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Im only 20 but ive been through alot of nasty hard times in my life and as ive seen many counsellors and spent many nights with friends crying on my shoulder i always seem to offer them good advice so have a reputation of being a great listener and a good adviser among my friends. I have a fantastic boyfriend who i love dearly but he is away alot as he is in the army so i have plenty of nights where im able to come on here and help others.

Im a friendly girl with alot of love and support to give and also am a memember of a forum for all sorts of problems, including self harming,depression and eating disorders so if you ever feel you need some extra advice from people who have those ghosts just ask.

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Don't know if what he wrote on his Facebook page referred to me or someone else?

Q.   Hi everyone there's a guy I've liked for ages but haven't the guts to tell him that i do like him, he drove me somewhere on Tuesday evening and anyway after i left his and a few hours after he wrote this on his facebook page......... It hurts ...

A.   10 April 2011: Just tell him how you feel, life is to short wondering what if's. ... (read in full...)

How do I get over my ex? It's ruined my life

Q.   Ok, please don't judge me on what i'm about to say because everyone I have tried to talk to has: My name is Hayley and i'm 15, almost 16. A few days ago my boyfriend broke up with me, he said he didn't love me anymore. We had been together fo...

A.   10 April 2011: Firstly *big hugs* Now your not going to believe me but one day maybe weeks/months from now you will wake up feeling better and happier trust me on that because there is someone out there for you who will love you just as much as you love them, i ... (read in full...)

We're 14, are we old enough to have sex?

Q.   hello, this is a pretty long question but it would be great if i could have your honest opinions, i'm 14 and i've been with my boyfriend who is also 14 for about ten months. we're very close and he's like my best friend as well as my boyfrien...

A.   10 April 2011: The fact your even asking leads me to think that in all honesty your not ready. If you want my advice save it till your older being together for 10 months really is not long enough to get into this type of relationship, wait till your a bit older ... (read in full...)

A week before we are to see each other LDR b/f starts totally ignoring me!

Q.   Please help me. Im going out of my mind. I was having a LDR with a guy who works 400 miles away and he was due to come home yesterday. We had arranged to spend next weekend together. But for the past week he has been totally ignoring my texts, calls ...

A.   10 April 2011: I have to be honest with you i think this guy has been messing around with you and had no intention of actually meeting up with you, block him on facebook block his number and do not waste another minute on this guy he is not worth the pain! ... (read in full...)

Should I stop talking to my older co-worker?

Q.   I think I'm falling for a work colleague whose quite a bit older but I dont know if I am. When we were genrally talking he said he had a baby but never mentioned if he was still with the mother. We get on really well and we always have a laugh and ...

A.   16 March 2011: Take advice from someone who has been in the exact same situation do not get involved with a work colleauge!! There is no harm in flirting but just keep the flirting light and dont get to caught up in the situation, work colleagues are off limits! ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend doesn't like my nude pictures?

Q.   Every time I send my boyfriend naughty or nude pictures he doesn't say anything, how do I know if he actually likes them? I am embarrassed, every other guy I have sent them too seems to drive them crazy haha We have been dating for 5 months and he ...

A.   16 March 2011: Maybe he does not know what to say to you when you send them maybe he is not really into that kind of thing or just does not want to give you the impression that all he wants is your body. Easiest thing to do is to just talk to him... (read in full...)

B/f thinks if I have sex with another girl it will help our relationship

Q.   Hello DC aunts and uncles. I'm in need of advice, I will make this short. My boyfriend honestly believes that if I have sex with another girl it would "help" our relationship. Personally thats a load of bull. I know it won't I know things will only ...

A.   16 March 2011: How is you having sex with another girl going to help your relationship? Are you generally having problems? If he will not accept no for an answer then he clearly does not respect you and maybe its time you took a minute to really think if you want ... (read in full...)

Hookup for two years, but he hasn't asked me to be his g/f

Q.   This guy and I have been hooking up for about 2 years now. Im falling in love with him and he tells me that he loves me but he hasnt asked me to be his girlfriend. This leads me to believe that hes just using me for hook ups and that hes keeping his ...

A.   16 September 2010: Have you tried talking to him about it? Because if he doesnt want to talk about it or call you his gf when he says he loves you then yeah you are being used! ... (read in full...)

Is it wrong? please help.

Q.   MODS NOTE: OP's own title. Okay there is this dude. and he has a girlfriend but we like each other and talk alot. we hung out friday night with some friends, that knew about the situation. and sunday i went to the lake with him and had sooo much fun,...

A.   8 September 2010: I have to agree with caring guy, the guy is taken he either needs to break up with his girlfriend or leave you alone. I think you need to talk to him about this and figure out what he wants, if he wants to keep his girlfriend then you both have to ... (read in full...)

Is there any way that you can make someone want you?

Q.   I know this may sound silly but ive seen it happen before and i jsut wondered if there was a chance, is there any way that you can make someone want you after they've said they dont. I know that does kinda answer itself as a big NO but theres so...

A.   8 September 2010: I think it is unlikly especially as he is seeing someone else, how ever i am not going to say this will never happen because you never know what the future holds. Just stay friends with him you have put yourself out there and you never know what can ... (read in full...)

Should I put him out AGAIN?

Q.   I have been dating the same guy for almost 10 years. The first 2 years were pretty good, but I guess I always felt like he thought I wasn't good enough for him. He lost his job 2 years into the relationship and then he asked me to move in with ...

A.   8 September 2010: I would make him see someone to try and sort out the way he is feeling i dont think you should put yourself or your kids threw this. I think you need to ask him to leave and move on this guy clearly does not need a partner he needs profesional help. ... (read in full...)

Stress from moving---or pregnancy?

Q.   Coming up two weeks ago I relocated to Canada, leaving my boyfriend of two months behind. We are very serious with one another and he plans to move out to Canada next year so we can be together. So anyway, we rarely had protected sex because....

A.   7 September 2010: Best go and get a test huni thats the only way you can be sure, and if thats negative best to go get double checked by a doctor just in case. ... (read in full...)

I don't want to be hurt because he's confused!

Q.   For the past few months I have been dating a guy that has been seperated from his wife for over a year. There is a part of me that has always been bothered by the fact that he is not "divorced". Everything is going fine and we talk and text ...

A.   7 September 2010: I think this guy is not over his wife, maybe he jumped into a relationship to soon just to cope with what was happening and unfortunatly he has dragged you into this situation. I think you need to give him time and space i know it is going to... (read in full...)

Am I just a huge fool???

Q.   My husband and I have been married for 10 years. During this time he has done horrible things to me from abusing me sexually, beating me, and causing us to loose everything we own twice. This didn't happen until 3 years into our marriage after he ...

A.   7 September 2010: Why are you putting yourself threw this? Your husband is abusing you and still you stay? Do you not think you deserve better? I know that you love him but everyone has a limit to what they can take and huni i would not put up with this, bi- polar is ... (read in full...)

I'm in Love with a Straight Friend

Q.   I'm a 15 year old boy from England. I'm also gay. I have good friends and a nice family. Being gay isn't actually the issue, I've told my brother and sister, and some friends. I'm not open about it, so not many people in my school know. I am pret...

A.   7 September 2010: Unfortunatly most people have to go through this, unrequited love it sucks trust me i know. The good news is you do get over it, the bad news is there is no way of knowing when (im still waiting for Johnny Depp to wisk me off my feet its been 10 ... (read in full...)

Hugging someone who is so much taller than you?

Q.   hi, im about 5 ft 2 and ive recently started dating this guy who is about 6 ft 5 so theres a pretty big height difference there. just wondered if anyone has some suggestions on how to hug him? it sounds kinda weird its just when i give him a hug i ...

A.   7 September 2010: Why dont you put your hands around his waist instead? I used to have to do that when i dated a guy who was much taller then me ... (read in full...)

She says I'm better even though they were bigger!

Q.   ive been with the same woman for 14 years.i just found out that she slept with 3 of my friends four yrs a really close friend.iam now very insecure and hurt cuz i knw that they are bigger than me in penis i knw she enjoyed it ...

A.   7 September 2010: Trust me when i say size really does not matter it's how you use it that counts! Believe what your lady tells you because she is telling you the truth ... (read in full...)

All my colleagues have left work because of me - should I just move firms or tell my MD my thoughts?

Q.   Hi I have a problem, I am a woman who works as an ops director for a firm. I started about six months ago. Since I started nearly all the staff walked out (one left) and they have all said it was because of me. I tell them all the time what I expe...

A.   19 May 2010: I have to say i was slightly shocked to read this post, respect is not given it is earned, you sound a bit like my manager , she has a staff of nearly 22 people and as she constantly tells us "she is not there to be liked". Unfortunatly for her she ... (read in full...)

How effective is the pill "microgynon 30" ?

Q.   hi guys, just a question about the pill im on.. im on microgynon 30 and i was just wondering how effective it is? when my doctor put me on it, i asked her if my partner and i still need to use condoms, and she said that as long as im taking the pill ...

A.   10 March 2010: I was on microgynon 30 for nearly 4 years and i didnt get preganant while i was on it, however i had to change to a diffrent pill as i got blood clots in my legs. ... (read in full...)

Should she tell, will police notify people at work anyway?

Q.   Help, my daughter has was caught using work mobile whilst driving. Police issued immediate fine and points to licence. She is traumatised as her work mobile phone policy states that moibile phones should not be used whilst driving, and breach o...

A.   23 September 2009: Unfortunatly the law is the law and if you choose to break it then you have to face the consequences, if i where in this situation i would tell my boss i think it would be easier and then she wont have to wait for the consequences later. I wish her ... (read in full...)

He blames all of our problems on me or my insecurities

Q.   Is there something wrong with me? My bf says there is. He blames all our relationship problems either on me and "my insecurities" or he blames our problems on my ex bf and claims I am judging him based on how badly my ex treated me. I find it...

A.   17 August 2009: Why the hell are you with this guy? Do you think that you deserve to be treated like this? Deep down do you really think he loves you? I think he see's you as a dormat and i cant believe that you are putting up with this! Sounds like you have jumped ... (read in full...)

He's going away for 6 weeks and I can't survive without him!

Q.   My bf is going away for a long time- 6 weeks overseas. I wont get to talk to him much, because hes not taking a phone due to how expensive it would be. He said he will try to find a internet cafe when he can, but hes not sure how often he will be ...

A.   17 August 2009: Huni you just cope dont ask me how but you do, my other half if in the army and has been in afghanistan since march and is not home till the end of september, i have seen him for little over a week since he has been away when he came back for leave. ... (read in full...)

I know my guy friend still likes me, so how can I make him jealous?

Q.   My guy friend and I haven’t been talking. I texted him the other day saying that I heard he was going out with someone and he texted me back twice asking who I heard it from. I never answered him. I know that he’s not in a relationship! When I go to ...

A.   9 August 2009: Do you not think life is to short to play games? I dont mean to be rude but this post just sounds so immature, grow up life is to short ... (read in full...)

Is the married man I'm seeing the one for me?

Q.   I really don't know how to put this without seeming like the bad guy or appearing incredibly stupid. But I am going to try as I really need advice even though it seems so stupid. I have been seeing a married man for over 2 years now. He is slightly ...

A.   9 August 2009: Huni wake up to the reality this man is MARRIED, he has a wife. If he wanted to be with you he would leave his wife and be with you, all this about waiting for you to leave uni is a delaying tactic, when you leave uni it will be maybe you should go ... (read in full...)

He has a gf but I love him! How do I deal with this?

Q.   Dear Cupid i have loved this boy for ages now. but he has a girlfriend. the girlfriend is totally in love with him but she doesnt treat him good. me and him always flirt with each other and i like it because i know what ever happens it wont get out ...

A.   9 August 2009: Your not going to like my answer, but leave this guy alone he has a girlfriend if he was unhappy or wanted to be with you then he would be with you. He has a girlfriend and its not you, you have to realise this and move on dont waste your feelings ... (read in full...)

How do I go about making a threesome in the best way for both of us?

Q.   Me and my fiance have been together for a long time and had our ups and dwns and I want to make things interesting by having a 3 sum before we tie the knot to make up for the too low of a budget for bachlor and bachlorette parties. I'm fine with ...

A.   9 August 2009: I think this is really a bad idea threesomes tend to ruin relationships more then anything, but its fully your decision so i will just offer advice. Firstly NEVER use someone you know, find someone out of town (like you have already said) th... (read in full...)

Boyfriend trying to change me too much?

Q.   Hi, I just wanted to share some concerns I have about my 3 year relationship. About a year and a half into our relationship my boyfriend started trying to change little things about me. For instance, he decided he really didn't like my reddish/b...

A.   9 August 2009: Sorry to say this you may not want to read this or like what i am saying. But if a man loves you then he loves EVERYTHING about you, he is changing you into a diffrent person and you are not the same person that he met. To give up being a vegetarian ... (read in full...)

I have a constant need to urinate, even after I relieve myself, what is the problem?

Q.   right... i have a small problem. i constantly need to pee, and when i do urinate, after i have finished, it feels like im still peeing/need to pee still. has anyone ever had any thing like this/ know what it is? thanks loopyloo x...

A.   6 August 2009: I would go see your doctor but its sounds a bit like cystitis, dont be embarressed go see your doctor instead of suffering in silence ... (read in full...)

Why did he go cold, after we were having such a good time?

Q.   hi there.i was dating online, and got talking to someone who i was interested in. we hit it off straight away and had so much fun talking every night, and speaking on the phone. he wanted to meet so he could spoil me. told me all the time how ...

A.   3 August 2009: Some men have a habbit of ignoring people because they dont want to say how they feel. Im sorry this has happend to you but maybe he has met or has someone else, maybe he didnt feel the spark, who knows i do know that he seems a bit of a coward f... (read in full...)

They want photos of me with no clothes on!

Q.   0k.. I am currently single but i talk to a LOT of guys they always send me dirty pictures of themself but they want me so send them a dirty picture of myself and i take some HOT pictures but i have clothes on and they want pictures with my clothes ...

A.   2 August 2009: I agree with all the other aunts on here this is not a good idea and i would stongly suggest that you dont take pics of yourself, you can only imagine what may happen with them. But if you ignore the advice of us on here atleast take pics that dont ... (read in full...)

I want to completely wax my vaginal area. Is this wise?

Q.   Female help needed! I want to get rid of my vaginal pubic hair, completely. I really don't want to shave it because I've tried that in the past and it doesn't last long and it's irritating when it's growing back. What I would really love to do is ...

A.   7 June 2009: Im a qualified holistic and beauty therapist my advice is to go to a salon and get it done, dont feel embarressed about it, we dont get embarressed. I wont lie its a bit uncomfotable at first but it does give s really smooth finish and lasts for ... (read in full...)

Problems with sweating!

Q.   This probably isn't the appropriate question to ask on dear cupid, but I would like some opinions please. This is a health related question. I am male, 25years old, and fit and healthy, however I have have a problem with my underarms, I am ...

A.   29 May 2009: Go to your doctor, my brother had the exact same problem he was so aware of it he would wear dark colours and jumpers even in the summer, he put it off for as long as possible but in the end went to the doctors and was perscribed this underarm stuff ... (read in full...)

13 years old and pregnant. Unsure of what to do?

Q.   This will be quite long so lease bear with me. I came from a good loving family and has good reputation. My mom, my aunts, all the ladies in my family were married first before sex. Except for one, my aunt who was left by the man who didn't know ...

A.   27 May 2009: Well not to be rude but are you really mature enough to handle a baby if your planning on running away? Its all good saying your boyfriend is going to marry you and his family will take you in ect ect, but your still very young and to be honest ... (read in full...)

Does she really care more about him than me?

Q.   Basically, my girlfriend of nearly eight months has been talking to this guy over the internet for about four years. She says they used to be, sort of together, long distance but then she broke with him (she says). Thing is, she always wants to ...

A.   27 May 2009: To be honest i think the best option is just to get rid of her, she says she loves him and says she wishes you were more like him? Thats just wrong this is not a real relationship she is just using you for what ever reason. I think you should leave ... (read in full...)

Just by looking, can you detect virginity?

Q.   Hi all, I'm not sure whether this is the right place to post but, I have been wondering can people tell who is a 'virgin' or not? if so, how? (e.g. the eyes, the way they dress, act?) ...

A.   21 May 2009: Well no of course you cannot tell whether or not someone is a virgin just by looking at them, well not unless they are wearing a sign to say whether they are or not. ... (read in full...)

He built up my hopes for nothing?

Q.   ok so i met this really amazing guy he was so sweet and stuff calling me all the things i've always wanted to hear in my life and i thought finally!!! i'm going to have the relationship i've always wanted! so i wanted to meet up with him Satur...

A.   18 May 2009: Yeah you have every right to be angry i certainly would be, he is messing you around and he cant even be honest about it, ignoring calls and texts is just so childish, and asking you for a lift th guy has some nerve, you deserve better, delete his ... (read in full...)

Help me please

Q.   help I am so unhappy in my marriage i no longer trust my husband and cannot get over his cheating he wont talk about what he has done and gets violent and throws things and he crabs me hits me i know i should leave but have no where to go an...

A.   18 May 2009: Firt of all of course you have some where to go to get a way from him there are womens safe houses all over the country, my advice go to your local police station tell them exactly whats going on and they will get you into a safe house domestic ... (read in full...)

How can I boost my husband's confidence?

Q.   My husband and me have been married for 4 years now. He's recently started taking confidence classes after having worries about his confidence in social situations, and has done well in them. Recently we had a dinner party at our house, and ...

A.   8 May 2009: My brother used to lack confidence he would not talk to anyone he didnt know would not speak up in public, he was just so scared of rejection and people judging him. He tried everything classes, he saw a councilor none if it helped. Howveer ... (read in full...)

Is it wrong for me to fake my own death to see if she still loves me?

Q.   Well basically my ex havn't been going out for ages, but I'm going out for her best mate (2 months) and she's always trying to get her to dump me but the girl i'm with doesn't want to dump me so i'm thinking. Is it wrong to fake my own death to prov...

A.   17 April 2009: If this is a real post then i think you need to seek proffessional help because the fact that this thought has even popped into your head makes me think you make have some kind of mental health problem. Suicide is no laughing matter and even joking ... (read in full...)

I'm really angry, my ex and my best friend are going out 2 days after we broke up!!

Q.   i brokeup with my boyfriend lastthursdy after goin out for 4 weeks but yesterday i found out that only 2 days after splittingup him and mybest friend were goin out, i got really angry. what should i do ?...

A.   9 April 2009: I will be honest there is nothing you can do about this, she obviously is not a true friend and he obviously cant bear to be single for more then 5 minutes. Your better off without them ... (read in full...)

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