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Things were perfect then he began to change. Should I break up with him?

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Question - (11 August 2017) 6 Answers - (Newest, 14 August 2017)
A female Nigeria age 22-25, *tephanie Flaco writes:

My relationship was perfect with my boyfriend.and then things began to change..he doesnt go down on me when we have sex and making excuses saying the odour coming from my vagina smells terible when we have sex and thats the reason he cant.and recently he doesnt call me frequently like he used to.and sometimes am starting to feel it might be because of my a very short girl and sumtimes he says things to me like "you are very short and i dont like when u look at me up like like that" or when i try stretching when he is up for a getting all confused here.should i jst break up with him.

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A male reader, judgedick France +, writes (14 August 2017):

judgedick agony auntMy dear woman, there is no law saying that he has to give you oral, he might not like it, he might not like the taste and smell, you don't have to give him oral if you don't want to, it is wrong for people to think one has to do this if they love you,

now there is a second question is this does he still love you and that I don't know it looks like he is starting to cool off and you can only test him by not being as available to him for a while to see if he only wants you for sex and nothing else.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (13 August 2017):

I would say something is off alright, but it won't be your vagina I can assure you of that. A man who cares for you will want to go down on you if that's what's he's always enjoyed, he won't simply say this horrid thing to you and that's that, he would gently say sweetheart I think something is going on down there that maybe you need to get checked- and he'd want it done quickly if he liked oral before!

He's lost that loving feeling as they say, with that and the other things you is it worth saving and talking to him about or not? That's the question you need to think about...

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A male reader, RonBonJovi United States +, writes (13 August 2017):

Assuming you bathe and trim your hair below the belt, this sounds like a classic case of a guy taking a girl for granted. The best remedy for that is a little denial of service, if you know what I mean.

Try ignoring him for a while. A few days, maybe a week. Don't answer his calls or texts, don't even come to the door if he knocks. Afterwards, tell him you misplaced your phone, you were at the store, you saw a movie. Be vague, evasive, and flippant. He'll be beside himself trying to figure out what you're up to and with who. Don't give him the satisfaction.

Before you know it, he'll on his knees -- figuratively and literally!

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A female reader, Honeypie United States + , writes (12 August 2017):

Honeypie agony auntIs there an odor?

IF so it could be a clue that something isn't doing great in your vagina, like a bacterial infection, yeast infection or what have you. So if YOU notice a difference in odor, go see your doctor.

Having sex without condoms can change the ph of the vagina. The vagina normally has an acid pH. Semen has an alkaline pH. Sex three times or more in a 24 hour period will leave the vagina with an alkaline pH - ideal for candida growth (which is a yeast overgrowth).

IF he is just saying it "stinks" so he doesn't HAVE to go down on you, then it's definitely a sign that things are not well in the relationships.

As for insulting your height? What? He doesn't like for you to have to look up AT him? What a prat! Not like you can change your height.

He sounds like he is picking arguments with you to get YOU to dump him or make YOU feel bad about yourself.

So yes, DO yourself a favor... DUMP him and cut the contact. Then go see your GYN/doctor and have a check up done.

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A female reader, Caring Aunty A Australia +, writes (12 August 2017):

Caring Aunty A agony auntMaybe there is an odor that can easily be washed beforehand or a change of diet can also effect our bodily odors, sweat, plus his semen can give an odor in the area of play also?

However he is being very nasty about your height and picking fault with you which says to me he's already grown tied of the relationship.

I believe his remarks where rude, ignorant and insensitive. Yes I think you should breakup, move on from this imperfect match, to go be with someone who is kind to you as you deserve.

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A female reader, NORA B Ireland +, writes (12 August 2017):

This situation is very sad and hurtful for you,and anyone,that would hurt you like that is not worth being with.The thing is he really has a problem with himself and does not seem very happy.It would be nice if were to meet someone who would appreciate you in a loving and respectful way.He seems to have a problem with your height...remember it is his problem not yours...we are all as we are.Each day is a wonderful gift of life to have as much happiness in it as we can.However the choice is yours to finish it with him.Or to have an indept chat with him telling him how you feel,and how hurtful his remarks at all levels are.If after this he does not might be wise try and meet someone else.Kind regards NORA B.

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