He earns three times more but wants to split the bills 50/50

Q.   my boyfriend has recently asked me to move in with him. we had a conversation about our finances and his expectation of what i should contribute to the household expenses. He wants to split everything 50/50. We got into an argument over this because ...

A.   26 April 2018: Do not move with him. END OF STORY. ... (read in full...)

I'm 25 my girlfriend is 67, its time we went public with the Age Gap.

Q.   This question is about being true to myself in front of my family and friends. I seem like a normal 25 year old guy. I graduated from college 3 years ago. I have a good job. I don't smoke. Don't drink. I go to church when I can. On occasion, I date ...

A.   18 March 2018: Please dont. Age is just a number, yes, but if you have not had sex nor lived with her, marrying her would be a terrible idea. I understand youre attracted to older women but she will be 70 soon, and when shes 80 youll only be in your 30s. You... (read in full...)

I have first date jitters, due to my acne! I

Q.   I'm in my mid/late 20s and met a woman off a dating website who seems incredible (she's in her late 20s/early 30s) - we started chatting briefly using the site and found we had a lot in common. We then exchanged numbers and started chatting ...

A.   5 February 2018: My advice is just show up, be you, be confident or better yet just be COMFORTABLE with who you are. You dont need permission to love yourself as you are, show up, have fun, give her an amazing date, be the best version of yourself , and thats all ... (read in full...)

Advice needed - break up or work through it?

Q.   Hi, I've in my late 20's and I've been with my girlfriend for a year and a half. I love her and she is an amazing woman but our relationship has recently taken a lot of hits and it's affecting both of our happiness. To the point, we are both seri...

A.   4 February 2018: I think because you are asking this question, you should break it off with her. Lots of religious men are willing to date women from different cultures/religions, the ones that cant are very similar to you (they only see life thru their own eyes). ... (read in full...)

Am I justified in feeling hurt or did I do the wrong thing?

Q.   Dear Cupid, Sorry for the long post, Thankyou to anyone who takes the time to read my story. I am in my late twenties and in a new relationship of 6 months with a man 2 years younger than me. He is the most amazing person I have ever met a...

A.   30 January 2018: Hes def showing you who he is and def hes getting over you. I also wonder if you left out clues about what else happened that night for him to act completely cold and selfish ? He clearly is fine with you getting to know his friends, he invited ... (read in full...)

Three dates in and she does't want to kiss!

Q.   So I met a girl through Tinder and we went out for dinner. I'm 30 and she's 27. We hit it off really well. We talked for nearly 4 hours. She had a pretty bad cough though, and I didn't attempt any sort of physical contact except a brief touch of the ...

A.   30 January 2018: Shes not as interested as you or else she would have kissed you by second or third date. Cut her off and say youre not interested. Move on and be open to dating women who stick with plans, desire you, and have positive views on men ... (read in full...)

Three dates in and she does't want to kiss!

Q.   So I met a girl through Tinder and we went out for dinner. I'm 30 and she's 27. We hit it off really well. We talked for nearly 4 hours. She had a pretty bad cough though, and I didn't attempt any sort of physical contact except a brief touch of the ...

A.   30 January 2018: Shes just enjoying the attention and probably is dating around as well. She repeatedly cancelled on you and threw you around to fit her schedule. Tbh you should stand up and say you wished she had told you before , before she decided change her mind ... (read in full...)

He’s very affectionate towards everyone! Does this sound strange?

Q.   Hi there I started seeing a guy around 3 months ago. One of the things i love about that he is very very affectionate towards me. At gome and out in public. He sometimes says to be before we go out'can i kiss you a lot tonight in publi...

A.   28 January 2018: My immediate thought was that hes probably a passionate man,very empathetic, a giver. prefer works with his hands, and his love language is touch. So theres absolutely nothing wrong with him , however he should be a little mindful with hiw ... (read in full...)

He seemed so into me, said he had no wrong intentions... Then why did he ghost me after that evening of no sex?

Q.   I commute to work and every Friday, as I'm waiting at my bus stop, a young man would come and wait for the bus as well. We would exchange polite nods of the head, smiles, "good mornings" and then both of us would retreat back to our cell phones, ...

A.   28 January 2018: Hes prob a young guy thinking older women are a young easy lay , not true but he has his misconceptions. He sees that all time he took texting or seducing you, that youre not easy. So hes no longer interested. Just move on , dont call him and it may ... (read in full...)

Do I buy him a Christmas present?

Q.   Hey all.. I've met a lovely guy - on tinder actually - we have had 3 dates and have both come off tinder as we have agreed we would like to see where this relationship goes. We are seeing each other again on Saturday.. but Christmas day is Monda...

A.   24 December 2017: Nope! Three dates only ? Just send a happy birthday text or when you see him, a small Christmas treat only. Keep it light and easygoing for now :)... (read in full...)

I broke up with my fiancé after 5 years together, she is begging me to come back!

Q.   Hello, We live in one of the bigger cities on the West Coast. Met my ex-fiancee (wow, writing that still hurts) 5 years ago. I run a couple successful tech companies so for the last two years I've been traveling back and forth (spending together...

A.   30 October 2017: I think you broke it off for valid reasons and you seem so genuinely nice but it sounds like youve allowed her to walk over you for a really long time. Shes so used it-- she knows if she cries or beg you back, you willingly take her back because she ... (read in full...)

My girlfriend is being too needy, is it unhealthy?

Q.   How often is too often to see your significant other? In the last few relationships I’ve felt burned out too quickly from them and I think it’s a problem I’m having with myself. I’m dating a girl now and have been for the last year. She does e...

A.   26 October 2017: It sounds like youre burnt out, communicate how you feel or break off the relationship. 5-6 times is a lot, I am a female who also loves my space so even once a week was very satisfying with previous men I have dated. With dating, quality time ... (read in full...)

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