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it seems i have needed alot of advice this month my life isnt working out and now i am grounded for a month so i havnt been on this for along time and i am trying to come on regulary

i am only 14 yet i have saw and experienced alot wich i can take and help others with i am currently not in a relationship as we broke up because it wasnt working but we do like each other alot so i dont no were thats going to lead but i hope i can help everyone out the best way i can and in return you can help me i have just came out of yet another relationship with my best fiends ex wich as you can tell will of been complictaed he says he loves me but hes not over his ex so i am just enjoying life at the moment love lushlass93 xxxxx

thanx byexxxxxxxx

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He seems so into me, but I do not have that spark for him. Can love grow from friendship?

Q.   I am confused, i don't know wether i want to be in a relationship or not. Its a long story... I was with a guy for 7 years and he left me for someone else.. broke my heart. Then 6 weeks later i got with a guy i thought was perfect he was crazy ...

A.   10 August 2008: you shouldnt stay in a relationship if your not happy if all your friends fall outwith you they are clearly not your real friends they should understand how you and him fell if there is no love or feeling there this wont work you need to feel som... (read in full...)

I'm worried about what happens when I have sexual thoughts.

Q.   When i think about things like, 'kissing' my crush and sexual thoughts and things like that, white gew comes out of my vagina. I am very worried about this and I havn't started my periods, am i abnormal? HELP ME! Jessica xxxxxxx...

A.   5 August 2008: your not abnormal you are just maturing and thinking more sexual the gooy stuf is discharge and it is there beofre you get your period you start to get it around two years before you start your period you are not strange all girls get this and... (read in full...)

I feel rubbish as a girlfriend because I liked it when another guy acted sexually towards me.

Q.   Well, long story short, i've been with my current boyfriend for just over a month now, im 16 and he's 23, and our relationship is great. Great amount of emotion, great amount of communication, great sex life, just, great everything! But toni...

A.   2 August 2008: just because another guy got you stimualted doesnt make you bad you didnt actually do anything wrong so dont feel bad and just dont do that with the person again if you do it again then you are doing something bad becasue you know you enjoy it ... (read in full...)

My dad really doesnt like my bf! Its so hard, what can I do ??

Q.   My dad and my BF do not get along well at all. They don't fight out loud, but My father makes it obvious he doesn't like my BF staying around. I have been lying to my dad about me and my BF, saying we're just friends so he will let him around, ...

A.   27 July 2008: what you really need to do is talk to your dad about this he obviously is very protectiveover you and loves you alot i think he just doesnt want to see yo be hurt and like most dads dont want to think of you in this way but he needs to let you ... (read in full...)

My guy thinks I cheated on him. He thinks I don't love him and don't trust him. How can I make him understand?

Q.   Hello, I donno what to do about my guy… We had an argument for the last few days and so he thinks I’ve cheated him… I donno how to make him understand As we hardly get time to speak to eachother… He’s in 11th and I m in 10th so I have my cla...

A.   27 July 2008: you are going to have to find the time to talk to him otherwise there is no point mabey he needs time to calm down first so just wait and then talk to him the one thing you both need is trust though try and make him undetand if he doesnt trus... (read in full...)

I lied to my friend. How do I make it better?

Q.   well this year i made a new bestfriend. lets call her "shelly". anyway she already ahd another bestfriend, who we will call " jane". anyway i has the myspace of this girl (call her claire) who was the prettiest person ever, a few years older than ...

A.   15 July 2008: tell her the truth ypu wanted to be like claire and you were insecure about yourself then she will understand if you are true best friends then she will forgive you and forget becuse thats what true friends do for each other they forgive and forget ... (read in full...)

How can I convince him to "sneak away" with me?

Q.   OK, I'm going to the movies soon. The drive in. With my family, and my Mom says I should bring my boyfriend, since we're always talking, and teasing eachother, flirting, and all of that stopped since vacation, cuz our schedules are different. So I w...

A.   15 July 2008: mabey you shoudl just watch the movie if you are going to kiss then it will just happen you cant force it suggest this to your boyfriend and see if he wants to if he doesnt then dont push him to kiss you mabey a soft long kiss is the best for your ... (read in full...)

Would it be bad if I kissed another girl while we are on break?

Q.   I have recently spilt with my girlfriend of nineteen months. She ultimately called it off although she said it was me afterwards, as i had written a letter the week before saying the relationship should end. I wrote the letter as I was extremely ...

A.   15 July 2008: if you really loved this girl you wouldnt even think of kissing another girl but mabey you two arnt meant to be if she suddenly called it off she could do this over and over again so you should talk it over and see were you and her stand thunk about ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend has cheated before and isgiving me reasons to doubt him, what can I do?

Q.   ive been with my boyfriend for 2 months now and hes aready told me that he loves me. he told me about an incident when he slept round his ex girlfriends and she tried to kiss him. and recently his ex contacted me and told me a different story, that ...

A.   9 July 2008: i think you have to confront him about all of this and see what he has to say if he has been cheating then you need to seriously think about why you are with him and if you can trust him i know it hurts but it will hurt more if you stay because he ... (read in full...)

I'm scared my friend's boyfriend will ruin our friendship

Q.   My best friend has this boyfriend, I am happy for her and she deserves to have a boyfriend who is devoted and wont treat her like trash, but it seems that she way more concerned about impressin him than spending time with me and our little group, ...

A.   6 July 2008: well if she is treating you like this you should still be there for her because no matter what you should be thats what true friends do all the time for each other she might really like him so she is trying to impress him thats why shes doing this ... (read in full...)

Me and my cousin are flirting a lot. I want to have sex with her...

Q.   okay i am 15 and my cousin is 14 and every time we're together i can't stop thinking about her and we always flirt every time we're together like at our family cottage me her and my sister slept in the top floor of our bunkhouse and me and her were ...

A.   6 July 2008: personally i think having anything sexual wiht your cousions is wrong its like family not normal love but if you really want to then you should speak with your family first because that could be rtuined your familys relationship you are also unde... (read in full...)

SITE NEWS: Over 600,000 visitors last month!

Q.   Just a quickie We broke the 600,000 unique users/month (i.e. people!) last month. According to google analytics we had 638,310 visitors from June 1st to June 30th. Doesn't seem that long ago we passed the half a million mark. Thanks to all t...

A.   4 July 2008: brill i am really happy xD maby we can get to a million good luck xxxxx... (read in full...)

Has anyone let love go due to fear of commitment?

Q.   Has anyone ever let a love go because they were afraid to commit and then after realized they made a mistake? Or did it mean he was not the one for me and I was right in doing what I did?...

A.   25 June 2008: if you left because you are afraid of commiting mabey it means he wasnt the one because if he was then you would of been able to commit no matter what if you were did love him if you are missing him or then it could mean somthing but dont hurt him ... (read in full...)

He acts like I'm going to be available for him whenever he's ready. How can I set things straight?

Q.   This guy and I like each other, and I recently told him I want to have sex with him. Since then he's been acting like I'll be available whenever he's ready leaving me wonder if it will ever happen. Now, suddenly and for the next several weeks I ...

A.   25 June 2008: it sounds he is usuing you for sex its your choice to have sex with him and if he doesnt understand and respect the fact you cant have sex with him because you have bigger problems then he isnt exactly respecting you and your decisons if he keeps ... (read in full...)

Has he broke up with me for good or just on a bender?

Q.   its been a week since my boyfriend left he said that we were over and that he wasnt coming back. i went away this weekend and came back to find that he had come in and taken some things. but left others.. he still is saying hes not coming back but ...

A.   23 June 2008: you shouldnt worry about him you ashould worry about yourself and the baby if he decides to help thats his decision but you have to decide wether you want this baby or not and if you can cope its your his baby aswell as yours but if he dont want... (read in full...)

My best friends brother.

Q.   my best friend has the hottest brother that i know he is so my type he is like my dream boy that all girls dream of when there little. my friend knows that i like him and she is fine with it. but the problem is i dont know how to tell him that i ...

A.   22 June 2008: i dont know if this could work but if you like him just tell him and see what he says back mabey it could work but there are others out there just because hye may seem like a dream boyfriend he will still have faults and also you have to talk to ... (read in full...)

Do people who cheat change?

Q.   hi, my question is basically this, do people ever change ? for example if they have cheated on you, what is the likelyhood of them doing it again ? and are they really genuine when they cry and cry, and tell you how sorry they are ? thanks :)...

A.   9 June 2008: well i gave my ex aniother chance who cheated and it got worse and i enede up cheating good luck xxxxx... (read in full...)

My friend said she would try to find a partner for me, but I'm feeling more and more uncomfortable. Should I end this friendship?

Q.   I got to know this 21-year old girl in a forum over the internet a few months ago, and as she needed someone to offer her tuition, I agreed to teach her for free. And so, I would meet her regularly over the weekends to either give her tuition or to ...

A.   8 June 2008: i think you should end this friendship as you are getting nothing out of it she hurts your feelings insults you are doesnt make your life happier she isnt a good friend and you should forget her if you have already talked to her and she knows she ... (read in full...)

My friend said she would try to find a partner for me, but I'm feeling more and more uncomfortable. Should I end this friendship?

Q.   I got to know this 21-year old girl in a forum over the internet a few months ago, and as she needed someone to offer her tuition, I agreed to teach her for free. And so, I would meet her regularly over the weekends to either give her tuition or to ...

A.   8 June 2008: i think you should end this friendship as you are getting nothing out of it she hurts your feelings insults you are doesnt make your life happier she isnt a good friend and you should forget her if you have already talked to her and she knows she ... (read in full...)

What are the first sypmptoms of pregnancy?

Q.   What is the first sign if you're pregnant? What are the symptoms?...

A.   8 June 2008: erm usually yoyur breats enlarge you sense of smell hightens your period stops but to be sure you shoul see the doctor or get home pregangy test good luck xxxx... (read in full...)

Are you still a virgin after fingering?

Q.   I have one question. If your boyfriend fingers you through your jeans, does that still make you a virgin?...

A.   8 June 2008: you are stilla virgin until you have sex it doesnt matter what you do you dont loose oyur virginity until sex but dont rush into it yet you are the same age as me and i am waiting stil althouhg i ahve done things i ahvnt had sex good luck xxxx... (read in full...)

This lad says he's in love with me and wants to kiss me. We are going out soon and I need advice!

Q.   hii x i am 13 there is dis lad i av nown sice i woz 4 and he just recently told me dat he woz in love with me !! i meen i dnt even no wot love is !! he told me on msn dat he really wanted 2 kiss me ! we are goin 2 the cinema soon and i ne...

A.   8 June 2008: dont be tense just relax mabey he is ni love with you you have to decide if you love him or if you even like him if you do then kissing isnt as bad as anyone thinks i was very afraid and its easy it comes naturally and let him lead its not as ... (read in full...)

I'm scared about my first time!

Q.   I have been warned that it will hurt the first time I have sex by almost everyone I have spoken to. However, I am more curious for the time being, how much or whether it will hurt when I am "fingered" for the first time. Can any one give me ...

A.   8 June 2008: when i was first fingered it didnt hurt bit then he went to far up and it did i my cherry was popped and it hurt but not alot everyone is diffrent and it can hurt alot or only a bit you cane bleed that day or the day after it depends how far your ... (read in full...)

I had sex with my best friend's boyfriend and now I'm pregnant.

Q.   i need help and quick. im 13 and about three months ago i had sex with my best friend's boyfriend. i regret it, because im pregnant. i dont know how to tell people. let alone my best friend. please help....

A.   8 June 2008: please talk to someone quick family is best they will no what to do you can eiuther have an abortion get the baby adopted or keep it you will have to tell the father and your life may change but before you think about that you have to tell someone ... (read in full...)

My husband is making me have too many children!

Q.   I need some advice. I am 8 months pregnant with my 5th child. my other children are 7, 5, 4 and 18 months old. My husband works extremely long hours and spends every second week working in another state. I was done having children after our t...

A.   8 June 2008: this is your bodya nd your feelings tyou should tellh mi how he feels and say that you are finding it tiring and he should of known how you felt when you first met and when you planned out your future he should of known your views on having children ... (read in full...)

Having problems in the family!

Q.   help. my cousin is addopted and he is about 5years younger than me, but i really dont get along with him, hes 7 at the moment and he has serious seems as though he has everyone wrapped around his little finger and when im around, it doesnt ...

A.   8 June 2008: i think you should stay out of his way and see if he grows out of it and if he doesnt every one will see what hes like soon i cant belive your family dont belive you jsut saty safe becasue he could really hurt you i hope you are ok good luck xxxx... (read in full...)

I lied to my boyfriend and said I was pregnant? what now?

Q.   Okay so i my boyfriend moved to another state and we decided to stay togetehr . he promised to call and he did ....FOR THEE FIRST WEEK . and then i started getting less calls . and recently he told me he was cheating on me but he was coming back to ...

A.   8 June 2008: you have to tell hi because if you dont it could get you into all sorts of trouble and if he has cheated do you think he is worth it mabey its not supose to bebut if you love eahc other you could wok this out just tell him the truth and see where it ... (read in full...)

Her BF doesn't make her happy but she says he doesn't deserve her leaving... and said goodbye to me!

Q.   Ok so me and my friend have gotten really close. So close that we're expressing our feelings for each other even though she has a bf. I always thought they had a perfect relationship but turns out they didn't she recently started telling me all his ...

A.   8 June 2008: she likes you but she doesnt want too hurt her bf so you ashould try and talk to her again explain that althouhg she doesnt want too hurt his feelings he doesnt make her happy and she should think of herself he wil find someone else and be happy and ... (read in full...)

Should we wait until we're teens?

Q.   There's this really cute girl at my violin class (I'm home schooled so i don't see many girls) and I'm 12 and she is 10. My friend Jason who is 30 (met online) says since she is still basically a child I should wait a few years. Do you think i ...

A.   8 June 2008: you are only young so going out dosnt mean much so if you want to you should but if you are looking for a girl to be serious and things you should wait utnil you are older for that good luck xxxxx... (read in full...)

Do people who cheat change?

Q.   hi, my question is basically this, do people ever change ? for example if they have cheated on you, what is the likelyhood of them doing it again ? and are they really genuine when they cry and cry, and tell you how sorry they are ? thanks :)...

A.   6 June 2008: some people mean it when they apoligise but some dont and some just but never admit like my ex when i cehated i did mean it because i was feeling very closede and controlled but i did like the boy alot and i did feel really bad i think if you chea... (read in full...)

I need both guys and girls points of view!

Q.   I need both guys and girls points of view! Basically,I am 14 and have given and recieved oral and today at school i stupidley let it slip. None of my friends have even given a hand job. i am very old in my year (year 9)as my b'day is in sep and wi...

A.   6 June 2008: when everyone found out what i had done justlet it go on it shouldnt affect you you will be very surpridsed by what some people have done and what some havnt ia m in year bnine and most of the girls i know have had sex i am in the minority who havnt ... (read in full...)

The faded love... help please!

Q.   i've had a really major crush in high school, and we were rele great friends in the first few years. then somehow or another we got to know that we had actually been crushing on each other big after that as both of us were pretty shy when it ...

A.   4 June 2008: i think you really ned to try an dget over hinm if you can try and get in tuch and see how he feels because he could feel the same gettin iover him will be hard and take some time but if you just egt on with your life and try and enjoy others you ... (read in full...)

I think I still love him!

Q.   Hi i think im still in love with my ex, he has a girlfriend now and i have a boyfriend, we was only together for 3monthes but we talked every night, not a day went by that we didnt talk to each and now come on that is a lot. We found we had so much ...

A.   4 June 2008: i am in the same situation and althouhg he cheated in me not with my friends thouhg he controlled my life and i ende up cheating i still love him al9ot i see him everyday and he is goin with his other ex most of the time yo have to do what i am doin ... (read in full...)

My best friend comes from a different cultural background! There's more and I need some advice!

Q.   My best friend is Korean and he came to America with his parents. My friend E and I are really confused when it comes to J. There is a culture difference so sometimes it gets to the point that we don't really know much about him. We consider him a ...

A.   4 June 2008: ok his background shouldnt affect how he and his oarents act so you will be fine just try and find out more about his culter because then you can understand you more if you like him you should see how he feels nd if you are that strong you could be ... (read in full...)

We have been together for only about a month and he already wants to touch me intimately, what to do?

Q.   Me and my boyfriend have been together for about a month and he is already wanting to touch me in private places, he is also wanting to have sex. have deep feelings for him, but im not to sure how to react to this, what should i do?...

A.   4 June 2008: hey i ave been in this same situation but i felt ready to dot hings althouhg i didnt ahave sex if you dont feel like you want to then dont its your body and your decision and also having sex is a big deal i am 14 and stilla virgin but when i feel ... (read in full...)

Had sex with my cousin, we are both preteens! What can you advise us?

Q.   I am 13 years old and my mother's sister's daughter is 11 and half years old. We are neighbours and from childhood we know each other. We used to show our p. parts and gradualy started fingering each other. Two days before we put it inside and did ...

A.   4 June 2008: this is wrong as she is your cousin and also iots rong beacuse she is much younger tahn you and you are harming her she could have alot of problems when she is older and you are only young youreself you are probably confused but just dont do it ... (read in full...)

I feel as I am running out of solutions and am considering prostitution...

Q.   i want to be a prostitute i am struggling with money at the moment and i need some to help me life and enjoy myself i live in england does anyone no of how i can do it or of any agencies to call ? ...

A.   4 June 2008: please dont turn to prostitution its really bad you can die end up with an std or be raped and left attaked its a horriable world and you cant survive in it i think if you are still consideribg it you should read about some experiences because you ... (read in full...)

Boys seem to only like me as a friend! Any suggestions?

Q.   i am lonely. i haven't had a boyfriend now for just over a year. i think it's because i get called a bloke at school.. and boys are afraid to go out with me because they will get the mickey taken out of them. i have pleanty of friends and they are ...

A.   4 June 2008: i know how you feel i used to i have alot of friends who love me and i love them but i just didnt feel loved withouut a boy but i ahve had relationships sincs then if boys are afraid to go with you because of that they are not seeing what they are ... (read in full...)

Do I tell him about sleeping with someone else while we were broken up?

Q.   hi. me and my boyfriend both lost our virginity to eachother last january (so around a year ago) a few months after this we broke up for a bit, and i ended up sleeping with someone else. all i thought about was him. we got back together and ...

A.   4 June 2008: you shouldnt just come out with it and tell him because it has nothing to do with him but if he asls you dont deny it you did that because you wanted too and its got nothing to do with him beacuse thatw as something you did and not him so dont lie ... (read in full...)

Why do I still like her? She said no and she's not really that pretty!

Q.   Why do I still like her? She said no n she looks off colour, not very pretty probably due to exam stress but I don't care I am in love with her as person no matter how bad she looks. Anyone understand me? Is it even possible to get over her?...

A.   4 June 2008: maby she dosnt like you but if you are sayin all theese bad things about her mabey thats why you shoukld think she preety all of the time if you love her so you musnt give her time she might of said bno becasue of the exams ask again after and ask ... (read in full...)

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