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Why do men like to check out porn and naked celebrities?

Q.   Hi everyone, Recently for some reason I have become a little insecure :( I am an attractive young woman...slim so little reason to you could say but like alot of women seem to be uncomfortable with my fiance looking at stuff on the internet. It...

A.   15 October 2013: Fantasies. Why do men like comic book movies? We like the fantasy of super powers and the unlimited importance they give the holder. Why do men like monster trucks? We like the fantasy of being able to drive over the other cars in our way? Why do ... (read in full...)

Do men really think about sex every 7 seconds?

Q.   Hey ladies, just have a question... I have heard so many times that men think about sex every 7 seconds. Is this an exaggeration? Also, a second question I have is, I think about sex all the time even though I don't get much pleasure out of ...

A.   15 October 2013: I'm not a lady, but as a man I can vouch that no, we do not think about sex every seven seconds. Most men I know tend to focus pretty intently at one thing at a time. When we're thinking about sex, oh boy are we thinking about it. When we're not, ... (read in full...)

Do you just let your ex become a stranger?

Q.   My ex isnt willing to see me with someone new and i dont want to see his either so we defriended each other on facebook (FYI: It was a bad breakup) We are in different countries so we will never ever see each other again. Do you guys just let your ...

A.   30 September 2013: I don't know how many friends you have, but personally I always seem to have too little time and too many people I want to spend time with. Once in a while, I (perhaps regrettably) let someone go. Maybe it's someone who never makes time for me, so I ... (read in full...)

I hacked her facebook from her phone and found she's talking to a guy!

Q.   Hello am I 27 year old male who has been with my girlfriend for the past 5 months. We've been having some problems lately. I looked on her phone which I know I shouldn't have done but I went to her Facebook account and looked at her messages and ...

A.   30 September 2013: I can't say it's the same for everyone, but my group of friends has friends of both sexes that never go farther than friendship. And yes, I miss some of my female friends that I haven't seen for a while and I'm sure I've said so to them, and they to ... (read in full...)

Do women expect the man to chase, to be sure he is interested?

Q.   Is it the male that should do the chasing? e.g. cheeky message if they haven't messaged back, always giving them compliments,and taking the lead basically? The way I have read things is, girls will always have lads after them so they have choice...

A.   7 July 2013: For what it's worth, my current girlfriend tried dropping hints for quite a while that I, being the stereotypically dense guy, never picked up on. She finally had to ask me out. But two years later, we're still together and happy. I shudder to think ... (read in full...)

Do men ever fantasize about someone who is less attractive than their partner?

Q.   Am curious about some thing. I've been told men are never truly satisfied with who they got at home, and are forever fantasizing about being with other women. What I wonder is do they ever fantasize about women who are less attractive than ...

A.   7 July 2013: Depends on what you mean by "attractive" I suppose. Physical looks are only one thing. Sure, men love to look, but we still have interest in women who (we think) would fill gaps. Maybe a guy's with a supermodel, but he lusts for that down-to-earth ... (read in full...)

After first time sex that I thought we both enjoyed, the next morning he tells me my behind smells!

Q.   Ok so I started seeing this guy and we dig each other. The other night we had sex for the first time and everything was going well.... we had amazing sexual chemistry and couldn't keep out hands off each other. Throughout the night he kept telling ...

A.   7 July 2013: That's weird. My girl occasionally is a little ripe after a long day, that's never stopped ME from going back to her for a little something-something, even if maybe I'd be hesitant to be oral that night. And good god, I've never said anything to HER ... (read in full...)

Girlfriend knew she had STD and still had unprotected sex with me. I found out from seeing her medication!

Q.   I found out about a week ago that my live in GF has an STD. She did not tell me, I found out. I found medication that she's taking, that she never told me about. I did confront her. Naturally a fight ensued, and the house is tense now. My quest...

A.   7 July 2013: Sad to say, but people tend to be consistent. If she didn't tell you something important that put your health at risk, then what else isn't she telling you or what other risks down the line would you be willing to let her for hide from you? If she ... (read in full...)

It feels wrong for a girl to make the first move

Q.   I don't know if any of you girls feel the same, where it feels kind of wrong to make the first move? Whether it's hurting the guys ego or making you look easy... Can we make the first move? If you like the guy, you like the guy right? Sometimes I ...

A.   2 April 2013: My girl made the first move. Two years later, we're still together and quite happy. I was being oblivious (as men often are) and she needed to nudge me.... (read in full...)

I like watching lesbians, does that mean I am one?

Q.   I enjoy watching lesbians, but I love boys and think they are so sexy, I only want to be with boys but sometimes when I'm watching the lesbians I want to be in that situation for just a second but when I think about it again when I'm not watching it ...

A.   2 April 2013: On the Kinsey Scale (0 to 6), you might be a 1 or a 2 (interested in women, but predominately hetero). But let's face it, women are more physically attractive. Men are good looking in a suit, but a woman's form is art (yes I'm male, but virtually ... (read in full...)

Guys: How would you react if a girl told you she was a virgin?

Q.   To cut to the chase: I'm a virgin at 25. And I feel ancient being one at this age. I'm not a christian, so I didn't save my self out of religious beliefs. I did hold on to that romantic notion that the first time should be with someone I love, but ...

A.   2 April 2013: I'm male and a bit of an introvert, always had some friends but never partied. I lost my virginity at 27 to a women who was divorced twice. She didn't mind and is pretty happy, actually, to be my first. I know another aunt on this site who lost her ... (read in full...)

Does anyone else have to pay board to their parents?

Q.   Hi, just a quick question! I am 20 years old, and have just moved back home. My parents have asked me to contribute $100 a week, for rent/bills/food. I work full-time, making about $600 (aus) a week. I also have my phone bill to pay, as well as ...

A.   27 January 2013: I'd say it's fair. When I finished full-time school, I started paying rent to my parents. While making about $500 / week, I paid them $200 / month, so if anything you've got a good deal going.... (read in full...)

A question for the guys!

Q.   Hey everyone. This is a question specifically for guys to answer. So guys, when a girl is giving you a handjob and a few minutes later you cum and she keeps on jacking you off faster and faster, how does that feel for you guys? I did that to my bf ...

A.   5 May 2011: For me, even if I'm still hard after an orgasm, I really can't take any more stimulation right away. I need a quick rest before I go again or it's more uncomfortable than fun.... (read in full...)

Why did the doctor ask me if I'm in a relationship? I can't see the relevance

Q.   i'v just been to see my doctor i'v got a sore throat. So what relevance was there to his question to me, asking if i'm in a relationship? why did he ask me if i'm in a relationship? How was that appropriate?...

A.   3 May 2011: Could just be small talk, totally unrelated but friendly. Or he could wonder if this is a flu bug or mono or something else, just curious how you caught it.... (read in full...)

Why do guys talk to ordinary looking girls while gorgeous unattached girls exist?

Q.   I know this is an insecurity problem, but I don't know how to overcome it? I know i'm not ugly, but when I meet a guy who shows he is interested in me, it's then i think 'why would he want to talk to me?' The next day, I'll be out and see these...

A.   3 May 2011: Because not all men are shallow. Those "gorgeous" girls carry a lot of entitlement issues, immaturity, and usually aren't worth the while. There's a saying: "No matter how hot she is, some guy, somewhere is sick of her crap." There's also the ... (read in full...)

Guys: Do men forget to text back for days, should a girl make this next move?

Q.   This question is for the guys because only they can answer guys actions with good insight.. (I hope) Anyways, i met this guy out i spoke to him for about 5 minutes and he asked for my number because i was leaving and he said he wanted to speak ...

A.   3 May 2011: Men that call or text back right away look clingy or desperate. There's almost no easier way to turn a girl off. And look how interested you are now, how much you're thinking about it and worrying about it. He got you hooked by waiting. Had he ... (read in full...)

I feel uncomfortable during oral sex and don't want to be deceived if he's just saying he likes it!

Q.   Kind of hard to ask this, it is very personal. I have been sexually active with my new guy for just a week, but I have loved him for a long time. He has gone down on me and I am not sure I have liked it, I suppose I was tense and nervous about it so ...

A.   3 May 2011: It's possible, sure. Many people of both genders will act like they like it but only be lying. (How many women refuse to go down after hooking a man?) But all you can do is find a trustworthy man. And until this guy gives you a reason not to, trust ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend wants me to get tattoo of his name! Should I?

Q.   my partner Shane says he is not the marrying kind. but we do everything together. He was my fiurst boyfriund and I never want any other boyfriend. He does shift work and i get scared at night sometimes when he is not home. And I cant go out without ...

A.   3 May 2011: He won't marry you, but he wants to brand you like cattle? Is he your boyfriend or your pimp?... (read in full...)

It looks like flirting to me. how can I stop him flirting with all these girls who come up to talk to him?

Q.   what can i do with a boy friend who is flirting with this girl? he is 17 and he is just so cute. he tells me i am the only one. but when we are out in the mall all these girls come up to talk to him and he knows their names and they know him. some ...

A.   3 May 2011: The problem is that he already knows these girls. They're friends. You're his girlfriend, but you can't stop him from having friends. You've already asked him to tone it down and change how he acts around them but he doesn't see the problem. The ... (read in full...)

After some time together, he won't give me any oral.

Q.   I've been with this guy for 1 and a half year now, the longest relationship so far, and I have noticed that his sexual habits have changed somehow during this meantime. In the begginigng, he used to give oral sex to me every single time we had ...

A.   2 May 2011: Oral is a lot of fun, but a lot of work too. Even if he likes it, he may not bother if he doesn't know you miss it so much. Men aren't psychic. You have to let him know what you like, how you like it, when you want it, and how much it matters to ... (read in full...)

Why did my boyfriend feel guilty after his ex left, even though she was the one who cheated?

Q.   My partner said he felt guilty after he left his ex even though she was the one who cheated. He said when he found out, he left her but spent months afterwards feeling guilty and as if he had 'not acted like a man'. What does this mean? ...

A.   26 April 2011: My ex cheated and a part of me felt (and even now still feels) like it was my fault. If I had just been more... something. More attractive? More exciting? A better man? Maybe then she wouldn't have needed to find someone else. It's stupid, but it's ... (read in full...)

I just can't accept the fact that she will spend her life with a person who does not match up with her looks!

Q.   Dear Agony aunts, My sister recently got engaged to a guy that i just saw once before. At the engagement party i found him to be really unattractive and short for my sister. My sister is very beautiful and i felt like they looked like beauty and t...

A.   22 April 2011: I understand. Even if she doesn't worry about his looks, it's true that over time, it could subconsciously affect how she thinks of him and could be an issue down the line even if she never realizes that's the problem... BUT! As for your actua ... (read in full...)

Have any guys stayed with a girl that they dated in their teens?

Q.   Is there any guys out there who met a girl at 15/16/17/18 and are still with them? maybe married to them, engaged, still dating and how old are you guys know? I keep hearing so much stuff about how when guys meet a girl at 18 or younger they nev...

A.   20 April 2011: I have two friends that did that. One just married her boyfriend of 9 years, who she started dating at about 15. The other married her teenage sweetheart twenty years ago and they're still together. It's been known to happen sometimes. It's just in ... (read in full...)

Could 2 virgins get an STD?

Q.   Hey everyone. I had a quick question. If two virgins have sex with each other for the first time and they have oral sex and all these other sexual stuff, is there any way you can get an STD? Me and my bf are both virgins and have never done anything ...

A.   19 April 2011: Technically, if you're both virgins, completely innocent, then there's nothing to catch. But blood transfusions have infected people before, and even virgins can cheat on their partners, and even if no one gets sick it's still possible to get ... (read in full...)

Ideas to make my sex life more fun and enjoyable for both of us....

Q.   Please help me, I lost my virginity to my boyfriend and after that we have been having sex everytime we have a chance but this las time my boyfriend asked me what would I like him to do do for me or that we should try something neew, and that he ...

A.   19 April 2011: If he hasn't done much oral for you, that's the best way to help a woman climax. The majority of women either cannot orgasm from penetration or have great difficulty doing so... And if your guy's like many men, if can be fun for him too to give you ... (read in full...)

She is very quiet when she has an orgasm, is this because I am not very good?

Q.   hi i was just wondering. I have been with my partner 7 years. And well she is so quiet when she cums. Is this normal or am i just not giving her good enough ones? I always please her before penertration as she says she cant cum through this method ...

A.   19 April 2011: Many women are quiet. Sometimes that's just naturally how they are, or it could be concern for the neighbors overhearing, or just would be too embarrassed to make noise, or just never thought about it. It doesn't have any bearing on how satisfied ... (read in full...)

Would a man, given the opportunity, cheat if he thought he could get away with it?

Q.   Question for married men. Why do men cheat and want to talk online to other women when they say they are happily married? Would they really cheat or even flirt if they were that happy? Would a man given the opportunity actually cheat if he could ...

A.   14 April 2011: Would a man cheat if he had the opportunity? Some would, some wouldn't. In some situations, a man would while in other situations, the same man wouldn't. I could ask the same about women: Would a woman cheat if she thought she could get away with ... (read in full...)

Why is he ignoring me? What should I do?

Q.   Why is he ignoring me? What should I do? We are suppose to be good friends and I know he's had feelings for me for almost a year (he sent a lot of mixed signals though). He's had a habit of coming in and out of my life and has a habit of withdra...

A.   14 April 2011: For a minute, I thought you were a girl I know. You sound remarkably like the situation between me and a friend of mine. In my case, we've been friends for six years and I've had feelings for her nearly the whole time, but nothing's come of it. I ... (read in full...)

Do guys respect virgins or non experienced girls?

Q.   Is it true that guys actually respect girls who have never had sex or if they haven't done much with a guy? I don't want to sound rude, but i don't believe this. I hear guys talk and surely if some girls are rude about the girls who are virgins, ...

A.   13 April 2011: I'm a male virgin, and you bet I'd respect a female virgin. Even friends that are not virgins still respect women that areinexperienced. These girls get to learn, get to experiment, and are very cute. As long as they aren't anti-sex and anti-men, I ... (read in full...)

Why didn't he just ask for my phone number?

Q.   helllo everyone. fridaynight me and my friends went to a bar, had a few drinks, met new guys. so the one guy asks for my phone and puts his number on my phone. why do guys do this? why not just ask for my number? ...

A.   13 April 2011: Why not? You want him to call you, so he has to worry about calling too soon or waiting too long, so he has to express interest without knowing if you're interested, so he can take the risk of rejection. He wants you to. What's so unfair about that. ... (read in full...)

What's wrong in telling your spouse how much u love them?

Q.   is it true that men don't often tell their wifes or girlfriends how much they love them? if yes i wanna know why..and why does a girl have to do it?...

A.   13 April 2011: Men have to walk a very fine line. If he tells his girlfriend that he loves her to often, she'll take it for granted and lose interest without the chase. Barring that, men in touch with their feelings or willing to communicate them are considered ... (read in full...)

Rare to have sex and g/f won't let me do anything unusual

Q.   me and my gf have hardly had sex. we have been together 3 years now. when we do have sex. she will only let me go down on her and a little intercorse. she wont ever go down on me and wont do anal. can u help please?...

A.   13 April 2011: Most women won't do anal, so that's not uncommon. Many women refuse to give oral too, and in fact I've never dated a girl that would. After three years, if she hasn't changed, she isn't going to. This is who she is. Either you love her more than you ... (read in full...)

At what age is a woman no longer attractive?

Q.   When does a woman lose her "hotness"? What age is considered no longer attractive? I would love to hear all opinions from women, men, all ages. Thanks!...

A.   13 April 2011: I'd say it's how she carries herself more than just her body. I know multiple women a couple decades older than I am that I would do anything for...... (read in full...)

How to deal with online dating rejection?

Q.   I've started to try online dating. It's so frustrating for a guy. I'm not the best looking out there. I send my responses. No response. One girl messaged me. I asked to hang out with her. She says she's busy. We still talk to each other. ...

A.   12 April 2011: I hate to rain misery on you, but dating sites have a very low rate of success. Men generally outnumber women by a significant margin and women are free to be extremely picky about who they talk to. The free sites are better than the pay sites, but ... (read in full...)

Is it true that guys cannot really control themselves in the heat of the moment?

Q.   This question is for guys mainly. Recently I was making out with my bf when suddenly he started seriously touching me up and feeling my butt and boobs and went a little over board. Anyway I told him that he went a bit too far and he was really sorry ...

A.   9 April 2011: As the saying goes, men have two brains but only enough blood to run one at a time. When he's horny enough, he'll think as clearly as if he were drunk. In time, with age and experience, he'll learn some control but yeah, it's easy to go too far. ... (read in full...)

What do men want to hear during sex?

Q.   What are the things a man wants to hear during sex? Dirty talk? What is the most turn on? ...

A.   9 April 2011: The sexiest thing I can hear from a woman is that she's enjoying herself. She doesn't need to scream like a pornstar, but some sort of noise is nice. Either telling me what she wants,or letting me know when I hit the right spot, or a soft moan... ... (read in full...)

I took a guy's virginity and stopped talking to him cold turkey. Now I feel guilty, what should I do?

Q.   About three weeks after ending a five year relationship with my ex I started talking to a guy and things went off great. It was honestly really amazing, he was perfect. I ended up having sex with him, and he had told me before hand that he was a ...

A.   7 April 2011: I've been that guy, more than once. And while I do, in time, forgive women for behaving that way, I've come to realize it happened in the best possible way for me. When you left this guy's life, it was going to hurt no matter what you did. Let's ... (read in full...)

I am desperately unhappy because I cant measure up to my boyfriend's ex and I just want to get out of this relationship so that I do not have to be compared to her...

Q.   I am so so jealous of my partners ex. I dont know where to start but it just seems like she was better in every way. She was very good looking, she had a kid, guys were always hitting on her. She is now doing a great job that pays well and she is ...

A.   6 April 2011: She cheated and you haven't. She drove him into debt and you haven't. She constantly got hit on and flirted and left him paranoid, but he trusts you. How does any of that make her better? This guy wants to marry you. He loves YOU! If you insist on ... (read in full...)

Men, do you like to kiss the vulva during foreplay?

Q.   Are there any men here that like to kiss the vulva during foreplay? If yes, you get a lot of pleasure out of it? When you do, do you give short quick pecks, or longer ones?...

A.   6 April 2011: There's not a part of a woman that I don't like to kiss. But yes, the entire nether region is kissable and yes I enjoy it. Quick pecks while being playful, longer kisses when getting going, teasing nibbles while working her up, whatever. As long as ... (read in full...)

I knew I was going to regret BJ from my GF, and I do. Please advise.

Q.   I have always told my (first) girlfriend, that I never wanted a blowjob, because I knew I would regret it. About a month ago, she gave me one, and as I suspected, from back then to this very moment, I am regretting it in so many different ways. I ...

A.   3 April 2011: I know you regret it and feel guilty for letting her do that, but remember that she did it to give you a gift. If you tell her that you feel so bad about it, she'll feel even worse than you do, feel guilty, foolish, unattractive, unloved. Feel bad ... (read in full...)

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