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I am an educated guy with a doctorate degree. When I worked I solved problems and gave advice. I tend to be specific and direct. I like to argue issues and don't take criticsm personal. I live off investments I've made over the years. I love reading books and surfing the internet. I travel a little every now and then. I rarely plan things in advance.

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Why is a man being a virgin in the west a shame?

Q.   Why people in the west think that an adult man to be virgin is a shame? I think being a virgin, because you don't want to put yourself with someone who doesn't deserve to make love with and to be with a lady who shares the same beleif, is something ...

A.   20 October 2007: In the West things are not as they appear in the media. 99% of the media say the same thing even when most of the public disagrees. Actually there are a lot of people with much more conservative views than the media would have you believe. We have ... (read in full...)

How do you win back a lost love?

Q.   I would like to open a topic of conversation for anyone with knowledge about what it takes to win back a lost love. Especially one who seems to still be interested but trying to act cool so it isn't showing or at least he doens't think it is. Cause ...

A.   19 October 2007: You need to recreat the feeling he had when he was in love. With something new and exciting added.... (read in full...)

I'm not sure I'm actually ready.

Q.   My boyfriend wants me to have sex with him but i'm not sure i'm ready yet, we've been together for 3 months now, what should i do?...

A.   19 October 2007: Tell him you plan to wait unti you are 18 to start having sex with the guy who loves you.... (read in full...)

Need help on a pressent for my girlfriend.

Q.   Ok so I need help and this is my 1st question so me(19) and my gf(16) have been together for about 4 months and we love each other a lot so this December is going to be 6 months and I want to get her something that shows how much I love her and I am ...

A.   19 October 2007: Get her an ipod with the songs you both love.... (read in full...)

Should I approach my teacher?

Q.   I am a 14 year old female who has never had a boyfriend and recently experienced a really bad loss in my life. I feel like i will never be loved. There's another problem I kinda look up to this teacher at school and do anything i can to talk to ...

A.   19 October 2007: He may make a good friend, buy don't let him touch you in a sexual way or meet you outside of school.... (read in full...)

Not getting off with a boy is getting to me.

Q.   ok i am like one of the only girls in the year yet hant got off with a boy yet it really is getting me down and there are loads of couples in the because i havebnt gott off with a boy and i am a virgin does this make me more of a catch or not? all ...

A.   19 October 2007: You are a prize. Don't give it up without a verified true love after you turn 18.... (read in full...)

I'm a proffessional hacker, but I don't like what I've found. What shall I do?

Q.   I'm 30 years old and have been with my boyfriend for 7 months. I've known him for 6-7 years. We were friends before anything. I moved from one coast to have. But I am highly insecure which causes me to snoop. I ama professional in Computer spyware ...

A.   19 October 2007: You don't need to prove anything to dump him.... (read in full...)

My mood swings drag up the past, please tell me why?

Q.   I've noticed a strange pattern in my moods recently and it has been like this for pretty much the past year. Randomly I will be on a high for about a week or two and be really happy but then I will suddenly sink down and feel low and sad and slig...

A.   19 October 2007: Tell the doc that you think you have manic depressive disorder.... (read in full...)

He likes me but does not love me, should I wait or let him go?

Q.   i have been going out with this guy whom i love so much,but after some time he told me that he wanted me to give him space for two months as he has some problems.during the talking we had some arguement and he started saying that he likes me but ...

A.   19 October 2007: Give him all the time he needs while you look for a new bf.... (read in full...)

Our life schedules clash...Wheres the time for me, his wife?

Q.   My husband and I have different schedules. I go to bed, he is downstairs on his computer. I wake up, he is asleep until 10am (he works from home). Then he takes a nap during the day so he can stay up at night. Do I have the right to ask him to ...

A.   19 October 2007: Too much of a multitasking fool. Take away his connections and clothes and you might have a basis for romance.... (read in full...)

He argues with me, just because. Will our counselling be a waste of time?

Q.   So I'm with a 32 yr old and I'm 26...when we met we got along sooo well. Then we moved in and found out he gets bothered by the toilet tissue being downside or if something is laying there for more than 20 min, etc. He has a really bad temper and ...

A.   19 October 2007: Once you learn his quirks you can start to win his heart. Do little things for him, plan some dates, and start a hobby you think he might like.... (read in full...)

Why wont my husband be as saucey with me in the bedroom as he has been with others?

Q.   I know my husband bought lingerie for women before voluntarily and did kinky stuff like videotaping having sex with them and bubble baths together. I've been with him for almost two years now and we have not done anything like that. The other da...

A.   19 October 2007: He thinks of her as a whore and you as a wife.... (read in full...)

Is this love, or is this friends with benefits?

Q.   I was separated and became involved with someone who was a friend. She spent alot of time with me (she was going thru the same thing) and was very affectionate. It seemed like we had something very good happening to both of us and others around us ...

A.   19 October 2007: Press on dating, ****ing, and talking with her. Give it 3 months before you give up.... (read in full...)

Why do I find my uncle so sexy?

Q.   Why do I find my uncle so sexy? Im into older men always have been and I dont get to see my uncle very much as he and my aunt do their own things but they also do things together. So last week we spent a good few days in each other company, others ...

A.   19 October 2007: Your a horney young girl with flirting skills and you feel good using them.... (read in full...)

I lied about my sexual experiences - is there a way he could know?

Q.   ok so i told my boyfriend that i'm a virgin which is true but i also lied to him and told him iv'e been fingered and eaten out when i really haven't my question is will he know that i haven't actually had that experience when he eats me out or ...

A.   19 October 2007: He'll never know unless you tell him.... (read in full...)

I would really love to know the best and fastest ways to gain a 6 pack and a good body

Q.   Hi, Well, i am a male (15 nearly 16), but i would really love to know the best and fastest ways to gain a 6 pack and a good body. I occasionally go to the gym and make a point of doing sit ups as i can certainly feel stretching in my abs, but i am...

A.   19 October 2007: Top 10 Most Effective Ab Exercises Bicycle Exercise Captain's Chair Exercise Ball Crunch Vertical Leg Crunch Torso Track Long Arm Crunch Reverse Crunch Full Vertical Crunch Ab Rocker Plank on Elbows and Toes ... (read in full...)

We haven't even hugged/kissed once!

Q.   hiya... I've been going out with my boyfriend for 6months now after a long time being good mates , but we havent even hugged/kissed once, With his X he hugged her all the time, i don't understand why he wont, i admit that im to shy to make the ...

A.   19 October 2007: You're going to have to make the first move. He likes you too much to risk doing anything that might upset you.... (read in full...)

He jacked off earlier and told me during sex why he was taking so long. It made me angry!

Q.   Recently my bf and i were having sex and he was taking a really long time... so I started to feel self-concsious that I was doing something wrong. Then he said "Don't worry... it's not your fault... I "jacked off" today." I was so mad and hurt by...

A.   19 October 2007: Guys do it just for your benefit. Normally it just makes them last longer when making love to you. Tell him you appreciate his effort but spare you the details. I think he will.... (read in full...)

Is there anything I can do to get through this?

Q.   I've recently gotten in engaged to my fiance' about 2 months ago. We've known each other for about 2 years and lived together for nearly a year. We had a plan to come to the US, (i'm a us citizen) and start a life here. So I've given up my job and ...

A.   19 October 2007: Go back and get her on the plane with you.... (read in full...)

I'm getting board with my marriage.

Q.   hi... need some advice, im married 4 almost 7 years with 1 kid. since i got married me and my husband were staying together, we work on the same company,..lately, i was so bored with our relationship..our daily activities were only ...

A.   19 October 2007: You need to plan some interesting to do together. Tell him there all set up so he must go with you. The change of pace might relight his fire.... (read in full...)

I want masterbating to FEEL good -help!

Q.   i have tried masturabating, even though it's probably against my religion, but i cant seem to get a good feeling. websites suggest using dildos but id never even think of doing that, not that there's anything wrong with it for other people but its ...

A.   19 October 2007: Use a cucumber and a condom. Add KY Jelly and enjoy the bumps.... (read in full...)

I want to tell her about us, but he'll be mad.

Q.   Hey I'm a 19 yr old female with a dilemma! I have this friend, we have been best friends for about 7 years. He's had a girlfriend for the past 4 years, one that I helped him to get- when he saw her he basically fell in love and said he wanted t...

A.   19 October 2007: You make for an unkind god. Let the poor boy have his happiness.... (read in full...)

He gave me hope we'd get back together.

Q.   hay guys! my heads in bits at the mo and my hearts shattered i just dont know what to do? im 22 ive had my fair share of heart ache and i really thougth this time was the real deal u no! id been going out with this guy for just over a yea...

A.   19 October 2007: Obviously he does not have love for you that you were expecting. We all make mistake, then we must move on. It's hard at first but it gets easier as you go. After this you shouldn't be thinking about getting him back. You don't want that.... (read in full...)

Can I be pregnant and have a light period monthly?

Q.   Is it possible to be pregnant but still have a light period monthly ? Me and my boyfriend had been trying for a baby 4 months ago, until I got into college and changed my mind. I also got my period so I wasnt pregnant. Now, I have put on some weig...

A.   19 October 2007: You could be. Do a new test.... (read in full...)

How do I get him off my mind?

Q.   i slept with a friends live in crush ex friend found out and she hates me..i mean they really never went out before...well its been almost a year and i cant get this guy off my mind...i know i shouldnt bother but its do i get ...

A.   19 October 2007: Ask your friend what became of him. If he is no longer dear to her, ring him up.... (read in full...)

I'm scared, what's going on, please help.

Q.   Im really scared so please help! My boyfriend and I (19 and 21) rarely see each other he is in Iraq. He came home in August 31, and we had sex. My period is always off last time that i had it was july 25th and i got it ther day we had sex. We ...

A.   19 October 2007: Well you're not pregnant. Give it another month or two. Then see a doctor.... (read in full...)

How do I please him before I give it a go?

Q.   I recently met someone very special, he is a Brit, I am American, and I am very, very excited to have sex with him for the first time. But, I am 31 years old, and I have never been with an uncircumsized man before. He knows that, and I think it ...

A.   19 October 2007: The differences will be so small you'll wonder why you even asked this question. Go for it.... (read in full...)

I love him when I don't see him, When I see him, it makes me question if he's the one.

Q.   My boyfriend and I are in a distant relationship. We only see each other on the weekend. We talk on the phone almost every night. It has been like this for 2 years and our relationship is very steady. I used to love spending time with my boyfrien...

A.   19 October 2007: Why have you been very disappointed every weekend you see him? Has the separation caused you to love an image instead of the boy?... (read in full...)

I've fell for her twice - but now she has a boyfriend and has shut me out!

Q.   Hi, about 2 years ago, I was going out with a girl, we fell in love and got engaged almost married, but we decided not to get married as it was too soon. we both were thinking what Uni to go too. after about a year I started losing my feelings for ...

A.   19 October 2007: You thought she would be waiting arround for you? Get real and move on.... (read in full...)

They both say they love me, I don't want to choose, is it okay to stay involved with both?

Q.   is it possible to be inlove with two people at the same time? both say they really love me and i dont know how to choose or if to choose. i am going mad...

A.   19 October 2007: It's OK, so long as they both know.... (read in full...)

Fallen for my best friend - I cant get her off my mind!

Q.   so....i cant give up!......ive fallin for my best friend who is also a lesbian everytime i see her i cant describe it! its different then the last girl i liked, i just dunno theres feelings that scare me i cant describe them, like i want to protect ...

A.   19 October 2007: Wait a month or so and see how you feel. If you're still hot for her, tell her so.... (read in full...)

I want to know thats its better than fine, why is he not vocal?

Q.   I used to love giving my partner oral but recently even the thought of it makes me feel sick, but, I am fine when I think of doing it to a guy I was seeing on and off not that long ago (I was still with my partner at that time) what can I do because ...

A.   19 October 2007: Not all guy act the same. But I'll he's moaning in his head.... (read in full...)

What is going on with this guy? Does he really like me?

Q.   Met a guy six weeks ago who is 27 (i am 19). He only looks about 22 at oldest. He seems ok. I have only seen him once more since we met. We have spoken on MSN quite a lot (though I have been deliberately appearing offline a lot to let him think...

A.   19 October 2007: You are acting real manipulative. I hope he sees you through the smoke.... (read in full...)

She moved away.... Can it last, I don't want to lose her?

Q.   ok well me and my gf have been going out for 4 months and she recently moved to washington a few weeks ago and I was woundering if loong distance realationshipd work out? because I don't want to lose her...

A.   19 October 2007: Usually long distance relationships don't work out. Why'd she move? College plans, yours, hers?... (read in full...)

How do I not scare this woman off?

Q.   Okay so heres the deal, Ive never really been a dater. Ive always been the type of guy who would pick up some easy company for the night(I know i a scum bucket) Ive been in one major relationship my whole life and that was for about 1 year before ...

A.   19 October 2007: Don't expect her to put out on the third date.... (read in full...)

All of a sudden, my fiance started giving me gifts. Should I feel suspicious or just accept them and not worry?

Q.   Hey. My fiance rarely got me gifts unless if it would be be an occassion like a birthday, christmas, vday. I told him that it would be nice that hecan just evenn come home with flowers once in a while (so one can even have it on the tablein the livi...

A.   18 October 2007: Enjoy the gifts. You have no evidence. He may be guilty you don't get to go.... (read in full...)

My friend and I like the same boy - she asked him out, but *we* got together at the dance! What should I do?

Q.   hi. I need helping trying to figure out what to do.I like this guy and I have since 7th grade. But My friend who i hated in seventh grade but now were really close also likes him. And asked him out knowing that i love him alot! well him and I had a ...

A.   18 October 2007: If she asked him out knowing you wanted him, I say the game is on and you need to compete. He'll love all the attention of two girls. Every guy's fantasy.... (read in full...)

Regarding sex, I want to reject my husband on our date tonight to show him how I feel when he constantly does it to me!

Q.   Sex is great when we have it, we just don't have it that often. We have sex maybe once a week to appease me. That's not what I want and how I want it. I want him to want it/me. He says he does when questioned but he does not show it and does not say ...

A.   18 October 2007: How sad. So many guys would love having a wife like you. I don't see how your plan will work. He might just get mad and less affectionate, if that be possible. I'd say keep searching for new ways to get him in the mood. Never give up that ... (read in full...)

During the bj, I just can't seem to swallow b/c of what I was brought up to believe! How can I get past this?

Q.   I really enjoy giving my husband blowjobs but when it comes to his cummin in my mouth and swallowing his fluids which i really really want to but i just cant seem to get past my inhabitations of what i was brought up to believe; which i know makes ...

A.   18 October 2007: Use a strong mint before. That hides the taste. Force yourself to swallow. Its an aquired taste thing. It gets easier each time. I've heard some women say they have him cum in the back of the mouth and then swallow without tasting anything. I've ... (read in full...)

What DID I do wrong?

Q.   my names daniel in the past I've had lots of relationships that never worked out the first one was when I was 15 I went to scout camp and met a girl who I realy liked we hooked up at camp and had a great time together how ever when I got home I f...

A.   18 October 2007: The you they don't like is your attitude. Try making just friends with some girls and don't make moves on them. When you can control yourself you then can respond to them. ... (read in full...)

Why do I find my uncle so sexy?

Q.   Why do I find my uncle so sexy? Im into older men always have been and I dont get to see my uncle very much as he and my aunt do their own things but they also do things together. So last week we spent a good few days in each other company, others ...

A.   12 October 2007: He finds you cute, attractive and playful. What do you expect from him, a married man?... (read in full...)

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