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I want masterbating to FEEL good -help!

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Question - (18 October 2007) 2 Answers - (Newest, 19 October 2007)
A female United Kingdom age 26-29, anonymous writes:

i have tried masturabating, even though it's probably against my religion, but i cant seem to get a good feeling. websites suggest using dildos but id never even think of doing that, not that there's anything wrong with it for other people but its to far for me (and id die if my parents found it) .

How do i get a good feeling?

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A male reader, Tommy7 United States +, writes (19 October 2007):

Use a cucumber and a condom. Add KY Jelly and enjoy the bumps.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (19 October 2007):

There are tons of masturbation techniques, and as far as your religion being against it, I'm quite sure, that whatever god you may believe in, DID create your libido. Mmm mmm good. Nothing like a good libido.

As for masturbation techniques, there are tons of methods. TONS. Eg: one of my female friends CANNOT get off with simple penetration. It just won't do it for her, BUT rubbing her clitorous rapidly with aid of an egg vibrator gave her orgasms of a million exploding over-riped oranges. I tried to encourage her to try other sex toys like the rabbit, g-spot stimulator, and even rubbing up against her washer during a cycle, but she said they didn't do much except get her wet.

Also, you have to have the mentality for it. If you think masturbation according to your religion will make you fall into the pits of hell and spend eternity with satan and his whip-wielding minions, then obviously, masturbation isn't quite for you. However, if you're not affected by the tales of eternal burninator hell, then excellent. Think of a nice firm rock hard penis penet...

WAIT A SEC! You're a young un!

Okay, in that case, think of a boy, a boy in your perfect world, VERY CUTE! Awww... Cute. Pop star? Rap star? Nice smile, I don't know. Think of an imaginary or real life boy or girl, and think how nice it would be for him or her to touch you and stuff. Yes, stuff.

Also in terms of masturbation, toys, washers, door knobs, riding a bike - debatable, umm, experiment. Really. Shower head. Oh yeah. Wait wait... No, no no, this is fine. It's health. I'm not encouraging sex at a young age? [smirks and sighs]

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