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Most erotic sex ever! Any ideas?

Q.   My boyfriend recently told me he'd like to have sex more often, obviously i agree, but it's finding the time, it's not that i dont get horny, it's just that i get tired. so i want to have the most erotic sex ever imagined, any ideas? thanks...

A.   21 December 2008: If you have the time, you might want to go to your local bookstore and check out some of the books that are available on this subject. I remember seeing a book that was filled with pages that you tear out. Half of the book was for the woman to tear ... (read in full...)

Sleeping with an ex what does it mean?

Q.   When u still sleep with an ex does it mean that there are still feelings between the 2 of them, even tho u split a month and a half ago? Thats what me and my ex are doing, and a lot of people we know down the club we go to, say that you both wou...

A.   21 December 2008: One question here is, do you have feelings for him, or do you have sex with him just for the sex ? There really is a difference. If you are just doing it for the sex, it's just like a "friends with benefits" arrangement. However, if you both still ... (read in full...)

Name on birth certificate! Help!

Q.   Hiya.. im really confused over what to do! I had my first baby in the middle of november, me and the father were not together when i gave birth and hadnt been for about 2 weeks.. he wasnt there when she was born, and saw he for the first t...

A.   21 December 2008: I would tell him that should you two get married, at that time you will change her last name. Until that happens, her name stays as it is.... (read in full...)

In love with best friend what to do?

Q.   Lemme give you the the back story (cause I needs to purge it): I've been friends with W for about 3 years now. The sexual tension between us has always been heavy, but he is masterful at giving mixed signals (not to mention a man whore) so I never ...

A.   21 December 2008: You were friends before, so you both should be able to sit down and talk things out. You also need to decide what you want to do before anything else. Let him know how you truly feel about ALL that has happened, and ask him what he really wishes to ... (read in full...)

If someone gets it in the ass can they get pregnant?

Q.   Hi, this is a really stupid question but... if someone gets it in the ass can they get pregnant easily. The girl just got off her period and she is worried that it could have gone into her vagina when she was trying ot fix her self.. any advice for ...

A.   21 December 2008: It is slightly possible if the semen got into her vagina when it came out of her anus. She can buy a pregnancy test just to be sure.... (read in full...)

Does sex reduce hypertension?

Q.   I have developed hypertension. as some people say sex is a good remedy to reduce it to the normal level. Is it true? Please forward your comments....

A.   21 December 2008: You might want to do a search on "sex and hypertension"... (read in full...)

Is this weird or is it normal?

Q.   I've been masturbating for as long as I can remember (though, of course, I just recently found out what the word for it it). I can recal being, literally, a kindergartener and getting it on with myself. I was always very conscious of the fact that ...

A.   21 December 2008: Not as weird as you think. Some people are more sexually aware of their bodies sooner than others. You just happen to be one of those that discovered what makes you feel good at an early age. You say you've been masturbating since kindergarten. No ... (read in full...)

I saw the text, I heard the lies, someone help!

Q.   I guess it is my turn to have a question answered. The following text between my boyfriend and his ex.. HIM - you coming home tonight or tomorrow just wondering cuz i don't remember HER - Tonight! On the road now! Him - Cool drive safe ro...

A.   18 December 2008: If you know where his"ex" lives, on the night he says he is working, drive by her place to see if his car is there. If so, pop in for a surprise visit. I'm sure you'll know what to do if you catch him there.... (read in full...)

Worried and intimidated by a blooming sex toy that my girlfriend is waving around me!

Q.   My new girlfriend and I have known each other for 5 months and been going out with for 6 weeks, she told me today she got a dildo as a gift from co-worker... apparently not as a joke either. We are yet to embark on the sexual side of our ...

A.   18 December 2008: Instead of being intimidated by a sex toy, offer to help her use it. This way you can learn as you go. A dildo can be used as a stand-in, but nothing beats the real thing.... (read in full...)

Should I be more vocal during sex?

Q.   I'm a virgin, but during oral sex and foreplay (I guess you could say), I've had an orgasm. I only get "sexual" with my boyfriends. So recently, my boyfriend and I have been doing a little bit more than 1st base. I feel pretty lucky since I do tend ...

A.   18 December 2008: For a woman to announce the fact that she is "cumming" during oral sex is a turn-on for most guys. Saying how good it feels, or "oh yes, right there"! etc. would do it too. Most guys love to hear stuff like this. So, don't be shy. And you can do ... (read in full...)

Porn CAN be great foreplay...

Q.   So I had never watched porn with my boyfriend before. I am kind of in the insecure side when it comes to my body, so I thought it'd be disastrous for him especially since it'd probably put me off sex for the night. Last weekend we went on a trip, ...

A.   16 December 2008: These are points about porn I've been trying to stress for a long time. Too many times women pre-judge it and right away get upset about their partner watching it, but have never watched it themselves. Hopefully some will take your advice and ... (read in full...)

How can I last longer in bed?

Q.   How do i keep from ejaculating so quickly during sexual intercourse?...

A.   15 December 2008: I have seen this question answered here before. A few hours before you are going to have sex, masterbate. That will help make you to last longer later.... (read in full...)

Is it wrong for a woman to be on the prowl?

Q.   i am recently divorced from my second marriage and is it wrong for a woman to be on a sort of prowl or a look out for a man to satisfy her intimately, emotionally and privately? in this day and age society is making a big hoop to do over sex but i ...

A.   15 December 2008: Why should it be considered wrong for you to want satisfaction and fun out of life ? As long as you are careful when having sex, there is no reason you shouldn't enjoy it. There will be those that think it is morally wrong, but that's their problem. ... (read in full...)

Husband's deployed now I'm addicted to porno!

Q.   I am not sure how to say this or ask .. Ever since my husband deployed I have been pretty much addicted to porno.what does this mean?...

A.   14 December 2008: Watching porn on the screen and masterbating, is much better than going out and having sex with another man. You feel you are addicted to porn, but its just a matter of "If ya can't do it, you can still watch it". Does the time you spend watching ... (read in full...)

Can we start things up again?

Q.   I want to be with my ex. I have wanted to marry him since we began dating...but we have been split up since February of 2007. That is a long time. I was going through some difficult times on my own and tried to break it off with him, but he ...

A.   14 December 2008: Since you already told him how you feel back in July, if you haven't gotten a positive answer by now, you probably won't get one. If he was truly interested in re-starting a relationship with you, he should have given you an answer by now. Don't ... (read in full...)

My imaginary guy!

Q.   Hello, Am I completely insane/ loosing it/ marbles gone missing... to get over the guy that I love I made an imaginary guy up in my head to replace him. It's actually helping me not to think of the guy I love, but I get worried... am I gettin...

A.   14 December 2008: Using your imagination is alot better than using drugs or drinking. Plus, once you meet someone new, the imaginary guy will be gone. So, I don't think there is anything wrong with having an imaginary guy. Ever hear the song "Imaginary Lover" ?... (read in full...)

How can I get him to be rougher?

Q.   My boyfriend is a very soft and gentle person when it comes to sex, but, it doesn't work for me! I like to be treated roughly when we're making love but it's always a struggle to try and get him to be a little crazier in the sack because he's afraid ...

A.   14 December 2008: Show him an example of how you would like to be treated. If you like being tossed down on the bed, or having your clothes ripped off of you. Give him some ideas of what you want him to do by showing him. If you like your hair pulled, or you butt ... (read in full...)

Guys: do you find it gross to finger a girl while she's on her period?

Q.   This question is for the guys. Buuut, ladies, if you have any helpful answers, you're welcome to reply, My boyfriend has been wanting to finger me, and I've been wanting him to, also. He asked me if he could do it when we meet up tomor...

A.   14 December 2008: You might want to let him know that mother nature has brought you your monthly gift, and that the fingering session will have to wait. I really don't think you want to deal with the mess that could be made doing this. There are products made that ... (read in full...)

I cannot have an orgasm!

Q.   Dear Cupid Readers, I am 18 years old and I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years. He is 24 years old and we both have had one previous sex partner. Our relationship has started to spiral downwards because I am unable to orgasm. I actua...

A.   14 December 2008: That is an orgasm. Your body tenses up and you feel a rush of relief, and your vagina gets alot wetter...if that happens, thats an orgasm.... (read in full...)

I cannot have an orgasm!

Q.   Dear Cupid Readers, I am 18 years old and I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years. He is 24 years old and we both have had one previous sex partner. Our relationship has started to spiral downwards because I am unable to orgasm. I actua...

A.   13 December 2008: It sounds like you are trying too hard to have an orgasm. As a result, you stress too much about it and can't relax and have an orgasm. Have you ever tried using your fingers on your clitoris ? Do you know where your clitoris is ? You should learn ... (read in full...)

Had sex with big guy for 1st time and now skin is stretched

Q.   I had sex for the first time last week, and lets just say that the guy I did it with was, um, very well equipped. Afterwards, I felt a little sore for the first couple days, not inside of my vagina, but outside from him kind of pounding on me as he ...

A.   13 December 2008: Go see your OBGYN and have a check up, just to be sure.... (read in full...)

Is there anything wrong with being gay

Q.   am im gay for being attracted to a girl who is every thing i wish i was. she has somthing special bout her smile and personality help and is there any thing wrong with being gay ...

A.   13 December 2008: Just because you admire/envy a girl doesn't mean you are gay. At your age your hormones are running around in your body, no doubt driving you crazy. Are you attracted to boys ? Do you like the idea of dating a boy ? As for anything wrong with being ... (read in full...)

How do I overcome this stupid feeling of hurt knowing that he watches porn?

Q.   So some may think im over thinking and some may feel what i feel... but its just something that always seems to bug me here and there thought i'd see if i can get any advice or see what others think... my husband of 2 yrs watches occasional porn ...

A.   13 December 2008: My wife and I look at porn as if looking at the same thing we do in the bedroom. The only difference is it is not us on the screen. We pick out dvds that show the same sex acts that we like to do. Watching this prompts us to do what the couple on ... (read in full...)

My fiance turns out to be a porn addict!

Q.   hi my name is priscilla. i just came to united state to met my fiancee we been dating for 4 years now but distant relashionship so now i,m here with him i,d just foundout that he is a porn addict we use to have a lot of sex but his not satisfied ...

A.   13 December 2008: Have you ever considered watching some porn with him ? Porn comes in several categories, and you just might find something to watch that could turn you on. Too many people complain about porn without even looking at it, because somebody told them it ... (read in full...)

Do others find oral sex gross?

Q.   I find oral sex totally disgusting! Yes, call me weird. My Bf tries to make me give him a blow job, but i refuse. Am i alone on this? Am i like the only girl who thinks that's totaly gross? I just dont like the fact that stuff gets into my mouth, ...

A.   13 December 2008: One of my ex-wives admitted to me she hated giving me head. That was after we were married 10 years. I asked her why she did it if she hated doing it, and she said she did it because she felt she HAD to. So I told her that from then on she no longer ... (read in full...)

I want to leave my nice comfortable marriage

Q.   Hi, I have been married for 12 years with a period of seperation of 4 years within that due to infidelity on his part. Since we have been back together (around 2 years) things have changed. The simplest way to explain is that I live with one ...

A.   12 December 2008: You really need to think of yourself here. No matter how much he begs and pleads. You need to be happy, not only with yourself, but also with the person you marry. This is in all fairness to both of you.... (read in full...)

Marrying another but having oral sex with my boyfriend

Q.   I am involved in oral sex with my boyfriend. After a month i am getting married to someone else. What should i do. Should i continue with him as i have developed emotional bond with him....

A.   12 December 2008: Lets look at another angle. How would you feel if the guy you plan to marry was getting oral sex from a girlfriend on the side, even though you plan to marry in a month. Would that be fair to you ? Is that being true to you ? I don't think you ... (read in full...)

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