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I told my wife the truth and she is furious!

How do I get started with her?

He believes lies people say about me!

Given his past, do you think that this man would be a good parent to my daughter?

The man I am dating doesn't believe in kissing and affection

Is this too much for a first and second date or is he just trying to control her?

He seems a lovely guy but could I be missing something?

Is it wrong that I get more sexual satisfaction from masterbating and my sexual fantasies, and less satisfaction when having sex with a man?

I'm seeing a prostitute who says she is pregnant and the baby is mine

Husband comes home drunk with his underwear inside out and stained. Is he cheating?

Mr E makes me feel like a woman. Yet my unsatisfactory boyfriend does make time for me. Which one will be the best choice?

Should I try online dating?

I like her but she is a prositute, how can I get her to leave that work?

Should I be concerned about his actions? Should I be questioning his commitment to me, based on his actions?

I'm having doubts about his ability to stay faithful

I'm panicking my boyfriend will cheat on a guy's trip to Cuba. How should I respond or act in this situation?

I just broke up with my BF and I am upset. Any advice. please?

I feel put off by the way he lost his virginity!

Uncertain about my forthcoming marriage

Why do men sexualize women this way?

Is it wrong to use a prostitute to gain experience?

Is it really wrong to pay for sex

If he hates other men looking at me why does he find it ok for him to go and look at other women.

Can I ever escape the guilt from what I've done?

Do I have a right to feel disrespected, or wondering if any loyalty exists, anymore, between us?

How can I deal with complex emotions and the feelings I have that my life will spiral out of control if I break up with her? Sexually she no longer appeals

I'm Sexually innexperienced , does it affect my chances of meeting someone ? (Bi)

Did he propose to me because of his family? Or because he's been with me so long?

I'm desperate for women to notice me

Fearful I'll suffer a STD like HIV. Do I need professional therapy or counselling for my fear?

I left my husband because he hangs around his uncle who is a drug user and drug dealer

I have a poor relationship with her. How do I deal with the fact that my mother is the 'other woman'?

I know I don't measure up to her ex. But how can I make my self more attractive to my fiance?

It makes me sick that I keep visiting prostitutes but I can't stop. Please help!

I am addicted to visiting prostitutes and it is taking over my life. How can I get over this addiction?

Should a shy geeky guy visit a prostitute to gain some experience before I Try to find GF

Is it possible that he loves me but he is interested in having sex with a prostitute?

Relationship with transsexual and lots of regrets. Help ?

A male virgin is not something to proud of.

Do I deserve his crazy behavior towards me?

Does herpes rule out a successful relationship?

Second time around and there are issues

I found out my wife worked as a prostitute

We have broken up but I know he still loves me!

He's seemed passive-aggressive since we got back together

If your boyfriend's friend went to a hooker, does that mean your boyfriend could do it too?

Am I on the right track? How else should / could it be done?

Are these red flags? I'm nervous because of my past abusive relationship

Should I stay away from her until she's officially divorced? Right now she's separated.

Big difficulties ahead. Will this relationship last? What other options are open to me, to consider?

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