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He had a girlfriend and I'm going to a wedding they'll both be at...what do I do?

Q.   I'm 16 and i went to spain with my friend for a week to visit my family. My family also had some friends visiting that were living in the villa next to where we were staying. over the week we had a bit of a thing didn't go too far. He nearly t...

A.   24 July 2010: Go with another guy. Maybe then the girl will see that you have another guy and leave you alone. Or you can walk up to her and punch her in the face-NOT! lol. But you could let her know that he never told you he had a girlfriend. ... (read in full...)

How do I prove I'm not gay/bi ??

Q.   I'm 15 and i got drunk at a beach party last week i ended up making out with 2 girls and 2 guys. 1 of the guys wasn't drunk and apparently really like me but i REALLY don't like him and he wont leave me alone no matter what i say or ask. And ev...

A.   24 July 2010: Ok, in elementary school I was teased for asking out a girl. I was dared, but of course none believed me. I just sucked it up. I didnt need to prove anything to anyone. I knew the truth. You didnt say anything about getting teased or whatever so ... (read in full...)

Husband Swinging Without Me

Q.   About 5 years ago after 20 years of marriage, my husband started to talk about swinging. I thought he was kidding at first and he got angry when I siad absolutly not. We had a good sex life and had been faithful to each other. To please him I agreed ...

A.   24 July 2010: This is gunna sound harsh, maybe he dont think your guys' sex life is what it was- exciting and fun. My ex and I attempted this, never went through with it, but we attempted. Its hard to say why he has such a hard on for this stuff. I later found ... (read in full...)

This married woman wants to leave her husband... FOR MY BOYFRIEND!

Q.   My boyfriend and i have been together for 2 years now and during this time he has cheated with many times, but when i do find out he calls off the relationship them but this always happen after lots of fights and tears. Recently i found out he h...

A.   22 July 2010: This guy brings a red flag, many actually. Your guy has no respect for you at all and thinks he can walk all over you because you will keep taking him back. Be strong. You should leave him, just pack everything and get out of that relationship as ... (read in full...)

What can I say so that we remain in touch???

Q.   I am leaving my job and there is a mutural attraction between me and the boss. I want to give him something to remember me with. I was thinking of a plant with a card with some really kind words in as he has helped me a lot. I have been treate...

A.   22 July 2010: tell this guy how you feel. The plant is a little boring honestly. Maybe you can give him just a card like a hallmark and jot down your feelings while leaving your email or something if he does not already have it. ... (read in full...)

Don't know if I want kids, help!

Q.   I am 23 years old and have been in a committed relationship with a woman I love to death for about 2 years now. She knows she wants children in the future but I'm still unsure. When we talk about it, she gets upset and says she doesn't want to ...

A.   22 July 2010: children- its a hard subject. I think you should get yourself underway as Auntie E was saying. If you do you for a while and your successful in whatever it is your doing, the right girl will come into your life. Not saying this present girl is not, ... (read in full...)

If her girlfriend really loved her why should she break up with her to see someone else?

Q.   I started dating a girl right after she broke up with her girlfriend. The reason they broke up was that the girlfriend had a crush on someone and wanted to date that person. So they broke up and I started seeing her. Well the girl I was seeing ...

A.   22 July 2010: I agree with Moo's mum. I think if she is giving you such a hard time now, what makes you think you two will be happy down the road and she wont do this again and again? If you ask me, she is using you as a rebound. I learned not to jump into anot... (read in full...)

Should I wear my heart on my sleeve and see what happens?

Q.   ok so here is the deal. I wrote previously about some other guy. We ended up breking up becuase he became distant after finding out i didnt want to believe the doctors about me having a misscarriage and i have been fine until now. I turned 21 on...

A.   7 January 2010:  want to thank you guys so much. Great advice! This morning he called me and we decided tht we were moving too fast so taking it slow again has put me into perspective and im content with our decision. Thank you guys again! :D ... (read in full...)

Do you think there's a chance my baby will survive?

Q.   I found out I was about two months pregnant, about 2 two weeks ago. I went to the hospital two days ago because was having a cramp on my left side for ten minutes straight and had a light to medium brown discharge. They told me that I will miscarry ...

A.   16 December 2009: i did misscarry. I want to thank all you guys for your support. And especially thanks the ones who prayed for me and my baby. It brought a tears to my face. lol THANKS SO MUCH!... (read in full...)

I'm really afraid of everyone finding out about me and him, please help!

Q.   It's a long story. I was in love with a guy who was 19, but i was too young at 14 and I knew it. my friend who was a bit older went out with him for a bit, but she didnt like it and they split up. He said he loved me. i loved him so we went out but ...

A.   26 August 2009: i seriously doubt he will wait 3 years for that time he will be 21..thats old enough to drink in the US..if you live in some other country. He will have a whole new side to him that you might not know. I suggest to let him go..if he ends up ... (read in full...)

Should I spend the money on the "morning after" pill?

Q.   My boyfriend and I had sex a few days ago using a condom, but it broke. I started my period on the 21st and we had sex on the 24th while I was still menstruating. I'm worried about pregnancy. I feel like the chances are very low I would be pregnant ...

A.   26 August 2009: You will be more fertile after your period. If you had sex while on your period i think its more of a risk to get pregnant. If im wrong let me know, lol. Hope i helped!... (read in full...)

How do I ask him to hurry up and move in without sounding like I'm pushing him?

Q.   well my and my boy friend have been together for 5 years and i am ready to move in together we have been engaged for going on one year and i want to go ahead and move on with our life together. how do i ask him with sounding like i am pushing him to ...

A.   24 February 2009: no problem! How is everything goin? Add my to your friends.. :) Your very welcome.... (read in full...)

Sex in public

Q.   So, I love the idea of potentially getting caught having sex—that is of course without actually getting caught. Sex in risque places is just a big turn-on for me. So, I was wondering…where are some good places to have sex at with the least chance of ...

A.   20 February 2009: I always wanted to do it in the dressing room at a department store! Doesn't that sound fun? lol. I have done it at the park, in a car(that was a tight fit haha), in my exes mthers room(haha awkward). But i hope you have a great intense orgasm when ... (read in full...)

Possible for me to have another miscarriage due to the last one?

Q.   I had a miscarriage in 08 I may be pregnant it possible for me to have another miscarriage due to the last one? I really don't want to lose my baby again...

A.   20 February 2009: It is a posibility, but i would go talk to a doctor. My mother had a misscarriage before i was born and she had me and my sister. Then she had another one before my little brother as well. So its kinda iffy, but im sure its possible. Good luck with ... (read in full...)

Three weeks late after using protection?

Q.   My boyfriend and i are both 15 and have only been dating for 1 1/2 months. we've had sex and we used condoms everytime but i am three weeks late. i've taken 3 pregnancy test and two said negative but the third was deffective. he already knows that i ...

A.   20 February 2009: you may not be preggo. You may just be really stressed from thinkin you are, just give it time. Its like this: You are or your not. Stop waisting your money on tests and if you end up bein like two months late, go to the doctor and he will tell you ... (read in full...)

Name suggestions for my baby

Q.   I may be pregnant. My daughter got her name from putting the names of her dad and my name together. I want to do it again but can't think of anything right now. If you have some ideas, I would really appreciate it if you can share some with me. ...

A.   20 February 2009: if its a girl you could do...Kamie. and if its a boy you could do...Cade or Ronie.. I think Kamie is a cute name and cade too.Even if your guys' names dont have a d, lol ... (read in full...)

How can I give myself a great orgasm?

Q.   I am really turned on by fingering myself but don't know how to give myself an orgasm or what it feels like to even have one... I need some tips on how to finger yourself the best way possible and give myself an orgasm.... any thing to put on down ...

A.   19 February 2009: I have one of those rabbits btw, i recommend it highly!! I love mine. I was goin to write you, but it was anonymous. I hope my advice helped. Let me know!... (read in full...)

How can I give myself a great orgasm?

Q.   I am really turned on by fingering myself but don't know how to give myself an orgasm or what it feels like to even have one... I need some tips on how to finger yourself the best way possible and give myself an orgasm.... any thing to put on down ...

A.   18 February 2009: You could use a doldo with a curve at the end of it because it hits you g-spot. Another thing you can do i when your fingering yourself, try to feel for something that feels like wrinkly skin, thats your g-spot. I can usually squirt when I rub it ... (read in full...)

I was wondering can vaginas get tighter, because I have a really tight one.

Q.   I've had sex in a car before the break out bleeds, and he got his penis in me pretty easily. Then he tried a bed today and he had a lot of trouble getting his penis in me today. I was wondering if vaginas could get tighter, because I have a really ...

A.   18 February 2009: I dont really know how it worked before and now you guys couldn't even get it in, but my suggestion would be lube, lube and more lube! :) And when your doin it Doggy style, make sure your back is curved and your butt is in the air, that way it o... (read in full...)

Should I leave my controlling bf or try again with my ex who is very similar to me?

Q.   The reason I'm confused is that my present boyfriend is a bit close minded and strict sometimes because he doesnt like to give me my space. he would like to spend all the time with me doing things his way. I'm the type of girl that likes to go ...

A.   17 February 2009: I already knew what to say when i read the tyle of your question. Firstly, If your current bf is clingy as i call it and dont let you have space, Dunp him. No one needs a significant other like that. Secondly, I think the ex bf is much better, ... (read in full...)

My ectopic pregnancy.

Q.   I'm asking this because my Ob/Gyn didn't explain it very well to me. I had an ectopic pregnancy with one fertilized egg and another egg that had fertilized and ended up embedding into my uterus. So I was suppose to have twins, but only one egg made ...

A.   8 February 2009: i looked up ectopic Pregnancy up on google as which you might have done. But as i was reading on and it said this, "An ectopic pregnancy results from a fertilized egg's inability to work its way quickly enough down the fallopian tube into the ... (read in full...)

How do I ask him to hurry up and move in without sounding like I'm pushing him?

Q.   well my and my boy friend have been together for 5 years and i am ready to move in together we have been engaged for going on one year and i want to go ahead and move on with our life together. how do i ask him with sounding like i am pushing him to ...

A.   6 February 2009: Just come out and tell him how you feel. I know that sounds easier heard than done, but its the only way to tell him to move in. You can start off by saying, "Babe, we have been together for a long as time and engaged forever, i want to get to know ... (read in full...)

Does he really love me? He ignores me!

Q.   Well ive got a problem i dont know if my boyfriend loves me or not. He says it but you know thats just words until you put a meaning. He always ignores me in first block at my school and talks to Brittney next to him and i am beside him too so there ...

A.   6 February 2009: I would honestly ignore him back if i were you. Maybe then he will realize how it feels and in return be more in to YOU and not that other girl. And chances are he doesn't even know what the word LOVE means. Hell, i just turned twenty and I don't ... (read in full...)

Is sucking on breasts or having too many orgasms harmful?

Q.   My guy goes really romantic at times...he kisses my breast n even indulges in foreplay...sometimes i bleed n get a stomach pain..whats the reason??? is sucking breasts harmful?? is getting too much of orgasm harmful??!!...

A.   6 February 2009: First and foremost, Getting orgasm is NOT harmful, but rather healthy. I am not a doctor but i have been told sex is a great cardio workout. Secondly, You are between the age of 13 to 15, why are you having sex? Thirdly, Was your guy fingerin... (read in full...)

He says they are just friends but I'm so insecure!

Q.   I'm really insecure of some things in my relationship...There's a gal who's close to my guy in fact i think she's liking him:( In fact I've spoken about this to him and he tells that they are just freinds and nothing else..but i still feel the...

A.   6 February 2009: I would go with my gut. My gut tells you to trust him with everything you have or else you will lose him to your worries. And it sounds like to me you have previous problems with insecurities or maybe even trust issues?? But I would sit down and ... (read in full...)

Should I text him to give myself some closure?

Q.   So, technically my ex boyfriend broke up with me a week ago. We've been going out for close to a year and this is the longest relationship both of us had ever been in. During the past year, we would constantly fight...mostly me end up getting mad at ...

A.   6 February 2009: Honestly it hurts when your guy wants all of your commitment to end, but if he wants to end things, give him his space and he will eventually realize how much you really meant to him. When this situation occurred with me and my husband, it hurt a ... (read in full...)

Are his questions healthy?

Q.   Is it healthy for a boyfriend to ask his girlfriend about her past in such details so as to know (for example) how large another man was, how he made her reach orgasm, how strong the orgasms were with other men, or how long they would go down on her ...

A.   3 February 2009: He is probably self concious about his sexual performance, my exes asked that also but i really didnt get too detailed. Just tell him, "Babe, i will let you know what to do if you arent pleasuring my well enough". Sometimes you have to take control ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend told me I love you after 2 weeks of dating. What should I do?

Q.   MY boyfriend and I have been together for about 2 weeks now. Everything seems great and we get along so well. But last night he said I love you to me so it freaked me out and I made him leave and go home... He kept justifying hiself saying he was ...

A.   3 February 2009: I don't think you should stop seeing this guy, but as i agree with the other answer, just not be Physically intamate with him. Get to each other. He may be in love with the fact of being in love and he feels strongly about you. I think that is the ... (read in full...)

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