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Should I listen to what he has to say after he has cheated on me?

Q.   Hi uncles and aunts! Wel, i'm just gona get on it. Yesterday my bf confessed to have been cheating on me... I'm so confused, angry and sad, i feel betrayed and lied to.. I don't knw what to do, i thought i needed to speak to someone. He confes...

A.   30 April 2010: Thanks a lot guys for your responses.. I think my mind is now made up. Sure i don't need to deal with such. Thanks again for listening!... (read in full...)

Should I listen to what he has to say after he has cheated on me?

Q.   Hi uncles and aunts! Wel, i'm just gona get on it. Yesterday my bf confessed to have been cheating on me... I'm so confused, angry and sad, i feel betrayed and lied to.. I don't knw what to do, i thought i needed to speak to someone. He confes...

A.   30 April 2010: No Si Si, he just confessed. I think he realised by then that there's a chance we'd never last a lifetime together (i decided to admit that to him because i didn't want to lead him on knowing our relationship was already heading for a crash). He ... (read in full...)

If you have Chlamydia, how long before you become infertile?

Q.   Hi. I recently read that Chlamydia is sometimes a possible cause of infertility. What i want to know though is, how long should one have this silent disease for them to be medically declared infertile?...

A.   18 August 2009: Okay, thing is i do suspect having it and for some time maybe. Yes i am going to see a doctor in a day. Its just that i would really love to have babies one day and was worried that if i test positive for this thing then my chances of having babies ... (read in full...)

Can yeast or Candida lead to infertility? Which STI's have this effect?

Q.   Hi. I've read somewhere that some STIs may result to infertility. I don't know the truth in this but i just wanna know, can yeast do this or is it Candida? Again, which of the STI can do this? Thank you!...

A.   14 August 2009: Thank you all. That really helped. Much love!... (read in full...)

Is my long distance boyfriend just "friends" with this girl or is there more to it?

Q.   Hello readers! I have this problem with my Bf. He's been keeping such distance from me, reason being he's working extra hours and has very little time... Which obviously doesn't prevent him from contacting his Gf. Well, that's what I'm also trying ...

A.   23 February 2009: Wel, he denied that they met but agrees to knowing and chatting to her. As to how i found out.. I happened to be in the same chatroom with this girl who revealed that she usually meets up with her online chats and my Bf's name popped up, i could ... (read in full...)

He forgets about me when he is away

Q.   Hi readers! I just need help on this situation right here: My boyfriend and i are in a long distance relationship, i'm very much in love with him and he's in love with me... Well atleast he tells me that everytime we talk. Now he's been currently ...

A.   20 February 2009: Guys, thanks for your replies. Its very much appreciated... I have started today to try and do as you have all advised though i should admit, it is very hard to do that to him. Having to pretend that i don't care about him is the first and hardest ... (read in full...)

Will this argument have a negative effect on our relationship?

Q.   Hello aunts, uncles! My bf and i recently had a fight about my family and its really bothering me. 2 months back my dad found out that my bf sometimes comes over to visit me and he made it clear that he doesn't want to see him around his house......

A.   30 December 2008: I'd like to thank you so much Lib1 for such beautiful advice you gave me. You a star! No, i dnt have anger problems and yes, my family was the sour subject in our argument. I'm glad that waking up to this site and reading your advice gave me the ... (read in full...)

How can I be more confident sexually?

Q.   I have been seeing this amazing guy for about six months, he has been great with me but says he wishes I was more forward in makin moves, I have always let him do the work, lack of confidence I suppose, he wants me to go on top, how can I become ...

A.   29 December 2008: It would've been much better if he would shut up a little. Personally, i think he's not handling it wel by telling you how to do things. If he wants and enjoys talking dirty, let him take the lead. And as for you dear, you will get there love, ... (read in full...)

The guy I used to hook up with when younger asked me to sleep with him, I'd like to but I have a boyfriend, should I do it anyway?

Q.   This sound so terriable and I know that before even asking. So please don't be to mean. I've been with my b/f for six years. I love him very much and he's a wonderful person. But were both young I'm 22 and he's 20. I have this friend whom I did used ...

A.   1 October 2008: I say DON'T do it. Hooking up with him one last time will cause you trouble. Stick by your man, you love each other. So why ruin something so good?... (read in full...)

Could I be pregnant even though I had my period?

Q.   long story short me an my boyfriend had sex 2 weeks ago the day after we had sex my period came my period came late but it still came but ever since then ive been having stomach pains an cramping could i be pregnant even though i had my period?...

A.   30 September 2008: Yea, you can be. But i doubt it. To be certain, do tests.... (read in full...)

Are Virgos able to forgive?

Q.   Once a Virgo has had their fellings hurt and they ask for sometime to think and feel uncomfotable around the one who hurt them . Are Virgos able to forgive after an apology has been made right away or do they just eliminate the person out of their ...

A.   30 September 2008: I'm a virgo too. And i may forgive someone who hurts me but can NEVER forget. When i'm hurt, the thing stays in ma thoughts for a very long time. But we are certainly different as people!... (read in full...)

What causes water to come out of my vagina?

Q.   Hi all. Well, here's my case. I visited my bf for the week end and we started having sex from that night. I never had a problem until Sunday morning when it felt sore when he enters me, i actually felt like his penis had grown bigger or my hole has ...

A.   23 September 2008: Well, the day after we stopped sex there was no longer any pain. And the pain in my cervix would only last for about 5 minutes right after sex. About Cystitis... It doesn't burn when i pass urine, the urine doesn't smell bad, there's no blood in my ... (read in full...)

I'm worried my stretchmarks will wreck my relationship with him.

Q.   I have a problem, i have stretchmarks on the top of my legs. my boyfriend doesnt no about it, but i dont want to have sex with him incase he does see them. i am worried that it is going to wreck the relationship. Does anyone have any advice on what...

A.   22 September 2008: There really is no way of getting stretch marks completly, the marks will remain. And as for your bf, if he's natured enough he'll knw and understand that most women get them at some point in their lives. If really shouldn't mind that you have them ... (read in full...)

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