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He wants my virginity as a bootycall

Q.   I'm 21 he is 29, lately he has been wanting to take it to the next level (intimacy), the thing is im still a virgin and not sure if he his the right one ... After being friends for the past few years, I asked where he sees our "relatio...

A.   22 August 2010: Thankyou all for the support and great advice, we both decided to go our own ways and be friends... sadly I'm still heartbroken of the idea he only wanted our friendship to have benifits =\ , hopefuly within time I can move on and find someone who ... (read in full...)

Why would a girl lie about NOT having had an orgasm?

Q.   ok so i have this new GF and she swears shes the **** in bed and that only two guys have ever made her have an orgasm and it was because she loved them. so wen we have sex i put out all my best moves and stuff and i no im good because every gi...

A.   20 August 2010: I'm pretty sure she did, otherwise she would not have enjoyed the sex (as u said she did) .... she is most likely not admitting for the reason of giving u the satisfaction! My advice to you is to not let it get to you, girls do things like thi... (read in full...)

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