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I aborted the child of a married man I had an affair with... What would you do?

Q.   i had an affair with a married man for one year. i fell pregnant and he said it wasn't the right time for us to be having children but we would when i no longer worked with him and i had my own flat. i had the abortion, reluctantly but then he ...

A.   15 September 2007: im sorry hun but this sounds like a classic case of a married man using a young woman, it wasnt the right time for him to have kids because he most likely isnt ever going to tell his wife and kids he destroyed their famil just to get with a young ... (read in full...)

I thought having a baby would get me off the council estate. My married lover is married and has money. I wanted that lifestyle.

Q.   I'm 18 and I have been lying about being on the contaceptive injection. I have had a hard childhood on a council estate and I thought if I got pregnant to my older boss I would get a better life. I'm pregnant and he's staying with his wife that he ...

A.   9 September 2007: wow, this has to be the worst thing ive ever ever read on this board. seriously. you decided to trap a man for money by creating another human life. a human life that will now not feel the love and have the life it so desperatly deserves. i cant bel... (read in full...)

I am cheating on my husband with my best friends husband and don't know what to do!

Q.   I have this crazy situation. I've been with the same man for 17 years, married for the last 11 years. I have had the same best friend since high school. She has also been with her husband for the last 17 years and they have been married for the ...

A.   9 September 2007: your right your personalities are very much a like, youve both forgotten the sanctitiy of marriage and have the same lack of morals that lets you start an affair. if your not happy in your marriage then end it, dont drag your husband and ''friend... (read in full...)

I am pregnant, but the father could be either my fiancee or his friend

Q.   I have been in a relationship with my fiancee (we'll call him stuart) for nearly 5 years. I ended up having sex with a friend of his (we'll call him steve) while he was at work, and most of our circle of friends know about it. If Steve's girlfriend ...

A.   9 September 2007: i cant believe you describe these people as friends... theyre helping you lie and deceiving an innocent man who doesnt deserve the most painful betrayal on earth, i suggest you find some moral back bone and face the music... you did the dirty, come ... (read in full...)

He's trying to work things out with his wife and has stopped calling and txting me now, i miss him, shall i call him???

Q.   Ok, so I posted a question the other day and got greta responses! Thanks! My next question is: So the guy who I like that is trying to work things out with his ex-wife has kind of let up on texting and calling me back. I told him that I had a ...

A.   26 August 2007: hes doing the right thing by trying to save his marriage, you knew the risks when you got involved with a married man surely. leave him be and go find a nice single man.... (read in full...)

I cheat on my fiancee all the time, but its his fault cause he got me into computers

Q.   I am engaged to a wonderful man who i love,but i am addicted to cheating.It seems so easy,they are all available on the internet. He has almost caught me twice,but luckily i turned it around on him and now he has to prove to me that he`s not a ...

A.   21 August 2007: does it make you a bad person, no it doesnt it makes you down right disgusting and evil your having an affair, betraying his trust and destroying your relationship. then have the ordasity to turn round and blame him for it? what tree ... (read in full...)

Do you think that I can trust my wife with this man in our life?

Q.   In May 2006 my wife of eight years began having an affair with a coworker. I confronted her a few weeks later and she said that their secret relationship was over. Throughout the rest of the year I correctly suspected that their affair was ...

A.   30 July 2007: i say you get up and get out... she has no respect for you and to say she still cares for you seems a tiny bit dubious after all shes put your through.. shes lied and lied and lied and pulled you through poop.. get out while your young man... (read in full...)

Do even guys with attractive girlfriends check out other women?

Q.   To sexy girls: do your boyfriends still look at other women? I'm in a new relationship and afraid of ruining it with my jealousy. In the past I always had boyfriends who looked at other women a lot and they would also comment on my weight and ...

A.   28 June 2007: i dont think you can say that anyone alive has eyes for only their partner. i mean most people window shop (true men do most likely look at women more than women at men) but we all do it. the test of character isnt whether they look, or even if t... (read in full...)

Cheating on my boyfriend, now I'm pregnant by the other guy!

Q.   I will try to make this quick ,I been with my Man for 8 and half years , We are suppose to get married this year, I love him to death and a part of me is so ready. Problem is for the first 5 years he was unfaithful, loving him so much I settle for ...

A.   28 June 2007: poor kid, to be raised in a mess like that. what type of life is that to enter ... (read in full...)

He's driven me to cheating again

Q.   i cheated on my boyfriend when we first got together with a guy i had been seeing previously, i have always liked recently i have have stronger feelings for him and he also, they are so strong i think i love him! my boyfriend hasnt been treating me ...

A.   25 June 2007: thats just sick.. you cheat and then you blame him for making you??? was he there to push you into the guys bed? i feel not.. you had the choice to talk to your bf about feeling and thoughts but you chose the easy option and broke your bfs heart in... (read in full...)

I want to cheat with a taken guy--can I justify it?

Q.   Hi Hoping you guys can give me some advice, I have a crush on a guy who comes into my place of work (not a colleague) I really like him and I'm certain the feeling is mutual, but he has a girlfriend. I know we can't have a relationship, wh...

A.   25 June 2007: let me get this clear... you want someone to help you be the most calous,heartless emotionless human you can be? you dont care you cant have a relationship with him because your in one? well you should be caring, about where your hearts gone. ... (read in full...)

Cheating on my boyfriend, now I'm pregnant by the other guy!

Q.   I will try to make this quick ,I been with my Man for 8 and half years , We are suppose to get married this year, I love him to death and a part of me is so ready. Problem is for the first 5 years he was unfaithful, loving him so much I settle for ...

A.   15 June 2007: you do the decent thing and let your bf get on with his life. you say you love him to bits but youve broken his heart and now expect him to raise the result as his own AND then shake hands with the real dad wen he comes to visit. i think your bf has ... (read in full...)

He beat me after I cheated... can I fix this or should I leave?

Q.   my boyfriend and i have been dating for 4 months i know that doesn't sound long but in that time i cheated on him three times he found out and cheated on me i don't know how many times and beat the hell out of me then hit me a few times after the ...

A.   12 June 2007: you cheat on him 3x in 4 months... not a condolable act in any way. but this guy is purely an animal and deserves locking up before he harms you or anyone else. regardless of what horrible act you did to him no man has the right to hit anot... (read in full...)

I have just had sex with my boyfriend's best friend.

Q.   I have just had sex with my boyfriend's best friend. i really like my boyfriend and i know you are thinking that if i really like why did i sleep with the best friend? i only understand it now that i am in the situation. should i tell my boyfriend? ...

A.   12 June 2007: i agree with danielpew completely, you and his so called friend have conspired to betray him twice. hes lost a gf and a 'friend' in all this. the least you owe him is the respect to be honest... (read in full...)

I feel just like a little hoe that he was using for something or another.

Q.   Hello, I had ask for your help last week and now, I still am. I did hang on to the married man, hoping that he would come to me one day; to tell me that he's leaving his wife. He didn't! Ironically, his wife came from the beauty salon, he took her ...

A.   4 June 2007: you chose to go with a guy u knows married and now u feel hurt when the obvious finally outs itself.. wow your smart. you deserve to get used if you put it on a plate for married men. and if you lie and cheat on your bf im sorry but you are a ho. ... (read in full...)

We're having an affair - he only talks about my physical aspects! Am I being used?

Q.   i have been having an affair for 1 year with a man who has a partner he tells me he loves her but, what does the but mean. also he says one thing but his actions show me something else, he has told me he is smitten with me he also cannot keep his ...

A.   4 June 2007: I'm sorry, but you're betraying the man you swore an oath to love and cherish for life. You have no right to feel hurt by the affair you've chosen to have. It's obvious this man is just using you if all he talks about is physicality. But then to ... (read in full...)

I confronted her about cheating on me and now she's ignoring me.

Q.   Here's the story. I got an email from someone saying that my girlfriend of a year cheated on me. They told me to look at her myspace inbox in september and it would be there. This is what it said: Guy: I hope that we can still be friends aft...

A.   31 May 2007: hmmm tricky.. this guy emailing you could of just been a wind up merchant and trying to make trouble. yet the way shes reacted does seem a tad odd to me, yes you invaded her privacy so i can see that upsetting her but you were in a tricky situatio... (read in full...)

My 32 year old married boss has started giving me lifts home. I KNOW he wants to take it further!

Q.   hi, im 17 years old have a boyfriend and have a part time job as a waitress. my boss is 32 and married with kids. recently when he is giving me lifts home we have started going for a drive and ended up kissing many times and i know he wants to take ...

A.   30 May 2007: seriously i cant believe your even thinking about this.. the line 'i would like this affair' says more about you and what your like as a person than anything you'll ever do in life i think *shakes head*... (read in full...)

Am I being selfish by not telling my bf, I have cheated on him twice?

Q.   Hi there I have been dating this guy for 3 years and we are still madly in love. The problem is I have cheated twice during those years. I feel bad but dont want to lose him. I have changed my ways and dont cheat anymore, the relationship is ...

A.   22 May 2007: oh dear, another ' i really love him yet i'm going to betray his trust and love and sleep with lots of people behind his back' question. are you selfish by not telling him? no, are your selfish for actually doing it? HELL YES. how can you dare tel... (read in full...)

I love my guy, but had to get sex with someone else out of my system, I'm racked with guilt what should I do!?

Q.   Dear Cupid, I am ABSOLUTELY head over heals in love with my boyfriend. He is perfect in every way: he listens to me, hes educated, romantic, caring, thoughtful. all of that. this is my longest relationship and it seems like the stars aligned fo...

A.   22 May 2007: can i just ask what your idea of love is? you say your head over heals in it yet you've lied,cheated and broken the bond of trust with the man you say is so special to you. theres no way on earth a loving, honest relationship can be built on lies... (read in full...)

Found out my parter of 16 years was cheating! She's how do I stop dwelling on her?

Q.   I was with my partner for 16 years and its been 8months since we separated. I found out that she might have been cheating me. Since she had found a new boyfriend within a week. She basically left with no expanation and has not made any contact ...

A.   20 May 2007: theres no sure fire way of moving on from a broken heart, over the course of life we all pick one up at one point or another. the only cure is time. especially after such a long time together, you'll have an empty social calender, an empty home... (read in full...)

I have slept with my husband's 18 yearold cousin. Should we stop or carry on?

Q.   I am 24 years old and I started sleeping with my husbands 18 year old cousin, I dont love the cousin it kinda was something that just happened. It is fun and exciting havent felt like this in along time. What do we do keep on or stop? Kinda want to ...

A.   20 May 2007: are you aware of what marriage is? its a commitment of love, honesty and faithfullness. this means you dont lie, cheat and brake his heart and especially dont risk destroying a family. what kind of woman are you to ask should you continue to chea... (read in full...)

Why can't I stay faithful

Q.   I have been with my partner for nine years and we have a 4yr old together. I do love my partner, but i cant stay faithful. Whenever someone shows interest in me (which is usually his friends) and i feel attracted to them i cant say no. Im good when ...

A.   8 May 2007: firstly if it only happens when your drinking theres a good reason to stop drinking no? secondly these people cant be called 'friends' if theyre using you, his girlfriend. normally i come down hard on cheats and liers but theres a child to consider... (read in full...)

I'm wracked with guilt for having an affair! How do I get over this?

Q.   i had an affair and ended a 14 year relationship with the father of my 2 children,the affair was complicated and ended messily. i am racked with guilt for so many reasons,how do i get through or over this guilt?...

A.   25 April 2007: what your looking for is for others to tell you that everything is alright and what you did can be excused. well im sorry but hurting a loving husband and father and braking up a family in my eyes isnt excuseable... forgiveness is only found when ... (read in full...)

I'm 23, married for 2 years but I don't enjoy sex with my new husband so have started an affair!

Q.   Hi i am 23 and have been married for 2 years and a few months. I have not been enjoying sex with my husband and i dont know how to tell him, I ve been extremely sexually frustrated as its been more than 3 years since we ve been together, thought it ...

A.   23 April 2007: you obviously had no love or respect for your husband to begin with. sexual frustration is an easy problem to get around, its called communication. instead youve broke your marriage by becomming a lier and cheat. i suggest you do the decent thin... (read in full...)

My husband is in Iraq, on his second tour of duty. I cheated on him and I feel horrible. Should I tell him ever?

Q.   i have been married for three years and my husband is on his second tour in iraq!!! i cheated on him for the first time with one of my co-workers and i feel so guilty and horrible, i dont know if i should tell him im scarced to. should i just take ...

A.   23 April 2007: yours is a different circumstance as to most peoples so i wont be as hard on you as i am on the usual liers and cheats. your undoubtably feeling lonely and 'have urges' and without a partner around your going to be tempted. but im not here to make... (read in full...)

I slept with his mate now he won't talk to me! Is it my fault?

Q.   I still love him.. There was this boy who i really liked, we had a little thing going on and he felt the same for me. He used to mess me around and say he would meet me but never would. A year on i still really like him i cant get him out of my he...

A.   21 April 2007: from what you say hes a shy uncertain man who lacks in self confidence (which is common in young men who are just starting out in the world of women). by sleeping with his mate youve not only dented his pride (teenage boys point out 'conquests' to ... (read in full...)

I get a thrill from cheating on my husband, but feel guilty afterwards! What do you think?

Q.   i am happily married woman...yet i cheat on my husband...i always feel bad afterwards...but i get a kind of high thinking about it and doing it..till its over..what do you think?...

A.   19 April 2007: i truely feel sorry for your husband, he must of picked the biggest skank on earth as a wife. if you cant keep your legs shut then do the decent thing, tell him the truth get a divorce and take it up as a full time job instead of a hobby.... (read in full...)

I cheated on my LD guy last night! I think I've now fallen for him, What should I do ?

Q.   I cheated on my bf last night... it's a long distance relationship and I havn't seen him for months..things arn't so great bewteen us but that doens't excuse what I've done...I feel so guilty...whats worse is I think i've fallen for the guy i cheate...

A.   19 April 2007: do the honest thing and tell your bf its over and why, if you have to make excuses as to why you cheated (the long term thing) but be honest and tell him you cheated. liers always get caught.... (read in full...)

We are both married, we slept together and think we are in love, Ive asked that we stay friends and stop the sex, now hes not calling me!?

Q.   Both of us are married and are having an affair. He works few months here and most of the time overseas.We both know that we really cannot be together, but we are so much inlove or so I think. I know that I love this guy and he says that he loves me ...

A.   17 April 2007: lol you dont want to damage your marriage? did you think that befor or after you slept with another man? its not fare on your husband wat your doing, if you think your in love with another man then stop being selfish and tell your husband your a ch... (read in full...)

Since moving in together hes been less affectionate, is this because I cheated in the past ?

Q.   i just recently moved in with my boyfriend. we've known each other for about 10 months and i've been unfaithful to him in the past but i still feel like he's holding on to everything that has happened. i thought us moving in together was the ...

A.   17 April 2007: guys to tend to want their own space and are used to being their own man at home, you may not see it but being under someones toes is a big change. on top of that he has probably still got thought of your unfaithfullness in his mind, dont be fool... (read in full...)

Ex and I had an affair and he dumped me. Is it possible to fall in love with my husband, forget my stupid ex and start over?

Q.   I got married 6 months ago and the week after I got back from honeymoon i bumped into my ex-boyfriend in town. My ex and I split as I found out he was addicted to phone sex lines, discovered he lied a lot and started to have feelibgs for my now ...

A.   15 April 2007: maybe you should of thought about not hurting your husband befor you started an affair? or did that thought not cross your selfish mind? tell your husband, face the result of your horrid actions and let him find someone who has the respect and hear... (read in full...)

I want this other guy all to myself! How do I get out of my marriage without hurting my husband?

Q.   I got married four months ago to a wonderful man who would make a brilliant father figure to my children but there's a problem. I have been having an affair for half a year with a guy who's married with kids. I love him. He says that he's only with ...

A.   15 April 2007: how can this guy respect you knowing you married another man while sleeping with him? youve made a total joke of the sanctity of marriage and destroyed a decent mans faith in women along the way, you must use a lot of sleeping pills at night or h... (read in full...)

I had an affair, I really regret it, Im so riddled with guilt and so scared my family will found out!!!!

Q.   i need help! i am a married woman and i had an affair with a married man, i just hate myself, and i dont want my husband to find out, it would ruin him, and our kids also the guy i had an affair with has two kids, i would do anything if i could take ...

A.   14 April 2007: if you tell your husband it will hurt him but at least it looks like at least you have regret. if you cover this evil act up all it will look like is a continuation of a lie. you commited the sin, now face up to what happens, just hope he loves you ... (read in full...)

Is this what I should be doing, sex-wise?

Q.   i need help!!!!!!!!! i am 15 and my gf is 15 and i have no idea what i am going to do she has asked me to be her first and i was like oh thank you baby but now im freaked out so i found this site why because i know nothing i have seen some porno but ...

A.   6 April 2007: i totally agree with the answer below, im not going to tell you dont do it because its your life. but you do seem very nervous and uncomfortable with the idea of sex. id seriously consider getting to know each other as people and as a couple b... (read in full...)

Why should I even try... he was looking at porn even as he was babysitting our kids!

Q.   found out husband has been on internet porn communicating with numerous women for over a year secretly. as we have had very little sex for over 7 years I find this not only extremely humiliating and painful but an insult to how attractive I am as ...

A.   6 April 2007: unfortunantly many people think that porn is just dirty pictures but infact its much more dangerous than a bit of titilation, it can become an addictive thrill, it feeds a fantasy world and that sounds rather like where your husbands been. like a... (read in full...)

Worried my clean-shaven approach will just emphasise the age gap!

Q.   Hello, Just a quick question for the guys: when a woman completely shaves/waxes all her pubic hair, do you feel like you're with a little girl?? I shave everything because I feel much more comfortable and cleaner, but I've heard many guy...

A.   6 April 2007: ive never heard any guy say they prefer hair, i know the exist but no one i kno. everyone has a personal preferance, if he didnt like it im sure hed tell you, if your still unsure why dont you just ask? key to relationships is communication!! ... (read in full...)

My gf does moan and groan during sex, but how do I know shes had an orgasm ?

Q.   HI i have been havin sex with my girlfriend for the last 5 months and I lost my virginty to her, she does moan and groan alot while we are at it but how do i no if she is having an orgasm or if she has cum? any replies would be grateful thanks...

A.   6 April 2007: sex is all about intimacy, the quickest way to get there is communication. dont just dive in, do your thing and expect mirracles. the best way ive found is to spend a night just exploring and teasing each others bodies, find out what really flicks s... (read in full...)

Is there something wrong about being a virgin at 17 ? How can I reduce the tension ?

Q.   Dear cupid... im a 16 ( almost 17 ) year old female and i was wondering if there is something wrong with me.. ive been with my boyfriend who is 20 for almost a month and we've started talking about sex witch doesnt bother me except that im ...

A.   6 April 2007: there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin at 17, infact it should be praised that youve waited till your comfortable with someone before youve thought about it. theres no trick to sex, as the saying goes 'different strokes for differen... (read in full...)

Ive been sleeping with another guy, he wants to end it, do I know come clean to my BF ?

Q.   Hi. I have been with my boyfriend for 4 yrs. In November, I started sleeping with a guy from my class, he has a girlfriend of 6 years. We both know that it has to stop sometine. We get on really well and recently he said that when it does stop he ...

A.   5 April 2007: you should of come clean at the begining but obviously you chose to be selfish and deny your bf a chance to find someone who understands what a loyal faithfull relationship actually is and who deserves his love instead of abusing it. in short, yes ... (read in full...)

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