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Just a humble vaudevillian veteran merely playing my part.

If i can help, i will.

if you're deserving of help. then i shall help.

You may not like what i have to say. but i speak to truth.

yes i will be harsh if you are being stupid or a moron about the situation you're in.

I do not care for feed back. those of you who rate me as "poor" do this merely because i an blunt and to the point.

but the advice is still truthful.

But nobody likes the truth.

*Added* Chuckles to self..

you know you've hit a nerve when someone is pisses at your for pointing out their flaws..

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This question has 18 answers by readers of DearCupid.ORG.
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21 June 2008: As of late i find my posts.. vanishing or not even being posted. Apparently some of the mods/admins around here thinks its ok for a man to want to sleep with his sister. Instead of telling people what they need to hear, it seems as if they would...

Try Jesus, 9 out of 10 jews can't be wrong.

This question has 29 answers by readers of DearCupid.ORG.
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24 May 2008: Good Evening London. Theres times when i come to this place and i lose all hope and faith in mankind. It seems to be that time of year where the birds and the bees are at it.. how they manage that i'll never know. And everyone if meeting n...

Oi vay or what really grinds my gears!

This question has 9 answers by readers of DearCupid.ORG.
Newest answer was posted

30 April 2008: Oi Vay... " My bf won't love me unless i have perfect skin what foundation should i use??%$$%?^%%$" In the fatel words of a n00b.... " lolz " i'm sorry if this sounds like a Peter Griffin Rant about "What really grinds my gears" But WHY? ...

Humanity - the other white meat

This question has 6 answers by readers of DearCupid.ORG.
Newest answer was posted

23 March 2008: It has to be said that my time on has been...Colourful to say the least. Stories of incest,gay incest, lesbian incest, nasel sex, using plastic wrap as a condom, minors and their conquest to destory someones marriage,long di...

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Is 2nd base too far at 17?

Q.   So, I'm 17 and got to second base with my boyfriend whom I've been seeing for 3 months. I can't say I didn't like it but it made me a bit uncomfortable. Is 17 really an age to going so fast? I would like to take it slower.. but I need to know if ...

A.   3 March 2011: meh its fine. 17? theres grandparents your age. all apart of growing up. if you're cool with it. then theres no problem. ... (read in full...)

I have the birthday blues...

Q.   I have been with my boyfriend for over 3 years now and we have a 7 month son together. its my boyfriends 28th birthday today and i went out of my way to ensure he had everything he wanted even though it has left me worse off. I even got him a silly ...

A.   3 March 2011: Upset? no he sounds like a bit of a prick. 28 you say?.. not far off from having to be considerd a "Proper adult" first and formost he's a prick. does he drink often?... (read in full...)

Female input needed!

Q.   For women only. How would you feel if a guy that you are interested in had 9 inch long penis?...

A.   3 March 2011: women only my ass. well. not with a 9 incher. considered a life in porn?... (read in full...)

How do I show this jerk in a classy manner that I have moved on?

Q.   Okay guys. My question is how do you handle a guy who has been ignoring you for the past two months. He liked me but then ran away because he was in another relationship and couldn't handle his feelings. So now he is back in the picture. He just...

A.   3 March 2011: "How do I deal with this jerk in a classy manner that shows him I have moved on, do not bother me anymore and it's his loss?" Well. apparently you haven't moved on. you know. cause you're on here talking about him. you wanna move on. do it... (read in full...)

He turned me down, what should I do next?

Q.   First of all, I'm 13 turning 14 soon... I liked this guy and I was pretty nervous and some of my form friends said to me he liked me (not sure if he was just getting them sick of asking him though he's a pretty shy person). Also he seems to teas...

A.   3 March 2011: Good evening,Good evening,Good evening and good evening Ladies and Genitals its good to be back. I've missed you all too. Uncle V's back with a vengence.. ( no pun intended). Fine i'll go softly on this one. Well first Kido, i'm recommen... (read in full...)

How do I know whether to believe my fiance?? I found 100's of porn and dating sites, but he blames a virus!

Q.   Well basicly last night i accidently stumbled across porn that had been viewed on the computer...I had to know where it had come from so i looked and it was from my fiances acount...hoping i'd made a mistake i checked again and to my horror found ...

A.   9 June 2010: you might get 2-3 sites added. but not as many as you're talking, so to start with. he's lying. and if it is a virus... Scan the computer with an antivirus and malware and if any files are found make a note of them and then research for yourself. ... (read in full...)

Dating and inexperienced man--can I show his the basics? I'm still hurt from last relationship

Q.   a little history of my situation. i recently left a physically and mentally abusive man. shortly after that, i started seeing a friend of a friend. we like each other quite a bit, thats not a question. he has never been in a "serious" relationship, ...

A.   14 May 2010: Other reasons...?? .. so either you're playing the field or you don't trust the bf.. also. using circumstances to personal gain.. they Were all about sex and only sex. either way i stand by my original statement.... (read in full...)

How can I approach the girl I like when we do not even speak to each other?

Q.   There is this girl that i know and i have interest in her but i don't know how to approach her since we are not communicating.pls help....

A.   13 May 2010: walk up and introduce yourself. ... (read in full...)

Dating and inexperienced man--can I show his the basics? I'm still hurt from last relationship

Q.   a little history of my situation. i recently left a physically and mentally abusive man. shortly after that, i started seeing a friend of a friend. we like each other quite a bit, thats not a question. he has never been in a "serious" relationship, ...

A.   13 May 2010: "he had two one night stands and one encounter that lasted two weeks, the girls were told before hand".... nto a player in the multipul numbers. but certainly using the situations to his advantage. should probably get tested for the clap ... (read in full...)

Dating and inexperienced man--can I show his the basics? I'm still hurt from last relationship

Q.   a little history of my situation. i recently left a physically and mentally abusive man. shortly after that, i started seeing a friend of a friend. we like each other quite a bit, thats not a question. he has never been in a "serious" relationship, ...

A.   10 May 2010: ...Its like i never left. My dear. it seems you are the inexperienced one. "he has never been in a "serious" relationship, just a few "hit-it-and-quit-it's" " Aka a Player. So you've just got out of an abusive realtionship and you... (read in full...)

Why do people in happy relationships cheat?

Q.   A close friend of mine recently confessed in secret he is cheating on his fiancee. However, he's been in a loving, committed relationship with her for 7 I want to know why it is that people in happy relationships cheat?...

A.   7 May 2010: "why it is that people in happy relationships cheat?" Beacuse they're actually not Happy... * oh but he is. you don't know them like i do* Really? because theres this wonderful invention called acting.. also known as lying. stay togehter f... (read in full...)

My friends say he is a player, who should I believe?

Q.   im only 13 but i am going out with a boy and we have been going out for a few days but everyone is telling me that he is a player and that he will break my heart but that isnt the side i see, he is really sweet and does so much for me and always ...

A.   28 November 2009: 13? how sweet ( thats right folks its the return of Dr.V. .. its good to be back ) 13.. i just have one question, do you know what a player is? and heres a small hint - its got nthing to do with playstation.... (read in full...)

My gay boyfriend and I broke up, he verbally abused and hurt me, I still love him, don't know what to do, please help?

Q.   Hey guys, I have a story to tell, im a gay guy and my boyfriend dumped me like 3 weeks ago after a long and ugly fight, at the beginning of our relationship everything was perfect we both seemed to love each other, I visited him all the time mostly ...

A.   12 July 2009: oh jesus.. you're as bad as a beaten women who wont do the dishes. you know me and the boy can always come over and beat 10 shades of shit outta you to. you gonna gimmie some luv'in afterwards? come on. you're just playing into a stereotype... (read in full...)

I'm a 22 year old virgin and I just want someone to love

Q.   Im a 22yr old virgin and its seriously getting me down with loanliness, i dont know how long i can take this frustration. I hang out with a large group of friends and i always feel like the 5th wheel that cant roll with the group due to the fact ...

A.   12 July 2009: "22yr old virgin and its seriously getting me down with loanliness" ok "honestly sex doesn't mean anything for me" hrm, Really? cause.. well your introduction title says other wise. and you're Single because you made a bet on a girl?.... (read in full...)

She only sees me as a friend but I really, really like her

Q.   Well, I've liked this girl for a few months now and we've become good friends. She's always acted awkwardly around me in person but she's always talkative and social when I text her or we talk on msn. Recently I told her my feelings and she said ...

A.   12 July 2009: Ha, welcome to myworld. though i haven't told her yet. well i'm not gonna sugar coat it for blunt terms. #1 : tough titties and sucks for you. - enjoy her company as a friend. #2 : try doing some romantic shit. you want her? then get... (read in full...)

Boyfriend can't get hard enough to have sex

Q.   i need help when im with my boyfriend he cant get hard enough to make love to me weve been together off and on for 5 years now and we havent been able to make propper love making please hel ...

A.   12 July 2009: Greeting my minions. i have returned. and what a way to start it off with some dick talk. ok. first question. answer honestly or you're only lying to yourself.. and if unhappy chappy. In the mornings. does he have morning wood? ( a har... (read in full...)

Do guys take rejection to heart?

Q.   do guys take rejection to heart.becasue a guy asked me out and i said no.this was few years ago.and i meet him recently and he still mad at me becasue i said when he asked me.i actually did like the guy but i didn,t know if he saw me as friend or ...

A.   2 March 2009: A rejection is nothing more than the person saying " i'm not good enough for you, you can and will do better as i will only screw your life up" works like a charm.... (read in full...)

Is it dirty to love giving my b/f a blow job?

Q.   Is it dirty to love giving me boyfriend a blow job. Sometimes i just fantasize bout turning him on and giving him one say in a dressing room when we r out shopping. I just love giving him one and how it makes him feel and me. He says i turn him on ...

A.   1 March 2009: yup, dirty dirty dirty. and if you're ever single, look me up.... (read in full...)

LDR immigration question...

Q.   Hi. I have been in a LDR for almost 3years. I'm in Canada he is in the U.S. We plan to marry in a couple of years so that I can move there. I'm curious: Can I just move there once we are married? If so, how long after does it take to get pape...

A.   1 March 2009: well getting married is your best option for immigrating. not sure its the best option for your relationship. 2 choices. 1. hire an immigration lawyer which you're probably looking at about $3,000+ dollars for their services. that basicly know all... (read in full...)

Is it possible to have an operation to restore your virginity???

Q.   I am married and divorced but my family has arranged for second marriage. He wants my virginity back, he said it is possible you can go operate, it is possible?...

A.   19 February 2009: women will usually have a "vagina" tuck if they've had a baby or want things a little tighter down there... virginity... no, virginity is a once in a life time thing when it comes to that stuff. your soon to be husband is deluded. howe... (read in full...)

Will my penis get bigger as my body/facial hair growth increases?

Q.   Hey, I don't know if you have read my last question but I'm 18. I am a late bloomer, I have pubic, underarm, and leg hair but not really any body or facial hair. I shave my little mustache, that's about it. I'm wondering if my penis will grow more ...

A.   9 February 2009: ok. first off. congrats on a 7 incher. secondly. no. no you are not avarage. most are around 5"-5.5" when erect. you dick will only grow bigger if you're 7" flacid.. and if thats th... (read in full...)

People in animal costumes doing group sex activities??

Q.   Hello everyone! I am going to try to ask this one more time! My last 2 tries were denied! Urg! Ok I was watching TV and it showed people in animal costumes doing group sex activities! It said that it was a common practice and the people that did...

A.   9 February 2009: Firefighter's Wife - You'll find alot of the mods here are like the FCC, annoying, blame and either born without a sense of humore or an anus. moving along.. Satindesire : i have to correct you there. only slightly though. Furry fandom... (read in full...)

I offered to have sex with my gay friend to "turn him straight"! What now?

Q.   I'm going to be 16 soon. I've known this gay friend for years now and we're really good friends. I tell him everything and vice versa. A while ago, he was really depressed because the guy he likes for a long time finally decided to tell him the ...

A.   31 January 2009: If he is "gay" you Can Not turn him straight. example : if you have sex with a girl.. does that mean you'll magicly turn in to a raving lesbian?... no The guy is confused and desperately trying to fit in. You need to sit down with him and explai... (read in full...)

Opinions on using birth control AND condoms!

Q.   My girlfriend has been on birth control for over two years and takes it exactly on time, every day, religiously. She has been tested several times and is 100% clean of diseases. I am also 100% clean of diseases because she is my first and only s...

A.   30 January 2009: Am I being ridiculous? Short answer - Yes Long answer - **cking Yes. So she made a mistake a realised how stupid she was and now that she is being careful by being on the pill she's being extra careful.. you start on about how high and mighty and ... (read in full...)

How do I make my boyfriend more sexual with me?

Q.   I'm 14 and me and my boyfriend are the perfect couple but he not as sexual as I want him to be. How do I loosen him up? And I also want to give him oral. should I?...

A.   30 January 2009: Try Puberty, I hear it does wonders. lol... (read in full...)

Should I take the risk and meet him for drinks at his house?

Q.   Hi there! So, since I've been doing not so well with men in person, I decided to join a free dating site. Right away, a guy messaged me and we seem to have quite a bit in common. The problem is, he wants to meet, and although I do want to ...

A.   30 January 2009: In a nut shell : casual Sex. Ask to meet him at a bar and take a friend. If he's cool with it then take it from there if he freaks out and says "but I wanted to get to know you on your own" then he's creepy..... (read in full...)

What happens to the cum???

Q.   I really want to know... okay I'm a 14 year old kid and was just curious about this... when a guy has sex with a girl without a condom, and cums inside her.. where does the cum go, does her vagina obsorb it or somethng? What happens to the cum?? ...

A.   25 January 2009: flows out like the tide. however unlike the tide the reamins race for the prize. next thing your gf is pregnant and you gotta explain to her daddy at why you got his precious little princess pregnant. the moral of the story is use a rubber oth... (read in full...)

I'm a virgin but don't want to be!

Q.   So, im sixteen and a virgin. I really really dont want to be. Im totally ready but im not sure how to make it happpen. Im not one of those girls who makes a big deal but it just hasnt happened. I don't have a boyfriend and when i do, it usually ...

A.   25 January 2009: i feel i need to ask the obverious, Why do you want to lose it. what are you expecting will happen once you do? guys are usually assholes and won't use condoms even if they're sober.. just look around this board at all the under age kids who are ... (read in full...)

Could this sexual practice be very risky?

Q.   Hello dearcupid users, Me and my girlfriend have been sexually active for about 4 years now. Lately we been talking about deepthroat, and, although we would like to try it, i feel like i might put her at risk. I dunno, tearing some tissues, ma...

A.   25 January 2009: well smack my ass and call me sally. a guy actually asking a proper, well thought out question. you know what. Well done you. i mean that seriously. with all the idiots we have to put up with its refreshing to know that some guys arn't pric... (read in full...)

I heard you can cum inside a girl and she won't get pregnant?

Q.   I really need your advice here aunts and everyone else. So my g/f is virgin and me too and we will have sex when we both feel ready for it, it won't be very soon though because we both want to take out time. My question is: I know the first time i ...

A.   25 January 2009: If you cum in side her with out : a condom, without her being on the pill SHE WILL get PREGNANT. There is NO method to calculating her ovulation times because if you do.. you will have to explain to her mother and her dear ol'Daddy about wh... (read in full...)

What do guys think of red heads and freckles?

Q.   I have red hair and freckles and sometimes i'm self conscience about them because i feel "different" per say. What are male opinions about red heads?...

A.   24 January 2009: Redheads are HAWT. Example : i rest my case.... (read in full...)

How do I find a virgin?

Q.   I don't know how to describe this, exactly, but here goes: it took a long time for me to come to grips with the fact that I, as a man who was raised in such a manner that I could not raise my hand in violence to a woman under any circumstances, was ...

A.   18 January 2009: male United States age 30-35, a_quiet_one writes: "How do I find a virgin?" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHJSADKSFDFSDUHJIFDS AHAHASHSJHSJHSA HAAHAHAHAHAH... no no wait... i'm not done Holding my sides yet. Ha. is it April fools day al... (read in full...)

I kissed my lesbian teacher

Q.   right so my lezbian teacher asks me to stay after school so i did.she starts talking to me about responsibility and all that and then starts feeling and rubbing my the time it was makin me feel quite uncomfortable but then she leaned in for ...

A.   11 January 2009: hahaha.. ah.. hot. bte. one kiss does not = being in love. you're having Emotions but this does not mean you're inlove. ie : do you know what the difference between love and lust is? do you know what love isn't? as for your teacher.. wel... (read in full...)

Should I pay off the $1500 she is after?

Q.   About a month ago my long term partner of two years told me she "loved me but was not in love with me" and called the whole thing off. This was the day after thanksgiving where we had been planning next years christmas trip and also firming up ...

A.   10 January 2009: are you high?... (read in full...)

Where can I meet some curvy latinas on the internet?

Q.   Where can I meet some curvy latinas on the internet? =P...

A.   10 January 2009: I'm hoping those "Latinas" will have enough sense and taste to avoid you like a dose of the clap... don't worry once puberty kicks in you'll find out that that means.... (read in full...)

I'm 21 want to date a 15 y/o afraid of what people will say

Q.   I'm a 21 year old male.... and I found a girl whom I have feelings for.... the thing is she's 15 years old... I'm afraid to date her because of what people might think. Shes a great girl but the age difference is the only problem... Anything ...

A.   10 January 2009: you mean she's a great "Child" and you're well on your way to becoming a pedophile.... (read in full...)

My GF loves giving oral sex, but she's horrible at it - how can I tell her?

Q.   Hi all, im jo and im 22 years old. i have a very beautiful Gf AND She is 19. We have been dating for 3 months or more. My problem is that my gf is crazy about (Oral sex) i mean we have never spent more than 3 days without doing it for at least 1 t...

A.   6 January 2009: ok i skipped alot of the whiney post.. your gf LOVEs ..."GIVING" oral. this is a good.. no. actually This is a Miracle. now. as for her "sucking" at it. a little direction woulnd't kill you. or her. Help her out tell her what you like and ... (read in full...)

Best reputable websites to meet other gays?

Q.   Hi Guys Sorry if this sounds stupid and long but recently I came out as a lesbian after my girlfriend dumped me. I'm okay about the break up what's confusing is that I want to start dating again but I don’t do the whole gay scene. I've been try...

A.   4 January 2009: its free. and Everyone has an account. and yes. yes it will work. my gay friend uses it all the time and much to my annoyence she gets more action than me.... (read in full...)

UK 1st cousin love...

Q.   what are the uk laws with being with your 1st cousins...

A.   4 January 2009: i think it was from its an artical somewhere if i find it i'll pm it.... (read in full...)

I'm 13, he's 19--does he just want sex?

Q.   well theres a boy i knoww that i chat to often he really likes me but theres one problem im 13 and hes 19 my mates say that he just wants one thing but hes not like that hes very sweet and looks out for me im not sure if i wanna be with him thou...

A.   4 January 2009: now if i say he's a pedo someone will jump down my neck and say " you clearly don't understand the definition of a pedophile" yes. he is only after sex. and yes he should and probably will go to jail one day and meet his new lover, Bald headed J... (read in full...)

UK 1st cousin love...

Q.   what are the uk laws with being with your 1st cousins...

A.   3 January 2009: they can... its not tosay they should but be aware the government is drawing up plans to make it illegal.... (read in full...)

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