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Should I take note of our horoscopes? The Chinese one says we are incompatible!

I stood by him even while he lied and said he was single now he doesn't want me

I have a new guy ... so why am I so jealous about my ex?

Should I continue to see both my girlfriends or just one?

How do I find a match? I have herpes!

Is serial grumpiness a warning sign or just a stress reliever?

What does meeting a soulmate feel like? It that what this is?

Exes, babies, sex and love?

I feel a lightning bolt of attraction but he's 30 years older and married

He has a girlfriend but he took my virginity and I think he's the "one" for me

How can I help my sister who has spiralled into depression?

I got cold feet and let him get away. I want him back!

Help me find a way to choose

Will I never be with my soulmate? It seems fate is keeping us apart

I'm unhappily married but in love with a man who's engaged but hesitant to leave his fiance

Do I need to' know' he is the one?

How to move on after a bad relationship?

I feel I am not good enough and cry everyday

Heartbroken even though I dumped him and now I want him to chase me and get me back

What makes a person act like my ex did?

He changed his mind about getting married so who keeps the ring?

My ex played me, I'm pregnant and now very hurt and confused

Is there anything in this astrology thing?

I'm worried that once my LDR boyfriend gets his own place, his female friend might try to make a move. I know she likes him!

How do I make the break for good?

Wanting to be seen as Hot. Is it an unrealistic expectation?

Why is it I feel I lost my soulmate? And could he really have moved on so fast?

Is he using health issues as an excuse?

Should I write another letter to my ex?

Should I stay? Am I ready to move on? Please help me

Lesbian, Bisexual or Heterosexual or all three? I’m confused, any chance of talking some sense into me?

Should I tell my ex-best friend I have feelings for him ?

I'm scared my girlfriend is going to break up with me because of the distance

What should I do? Is this normal behaviour or is there more to this than she's letting on?

Do good relationships go through this?

I'm hoping he's bi, because he could be my soulmate! What should I do?

Uncertain about my forthcoming marriage

How do I get this girl back?

Why have her habits towards me changed so drastically?

I'm really attracted to my friend, won't cheat on my partner so how do I handle the attraction?

Can't shake feeling that ex will come back

He treats me with disinterest. How can I get the courage to tell him to ''get lost'' ?

Should I rekindle this old affair?

Teen LDR. Should I hold on, or just let go? We're perfect for each other.

I want to build a life that includes a life partner. I also have Herpes. Any suggestions on how I should proceed?

I think I've found my soul mate too early

Can a nine year age gap work?

Should I continue a relationship with someone who doesn't want children?

Would it be crazy to leave my husband who gives me everything for a man who couldn't give me what I have?

I've changed my mind about children .....

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