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I'm 17 and I live with a 44 year old, but my family don't know!

Q.   im 17, with a 44 year old. i love him to bits and he's going through a divorce. he's got 2 kids - one just 3 weeks younger than me. im currently living with him, but my parents and freinds think im staying with a few mates i met at work. we have not ...

A.   23 September 2008: i dunno whats your history with your guy but he sounds like a pervert in the american system. im sorry i hope dis doesnt offend u but outside of the american system its okay. lets get real, he going thru a divorce and has kids and his living h... (read in full...)

He has made no effort to try and reconcile our relationship. Is he just taking the cowards way out?

Q.   I just split from my boyfriend last week. We didn't live together but he spent most of his time at mine. Recently I've been feeling like he takes me for granted. He doesn't earn a lot of money so whenever we did anything it was on me. He didn't real...

A.   23 September 2008: im only 18 and i have a boyfriend who dont have a job, still in high school while im in college, its crazy... it gets very frustrating to c how he cant do nothing for me. it makes me wanna go to other guys. but befor we went official i knew ... (read in full...)

Please explain to me why I feel this way whenever I see my ex?

Q.   Hi everyone, I have been in a relationship for 7 months now and Im very much in like with my boyfriend... I love him. This is bassically the story, before my current boyfriend there was this boy that I was TOTTALLY CRAZYABOUT, I was with him for...

A.   22 September 2008: Not only that I dnt wanna love him again I actually dnt... I dnt feel anything for him I dnt think about him... I want u to understand I dnt think about tis guy and I dnt c myself with him... While I was eit him I couldn't wait to have the... (read in full...)

Lack of self esteem is causing problems for me.

Q.   I just told my boyfriend about my lack of self esteem and why I tend to push people away including him... and why I'm constantly crying... he said we'll talk more about it... What should I be expecting from him... as far as treating me righ...

A.   27 August 2008: Thanks guys... (read in full...)

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