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Is it true guys like hugs more than us girls?

Q.   hey im 16 and have been with my boyfriend for about a month and a half now. well you know girls really like hugs from their boyfriends (and im one of them lol!) well is it true that boys like to cuddle their girlfriends more than their girlfrie...

A.   8 February 2007: It's completely down to the individual, loads of guys really love cuddling. so with your love of hugs it's really great you've found someone who likes them as well. But there's not really an answer as to which gendre prefers hugs overall,... (read in full...)

If somebody was raped are they still a virgin??

Q.   If some one was raped and they never has had sex before would they still be a virgin. When you ask poeple that know what has happened then if you try to talk to them they just say what you want to hear so it dosen't upset you and not wat they think ...

A.   4 February 2007: Being with someone who has also been through that, i already have a clearly formed view on your question. Although you have technically lost it, you shouldn't care too much about the technical view. Sex is a spiritual and personal experience where ... (read in full...)

I feel cheated and used... am I being taken advantage of?

Q.   Dear Cupid, I have been seeing a guy now for about a month, I say seeing, its more sleeping together occasionally and friendship. At the beginning he wanted me around a lot, now he brushes me off often and I get to see him once, maybe twice a we...

A.   1 February 2007: He's just using you for sex! Getting involved in a relationship after a month is not moving too fast, normally the relationship develops before and with sex. You gave him sex and just became a convience, find someone who cares about you instead of ... (read in full...)

My gf seems to have had a more exciting life than me. Maybe I'm jeleous but I don't know if we'll work long term. What do you think?

Q.   Hey everyone, I've just started going out with a girl that has had a much more "Exciting" life in the past compared to me. She's had so much more sex partners (i've only had sex with one previous girlfriend whereas she has had loads of one night ...

A.   22 January 2007: Heya I'm 17 and have a gf who is 18 and has had a far more fun life than me. I too am constantly jealous of her far more interesting past, however I've allowed her to introduce me to various things that I felt ok doing and had great fun doing. I'... (read in full...)

Will having a lot of sex make me loose down there?

Q.   Hi, you might think i sound too young but I was really wondering if having a lot of sex makes a girl loose down there, and less fun for the guy? Would having sex about 3 times a week with the same guy become boring for him? or loosen the vaginal ...

A.   22 January 2007: I aggree with both the other answers, there's no way having sex 3 times a week could loosen you and make it boring. You may not be as tight as normal but that's a good thing, it can be quite painful for females if you're not lubricated and rela... (read in full...)

How do I kiss him with an open mouth and tongues?

Q.   This is VERY EMBARRASSING!!! Don't laugh at me :D lol OK My boyfriend and i recently started kissing, and i want to start getting off with him (open mouthed, tongues) How do you actually do this?...

A.   22 January 2007: Start kissing him normally, but then open your mouth slightly wider, just enough to slide your tongue out and run it slowly across his top lip, be gentle and slow. If he likes it he may try the same on you. Let it develope and start moving his lips ... (read in full...)

I have boy trouble and need advice! Help!

Q.   Heyy Well im in year 10 at school and have boy trouble! I went out with this boy but i figured out i liked his best friend so i dumped the guy i was with, this was months ago, but nothing ever happened with his best m8t and me except ultimate...

A.   20 January 2007: If you're really interested, try going out with him like a couple would but not as a couple. So for instance try suggesting something like a meal or trip to the cinema would be nice for just the two of you. That way he should start understa... (read in full...)

I don't like anything sexual because it makes me feel dirty and I'm scared to loose my virginity. Am I normal?

Q.   I'm 18, I've had a boyfriend for 2yrs. We still haven't had sex. We've done some things but nothing real down and dirty. Why am I so scared of sex?! Is this normal? I'm terrified of losing my virginity to anyone. Everyone tells me it's not that b...

A.   18 January 2007: If you're scared then you're not ready! I admire your bf, he's a decent guy, and if this is getting you down, look at one major upside: he's not in the relationship for the sex, he really does love you! Wait until you feel ready, that may well be ... (read in full...)

She broke up with her bf to be with me but I don't think she's completely over him. How can I help her move on?

Q.   i have a wonderful relationship with this girl but didn't know she was attached, until she told me so when i confessed my feelings for her. but in the end she chose to break up with her bf of one year for me. i love her and it hurts me to see her ...

A.   18 January 2007: I aggree with CD, you need to give her time to get over her old bf, give her space, you will just have to take things slightly slower with her than you might normally, I know from a similar experience if she's been with him for a year, then he will ... (read in full...)

He's asking me to chip in when I get a full time job... feel slightly put-out by this, but should I?

Q.   I have been with my b/f for almost 2 years. He has paid for mostly everything. I pay for things here and there but its mostly him who pays if we go to a movie or to dinner or to a bar or for take out. I work part time b/c i am a full time student. ...

A.   18 January 2007: relationships should be 50:50 in an ideal world. However it is basically a case of the one who earns more gives more simply because they can. However if you dont give back then he may just feel used. I aggree with the comment that it's a long term... (read in full...)

He's forgotten about the "little things" and I don't feel loved anymore

Q.   Hi. I have been together with my boyfriend for almost two years. When we first started going out, he was really sweet and attentive. And now some things have really started to change. He doesn't kiss me anymore unless we are having sex, he never ...

A.   18 January 2007: You need to let him know that whilst you appreciate the big things, you need the little things. The big things aren't as special, you just need to be able to spare the money for gifts and holidays, but you really have to care to do the little things ... (read in full...)

I'm a Christian but I'm not a virgin. My bf is also a Christian. Do you think he'll react badly if I told him?

Q.   I'm a Christian, and 21 years old, but I made a huge mistake and gave my virginity away when I was 19. I gave it away to a man who ended up being emotionally abusive and I broke up with him. Later I was depressed and didn't date anyone for awhile. I ...

A.   18 January 2007: Tell him the truth. Wait untill you are both happy in the relationship and you find yourself in a conversation where you feel happy telling him, or he asks. If he loves you then he wont care, however he might care if you conceal it from him and it ... (read in full...)

Please help! My bf misinterpreted a text message and is convinced that I'm cheating on him! How do I redeem myself?

Q.   Hi, I need some advice. My boyfriend of two years has had a real trust problem since his previous girlfriend cheated on him, and it took him a LONG time to warm up to me, and we've finally made a breakthrough and he's relaxed with me when an old a...

A.   18 January 2007: Well as a guy who is kinda suspicious everytime a guy does something like put kisses at the end of a txt to my gf, i can tell u ur bf is not the only guy in the world with this type of problem. You need to think how much this quality affects and ... (read in full...)

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