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hi everyone! nah... not much about me! I prefer you find it out yourself! hahahahahahahaha... as you can see, im crazy!!! lol... crazy in love with you people! I love friends, friends, and more friends! im 18, single ( coz dont wanna be attached yet!) hahaha... I love helping you out with yah problems coz sometimes I also experience the same...hahahaha...belive it or not you also help me out!! wahahaha...guyzz help me i think im in love with one of the agony aunts here a--------.....hahahaha lol... that will be all for now... got hotmail? just add me...

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Boyfriend doesn't like my breath, any cures?

Q.   My boyfriend complains of bad breath. I take all the precautions, I even do brushing properly. Now i have gone in for braces since the dentist adviced me so that my bad breath decreases. I have used all sorts of mouth freshners still no use. Any ...

A.   3 November 2007: hi there...I agree with lilwun23, I think you have stomach problems, consult your doctor immediately.If the odor is unavoidable,always bring mouth freshener with you and be aware of this everytime, lick the back of you palm let it dry for a few ... (read in full...)

Is this a hint that she wants to meet me again.

Q.   Hi, I met a girl a few months ago whilst out one night in a nightclub and sice then i have only met her in person again 2 or 3 times but we text each other every day and occasionally speak on the phone and get on really well! I keep asking her if ...

A.   2 November 2007: The best thing you should do is ask her!... coz maybe she was just busy doing things on her own, coz lots of girls now has their own set of priorities.... (read in full...)

We only met online, he tells me he loves sex to death and can't wait to have it with me. Should I be worried?

Q.   I met this guy on a dating site and after exchanging photos and mails constantly,we are both in love and we will be meeting very soon.My only worry is that he talks about sex everyday and even tells me that he loves it to death. He also tells me...

A.   2 November 2007: well honestly I really think that this guy is much more interested about sex and not to you,. First of all how long were you and this guy know each other to consider that you could possibly be in love with each other? you barely met him in a dating ... (read in full...)

Am I being stupid?

Q.   Am I being stupid? I have a great wife, who is a great mother with our children and in 12 years we have never had bad problems. My problem is that she had a couple of relationships in high school and as she says she was "forced to have sex". ...

A.   24 September 2007: You are not being stupid. It's a typical reaction, maybe if I am in your shoes, I would react the same way, try to weigh the positive aspects of your relationship, you've been together for 12 years, she's a wonderful mother and a great wife, what ... (read in full...)

My best friend is 17 and her guy is 53! Do I support her?

Q.   one of my best friends is 17, 18really soon and shes been seeing this guy for about five months, they're havingsex and everything, theyve said "i love you" and when shes told her parents theyre moving in together. He's a really nice guy and hes not ...

A.   24 September 2007: If they are happy together. why not? there's no law that says you're not allow to love when you are 53... :) ... (read in full...)

She cheated on me when drunk, she doesn't know I know. She says I'd have to get used to her, because that's the way she is.

Q.   hi im have a problem with my girlfreind in that she drinks a lot of alchohol and even drinks in the morning on vodka, she smokes,does canabis, and will out drink most men!, and has cheated on me when drunk although she doesnt know i know. but she ...

A.   24 September 2007: She doesn't love you, coz if she do she would not let you worry so much, I can see that she only wants you for the reason that she wanted a spare that would always stay behind her back after she ruins her life everyday. I think it would be better if ... (read in full...)

I don't like other people looking at my gf.

Q.   Hi There, Me and my girlfriend have been dating for a year, and I have somewhat of a problem, I don't like other people looking at her and when I say this I mean for example she went to get fitted for a dress and had to stand in her bra and ...

A.   24 September 2007: hey...!! it only means that your girlfriend is really attractive! and that's really nice! I just dont get you boys, when we try to look good for you, you will react in a way that we are not appreciated, and if we dont fix ourselves, as if you wanna ... (read in full...)

I'm worried if I have a baby it will be ugly, because my boyfriend has been referred to as an ape.

Q.   Ok this is quite possibly the most shallow question you will ever come across... but here goes. I am seeing my boyfriend 3 years now and I love him more than anything, we are in a very commited relationship and he treats me very very well, and v...

A.   24 September 2007:  It really dosent matter wether the baby looks good or not, what matters is how you raise him\her with love and acceptance, the way you nourish your child with all possible aspect of goodness and love will provide him\her self esteem. You should not ... (read in full...)

Never been in a relation, despite of my qualities. Am I inadequate/undeserving in some fashion?

Q.   Im about to finish my senior year of high school, and ive never been in a relationship. not for lack of wanting one, but every time ive been with someone, it never lasts longer than a night. i have an above average intillectual capacity, im a star ...

A.   16 September 2007: love isnt something you seek, it always comes along when you least expected it! ... (read in full...)

How can I stop feeling guilty for cheating on my girlfriend?

Q.   I have cheated on my girlfriend after 3years of being together, i kissed another girl. Can anyone help me get rid of the guilt that continuosly pesters me every second and every hour. Im struggling to forgive myself and it is affecting my ...

A.   16 September 2007: tell the whole thing, admit you were wrong, ask for forgiveness and and dont do it again! goodluck!!!... (read in full...)

I was drunk and had sex with my neighbor, I am not sure if it was rape. What should I do?

Q.   ok, not too long ago, i was home alone and my family was out on vacation. well one night, i got drunk by myself and then i heard the doorbell, i opened it thinkin it was one of my friends came to visit me. but it was my neighbor, my 58 year old ...

A.   16 September 2007:  he took advantage of you, you are helpless those times, and you are scared.. those were enough reason to be called rape! but on contrast, you did it all night! and you sound really concious of what's happening! GUESS WHAT?? you just actually let ... (read in full...)

I lied about my age and our relationship is getting really serious! What do I do??

Q.   okay let me start like this amd my boyfriend started dateing 5 months ago and i lied about my age and he is about to be 17 and im 3 years younger then him but we are like really serious about our realtionship and i dont know what to do ...

A.   16 September 2007: age really dosent matter! if he's really serious about you, he would set aside the age diferences!... (read in full...)

Should I let my 16 year old daughter sleep in the same bed with her bf?

Q.   me my husband and our daughter are going on holiday for a week soon and i've told her she can take her bf who i know extremely well and have known all his life. I was just wondering what you would think if i let them sleep in the same bed. They...

A.   16 September 2007: hey thre! i dont really wanna sound too conservative, but i really dont agree with the idea of letting them to sleep in the same bed. Im turning 18 this 23rd and i know for experience that the limitations and rules that were being set by the parents ... (read in full...)

How likely is it to get pregnant when only the pull-out method is used?

Q.   Hey guys...=) Well basicly last night I had unprotected sex...i know it was stupid...I definatly wont be taking risks again... i know the guy/his history etc so STI'S isn't an issue... but I'm worried there could be a possibility of getting pregn...

A.   16 September 2007: yep! you could.. on our nursing term, there is so-called "pre-ejaculation" where a man tends to come early to lubricate women's vagina, this fluid also contains a large number of alive spermatozoa, and could be enough to impregnate a woman. Coitus ... (read in full...)

How likely is it to get pregnant when only the pull-out method is used?

Q.   Hey guys...=) Well basicly last night I had unprotected sex...i know it was stupid...I definatly wont be taking risks again... i know the guy/his history etc so STI'S isn't an issue... but I'm worried there could be a possibility of getting pregn...

A.   16 September 2007: yep! you could.. on our nursing term, there is so-called "pre-ejaculation" where a man tends to come early to lubricate women's vagina, this fluid also contains a large number of alive spermatozoa, and could be enough to impregnate a woman. Coitus ... (read in full...)

When's the best time to have children? During college or after?

Q.   so i've been with my boyfriend for 2yrs and we plan on getting married in the future. we also plan on having kids. but the problem is. i dont know when is the right time to have kids?? during college? or after?...

A.   24 July 2007: after, you should focus more on your studies first, and focus on the child after.... (read in full...)

Ladies, looks or personality?

Q.   Are looks more important to women than personality? Or vice versa? I've heard looks are 30% and personality is 70% important to a women. What you guys think? As many posts as possible would be great! Thanks...

A.   24 July 2007: of course personality!! but dont set aside the power of looks, coz this is where you make your first impressions. but for a relationship to last, both of you should have a good personality.... (read in full...)

My boyfriend tells me I'm beautiful but I just don't believe him

Q.   im incredibly insecure. i have absolutley no idea why. what i do know is that it is starting to affect my relationship with my boyfriend. how do i stop feeling so worthless and improve my view of myself when i dont know whats causing it? my ...

A.   24 July 2007: he's not the problem hunny, its your self esteem, everyone were created uniquely, and each one of us were given a special characteristics, all youve got to do is to discover it, appreciate it, and be proud of it! insecurities will lead you nowhere, ... (read in full...)

I'm 12. Is kissing and feelings that I've fallen in love with a boy a bad thing?

Q.   dear cubid! please help me iv bin going out wiv this boy weve only bin going out for a day now and already weve kissed 3 times on the lips! im only that rong? i actually once in my life feel like i love this boy but im scared if he wil...

A.   24 July 2007: there's nothing wrong with that, but you are 12, still too young make sure that you will nit push yourself to the limits. t.c.... (read in full...)

I'm 16 and still don't have a regular period! Is this normal?

Q.   im a 16yr old girl weighing 6 1/2 stone and i still dont have regular periods (my last one was 4 months ago) is this unusual? is it because i am thin??? thx xoxo...

A.   24 July 2007: yep that's normal, we have the same problem, my doctor said that our reproductive cycle is not fully develop, jst wait for sometime and everything will be normal. But in my case, ive been into therapy, and its effective, you should try it too.... (read in full...)

I think I had an anxiety attack after an argument; do I need medical help?

Q.   My boyfriend and I had minor disagreement. I was upset and after about 10 minutes i begin to feel a tightness in my chest, shortness of breath, and my heart was racing. I felt sick to my stomach and I thought i was going to faint or die. I think i ...

A.   24 July 2007: yep that's anxiety attack, but also check your blood pressure, it very important. the best possible solution for that is to control your temper, take a deep breath and drink water, it will soothes the burst of your emotions. ... (read in full...)

Gender confusion and I need some help! Any advice?

Q.   Ever since I was younger I have wanted to be female. I'm 19 now and male. I have a girlfriend as I am attracted to females but also am fascinated by wondering what it would feel like to be with anyone with male organs(male/tv etc). Am I gay? Or ...

A.   24 July 2007: yep I agree with danielepew, maybe you are a bi!! you should discover yourself, identify where will you be happier, either with the company of boys or girls.... (read in full...)

I'm having strange symptoms, could I be pregnant?

Q.   i am 21 and not on birth control, me and my partner have been togther for 6 years. anyway my last period was 30/05/07 and usually lasts 5 days, however i missed junes period and am now 3.5 weeks late. took a pregnancy test last week and was ...

A.   24 July 2007: you must try another preg test and if the result is still the same, should consult your doctor immediately,. those vaginal discharge maybe a sign of reproductive abnormalities. but anyway. consulting your doctor will always be the effevtive ... (read in full...)

Want to lose weight by not eating.

Q.   Ok well i'm 14 and i want to loose weight as im 9 stone which is like pretty bad for my age i'm fat really..i wanna loose weight by not eatin..but i wanna know what will happen to my boobs? will they shrink?? please answer thanks xxx...

A.   24 July 2007: you could lose weight in the form of exercise, and balance diet, but you have to eat! your body needs enough supply of energy.... yep, you could lose a little boobs but dont worry about it coz it will be well proportion to your weight.... (read in full...)

I'm 15 and self conscious about my 32AA boobs. I envy other girls with bigger boobs. What can I do?

Q.   I'm 15, and have very small boobs, only a 32AA. I get so depressed when I see my friends and they've got lovely, B, C and bigger cups. I envy them so much I get obsessed and stare at them because I dont know how it feels to have big boobs. It's ...

A.   23 July 2007: love what you got honey! think of it as an advantage, you could do things that is hard for those gifted with chest, like with sports and stuff, besides,it is not a matter of cups, its about how you handle yourself, Who needs big boobies? supermodels ... (read in full...)

If a guy masturbates in the bath and then a girl goes in after him, can she get pregnant?

Q.   can a 10 girl old girl get pregnant if the guy masturbated in the shower then got out and she went in the shower to take a bath?...

A.   23 July 2007: ABSOLUTELY NO!! why? im sure that 10 year old is not yet having her regular period. and another thing is, sperm cells can live only for a few seconds in the outside world. ... (read in full...)

I am attracted to other girls. Does that mean I am not comitted to my girl?

Q.   I am a 26 year old male. I have been with my girlfriend (who is the same age) for two years now, we rent a place together and it has got to the stage where we are looking to buy somewhere. Obviously this means more commitment. I am worried becau...

A.   23 July 2007: Its 100% normal to be attracted to the opposite sex physically, but you must know your limits, you must realise that you have a girlfriend and you might hurt her if you cheat on her. You must identify your status with your girl. If you dont wanna ... (read in full...)

Do I leave my wife for this other woman?

Q.   Hi all, I'm in a very difficult position which will probably lead to lots of judgements about me, but, here goes: I've been married (very happily married) for 6 years to an amazing woman. About 6 months ago I met a someone and we hit it off ...

A.   23 July 2007: Hey! think first, six happy long years is not a joke, I really dont agree on your decision to leave your wife for another woman whom you just constantly met, if you are happy with your wife and you loved her, why would you hurt her, besides you ... (read in full...)

I'm pregnant and my boyfriend wants me to get rid of the baby

Q.   I'm 20 years old and a couple of days ago I found out I was pregnant. I told my bf of 3 years and he was ok at first and then this morning he said he wants nothing to do with the baby or me and I haven't told my family yet cause I'm scared of what ...

A.   23 July 2007: keep the baby and kick your bf!!! he's afraid of the responsibility! Im very impressed with you decision to keep the baby, i believe that with the kind of optimistic mind you have, you could always find a solution to raise the baby perfectly well,. ... (read in full...)

We talk, we cuddle, we have sex. But he says we are just friends!

Q.   I met this guy online. We met, had a couple of dates then he said it wouldn't work. A few weeks later he contacted me again to see how I was and to apologize for hurting me. We now get together and see each other. He says we are just friends and ...

A.   23 July 2007: holaa!! dont trust him! he's one of the guy that would think of you in his spare time! it is very clear that he is not really interested with you, he only wants you for intimacy. the best thing you should do is to deeply confront him about your ... (read in full...)

I'm 14 and I'm scared to have sex with my 17 year old boyfriend; he wants me to get pregnant!

Q.   i am a 14 year old girl and i am going out with a seventeen year old boy and i am stuck in a situation because he wants to have sex with me but im scared because i do not no what to do when having sex!!and he said that he wants to get me pregnant ...

A.   23 July 2007: DONT HAVE SEX WITH HIM!! it is very apparent that he only wants you to satisfy his sexual urges, if he really loves you he wont pressure you to do things that you are not ready for. You said he wants you to get pregnant, look, if you agreed what ... (read in full...)

I am 13 and I want to lose my virginity

Q.   i am a 13 year old girl and want 2 loose my virginity but the thing is i do not no how to have sex and plus im scared if i bleed whilst having sex!!is there any chances that i will bleed?and my mates say that you cant walk after wards is that ...

A.   23 July 2007: Hey!! you are too young, i believe that you are only urged by you sexual curiosity and that's totally normal, BUT the fact that you wanted to lose your virginity at that age! nahh! honey, sex is amazing at the right TIME, right AGE, and with the ... (read in full...)

I found condoms in his travel bag and although he assures me he wouldn't cheat, I can't stop thinking about it

Q.   my boyfriend of 4 months has gone on a business trip for 5 days and i bought him a going away present and card to read on the plane, but when i opened the front zip on his suitcase to put them in i found a handful of condoms scattered in the bottom ...

A.   23 July 2007: were the condoms is the basis of your relationship? nahh you are having doubts because you love him, but dont let this doubts ruin your relationship, your dirty suspicions will lead you nowhere, he had explain his part,now give him a chance, ... (read in full...)

How do you know when it's time for a relationship to end?

Q.   how do you know when your relationship should be ended?...

A.   23 July 2007: When respect and trust is gone.... (read in full...)

I'm almost 18 and she is almost 14; is it Ok to date her?

Q.   is it alright if i am 17 going on 18 in november and im going out with a 13 going to be 14 in dec. because i think she is worth it but i dont know what to do please i need help. and my parents are telling lies to break up with her and they say that ...

A.   23 July 2007: age dosent matter, but it always comes up with a huge deal of responsibility, if you truly love her, then go for it, but as long as sexual relationship is concern, think deeply about it first, she's too young for this. eveyone has the right to be ... (read in full...)

He's been texting and e-mailing another woman and flirting with her; he says he wanted to have some fun with her. Is this cheating?

Q.   I find it hard to trust people because of the way I was treated as a child, but I grew to trust my partner of four years. Recently, he started talking a lot about a girl he works with, telling everyone how pretty she is and how much fun they hav...

A.   23 July 2007: yup! its absolutely cheating!! trust your intuition!! dont be so martyr, all the evidences is smashing in front of your face. I believe that it is ok for a guy to have a little fling for sometime, and knowing that you are a bit jealous is healthy ... (read in full...)

I like this boy, he's just split from his girlfriend but I just can't tell him I like him!

Q.   Ok so theres this guy I really really like. we are in the same year and I think I'm in love with him. I am only young but I'd honestly take a bullet for him! but heres the thing - we are from completely different worlds. He is mister popular, and ...

A.   22 July 2007: Ok, honey, there's nothing you can do when the strike of infatuation hits you, lols, Have the courage to tell him! You can start by hanging out with him as friend, both of you should talk and just enjoy each other's company, believe me its a good s... (read in full...)

How can I sleep with my boyfriend who has HIV, but not get it myself?

Q.   How do you catch HIV/AIDS? I kissed my boyfriend (who's just been dignosed with HIV) a couple of days back. Have i got the STD? Please reply, i'm really worried. Also i'm thinking of having sex with him. What would be the best contraception to use ...

A.   22 July 2007: You can only acquire STD's either through blood or sexual contact, so you don't have to worry about the kissing stuff, as of your condition, the best way not to acquire HIV is not to have sex with your boyfriend, that would be the best solution! Do... (read in full...)

Should I end my marriage and just go on a hope and a prayer, with this other guy?

Q.   Alright, I have a problem. My head hurts from thinking about it and analyzing it. Let me give you some background. Basically I met this guy, B, sophomore year of high school. We hit it off immediately. Literally the week that we started dating ...

A.   18 June 2007: If your not happy with your husband, split up immediately! having an affair with an unfinished business is tough, you will not be happy.. It's better to end up peacefully than to cheat with your husband. if you are happy with B be consistent, i dont ... (read in full...)

Absolutly head over heels for my girl, but I know she's been cheating. What should I do?

Q.   Ladies any advice will do. Well here it goes well i'm a male in my 20's who for the last 2 years have been in a realanship on and OFF. I'm madly in luv with this girl, the problem is that she walks in and out of my life 4 the last two years. I know ...

A.   18 June 2007: Do the right thing honey, leave her for a moment and have sometime alone!! i believe that she's not ready for a serious commitment that you're offering, this girl still wants to enjoy being single. no matter how much you love her, if she dosent ... (read in full...)

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