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I have had my share of challenges in life but believe that we learn something new every day.

Hope to bring some comfort and helpful advice to someone who needs it.

Found this site looking for answers myself, even though I was not brave enough to ask them.

It is wonderful to know that so many people in this world still care about others. A big hug to all of them.

Peace and love to everyone!

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Am I the only straight woman with a High Sex Drive?

Q.   Hey. I'm just wondering i'm the only straight woman with a high sex drive. I want to have sex with men and only men. I find most woman who want sex like crazy tend to be bisexual, i'm wondering if i'm a unicorn?...

A.   16 June 2011: Sex drive is individual to you, it is normal and rather than worry about it, be proud and enjoy it. You are lucky and you can make Mr Right very happy! If he shares the same sex drive that is. I agree with some previous comments that there a... (read in full...)

I hate the way I look and hate every pretty girl I see

Q.   I'm an ugly 22 year old female; sure, I'm smart, kind, talented, all those good "inside" things, but I'm ugly outside and there's no questioning, I've got comments my whole life and I can see it in the mirror anyway... and not much can be done, and ...

A.   17 April 2011: You are suffering from low self esteem. If you were as ugly as you say you are, why would your boyfriend prefer you to other girls that you say are prettier than you. Definition of beauty if different for everybody. If everybody was blonde, bl... (read in full...)

I don't like how my partner is treating our child..

Q.   hi all, im 29 years old, got a little girl who i love more than anyone (14 months old) sometimes this is the problem with me and my girlfriend of 3 years. i dont look at her in the same way anymore. not because i dont fancy her or some...

A.   17 April 2011: Agree with previous comments. Your girlfriend is suffering from Post Natal Depression, left untreated it could lead to serious child abuse or worse! Take your girlfriend to see a doctor to get the necessary helps she needs to get better. Not her ... (read in full...)

I have a high sexdrive and my partner doesn't seem to understand my needs.

Q.   me and my girlfriend of 3 years have not had what u call a perfect sex life. its been good 1 second next its cold for a few days. she dont moan when we have sex. she just lays there and looks at the roof. she just wants to lay on her back, n...

A.   17 April 2011: BoyWonder2006 Your partner is due to have a baby in 6 weeks and you wonder why she is not in the mood for sex so often? Think about it and listen to your own words. Whilst I can understand sex drive needs to be satisfied, you would be selfish... (read in full...)

Is there something wrong with me because I want to try and change my already wonderful husband?

Q.   My husband... Tim... He's awesome! One series character always comes to my mind when I'm thinking about him - Aidan from Sex and The City. He's perfect - not for every girl, but for Carrie. The same is about Tim. He's perfect: his personality, his ...

A.   30 March 2011: You cannot turn someone into something they are not. Tim is not Aidan. Perhaps you are in love with a person that does not exist. It is natural sometimes in a LTR to wonder if there is the perfect guy out there but they are just thoughts, not ne... (read in full...)

His low libido and lack of desire to work on our marriage has made me want to leave, but he wont even take that seriously! What should I do?

Q.   I'm fairly attractive, intelligent, work in the corporate world, and have been married for 15, 5 years, with my husband for 18 years, and we have a 15 year old daughter. His libido has always been very low, getting lower as the years go by, and he ...

A.   30 March 2011: Your husband is being selfish and clearly not listening to you. But you do not need his permission to get divorced. Your needs cannot be met by your husband because of his libido and lack of attention. It is no life to live in misery, your chi... (read in full...)

His photography is creeping me out

Q.   My boyfriend recently took some pictures of my teenage daughter and her friends in a running race. However for the last couple of weeks I have noticed that most evenings he continually goes back to these pictures for hours retouching them in photo...

A.   30 March 2011: Hi, you are right to feel weird about this. It is inappropriate for your boyfriend to use a teen as a subject for studying photo technique. If that is the real reason, why does he not take pictures of nature and of you and do that? Surely to... (read in full...)

Facebook guy trying to make me do stuff!

Q.   my name is matthew and im having trouuble online on facebook with this boy he's trying to make to do stuff on cam and he is asking me to have sex with him and im not gay and i dont know what to do if anyone can help me it would be appriciated ...

A.   30 March 2011: Hi Matthew You can block this guy from your profile. Check your privacy settings to make sure that your address is not visible by your friends or the public. But before you do please report it to the Police and to Facebook so that he/whatever ... (read in full...)

Is it normal for a man to go a week or longer without sex?

Q.   I'm a 32 yr old female and have a 41 yr old boyfriend. He can go a week or two weeks without sex. Is that crazy? His work schedule is 5am til 9:30pm 3 nights a week. Sad part we stay across the street from 1 another....

A.   30 March 2011: In general terms men's libido is at best when they are 19, whilst in women it is much later (35-40). But sex drive is an individual thing. Some people like more than others. In answer to your question, yes it is normal. Question is is it enough... (read in full...)

My stomach grumbles and makes these funny noises...and its SO embarrassing...its killing me

Q.   I have a big problem at. My stomach makes noises all the time in class. The cause of it is because I get so nervous and worry about it growling or something and then it does it. When the classroom gets quiet I start getting nervous and worrying and ...

A.   3 March 2011: It could be trapped wind but you can try to change your diet. Talk to your doctor about it and find what foods tend to affect these symptoms most. A hungry stomach can do this also. In addition to changing your diet, ensure you have a substanci... (read in full...)

I don't wanna be his little bitch that he can have fun with and then ditch me when he's done.

Q.   Ok so here's the deal; I really like this guy. He's got a nice charm to him and he's extremely attractive. We have gone out twice but they both ended after 2 weeks. The first time he cheated on me and the second time he lied to me saying he loved me ...

A.   17 February 2010: If you do not wish to his little bitch, then do not allow him to treat you like his littel bitch. You know the answer really. Unfortunately nothing you will do differently will make him love you. He does not have any respect for you. Just beca... (read in full...)

How do I test a woman's feelings?

Q.   Hi everyone, I wrote 2 days ago about a problem of mine's. I got 2 direct answers, direct from women. I don't believe that they lie, but I donw want to believe that they are right... Its about a girl that has been coming very close to me in the past ...

A.   5 November 2009: Dear Hellium You known deep down in your heart what the answer is. Asking the same question again does not change the answers you already had. Nobody is here to judge anybody. But the answer is simple Because she has a boyfriend, you n... (read in full...)

Why, if she cares for me, does she insist on me earning as much as I can and accept the benefits that it brings, and yet despise me for it?

Q.   I work so hard at my job because we need the money. My gf wants us to buy a larger place with some land and outbuildings etc so I feel I have to work as hard as I can. On the other side my gf will not get a paid job. She says that she already...

A.   5 November 2009: Dear Guy619, the fact that your gf did not go to councelling what does that tell you? She or anybody has no the right to call abnormal for having feeling, I feel sorry for her. Being sensitive makes you human, regardless of your gender. Seems to m... (read in full...)

How can I stop feeling inferior to people all the time?

Q.   Its forever since I've been facing this problem. I'm actually pretty low on self esteem and confidence. I'm pretty, good with my subject and good at things which I have pursued. Whenever I think of the things I have accomplished I feel good but when ...

A.   5 November 2009: Combined with your low self esteem you may be suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder. It is more common than you think. It not discussed more because not everyone has the courage to admit it or recognise there is something wrong, so well done for ... (read in full...)

Why, if she cares for me, does she insist on me earning as much as I can and accept the benefits that it brings, and yet despise me for it?

Q.   I work so hard at my job because we need the money. My gf wants us to buy a larger place with some land and outbuildings etc so I feel I have to work as hard as I can. On the other side my gf will not get a paid job. She says that she already...

A.   5 November 2009: Agree with CaringGuy totally, your gf is being selfish and may not even realize it. I feel for you, hope you have the courage to stand up to her and take action but she will not unless you take the next step. Sit her down (when she not a tired mo... (read in full...)

I feel unattractive and unwanted. Should I give up on finding a girlfriend?

Q.   I tend to get depressed every once in a while, and one of the main reasons for this is because of my poor looks (face-wise, body-wise I look pretty decent). I have friends and acquaintances who are very good-looking, who have regular girlfriends and ...

A.   1 March 2009: Dear Anon If you do not feel sexy, you will not send those sexy vibes for girls to find you attractive. But of course you already know that. Work on your self esteem, build your confidence first before asking girls out. Most of all, learn to... (read in full...)

Is she horny?

Q.   I know this woman, she is 22 years old. She is a good friend of mine, and she constantly tells me about these guys she thinks are cute. I know for a fact she is a virgin because I'm dating her best friend. I'm wondering if she is really horny and...

A.   12 January 2009:  Your friend may be just confiding in you, it is her business if she is a virgin or if she fancies other guys, it is only natural, she is a woman. From your comment, she has not said she fancies you though. Be careful that you do not make a mo... (read in full...)

Why can I not get hard enough?

Q.   I am 16 years old.. I had unfinished sex. It was very cold and we were outside.. I was hard at first but then when we took off our clothes I was getting softer. I first got inside her but I got soft and then I couldnt enter again.. after that ...

A.   12 January 2009: Nothing is necessarily wrong with you. Because of your experience "al fresco", your self esteem may be down and subconstiously you may doubt your performance when you start masturbating. The fact that you are really hard in the morning show... (read in full...)

They call me fat, will I ever have a boyfriend?

Q.   just wana ask if a girl that is fat..., well they call me chubby, flat nose, w/ big legs...can possibly have a chance to have a boyfriend?...

A.   10 January 2009: Fat or slim, if the right person comes along, you will be happy. Unfortunately, there are shallow people who feel the need to hurt other people's feelings. The truth is is that they feel insecure themselves (althought the reason may not be appar... (read in full...)

Loves her, but wont 't leave me alone & yet won't come back to me!

Q.   Does my ex love his new gf if he does not leave me alone after i've told him to? I don't know what to think!!? My ex and i dated for 5 years and were engaged for 2. I called the engagement off this past march because i was so scared and wanted t...

A.   2 January 2009: Totally agree with Honeypie Firstly do not wait for him to do the right thing, you could wait forever. Instead, You can take control now and cut off contact. If you allow him to keep you in his life whilst he is into another woman, he will c... (read in full...)

I'm being patient but he's still hesitant

Q.   Ok, so here is my problem. I hung out with this guy who we both connected on an unbelievable level. I know for absolute fact he is in to me so this is not a question of that. We where so in to each other that even though it was our first time out ...

A.   1 January 2009: Dear Anon Perhaps what you may need right now is reassurance. Naturally, this is hard on you. But this guy is wise for not wanting to rush into anything yet. My advise is to not push him into something he is not ready for apply pressure. Pr... (read in full...)

Questions about chlamydia

Q.   I know you catch chlamydia by sexual intercourse, or anal or oral but, how does the 1st initial person catch it or develop it? How does it develop?...

A.   1 January 2009: Chlamydia, is one of the most common bacterial sexually transmitted disease (STD). It is caused by the Chlamydia trachomatis bacterium, which may infect the urethra and rectum in both sexes and the cervix in women. Occasionally chlamydia can also ... (read in full...)

In love with a friend but she's with someone else

Q.   I know a girl from the last 3 years. We have been very close friends. I like her a lot. Sometime back she also had told me that she wanted to be my girl friend but at that I just wanted to think about the same. She was really close to me, when I say ...

A.   1 January 2009: Dear Anon, you have been talking a lot but not saying the right things. Talk to her face to face and tell her how you feel. She may not know that you are in love with her and are ready to take it to the next level. She may only see you as a fri... (read in full...)

I want to wear a thong

Q.   i really want to try wearing a 22 year guy and as far as my friends go only girls wear worried it wont be comfy also im not always clean down there, would this be unhealthy also do they get that smelly and what if u fart?...

A.   1 January 2009: The only way you will find out is by trying one on. It is a personal choice rather than gender dictating what is comfortable. Personally, I do not find it very comfortable or sexy. Regardless what type of underwear you decide to use, being cl... (read in full...)

Should I start the new year without him?

Q.   I met this guy in 1997 we fell in love at first sight. After 10 months of knowing him we was sent to prison for 10 years for armed robbery a crime he committed before I met him. Anyway when he came home I had been married plus I had a child by my ...

A.   1 January 2009: Dear Flawless29, My heart goes out to you. If you still love your husband, please stay with him. If your husband is no longer with you, do not settle with the other man unless he is prepared to give you the same commitment. This other guy that... (read in full...)

Friends afraid I'll put boyfriend before them

Q.   ok i am 15 and i've been dating my boyfriend 4 3 months now and he took my virginity about 4 days ago now that is not my problem my problem is now my friends think i am going to change and they say im not going 2 b around them as much they think ...

A.   1 January 2009: Dear Anon This is a tough situation. Regardless of what age you will be, you may face this dilema more than once. Your friends may feel unhappy or second best because of the time you spend with him. If you ignore boyfriend then he will f... (read in full...)

I can't figure out what women want!

Q.   ok so I am a 19 year old guy who is very frustrated. I am pretty good looking with my life in order. I have been through 6 relationships in my life. And this is basically how they have all gone: the girl and I fall in love, we love each other very ...

A.   1 January 2009: Hello Pasc9, When relationships do not works it does not mean that you are neccessarily doing anything wrong. Just not meant to be that is all. Cliche it may sound but perhaps the time could be wrong or even 2 people being in two different plac... (read in full...)

Condom split and now I'm worried about pregnancy

Q.   i started taking the pill, i wasnt fully on the all clear so i used a condom too, it split. i thort i was pregnant so i stopped taking it i then started to bleed, but not like a period. i got a few symptoms of pregnancy, tired feel sick etc, then a ...

A.   30 December 2008: Your symptons could explain a number of situations. The best and only way to find out if you are pregnant is to have a pregnancy test done. All chemists have pregnancy test kits which are reliable. If buying one is a problem visit your nearest ... (read in full...)

Can a married couple love each other but never have sex?

Q.   Something puzzles me...I have known this man who has been married for more than 20 years.They had a son together and stopped having sex after his birth.They have lived in a sexless marriage ever since.Because she wanted it that way.Refusing help or ...

A.   26 December 2008: Dear Anon I wish you happiness, you deserve to be happy and loved but perhaps not with this guy. My heart goes out to you, one must feel sadness before appreciating joy. Set your standards high always though, never never setle with someone who ... (read in full...)

Can a married couple love each other but never have sex?

Q.   Something puzzles me...I have known this man who has been married for more than 20 years.They had a son together and stopped having sex after his birth.They have lived in a sexless marriage ever since.Because she wanted it that way.Refusing help or ...

A.   14 December 2008: The question can only truly be answered by this man. Can one love another without having sex with him/her? Of course! Usually when passion is not returned, love is still there from one or both parties. It is possible that 2 people can love eac... (read in full...)

Should I go for her again or not?

Q.   Hello agony aunts, like everybody here, I've a problem. I've been in love with a girl for about a year now. We dated three times and we always ended breaking up because she couldn't stop thinking about horses and horse related activities. We would...

A.   14 December 2008: Sounds as if this girl is not seriously into you or anyone else. Both of you are in different places right now. To avoid getting hurt again, better look for a girl that may be at the same wave length as you. Good luck Angel of Love... (read in full...)

I don't think he loves me

Q.   I have been in a relationship with a man for just under two years. I love this man deeply but our sex life has ruined it for me. I feel that he doesnt love me he doesnt try an i have just gave up. I truly love him and cry all day but i am not happy ...

A.   16 January 2008: Low libido and premature ejaculation is a common problem unfortunately. There alternatives on the market and through doctors but a lot of men feel inadequate to take any medication. If your guy does not want to take medication (this may be the trut... (read in full...)

My boyfriend of 6 years has stopped taking my calls

Q.   Hi can someone help me, i am in desperate need of an answer. My boyfriend of nearly six years has for the past week stopped answering my calls and wont give me a reason why! ive text him, phoned him and left voice messages but no reply. I know not...

A.   16 January 2008: He is avoiding confrontation for a reason. You deserve to know where you stand, and after 6 years, the least he could do is to show some consideration. I am surprised of the lenght of relationship, sounds like you were not that close. If it was... (read in full...)

Am I being a bitch by saying mean things about her?

Q.   ok i am 14 and i really like this boy but he claims too love another girl. we have meet once and he said i was good looking and i am a nice girl. i thought i would go on the girl "he claims love" myspace to see what she looks like shes not ugly bu...

A.   16 January 2008: Regardless if this girl is pretty or not, you have no right to say bad things about her. Deep down, you know this. Sorry for the strong advice but this is my opinion. I am a great believer of Karma, treat others as you would like to be treated ... (read in full...)

I'm off my meds and trying to cope...will I get better with time?

Q.   Hi, I hope that someone out there can give me some advice. I feel like I'm going a little crazy and I just don't know what to do. I have recently come off of anti depressants (about 4 months ago) after being on them for around 9 years, I was ini...

A.   16 January 2008: Firstly, I think you are very brave going cold turkey, well done you! Secondly, feeling down after coming off meds even after 4 months is very natural and part of the transition process. Do not giving, this wave is part of the ride. There a... (read in full...)

Just want to tell everyone and the whole world....I'M IN LOVE!!

Q.   im in love wooooooo! im aware this isnt a question but i wanted to tell the world =]...

A.   16 January 2008: Dear Anon Being in love is something to celebrate about! Enjoy, life is for the living. ... (read in full...)

I sent him a photo of my friend instead of mine and recently he texted me to set up a meeting soon. I really like him, what can I do now?

Q.   Hi can someone help me I meet a guy online and we seem to hit it off well. He asked to see my photo and I sent him one of my friend "I know I know" I should not have done that but I liked his attention, the problem is he thinks that I am from the ...

A.   2 January 2008: Firstly you are not a stupid fool just because you made a mistake, you acted impulsively out of fear and low self esteem. What is done is done, you cannot go back. I am sure that your fear of rejection was only delayed by conceiling what you look... (read in full...)

My boyfriend is really bossy and overbearing-what should I do?

Q.   my boyfriend is really bossy and overbearing, he constantly tells me what he thinks is the right way to do things, and if it is not done like this then i am wrong. i am always changing how i do things to make him happy. but he always seems to find ...

A.   1 January 2008: Tell him you are not happy that he decides to change to his own way all the time. The longer you put up with this situation, the harder it will be to have an equal say on whatever you do together. Human beings are all different and naturally wi... (read in full...)

I don't want to live with him and his he threatens we will break up! What should I do?

Q.   I m acctually living a dilemma I recently knew someone who asked me for marriage quite rapidly I was a bit confused ,its true that he is a good guy who has many good qualities ,he works ,he is well educated but he comes from a diffrent...

A.   1 January 2008: Not matter how much you love someone, do not let anyone manipulate or push you into a situation you are not comfortable with. Emotional blackmail to break up if he does not get his way is not a good basis for any relationship. A heathly rela... (read in full...)

Don't men still do old-fashioned things for the women they love?

Q.   I'm a little irritated with my b/f. For two weeks, I've asked him 3 times to air up the tire on my car because it looked low. Each time, he blew me off saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah..." and then doing nothing. Today I had a flat and he was pissed at me ...

A.   1 January 2008:  It is not worthwhile falling out about pumping Air in tyres. I cook and clean, but my husband will wash up and hoover for example, we do not have to remind each other what needs to be done and equally share the load as any partnership should b... (read in full...)

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