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Is sex supposed to hurt every time?

Q.   im 13 and im not a virgin. ive had sex a couple times. i had anal sex with this guy but it only lasted like 3 min. and it didnt feel good at all. i had sex with this other guy where i was on top but i couldnt get his penis to go in though. is my ...

A.   18 July 2010: umm...You are in middle school. What the heck are you thinkning? Sex? Anal? I think you should stop doing it. You are still growing. I am the same age as you and I have masturbated a few times but sex is out of the question! Do your parents know? ... (read in full...)

My ex knows my Facebook password, do you think it's him deleting my male friends???

Q.   Hey cupid my ex had the password of my email when we were together he went into my myspace account when we was broken up and I was very upset we still didn't get back together... I just realized that on my facebook that every time I request a guy ...

A.   18 July 2010: I think you should delete your account, redo it, change the password to something he would never guess. I think he wants to own you not, be with you. I'm a muslim girl and I notice these things about Muslim guys. They still treat us like they can do ... (read in full...)

I'm 20 and my parents are still too strict!

Q.   Hi I am 20 years old male and soon im gonna turn 21 and my parents are still to strict with me. If I style my hair then they get disapointed from me and my mom does not talk to me and my father yells at me till I get rid of the style.... im not allo...

A.   18 July 2010: I a muslim as well. Except I'm 13. Maybe you should get a job, and move out? My older brother is planning to, because our parents are the same.... (read in full...)

Should I be worried, or is it just curiosity?

Q.   my eleven year old daughter was looking up quite a bit of pornography and lesbian porn on my laptop. should i be worried or is it just curiosity at eleven? when i was eleven... i was far from thinking about that. kids mature too fast. How shoul...

A.   17 July 2010: Carefully though, talk to her about it. I am a girl and I do it a few times, though no one knows bout it except one of my BFFs. I'm 13. She might be searching lesbian things because she isn't comfortable searching and looking at male parts. I... (read in full...)

I really don't want to be lesbian

Q.   ok I am age between 13-15, and I love the idea of having a boyfriend, but I can wait until it will last a little longer than two weeks with someone that is right for me. Lately though, I am close to my period and I keep panicking that I am lesbian, ...

A.   17 July 2010: I'm 13. When I first had my period I..well started to have weird thoughts. I was kinda attracted to girls as well as the cute guys. So I panicked, 'Why was I looking at other girls like that?' I spoke to a close friend who simply said its 'your gay ... (read in full...)

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