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Why is this considered cheating?

Q.   hello i've posted a question before but never got a clear answer why because i failed to make it clear. now heres my situation my gf absolutely believes i cheated because of the following... 1) i was involved with 2 of my friends webcam porn. he w...

A.   27 November 2010: Get rid of the crazy girlfriend. She sounds like a constant headache.... (read in full...)

Why can't we have sex?

Q.   Hi im a 21yr old. Me n my gf are both virgins. we have tried having sex 3-4 times but have been unsuccessful at it. despite of 30mins foreplay and ample lubrication i am unable to penetrate her. the vaginal openin is very tight and small. i tried in...

A.   27 November 2010: She is probably nervous, and tense down below. It's not something you can really control, even with lots of foreplay, as soon as you go to penetrate her she is probably tensing, then getting frusrated and upset when you can't get in. I would say ... (read in full...)

I don't want to be, but I think I'm gay

Q.   I am 15 and i think i am gay. I really dont want to be but i think i am. Everytime i think of boys my age i get aroused. But I have feelings for girls but i Never get aroused. It doesnt make sense. So am i gay bi or straight If you read this please ...

A.   27 November 2010: Your hormones are going mad right now...Alot of people question their sexuality at your age. I was really attracted to girls at your age, as well as boys. I acted on it a few times, but as I've grown up I've realised I'm attracted to men only. ... (read in full...)

Girlfriend cheated and I am pissed!

Q.   my girl friend told me awhile ago that she cheated on me twice with two diff. people.. she cried alot and i cud tell she fells really bad about it but im pissed. we had minor problems things that cud of been fixed but she chose to the ...

A.   27 November 2010: You need some time to yourself, to decide where to go from here. Do you still want to be with her? Do you feel you can carry on the relationship despite the cheating? Will you always be on edge, wondering where she is when she goes out, wondering ... (read in full...)

I'm wondering if my teacher is in love with me?

Q.   I'm in love with my teacher who is of the same sex and 15 years older than me. She pays alot of attention to me during school hours and outside school hours. She winks at me and grins at me alot and she talks to me in a different voice compared to ...

A.   27 November 2010: No, she's not in love with you. She's your teacher, and would get fired if you start spreading rumours. She would also be classed as a paedophile, so no, I don't think she is in love with you.... (read in full...)

B/f acting weird after our argument! Does he just need time?

Q.   Hello there. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 months now, and we got into a little argument today and he almost broke up with me. But he didn't and we mended everything. I need help because now he's being all weird, and i know that ...

A.   27 November 2010: Sometimes people just need time to cool off. If I've had an arguement with someone, I just want to be left alone after to get my head back together. Maybe he doesn't feel he said his bit though, if he's still being weird. Leave it a bit to let ... (read in full...)

What can I do about my mother? I don't have the money to move out!

Q.   my mother is driving me absolutely crazy... i used to think she was just lazy or didn't care but i'm convinced she's really passive aggressive and does stupid things on purpose to piss me the fuck off.. she'll eat and leave dishes in my room gets ...

A.   27 November 2010: I would put a lock on my door, and put a stop to her sleeping in your bed. Does she not have her own bed? I would consult a doctor, as personally I don't think someone of your mother's age, who is right in the head, would act that way... I can't ... (read in full...)

Does she just see me as a fling?

Q.   well ive been seeing this girl for about 3 weeks now, and i asked her last night about her thoughts on a relationship. and she said she wasnt ready yet, so to make things more clearer i asked if she was even interested in having one, and she said ...

A.   27 November 2010: 3 weeks isn't very long...She's dipping her toes in to test the water with you, and doesn't want to get burnt again. She doesn't have much trust in you that you won't leave her again. Give her time, show her you are committed.... (read in full...)

What to so when you think your boyfriend and your best friend might just have a thing?

Q.   well I feel like my boyfriend has lost interest in me.. we have been dating for a year now and i feel like he can't trust me. we broke up like a week ago and it was just to take a break but not see other people and just not see each other for a ...

A.   27 November 2010: I don't think this guy is worth your time. You wants a relationship where there is no trust, you argue all the time, and you suspect him of wanting your best friend? It just sounds like a relationship based on paranoia...You can do better :)... (read in full...)

If he likes me why doesn't he ask me out?

Q.   Does he like me? I don't know what to say other than "salve". He tutors at the same room I tutor and I asked for help twice which he has done very enthusiastically and always laughs at my... Doubts. He's twenty. First time I ever saw him I made the ...

A.   27 November 2010: Ask him to go for a coffe, or a bite to eat :)... (read in full...)

I used her. Now how do I surpass guilt?

Q.   I am a happily married woman with 4 adult children. My husband and children are the best thing that has ever happened for me. My husband's my childhood sweet heart, best friend, guardian angel, soulmate and no man or woman will ever be capable of ...

A.   27 November 2010: I wouldn't say you used her as such, she knew the situation, she must have known you were married and it couldn't have been more than a fling. It takes two to tango...I would feel more guilty about going behind your husbands back. Your opening ... (read in full...)

How can I know if I am stimulating her properly?

Q.   I frequently finger my girlfriend and I understand the concept of stimulating the clitoris but I have heard many places that when aroused it sticks out. I'm sure she is aroused because she gets very "wet" but when I have my finger there I can't feel ...

A.   27 November 2010: Not all girls are the same :) If she's wet, you're doing it right, you'd more want to worry if she wasn't :)... (read in full...)

She seemed to like me, but she's gone off with someone else now

Q.   Hi, Okay, i have been up all night. I had a party yesterday at my house. I invited lots of people. I am a very good host. Not to sound like bragging, i make people laugh, make them feel comfortable and even make them dance! There is a girl i...

A.   27 November 2010: It sounds like she was waiting for you to make the first move, or confirmation of your feelings for her. She didn't get it, so it sounds like she's moved on. Perhaps you should talk to her...After all, what have you got to lose?... (read in full...)

I was overweight as a child, now I feel I'm ugly. What is pretty?

Q.   Hey I really need a good bit of advice to get me out of the funk I am in. To give u some background: at school from age of 10 to about 16/17 I was v.overweight and not very pretty. I was picked on but never picked to go out with! Boys used to alw...

A.   27 November 2010: Personality and confidence makes someone attractiveness in my opinion. I have known many a guy who had a gorgeous face and body, but zero personality, and instantly I would be totally unattracted to them. But confidence (not arrogance) is also ... (read in full...)

The problem is that she has a boyfriend

Q.   I am 18 and in love with this girl. She is my best friend. I can tell her anything. We were friends in high school and still are. She loves me too. The problem is that she has a boyfriend. Her and I are very close. We flirt fairly often over the ...

A.   27 November 2010: It's not fair the way either of you have been acting, as she has a boyfriend, but perhaps you should talk to her, tell her exactly how you feel. After all, if her heart is with you, it's not fair to her other half. ... (read in full...)

Expoding pain everytime I try to put anything in,down there

Q.   I Dont know what to do. This is my problem..I cant use a tampon or have sex. Im 19 years old me and my boyfriend for 15 moths in counting are both very ready. But it hurts way to bad, and not the ordinary "pinch" then goes away pain,it the "oh my ...

A.   5 November 2010: Google vaginismus, sounds like that might be your problem...... (read in full...)

Girlfriend moving to Brazil - She says she loves me but I need advice!

Q.   I am 27 and have been in a relationship with a 24 year old woman for 3 months. We have done so much together and our relationship has been developing fast. We go on trips together, enjoy the outdoors, and just love being together. She says that she ...

A.   27 October 2010: I don't think it is a case of her not loving you enough to stay...She is still young, and to be a long way away from her family must be a big deal for her. It would be hard for her to uproot and adjust to a life without her family in a foreign ... (read in full...)

Threesome lead to wife giving something that I had always wanted

Q.   Awhile back, my wife and I got drunk and lost our inhibitions and did something we always fantasized about, but should have left as a fantasy. We had a threesome, with a complete stranger. We picked a stranger, because we thought the chances of a...

A.   26 October 2010: Sometimes it's easier to lose your inhibitions with someone you hardly know, rather than someone you know very well...This might have been the case. Does she let you now?... (read in full...)

Insecurities a problem in my relationship!

Q.   So me and my boyfriend have been together for roughly a year, we have had ups and downs like any couple. I am quite insecure and this is something that constantly causes a problem between us. When we first got together I had no worries at all, but ...

A.   27 July 2010: I think you have pushed him too far, I'm sorry to hear you have issues with insecurity and I'm glad to hear you're receiving counselling...But I have to say I feel a bit sorry for your guy after reading that...If my bloke was hounding me about who I ... (read in full...)

He Says He Wants Space - Does He Want to See Other People? What Doesit Mean?

Q.   My bf and i have been really good lately but he told me he would like some space. First of all, what does that mean? i mean does he want to see his friends more? hang out with other girls? im just so confused on what he means by space.. We dont...

A.   27 July 2010: Things maybe got too much for him too quickly...Maybe he wasn't expecting it to get serious, or to spend so much time together...You have a right to know the boundaries, but don't pester him. Ask him once, where you stand, and what brought on this ... (read in full...)

He Cheated, We Broke Up, He Wants Me Back But I Don't Think I Want a Relationship Yet - But He Says He Won't Wait

Q.   i recently split with my boyfriend because he invited another girl round to his and she stayed the night. we had been together for a year and i was deeply in love with him, now were not together, im finding it hard to get over him. then yesterday he ...

A.   27 July 2010: He's not worth it! A girl spends the night at his? He won't wait for you? Charming...... (read in full...)

I've Gone Off Sex & Feel Every Nice Thing He Does is Just to Get into My Knickers

Q.   Hi I need some advice. I have been in a serious relationship with my partner for several years, we are engaged and have a 2 year old daughter. For over 12 months now, i have gone off wanting sex and even getting close to him. little things he does ...

A.   27 July 2010: Maybe you could try relationship counseling, a friend of mine went to a place called Relate, and you pay by donation rather than a fee (I believe)... (read in full...)

He Wanted Me For 2 Years, Got Me - Then Changed Almost Overnight!

Q.   [sorry for such a long question]Well my boyfriend and i have just recently got together and it has now been at least a month and a half. he told me before we got together that he had liked me for almsot two years and that he was so happy that i ...

A.   27 July 2010: Sometimes the chase is more fun than the catch unfortunately... (read in full...)

How Do You Meet People?

Q.   How to people meet their partners if not in work or education? I'm 22 and I have got one more year left in university. I do not want to rest my hopes of finding "the one" on my last year at university, moreover I'm doing a dergee which is cons...

A.   27 July 2010: I've mostly met boyfriends through my friends, just get yourself out there as much as possible... (read in full...)

Her FWB Past Scares Me - Were They Better in Bed?

Q.   I'm struggling with my girlfriends past. She has had about the same number of partners as me from what she tells me, but they have been recent and FWB type relationships, whereas mine have mostly been more serious. I get the vibe that some of ...

A.   27 July 2010: From a female's point of view, who has had a couple of FWB's, the sex isn't better, because to be honest, both people are just using each other for their own pleasure. It's easier for men to get what they want out of sex, I personally found the sex ... (read in full...)

He Only Wanted Sex, I'm Finding it Hard to Move on

Q.   its been a month and im finding it hard to move on this guy only wanted sex from me, he manipulate me to having sex, i thought he would change. he is very disrespectful he lies to me all the time he if i dont give him what he wants goes out looking ...

A.   27 July 2010: It will take time to heal...Occupy yourself with friends or any interests you have... (read in full...)

My Sister Bullies Me, But I've Been Forced to Invite Her to My Wedding

Q.   hey i need some advice. my problem is i hate my sister and my mum made me send my sister an invite to my wedding. i dont want her there! shes always been so jealous of me, to the point she used to physically, mentally and emotionally abuse me. ...

A.   27 July 2010: It's your special once in a lifetime day - you invite who you want x... (read in full...)

Is it best I walk away from this relationship?

Q.   I really need some good advice. I've recently split with my boyfriend of 14months because his friend told me he cheated on me when we were first together. My boyfriend admitted it but says he wants to move on. Furthermore, his friend told me more ...

A.   27 July 2010: I think it would be best to walk away. Although he cheated in the beginning, before you were "more established" as a couple, you will always have a little bit of doubt in your mind. Plus, the other things you mentioned that were lacking in the ... (read in full...)

The last thing I want is babies but that's all he wants!

Q.   Hi, Im 27 and been with my boyfriend for 5 years now. About 2 years ago the topic of children has come up and i am 110% sure i never want to have them-i dont like children and i made it very clear to him. He however wants children and being the on...

A.   6 February 2010: Seems like you have 3 options: 1. Break up, as you obviously want different things in life, despite loving each other. You will have to be very clear and firm with him, as you have tried this before and he laughed it off. If you take this rou... (read in full...)

Can anything else go wrong?

Q.   Anyone ever had 2 weeks of your life where everything is going wrong and you cant see any light at the end of the tunnel??? I failed my driving test-again! I didnt get a promotion at work-despite the fact i work twice as hard and the girl that got...

A.   6 February 2010: Sometimes when you wallow in problems, they seem like they will never go away. Figure out your priorities, what do you want to change? Make a list if it helps. Then make it happen. Life sucks sometimes, so the promotion went to someone less ... (read in full...)

My sister physically attacked me when I am 7 months pregnant!

Q.   Im 7 months pregnant I still live at home with my parents and sister and lastnight I had a row with my sister and she physically attacked me. My parents are standing up for my sister saying that ' I shouldnt hide behind my pregnancy as a way of ...

A.   6 February 2010: Your sister didn't hit you, she "pulled your head back" so you smacked her in the face and broke her glasses? I would be saying exactly what your parents are saying! In my experience, if someone believes someone's opinion without having witnesse... (read in full...)

6 years later she realised she hadn't forgiven me and left

Q.   About 6 years ago on a lad's holiday I cheated on my girlfriend with a prostitute. (we had been going out for 4mths) It's the worst thing I've ever done and I instantly regretted it. I came home and confessed to her and thankfully she forgave me and ...

A.   6 February 2010: That's a bit of a crappy thing to do...But you were together 4 months, not 4 years when you did it...6 years is a very long time for someone to be harbouring a grudge, better off without x... (read in full...)

He broke up with his g/f but still isnt ready for a committed relationship with me

Q.   When I started seeing this certain guy I knew he had a long distance girlfriend, we broke up a month ago because of it. Now he has broken up with his long distance girlfriend but says he is not yet ready for a commitment relationship with me. ...

A.   6 February 2010: He's not ready, leave him be..... (read in full...)

He's letting our relationship slide because he has to have at least 6 hours of gaming a day

Q.   My boyfriend and i have been together for over 2 years. he has recently got back into n online game, world of warcraft. he plays non stop all day - i mean wake up at 8am to play and play till 12am, if i am at his house he will play from around...

A.   6 February 2010: Think about reasons you would want to stay with him.....Not things he used to do, but things he does for you now. There didn't seem many reasons to me from what I read above. He's in a relationship with his crappy little game, not you. Why should ... (read in full...)

I have a FWB relationship with my best friend, but I want more

Q.   I'm in a FWB relationship. Now let me be honest, it isn't a casual acquaintance, he's my very best friend and we hang out almost daily, call to say goodnight, share a bed etc even when we are not having sex. Recently I've been thinking that un...

A.   6 February 2010: He's your best friend, so tell him pretty much what you've told us. These things are quite dangerous to get into, cos quite often one gets more attached than the other, or wants more, or it doesn't make them feel as good anymore. See how he respo... (read in full...)

Do "mansluts" ever change or will he always be like that

Q.   Dear Aunts and Uncles Ok so, last night i was at a party, i had my eye on a guy on the guestlist. I went too the party and actually met him he seemed nice and after a few drinks we pulled. He is however what one may class as a "manslut" but i ...

A.   6 February 2010: People can change, but often go through phases, he's obviously enjoying being a manslut, I would stay away until he grows out of this phase or you'll end up being another notch on the bedpost x... (read in full...)

I'm going on holiday with my b/f and wondering if I can wear a bikini

Q.   hey, Im a size 16 and im going on my first sun holiday this summer!! Im going with my bf so i want to look really good but im so worried about bikinis. Can someone please tell me wear i can get ones that will flatter my body but still look r...

A.   6 February 2010: It's better to look at what shape body you have, and what would best flatter it... Doesn't matter what size you are and what you wear, as long as you are comforta... (read in full...)

He dumped me for another girl so why does he keep texting me?

Q.   My ex broke up with me for another girl, but keeps texting me asking how I am and how school is and I don't reply coz I don't think it's fair. Anyway, yesterday he text me while I was in college saying 'Hey. did you send me an e-mail? x' and I...

A.   6 February 2010: He wants an ego boost...He wants you crying down the phone and telling him you miss him and want him back, blah blah blah...He's not being very fair to this new girl! Sounds like he needs constant entertaining, he likes the idea of various girls ... (read in full...)

Why would my so called best friend do this to me??

Q.   my best Friend said we should get really drunk and sleep with Random stranger when we go on holiday. i said am not going to get drunk and sleep with Random strangers THX. she called me a boring.Kan.k:( i took off our marriage on face book.. ...

A.   6 February 2010: She's not a good friend to have around, sounds like she's on self destruct and wants someone to take down with her, she wants a partner in crime so whatever she does that might not be entirely great, she can say "well, she did it too"...Friends ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend says I have to ditch my best friend

Q.   My best friend and me have been through a few rough patches including some really rough ones. we have spent the past year or so patching things up. We have gone through a lot and known each other for years. My partner is now telling me that ...

A.   17 January 2010: Dump the boyfriend, he has no right to ask you that!... (read in full...)

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