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*ety agony aunt


Czech Republic  (Female   XML/RSS

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Trying for a baby is ruining my marriage!

Q.   My husband and I have been trying for a baby since our honeymoon one year ago...with no success. All hope is not lost at this stage, we've had tests done and the specialists are pretty confident we'll concieve if we keep trying, and that treatment ...

A.   21 November 2014: This is a situation that i also unfortunately experience . I feel the same with you and I am also trying for a baby for more years (3) without result. I think it is devastating all of this. I would like a baby as you but I understand that it ... (read in full...)

Should I risk letting him know I'm interested at the risk of losing him as a friend?

Q.   The man I'm interested in this time I think that he doesn't really show a real interest in me. He behaves to me very friendly but without any comment for relationship. I am flattered from his friendly interest but I get anxious that there is nothing ...

A.   5 March 2014: Thank you for your answears. I found them helpful. As i see it's better not say anything about my feelings and just behave in a clearlt friendly way at least until i can tell that there is something romantic from his part.... (read in full...)

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