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Dear Cupid is truly an exceptional advice-giving website

Its Aunts and Uncles are caring and wise

I hope to be as sage with my advice as they are

Here I will try my best

As I endeavour to be A Caring Aunty from Australia

Cheers – CAA :)

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My boyfriend of 8 months is going on vacation with his almost ex wife and their kids! Is this normal? Is this okay?

Q.   I have been in a relationship with a man (in recovery from alcohol) for 8 months. A few months back things got a little rocky as hes still not fully divorced that's not final for about 2 more months. I have not met his children, nor him mine. Hi...

A.   19 August 2017: Oh great... its Disneyland to the rescue, too soften the blow of their parents’ divorce! How many soon to be divorced couples take their children to Disney as a last hoorah to their family unit, hoping the children will have memories of Mommy and ... (read in full...)

Suggestions please on how to help his aim

Q.   I got a question and it's not drama and I think it needs to be answered guys my husband iS a hunting man so I ask guys how can you hit a deer at 300yards and miss toilet seat at 3 feet...

A.   19 August 2017: Sounds like Hubby needs a longer penis or shorter legs? Alternatively ask him to sit down or grow a lemon tree for him to water. I harvested 42 lemons one season from a small tree thanks to this fertiliser :)... (read in full...)

My husband is unaffectionate

Q.   My husband literally acts like I'm invisible he never hugs/kisses me or shows me any love at all. I've asked him over and over what's wrong or whether he still loves me he just says that he does love me yet never changes. I even asked him if h...

A.   19 August 2017: He's obviously taking you for granted or it's not in his nature or natural for him to show affection in hugs/kisses. Yet a man can show he cares for and connects with his wife in other ways... does he help with the chores, do repairs around the ... (read in full...)

Is it petty that I am annoyed that the man I am dating is cheap?

Q.   I am dating a guy who is about a decade older than me. On our first date we went to a restaurant (one he'd chosen and he asked me out). When the bill came he wanted to split it. He has a very well paying job. I am setting up my own business and earn ...

A.   19 August 2017: After he showed you he's no gentleman in paying for the first date, I would not have accommodated him; to suggest eating on the cheap etc. You either want a man to act as a man or he is a friend to hang out with? Friends share the bill, not ... (read in full...)

I'm still friends with an ex and my new girlfriend gets jealous!

Q.   I've been with my new girlfriend for six month's, my ex am still friends with,she babysits my granddaughter, if she needs help I help her like today, I have a pickup, she bought a big snowblower, so I pick it up for her, I help other friends too, my ...

A.   13 August 2017: I think your EGO must really be intact if you don’t get jealous about her Ex’s or guy friends. It’s a very rare quality for a man indeed. Personally I can relate to you up to a point. As for helping an Ex you are not Dial-an-Ex delivery boy as y... (read in full...)

Things were perfect then he began to change. Should I break up with him?

Q.   My relationship was perfect with my boyfriend.and then things began to change..he doesnt go down on me when we have sex and making excuses saying the odour coming from my vagina smells terible when we have sex and thats the reason he cant.and ...

A.   12 August 2017: Maybe there is an odor that can easily be washed beforehand or a change of diet can also effect our bodily odors, sweat, plus his semen can give an odor in the area of play also? However he is being very nasty about your height and picking ... (read in full...)

His ex girlfriends stuff is still a his place!

Q.   I have been dating my bf for almost a couple months. He was w/his ex for a long time and still has her stuff tho its been awhile since they broke up. Her stuff is still there and I want it gone, I don't want her to have any hold on him. He has ...

A.   12 August 2017: Auch the spiteful Ex-GF; another drama waiting behind the scenes to unfold... It sure doesn't get easy for you does it? Just be cool, keep out of the way and always let him deal with her drama. Best to keep your nose out of their BS anyway a... (read in full...)

Wife won't share "our" car. Is she being unfair?

Q.   My wife doesn't work and hasn't for years despite us not having any kids. She quit her last job with my blessings. It was worth it to me just to not have to listen to her complain about it and I make a decent income such that she doesn't have to ...

A.   12 August 2017: Yes she is being utterly selfish, unfair, not supportive, ungrateful and inconsiderate to the hand that feeds her. Dare I say you've spoiled her to this the lap of luxury dear husband? Now when you need her help as a couple, she flakes on you. Such ... (read in full...)

How do I make my wrong turn right?

Q.   Hello i have another question connected to the one i asked earlier , about Reason(s) from Decent man. Shall i message her and say I Really like you a lot . And i am not after ( you know what ) As i am a Decent man ( which is what she ...

A.   11 August 2017: Mate, I’m going to give it to you straight... you're coming across as someone desperate and slightly weird at your age, when you should be able to gauge if a woman is interested in you for a second date without over reacting or analysing the ... (read in full...)

My fiance has stopped trying to make me happy. Its making me not want to marry

Q.   I think my husband to be is taking me for granted and he doesnt really care about my feeling now. He no longer try his best to make me happy. When we meet he talk with me like im annoying him or like he is bored. He seems to lose passion toward me ...

A.   11 August 2017: This sounds like an arranged marriage? If so it appears you both have been poorly matched. Had you chosen each other independently, I can't see why you need to go through life miserable... too marry someone who has no passion, flame or back bone to ... (read in full...)

His ex girlfriends stuff is still a his place!

Q.   I have been dating my bf for almost a couple months. He was w/his ex for a long time and still has her stuff tho its been awhile since they broke up. Her stuff is still there and I want it gone, I don't want her to have any hold on him. He has ...

A.   9 August 2017: Let’s not get too hasty (or domineering) with something that does not necessarily belong to you nor are you in charge of doing the disposing. As much as you get rid of stuff after a breakup as I do, guys are a bit more ho hum lax about it; they're ... (read in full...)

My partner shows little empathy when I am upset

Q.   My brother died in a bike accident and the third year anniversary is next week. I dread this time of year. My mum is still heartbroken. My partner shows he cares through practical things like cooking a meal or walking my dog. I am tactile, warm and ...

A.   8 August 2017: It sounds like your partner was not familiar or had met your brother to be unaffected as he is? Nonetheless he still knows you and the affect your brother’s anniversary has on the family to understand a bit of TLC is in order as he’s done so. ... (read in full...)

Our family holiday has upset partner's ex!

Q.   My boyfriend and I are taking his son, (6) from a previous relationship on holiday with us in September, along with our son (19 months). My sister, brother in law and two nephews (3 and 4) will be there too. I thought everything was good between ...

A.   8 August 2017: She (the EX-wife) is very protective of their son... yeah sure up to a certain point like normal Mums are, but the rest is a load of BS! It’s about her losing control! So please don’t go losing control yourself or stooping to her level by giving her ... (read in full...)

I don't want to meet a woman my boyfriend fancies! Your advice?

Q.   When I had been dating my partner for a couple of months he showed me his old school friend's facebook page who had just married. He said his friend'a wife is so attractive and and he thought he was punching above his weight when they were dating. I ...

A.   8 August 2017: Please don't blow this out of proportion... really it's no big deal meeting an ol' school friend and his Mrs. Yes the wife is attractive and so are you when you go meet instead of making it known to all you're insecure. If he acts inapprop... (read in full...)

How do I fix things and apologize in order to reconcile?

Q.   My ex who I broke up with about 5 months ago asked me if I wanted to hang out yesterday with her and her kids and we spent the whole day together playing in the pool and stuff at the house and cooking dinner. We have been good friends the last ...

A.   8 August 2017: This is like going back to the drawing board... you’re basically dating again; hanging out with each other, feeling comfortable and building the all important trust. Except this time you’re placing your neck on the line to be trusted again? Will you ... (read in full...)

Why does my husband of 4 months look at me with disgust?

Q.   My husband doesn't tell me I'm beautiful anymore. He yells at me. Demands things. And the hugest thing is he looks at me with disgust. The only person that matters the most to me. Seems to be overwhelmed with disgust whenever he sees me. I ...

A.   7 August 2017: Sadly the Honeymoon is over, like Elvis has left the building. Reality has set in on who you both married. No doubt the signs where there before you walked down the aisle? Or did this toxic bully nature of his suddenly appear out of the blue? ... (read in full...)

We bought a house together but feel my fiance is taking advantage of me financially

Q.   My finance and I bought a house together at the beginning of the year. I paid for the entire down payment out of my savings account, with the understanding that he will pay me back for his half. In addition, I also put 25K into our joint account to ...

A.   6 August 2017: In short, you need to stop dancing around the table with your Fiancée and tell him you’re not the Bank of America; he needs to honour his word in giving you what he said he’d do! Starting from now as the wishing well has gone dry. Otherwise he’ll ... (read in full...)

Cheating past discovered via old emails! Should I confront him?

Q.   ve been with my bf for almost 10 years now. I've never had any issues, and never even had a slight suspicion that he would do anything he's not supposed to, and never had trust issues with him (maybe I'm too naive?) one thing always peeved me off ...

A.   5 August 2017: What he did back then, four years into the relationship was totally wrong! Had you confronted him back then it would be a different story? Now you must look at how he treats you today, in the present moment to get past his blundering days. Since... (read in full...)

Is this guy lying about his wifey situation?

Q.   I met a guy online and started seeing him. Before I started seeing him he took down his profile as he said he found it demoralising. He told me he was separated, had been for 9 yrs. said he hadn't divorced because he wife had gotten a boyfrie...

A.   23 July 2017: Talk about drama; he will forever be running backwards and forwards to take care of his son, plus dog until he gets a place of his own. Having the Landlord breathing down your neck can put people off from having/inviting visitors over. It would not ... (read in full...)

How do I tell a man he's not doing it for me in the bedroom?

Q.   Ok so my problem is pretty simple. How do I tell a man he's not doing it for me in the bedroom? I've been seeing a man for about 6 weeks now and in the last two weeks we've started to have sex, but it really isn't good. He's a great kisser and...

A.   20 July 2017: From what you described this guy has no idea what he's doing because he performs sex straight out of a porn movie... expecting you to “show enjoyment” so HE can enjoy sex more, yet you want to take one for the team... well ok 4x. That certainly was ... (read in full...)

Does my LDR GF have borderline disorder?

Q.   I posted a similar question a while back but I need some more help now more than ever. Long story short, my parents and i all went camping for three days and I told my gf that it may be hard to talk since I'll be in the middle of the woods/at...

A.   20 July 2017: OP would this be the previous post you're referring to; 2 July 2017 – My LDR girlfriend gets obsessive when I am with my family or friends ... (read in full...)

I'm ready to walk, am I just being used as a babysitter?

Q.   hey, my partner sits on her phone all day does the odd chore round the house i mean when one of the babies does a dirty nappy she doesnt get down to cleaning it up she tells me babies pood so i end up doing it and been like that for years im a stay ...

A.   20 July 2017: "...are you being used?" Used for what; PARENTING!? I guess that makes most women on the planet "USED" doesn't it by their sit on the couch lazy hubbies? You're taken for granted, exasperated, exhausted and to top it off you’re feeling unloved,... (read in full...)

She makes up things I've said - then criticises me

Q.   Hey guys, Need some advice here or just a way to avoid the unnecessary arguments altogether. In short, my girlfriend is continuously saying I've said things I've never said. It's driving me mad because if I defend myself about these things...

A.   19 July 2017: A former partner did this with me until I had the idea to record our conversations, and his flare ups... This kept my sanity intact because I had proof of my side of the argument. Prior to he'd tell me he blabbed to friends and strangers about me, ... (read in full...)

Engaged but I've seen someone new

Q.   I am engaged to a man whom I have been in a mostly happy relationship for 9 years. He cheated on me three years in with someone at work but we got over it. We are now engaged and the wedding is next year. My problem is, I'm absolutely obses...

A.   19 July 2017: “...but we got over it” I don't think that's quite true OP cause you’re eye wouldn’t wander elsewhere as it’s totally out of character for you right? Underneath the surface (subconscious) YOU have not got over it; with your partner cheating... (read in full...)

I've fallen in love with my brother in law and I'm not sure where to go with these feelings

Q.   My husband passed away unexpectely in August of 2016. We had been separated for 2 years but we were working on our relationship towards getting back together just before he passed. We have a 21 year old daughter and she was greatly affected by his ...

A.   19 July 2017: Regardless of the BIL feelings for his late brother, he put that aside and stepped up to care for family. I don't know what that shows you of him personally; was it a call of duty or an act of kindness and caring? Either way, how you get along wi... (read in full...)

I can't forget THE ONE

Q.   It's been 10 years since I met A,the man of my life. Someone whom i've dreamt of being with since I was a child. I thought he'd exist only in my imagination, but I found him - and we shared mutual sentiments for each other. Unfortunately, we led ...

A.   16 July 2017: You have built Mr A. a pedestal to stand on; he is perfect in your eyes, a childhood dream (a Prince) that turned up in reality. Yet you forget he too has flaws like everyone. Flaws that you may not have experienced with him if circumstances where ... (read in full...)

My friend doesn't have enough to do. How do I tell her to back off?

Q.   Im a single mum of a teenager i have full time as my ex didnt want to know. I also work so aswell as that i have housework on top. my child helps a lot too which im proud to say i dont have to harass him to help. I have a friend who doesnt work due ...

A.   15 July 2017: A 24/7 running commentary of the dreary days of her live can be painful indeed. Consider texting a blessing as phone calls of this nature are even more exhausting to deal with. Once these people latch on to you, it’s because you’ve unwittin... (read in full...)

My boyfriend's ex wife still comes into the house every week

Q.   My boyfriend of a year is divorced three years and his ex wife comes into his house with their High School children to collect any things they have left there when hes at work. She comes in with them and into the lounge and kitchen etc and has a ...

A.   15 July 2017: This is utterly ridiculous... has the EX heard of KNOCKING? Key or no key there is such a thing as manners! Your car is plainly outside, handbag in the hall and she could have simply called out from the doorway, Hello, anyone home? Lest you be ... (read in full...)

I've fallen in love with my brother in law and I'm not sure where to go with these feelings

Q.   My husband passed away unexpectely in August of 2016. We had been separated for 2 years but we were working on our relationship towards getting back together just before he passed. We have a 21 year old daughter and she was greatly affected by his ...

A.   14 July 2017: You've fallen in love with your emotional rescuer, much like some women fall for a Fireman who helped them escape a burning building. And some men are like Firemen who seek to save and give comfort to a person in distress. Indeed your BIL has ... (read in full...)

Is my daughter possibly being used by the guy she moved in with?

Q.   My daughter has moved in with her boyfriend they have only being together 5 months and moved in with him after 2 months. She is paying him £300 a month plus half for food. It is his house and her name is not on the mortgage. She has also bought ...

A.   13 July 2017: He’s a stingy unromantic BF with a business mind if he gets a GF move in like lightening after 5 months, has her pay for nights out and uses her car. He’s totally irresponsible to drive her car and is taking full advantage of her generosity which ... (read in full...)

The love of my life just shamed my dressing style and said that I embarrassed him

Q.   The man I thought was the love of my life just informed me that when I visited him in his home town I embarrassed him because of my outfit because, he says , it was way too short I feel totally embarrassed . I'm in my 40s and somewhat chubby ...

A.   11 July 2017: IF he polices you in other areas of your life, then you have a sign of things to come. However if it's just your wardrobe malfunction for this hometown occasion I wouldn't blow it out of proportion and call the Divorce Lawyers just yet. First... (read in full...)

I'm always trying to please my husband so he won't get upset

Q.   So I have been married a little over two years, he knew while we were dating that I did not like to cook and also lacked the gene for cooking. When I do try to cook for him, he is brutally honest and also criticizes me on what I could of done ...

A.   10 July 2017: No doubt you’ve heard of the saying; a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? It’s one good trick in the book if you want to please and listen to your man? This issue is not divorce worthy! I can’t see how difficult a roast and veggies in the ... (read in full...)

I don't understand why she wont just delete her profile from online dating sites!

Q.   It's hard to know where to start, and I know this will turn into a long post so I appreciate anyone willing to read through and offer advice. I've been in a long-term-relationship for about six years, we're the same age. When things are good,...

A.   10 July 2017: After a fight people can do stupid vengeful crazy things as she's done. YES she was AUDITIONING perspective suitors, no doubt about that and you have every right to be distrustful of her! I too would be upset knowing a partner would sign up as qu... (read in full...)

Step daughter doesn't want the step family moving into Dad's house!

Q.   My boyfriend has a 10 year old daughter with his ex, I have a 8 year old from a previous relationship, and when we first got together our girls got on well. We have been together for 2 years, and recently we started thinking about moving in ...

A.   9 July 2017: "Should we just let her get her way for now?" Who's running this show; the grownups or the 10yo (step) daughter? I think you’ve been doing real well, blending, and sharing family time together to bow down to her fit sessions. I say you'll need to ... (read in full...)

Is it wrong of my mother to suggest these things because I'm not married and I don't have children?

Q.   My mother tells me that because I am single and without kids I don't understand her nor my siblings who are married. There's been many times when according to her I'm at fault. I just feel that is wrong for her to tell me this. If I'm not mar...

A.   7 July 2017: It’s patronising that’s what it is. Just because you are neither wife nor mother you lack understanding according to them. Unless you totally lack empathy or cannot draw wisdom from others experience, then yes your Mother may have a point in what ... (read in full...)

Nothing ever goes right in our relationship. Should I stay with him?

Q.   I have been with my partner for over 2 years and it just seems nothing EVER goes right in our relationship. There is no such thing as peaceful, pleasant times for us. It has never been like that, unfortunately. When we got together, instea...

A.   6 July 2017: I remember your previous posts regarding his brother etc. and it certainly appears you guys are JINXED :( For every step forward there are 10 steps back in your life. It’s just as well the overseas trip was cancelled, it probably saved you both... (read in full...)

I work while my husband stays home, he goes on vacation but I cant!

Q.   A little over a year ago my husband left hos job because it was too stressful and demanding and became a househusband. I own our house, so no mortgage and extra espenses, and although our lifestyle has changed a bit- meaning that we try and save ...

A.   6 July 2017: When either sex reserves their role there can be resentment, confusion, double standards, and conflicting expectations? My expectations of our roles are he man, me woman :) I know that role reversal seldom sits well with women being the bread-wi... (read in full...)

Boyfriend did nothing for me on my 21st birthday and says I'm stupid if I expect things to be romantic

Q.   so i dont want to sound like a nag or like im being selfish but here it is. 25th june was my 21st birthday i had a meal and a night out planned. on the 24th my boyfriend didnt want to spend it with me but i told him if he doesnt try its over bec...

A.   5 July 2017: WTFanny's Fart - "hanging around for when he changes because what if he 'improves' and someone else gets the better version?" BETTER VERSION!? I have to ask, are the pickings in men in your area that woeful to choose him as your BF? Stupi... (read in full...)

Is he cheating with his ex?

Q.   Is my partner cheating??????????? He says he needs 2 clear his head is he cheating with his ex and only talking 2 his daughter his smashed his phone up so no one can get hold off him but I think his stopping at his ex house cos he knows were not ...

A.   5 July 2017: Yeah all fair-tales begin with; I need to clear my head at my Ex's house! I say it's an unhappy ever after and you're not invited to the Ball. Clever thought from judgedick; did he take out the sim card? ... (read in full...)

We want to get married but boyfriend has too many irons in the fire going!

Q.   Dear Cupid, I've asked a similar question before but I think I'm going to ask it in a different way since I have a little more insight for what's going on. My boyfriend wants to get married after finishing his renovation projects. But when I say pr...

A.   5 July 2017: He needs to off load 2 houses to another buyer as he's not handling the pressure, hires dodgy workers and dang it’s a mess when you get Lawyers involved! He sounds like a novice to what really matters in life as he's going all guns with no regar... (read in full...)

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