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My 'straight' friend fingers me in her sleep

Q.   Okay well, I think my 'straight' friend is a lesbian. I'm absolutely okay with homosexuality as I have many bi/lesbian friends. But this is different. I don't want to confront her or anything as it's kind of a touchy topic, I can't really go up to ...

A.   13 April 2011: Haha thank you :) I wasn't going to start any relationship with her but I'll try to say something about it, thanks :) x... (read in full...)

I love my cousin but am unsure what to do about it

Q.   ... Okay... I don't really know how to say this but... I love my cousin. Whenever he's not around I miss him, when he's there I'm still thinking about him and wondering if he's thinking about me. We see each other quite alot and so we're rather ...

A.   26 July 2010: Thanks, it helps alot and I'll let you know how things turn out :)... (read in full...)

My cousin accidently groped me, now I can't stop thinking about him!

Q.   Hello! Well, recently I've gone on holiday with my cousins and we had I great time! We were on a waterslide and I was racing with my older(18 y/o) boy cousin, to see who could finish first. At the end there is a big plunge into the water and my ...

A.   21 June 2010: Also he is my aunty's boyfriend's son so technically were not related, his dad is just going out with my aunty :S and thanks for the feedback :)... (read in full...)

I love my 18 year old cousin who I just can't stop thinking about! Is it wrong?

Q.   I'm 13 and I love/have feelings for my 18 year old cousin. Is that wrong? About my cousin: (in my point of view) my Cousin just turned 18 and is now going to Columbia university. She has a very nice personality, funny, innocent, adorable, beauti...

A.   21 June 2010: I have the same problem, Im 13 and I love my cousin ( who is 18). Like you I haven't told anyone for fear of what they would say. I live in England so it is perfectly legal. Maybe you should give of a few hints that you like her but don't go telling ... (read in full...)

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